Tummy Tuck, Breast augmentation with a lift, lipo, and BBL 2013 in Dominican Republic

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Hi Realself friends. I need some input on a great...

Hi Realself friends. I need some input on a great plastic surgeon in the Dominican republic. I would like a TT, Lipo of flanks and back, BBL and a breast augmentation with a lift if needed. I have three Doctors in mind: Lima Vargas heard of his work through a friend but seen no pics. Yily de Los santos heard of her work through this site seen good pics. And Robles heard about her work on this site seen good pics. If anyone had any experiences with any of these Doctors or if anyone has another great Doctor in mind from D.R please send me a message. I've read good and bad things about each doctor mostly good. You can't be perfect all the time doing so many procedures. Now a little about me: I'm 39, 2 kids 5"2 145lbs carrying most of my weight in my mid section. I have somewhat of a shape now, but the fat on my belly, loose skin, and my muscles separating needs to be fixed. No amount of Exercise is going to fix that!

Well ladies I have decided to go to D.R to meet...

Well ladies I have decided to go to D.R to meet with the 3 doctors that I have chosen. I want them to look at my body and let me know what they can do and get the final cost. I'm very excited at this point. I have less then 2 months to go. I pray that everything goes well. I'm not looking for the perfect body I just want to be happy and if the perfect body in my opinion happens then GREAT! Wish me luck.

So I'm a couple of weeks out for my consultation...

So I'm a couple of weeks out for my consultation in Dominican Republic. I decided to go out their before the surgery. I'm going to see Dr yily de Los Santos, she charges $50 for a consultation free if you book the surgery with her. I'm almost 80% sure I'm going with her. Dr Robles even thou her prices were a little cheaper than yily she was not going to give me what I wanted. She said that the TT, lipo, breast aug w/ lift, and bbl can not be done together. She wanted to do the TT, breast aug w/lift that's it. Or just the lipo on back,flanks and TT NO BBL, so I'm going to suck all the fat out and just discard it. I don't think so! Dr Cabral although he's a genius at make Barbie bodies, I just don't trust him. I cannot risk getting burned because ai need the lipo. I wish I can posts pics but for some reason on my iPad I just don't know how. Ive been to two consults in the US all expensive and I didnt like the way they shape the woman bodies. I dont necessary need the BBL i just dont want to waste the fat lol, and I can use a little more projection. These are my measurements 37-35-42. I wear a 34C bra all my weight is in my stomach. I'm not over weight. My kids stretched out my stomach muscles beyond what exercise can fix. With that said I would like to be a 34D or 34DD, so I would want my new measurements to be 40-28-45.

Hi, Realself family I'm a little disappointed...

Hi, Realself family I'm a little disappointed because I don't think I'm going to be able to get my surgery on the date
Planned. Unfortunately my GYN doctor is advising me to remove a large fibroid that I have before I go through with my surgery. I'm not sure what the recovery is. I'm guessing I have to wait at least 4-6 months before I can even think about another surgery. Well it is what it is. I'm still trying to do my surgeries with Dr. Yily. Well I will keep you guys posted.

Ok realself friends. I have chosen my Doctor! Her...

Ok realself friends. I have chosen my Doctor! Her name is Yily Des Los Santos. I have been researching for quite sometime now and have made my decision. I like her work ethics and her skills. I believe that she can give me my dream body.

A little about me I'm 39 with 2 kids 1 and 3 and I'm not having anymore. I'm 5"1 and weigh 139lbs. My measurements are 34-33-40. That's up to date. I want lipo on my stomach, flanks, back, breast aug w/lift, and a tummy tuck. MAYBE A BBL.......
I'm going sometime In September of 2013. I'm going with my husband but I welcome a partner to stay at the recovery house with me. Jaqueline spa. I will be staying there for 10 days. I want everything to go right, since I'm getting so many surgeries. I look good in my clothes, because I wear a girdle that flattens my midsection a lot. It's called the squeem and it is the bomb! I'm so tired of holding in my gut! I have loose skin and stretch marks because of my children.

