10/2016 BBL, FUTURE DURAN DOLL :) 19yrs Old - Dominican Republic, DO

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He BBL sistas so I've finally chose my doctor an...

He BBL sistas so I've finally chose my doctor an I'm gonna be a DURAN DOLL????I'm so ready for this I am 19yrs old 20 in Aug. I plan on having my surgery early October:) I emailed dr.duran yesterday an now just waiting patiently I hope she gets back to me I sent 4 photos an what I wanted an information on my good health I want a bbl,lipo,fat transfer to the hips an thighs... I hope meet a future duran DOLL before my surgery because I'm going to be traveling alone but I know I can do this :) I'm so ready for a response if anybody can give me advice on a check list to get this procedure started I would be very grateful for the information I'm thinking about saving around $8,500 for my whole trip just in case I need extra done can't wait to see who's going to be following me on my journey...I will be taking Videos to and back from the DDR an keeping u girls up on my journey :*

Ok so I have to be totally honest with you guys .....

Ok so I have to be totally honest with you guys ... I'm trying to save around $8,000 for this whole trip ....now it's kinda nerve racking but I just threw my first $100 into my savings now I do plan on saving around 2,000 a month to be able to have surgery mid OCTOBER think it's doable? Shit I sure do hope so ...I'm still waiting for Dr.Duran to contact me back with a quote so glad one of the RS. informed me on calling at 4am that helps me ALOT ...if anybody has anymore advice let me know ...until then I will continue with all this researching an finding it all out on my own man I'm itching to secure my date ...even though I have yet to get a email back that's not stopping me from saving my money now I'm set on 1 doctor an 1 only I don't want a 2nd option I know what I want and duran is my girl ....I'm 19 an will be 20 this August my birthday present to MEEE!!! ???????? I hope I can link up with a bay area DOLL or a sacramento DOLL over some Starbucks or something an just chop it up ABOUT this trip we about to take lol ... my bmi is around 32 still trying to get it down so I can be a perfect candidate for this procedure... pray for me I'm trynna get these FUNDS UP !!! I hope I'm not the only one doing this saving method!! HONEY I sure do wish the money was handed to me I'd be on the plane to the DDR. in no time ttyl DOLLS mwauuuh????

Y'all I'm not scared to travel alone but anyone...

Y'all I'm not scared to travel alone but anyone care to secure a date TOGETHER ? Also I haven't had any kids but I'm thinking about a Tummy tuck I don't have loose skin but my stomach is wide so I don't know if Lipo will do the job I want a flat stomach Maybe I'll just do some research on that ... anyways for all DOLLS with upcoming dates I wish you the best of lick an I'll keep all in my prayers that u have a safe an blessed recovery
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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