I'm sticking with Dr. Yily located in Santo Domingo. I don't see me changing doctors unless I hear something really bad about her. So far all I hear are good things, a couple of people not happy, but nothing serious to deter me from choosing her. I will post pics as soon as I get to a computer.

Hello realself, so I had a myomectomy procedure...

Hello realself, so I had a myomectomy procedure done on the 7th. Everything went well. I'm so pleased, hopefully no more bleeding and no more pain. My belly should be a little flatter because the fibroid was huge and it was pushing my uterus against my belly. The only thing now is to wait until I'm fully healed and Dr. Yily here I come! Like I said before I want to do my surgery in September because I refuse to wear that faja in the summer time. I'm so excited and I can't wait! I'm still sore right now. This is just a taste of how much pain I'm going to be experiencing after my surgery.

Well I still have some months to go before my big...

Well I still have some months to go before my big transformation. I have gotten my fibroid removed last week and I'm doing well. I would like post some pics up if I can. I'm still on the fense of who Im going with Dr. Yily or Dr. Robles? Whoever can do all surgeries together I will go with. I think both are equally qualified. I want a Tummy Tuck, Breast augmentation with a lift, lipo on flanks and stomach, and BBL. What do you guys think? Am I asking for to much? I dont need a big huge butt just a little more projection than what I have and to fix those flat spots in the back. You can see them from the side. I hope the pics came out good. Maybe 300-500cc in each cheek. I have read reviews on this site where people have gotten everything that I have expressed. I'm so ready I hope I have enough fat for my butt lol.

Hi realself can't wait for my time. I had to...

Hi realself can't wait for my time. I had to cancel the money I sent the doctor thru western union. Her office stated that the account was frozen and for me to use her Paypal account. I'm in a pickle because I was just thinking that Im going to tell Dr Yily to just make my waist smaller and just put a little bit of fat in my butt just to make it a little plump.
Now my dilemma is I'm going to be upset if the little bit of fat that I add to my butt cause me not to be able to fit into my clothes anymore. If that's the case than I will be angry that I didn't go all out and make my butt bigger since I can't fit my damn clothes anyway! Lol. I added a picture using a photo app. The only thing I did was make my waist smaller, and my breast bigger. I think maybe I don't need a BBL after all. I can live with sending all my clothes to the cleaners to take the waist in. What do you guys think?

My time is right around the corner

Hi ladies, my time is coming. I have two more months. I found a new wish pic that I'm definitely showing Yily. I'm still not sure what facility she is using since the incident at CIPLA. I will be staying at the Barcelo before I have my surgery and then either at the Real Recovery House, or at Dominican Recover House both you can find on Facebook. I'm still 135lbs. I have not gain or loss weight. Dr. Yily is still my Doctor of choice. I believe she can give me what I want. I go see my primary Doctor next month to check my hemoglobin level and hopefully my meds. I've seen some great results from Yily so far I hope I'm one of them.

Added my before pics

Added pics

2 weeks left before my transformation

Hi RS ladies, so I have 2 weeks left. Im excited and nervous. I hope I explain to her exactly what I want and she gets it. I went to my primary doctor last week for medical clearance. I just have to see my cardiologist for an echo for him to clear me. I have a mild case of mitral regurgitation (a condition with my heart). I don't see it being a problem with my surgery, but my EKG always come back abnormal and I need to explain just incase it does in DR I will have the medical clearance from my cardiologist. I stopped drinking Alcohol. I started my VitaMedica regiment. I will be taking only that and Iron pills. VitaMedica has all vitamins you need except for iron. I have all the medicine I need except for the heparin shots. I did not pay or anything. It was covered under my insurance. Here is a list of my meds:

Diclofenac used for inflammation, stiffness and pain
Amoxicillin used for Bacterial infections
Percocet used for Pain
Omeprazole used for stomach problems? (not sure why I will need this)

I will pack next week and will be bringing only the necessities with me as far as clothing go. I'm there to recover not look cute! Although I will bring two business attire outfits. This is to meet Dr. Yily in. I want her to have a certain impression of me when she first meet me. I packed maxi pads, bacterial ointment, arnica, monistat 7, Anti bacterial soap, baby wipes, adult diapers, chux, compression stockings, and Go-Girl. I have my DVD player just incase WIFI is not strong, my tablet and phone to communicate back home. I have wrote down all of my questions and concerns so that I wont forget. I have a wish pick not sure if I will show it to her.

I'm still 135lbs, I'm 5'2, my measurements are 34C-33-40. my goal is 34D or 34DD-26-42. I will be able to live with 34D-24-40 if by some reason I don't get the BBL.

One week away for my mommy makeover.

Well I'm one week away now. I leave on the 23rd. I got all my Meds and clearance from my Doctor. I almost didn't get the clearance from my cardiologist. My cardiologist was not available and i had to see a different one who did not know my history and he wanted me to do all these other test that could not be done to after my surgery date... SMDH! Thankfully he looked in the computer and seen some of the old test and approved me. He's lucky because I was about to go straight kong fu on his azz! I decided not to show Yily any of my wish pics. I bought a extra small faja. It doesn't fit at all. I have no idea how girls bigger than me can squeeze into an extra small faja! Ok you guys I will write again on my way to DR. I will be taking notes on everything once I'm there. Including how many people are getting surgery, how Yily mannerisms are, the length of my surgery, etc. I will take before pics and measurements and post them again. After my surgery I will have my girlfriend just posts you guys letting you know that I'm ok. Then I will posts again when I get home. I will do a final review on the doctor 3 months post op. I don't want to bad mouth anyone until I get my final results lol. Thank you RS friends for all your support.

I'm here in Dominican Republic! Yily here I come!

Hello RealSelf Family. I want to let you guys know about my trip so far. I arrived in Dominican Republic and my RH was waiting for me. I'm staying at the Barcelo in Santo Domingo for 3 nights and then off to CIPLA. So anyways like I said my RH was waiting for me at the airport with a sign up with my name on it. I was looking for her at first because she was outside. She took me straight to CIPLA. When we got there she took me to Yily's office where I met Somira, who is Dr. Yily new assistant. She is very nice along with the two girls that works with Dr. Yily. I got my labs done and my chest Ex-rays 123 piece of cake no waiting. We spoke for a little while and I paid the balance of my surgery. She told me to come back on Monday at 7:30, that I will be the first. I sill have to get my EKG on Monday. After I was finished my RH took me to the place where I will be staying. It was beautiful everything was white invluding the furniture. It was nice, spacious, clean, wifi, A/C, nurse, cooks and so on. I was definitely impressed and felt at ease. Her staff made me and my BFF a fresh fruit drink and then we were off to the Barcelo. My RH said she will come to get me Monday morning and take me to CIPLA. Mayra is such a sweet lady who seems to care. There were three other girls staying there at the time of my visit. Two got there surgeries with Duran and one with Cabral. Well I'm trying to relax for the few days I have left. Keep you guys updated ciao.

Tomorrow is the big day

Ok so I'm ready for tomorrow. I took more measurements and before pics. Just to give everyone a reminder of myself. I'm 5'2, 138lbs. My measurements are as follows:
Thighs 25
Breast 34D
Upper Torso 29
Waist 33
Upper hip 39
Lower hip 41 1/2
I don't know I must of gain a little weight or something.
Well I will post pics of before and after when I feel up to it.
Talk to you guys later. Thank you for all the prayers and support.

I'm a Yily Doll now!

(Day one) 8/26/13 On the day of surgery I went to CIPLA and sat down in Yily's office. That's where I met four other girls that were getting surgery with Yily. Femme Faytale and MzTiny. Yily did three girls that day. I got tested by the cardiologist everything was fine. I brought all my documents from when I went to the cardiologist back home. My hemoglobin level was 12.8. After the test I waited for about an hour or two before my room at CIPLA was ready. Once in the room Yily came in for my consultation that lasted for about 15 minutes. She marked me up and all of my questions and concerns were answered. Dr. Yily was professional and very kind. She is 5 months pregnant and her pregnancy did not effect her ability to perform surgery at all. After she left the room it was about 10:15. I took the blue pill and then at 10:30 I was wheeled into the E.R where I was prepped for surgery. The anesthesiologist put the I.V in my arm and then the epidural in my back and away I went. I was asleep during the whole surgery, I might have woken up one time and heard Dr. Yily's voice. By the time I woke back up they were wrapping me up like a mummy. They wheeled me back into my room where I slept. When I woke up I had some soup and then threw up just a little bit. I went back to sleep I was very uncomfortable and was in so much pain. I only slept maybe a half hour at a time. The CIPLA nurses that were there were kind and did give me pain meds as needed. My girlfriend was there with me and helped me most of the time trying to get comfortable getting the nurses, and so on.
(Day two) 8/27/13 the next Day still in a lot of pain and very uncomfortable. I was ready to be discharged in the afternoon the nurses came in washed me up and put a medium faja on me. Dr. Yily came in with Somara to see how I was feeling. She explained to me how my surgery went and asked how I was feeling. She told me that I did not have a lot of fat on my body and my stomach muscles was so far apart that my organs was pushing my stomach out. That's why my belly was big. She put 900cc in my butt and 460cc gel implants in my breast. From what I can see my behind looks great just what I wanted just a little more butt. I love my overall results so far, but I did not see my breast yet. She said my left breast gave her so much problems, but at the end she liked that one better. I'm very swollen now more than on day one. Just a reminder I got a BL with implants, TT, lipo on my belly and back and a BBL.

Things that were helpful

Forgot to tell you ladies what essentials you really need to bring with you and why.
Maxi pads at least 3 a day for however many days your staying the big long over night ones they are used for cushion under your garment. Alcohol pads, neosporin, baby wipes at least 2 packages to wash up with. Each day you have to take your faja off and get wiped down with them. Gloves, depends, compression socks, slippers, wife beaters, underwear, and maxi dresses. No nail polish on nails! That's all you really need!

Today I feel better!

Today is the 5th day since my surgery. Today is a wonderful day! I'm feeling way better. I have had two massages so far and they make you feel better and helps with the fluid that's built up in your body drain. My appetite is back and I'm eating more. The Recovery House which is called The Real Recovery Armonia is the best! I have no problems what so ever being here, but I will say they take a while to bring the food. Maybe because everything is made fresh to order, but the food is superb! The staff is wonderful very kind, and caring. They really do tend to your needs with whatever you want. They check up on you constantly. I will post pics of the house. They have a Facebook page and the phone number is 809-221-4453. Mayra is the woman who runs it. The email address is realreacoveryhouse@hotmail.com that is the best way to contact her. Now back to me so far so good. I have had no complications thus far. I will not give a complete review until I'm 3 months post op. I know that I'm still healing and and a lot will change in time. My butt looks a little weird to me because its so high up, so Im not happy about that, hopefully it will drop or fluff. My waist is small and stomach flat. the overall shape is awesome even with the swelling happy with that. My breast is a little lopsided not happy with that, but the Dr. Assistant said that the right breast is more swollen than the left and that it will change in a couple of weeks and be beautiful. At first I was not going to post pics but decided to because I know people are very visual.

Front view

Forgot to add front

5 days post op

This pic was taken 5 days post op. The doctors assistant said that it was swelling and that in a couple of months they will be the same. I'm crossing my fingers that that's what happens! I'm going to see Dr. Yily on Monday to hear what she has to say about them. Anyway I can't complain I made it through surgery and I pray to god thanking him every day for allowing me to change the things that I'm not happy with about my body while still maintaining my health.

Front view

This faja is killing me!

Ok so I have been wearing this xs faja for about 3 days now. It's not just that it is squeezing my ribs together. I can deal with that but it is digging into my private parts and leg something terrible. I screamed for my husband in the middle of the night to try to pull it out of my leg. He jumped up and said what's wrong when I told him he thought I was crazy! This freakin faja is killing me. I put maxi pads all in the cut out to keep it from digging into my skin! I don't know how much longer I could take this. I think I'm going to pad up my small squeem and wear that. As long as I have compression on it it should be fine. My lower back is still stiff and swollen and I'm still walking a little hunched over. My belly is a little swollen at the bottom. My measurements are 34-27-401/2. Im liking my results so far no complications. Everything is healing very well. Now if only my breast cooperated!

1 month update

I'm almost 1 month post op. so far everything has been going good no complications. I am pleased with my overall results. My waist is tiny and my stomach is almost flat. I'm thinking still a little swelling or fluid. I do see a difference in the shape of my butt. I have more projection. My belly button is ok I think Its a little off center thou. My measurements are now 36-28-41. I'm 135lbs. My breast are still off I like the size and shape but there just not the same shape or size. As I said before I will give it 3 to 6 months and if it hasn't changed I will go back to Dr. Yily for a revision. Im walking Straight now. Not my usual sexy walk. I still have a lot of soreness, itchiness, and stiffness in my back and a little pain in my left breast. My abdomen feels very tight. My scars are healing fine I will be using the gel zone belt on my TT and vitamin E on my breast. I'm only wearing my squeem in a size small. Those Faja's are not for me. I will be making an appt with my primary doctor just to make sure everything is fine. My results are not perfect, but im satisfied with it. In clothes I look amazing!!!! I will continue to update every month for 3 months with pics. At the end of the 3 months I will take pics in clothes.

5 Week update.

It's been five weeks now since my surgery. So far so good. No complications and I'm moving around much better. Just a little itchy on my back. I have soreness on my sides mainly because of the squeem. I think the squeem is causing me to get the crease in my back under the bra because it doesn't go all the way up. I did order the vest so that my back will also have the compression on it. I cannot wear the faja it hurts worst than the squeem. I walk straight up now. I have not been back at work yet. I go back next week. So those of you that are getting surgery I will definitely say wait 5-6 weeks before going back if your getting everything done. I still feel the stiffness in my back when I stand up if I have been sitting or laying down for a while. My scars are doing great. I have pulled out a couple stitches here and there and I still have swelling in my lower abdomen. I have gotten 2 massages since Ive been back home and they worked great.



2 Months Post op.

Hello ladies I'm already 2 months post op and I'm feeling great! The soreness is mostly all gone from my back. I only feel sore and a burning sensation when I touch my back and sides. My overall results are beautiful. My waist is tiny, my back is slimmer than what it was and I already had a slim back. The fat that Yily put in my butt picked it up! My butt has a jiggle to it that it didn't have before wow! The shape of it is a little different it's more lifted. My tummy tuck incision is great. Had no issues there. the scar is coming along. My belly is still numb. I use the silicone strips, tape in the morning and rub oils on it to massage the scar. I have been getting massages about every two to three weeks. I have no lumps or bumps on my stomach or back. My breast are two different shapes, but who knows what will happen in another month. In clothes I look amazing! Especially dresses. I had to take in all of my dress pants and my jeans have that gap in the back now. I can wear stretch jeans only because my waist is small and my butt is big lol. I wear my squeem 20 hours a day religiously. If you do get any kind of waist trimmer make sure you get the vest if not you might develop bra lines because that part is not being constricted. I can move more freely. I'm still not able to do sit-ups yet, and when I get up and down I still have that burning sensation in my back. Well that's it for now see you ladies in another month good luck to all.

3 Month Review with pics.

I'm already 3 months, and I feel great. I'm just about ready to stop wearing my squeem. I will only wear it at night. My swelling is completely gone. My back is defined which makes my butt look incredible. I love my body I use to get complements before on my body, but now the complements are insane! I liked my body before, but now I love it minus my breast. My breast are a different story. I will need to get a revision for them. The rest of my body is banging! My scar is coming along not really worried about that since I will be getting a tattoo over it. The burning sensation in my back is slowly subsiding. I can stretch and do a sit-up. I haven't started to work out yet, but soon I will. My final measurements are 34D-26-40. I weigh 128lbs. I lost about 15 pounds after my surgery not trying. For every one who is getting surgery I will say in 3 months you will see your final results. If your satisfied with your results before 3 months you will be even more satisfied! If your not satisfied with your results just give it time. The whole experience was definitely worth it. The only thing I want to do now is get my breast corrected. Happy Healing everyone!!

4 month update

I feel great ladies! I'm only wearing the squeem at night. I keep losing weight. I'm down to 128lbs. My butt shrank a little because of the weight loss. My butt still look good though because I always had a one. I wear a size small in spandex dresses. A medium in other dresses but have to take in the waist. I went to a few parties I will post pics of that. I still need my breast redone waiting for quotes for that. If I do it here in the city it will cost me $5500. I'm debating since I'm under anyway should I lipo my stomach and the back of my legs a little. My stomach is not totally flat. I hold it in when I take pics. Can't help it I'm use to doing that. I haven't chosen a surgeon for my breast revision yet. If anyone knows of someone really good inbox me.

Before and after pics

These are my before and after pics back view and a side view. From the pics you can really see the difference in the size of my waist. From my waist being so small and the lipo that was done out my back you can see the projection in my butt. I also added realistic pictures with no posing or holding in. Realself this is the real deal here, no fakery going on here!! I'm not sure of the pics that I see on realself is the way their body really looks when the body is relaxed. People hold their stomach muscles in all the time. Either because it's a false of habit or because they want their results to look better than what it really is! I'm not sure, but one thing I am sure of is my results! What you see is what you get. Everybody results are different please don't judge someone else's results and think your going to look the same way. You might get the same results or better or you might not. I've always had a sort of rounded protruded belly and after kids it got worst! I think my doctor did the best she can with what she had to deal with. Like I said before I'm very pleased with the way my results are minus my breast. I am not happy with my breast. But than again I knew she was not that good with breast and it was a chance I was willing to take.. I'm not mad at all. I will get a revision done. To get my perfect body,. These are my
Weight 129lbs
Breast 34D
Upper torso 28
Waist 26 1/2
Hips 40 1/2

I Have Chosen Another Doctor for Round Two!

Hi realself, I'm so disgusted that I even have to choose another Doctor. My surgery should of been right the first time around for all the money I spent! My stomach is still not flat unless I hold it in. I paid for a tummy tuck so that I don't have to hold it in anymore. My breast are not changing. I expressed my feelings about those right after surgery. I have gone to a couple of consultations here in NYC and all of them have said that it will cost me over $5000 to revise my breast. I didn't even get to the Tummy Tuck! That's even more $. The only way to fix that is to open me back up again. They say my muscles are still apart for some reason. Either Yily did not do a great job or maybe when I threw up the sutures came apart. IDK so I'm going to try to fix it! I'm getting a breast revision and possibly a mini tummy tuck to correct my first one. My surgeon is not sure if he can do it he will have to see me in person. He said there may not be enough skin to do it. I will also get lipo again in that area. The thought of wearing that faja again for three months is killing me. This surgeon I was going to see in the very beginning from word of mouth, but could not find that many reviews on him and decided to go with Yily. Trust me if he could fix my body To my liking I will start a new blog solely on him! Well we will see. Wish me luck realself dolls!

Will be waiting for round 2

Well after giving it much thought on having surgery in March. I have reconsidered the date, not the surgery! I think my body needs more time to heal. I do not feel the outcome is going to be different. I just feel that I should be 100% healed before ongoing another surgery. I also want to gain more weight. It has always been hard for me to gain weight, and now after my surgery I'm down to 128lbs. I wanted surgery because of my diastasis recti not because I was fat. I didn't have much fat on my body to began with. Having another surgery so soon will probably cause me to loose even more weight. I also went to a tattoo artist and he said that I need to wait at least a year to cover up my scar. No bikini for me this year. My scar is a little high and does not cover easily. Yily finally emailed me about my breast. She said it will cost about $2000 for the revision on my breast to cover hospital fees. Thanks but no thanks!

Pics of my not so flat stomach by Dr. Yily

It's been almost 6 months since my TT and I'm not satisfied with my results ..... see for yourself! Dr. Yily Des Los Santos is a hit or miss. With all the surgeries she has done she should be more consistent with her results. I thought the whole reason for this ugly scar is to have a FLAT stomach, not a flatter stomach! Also why do I still have to hold in my abdominal muscles in order to achieve my desire results! I'm Disgusted. I wish I would of choose another Doctor one who is more consistent with their results. I swear I did plenty of research, but I guess I wanted to see and listen to only the good reviews. There were a handful of people giving bad reviews on her, but I just like so many others ignored them. I said to myself there are a lot more good ones then bad ones. I truly believe that a lot more individuals are not happy with their results after they said they were, and just don't want to come back on the site and say they are no longer happy. I have done everything correct. I wore the faja 3 months straight, and I took it easy..... I have posted a pic of my stomach from the side. See for yourself. My stomach almost look like my before pic.

Round 2 with Dr. Lima in DR

Hello Realself. I'm going for round two in April for revisions. I'm getting another tummy tuck, and breast work. I will be using the embrace advance scar therapy this time around. It is a bit pricey ranging From $500-$1000 depending on the length of the incision and the time frame. I believe that this will work for me in keeping that scar flat and thin!

Round 2 with Dr. Lima

I'm in DR getting revisions done from my 1st surgery which was done by Dr. Yily. I'm so happy I'm out of surgery and feeling fine. I can tell you that Dr. Yily never gave me muscle repair on my tummy tuck, which I distinctly asked her for. No wonder my stomach reverted back after 6 months! This time around it was done correctly by Dr. Lima!

2nd round with Lima

I'm 9 days Po and feeling fine. This time around it was much easier. My tummy tuck did not hurt that much at all. Only when I laugh. My breast was fixed too. I still think one is a tiny bit bigger than the other, but the only way to fix that is if I get one implant bigger than the other. Overall I love them, the shape was corrected and the asymmetry.

Don't trust Dr. Yily De Santos!

You have to be careful with some of these Doctors. You never really know what you are getting and who is actually doing your surgery! Dr. Yily said she gave me muse repair in actuality she did not! She is a liar! I'm not even sure she did my surgery with all the rumors I was hearing at he time! I didn't come out deformed or anything so I'm happy about that! My stomach did not stay flat after 6 months. It was not as big as I started with but It looked like I had a distended belly. My breast was not good either and the way she position the scar I cannot change it or I will have two scars! Well you live and learn. Choose your surgeon wisely! If you read too many bad reviews don't just ignore it because you seen many other good reviews. That is what I did and I had to get another surgery because of it!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Yily Des Los Santos is a very good sculpting plastic surgeon. She is professional and knows what she is doing when it comes to lipo sculpturing, and BBL (not gigantic ones). Her breast jobs needs improvement, but hey you can't be good in everything! Most of her Tummy Tucks come out good, but I'm not to sure about mine. My abdomen still protrudes out and my scar is not as good as most. Her staff Samara is very fluent in English. Dr. Yily answers all of your questions before surgery. It was a little difficult getting in touch with her after my surgery. I did inform her about the different size in my breast and she responded with one had settled faster than the other. Which clearly was not the case. I saw that and I'm not a plastic surgeon! If your choosing her for a smaller waistline, a bigger butt and just an overall curvy figure than she is your surgeon. Anything else please do your research. Thank you realself family.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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