Becoming a Doll by Mallol! Breast Reduction & Lipo! - Dominican Republic, DO

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Okay guys, I am so nervous typing this. Like...

Okay guys, I am so nervous typing this. Like everything is getting REAL & I am only at the beginning stages and I am CONFUSED about everything that has to do with traveling for surgery! So I have done a lot of research on real self and google for my surgery. I Finally had to make my choice between Dr.Duran & Dr. Mallol. Talk about the biggest decision in life that I Have EVER made LOL. I CHOSE MALLOL! I have already put my deposit down for $250 and my surgery is scheduled for MARCH 24th. Can anyone tell me there journey and experience with Mallol?
I Love his LIPO work but I was a little skeptical about the work he does for breast reductions.

Okay so these are going to sound like the most...

Okay so these are going to sound like the most random and probably silly questions but my mind is running wild and help will be greatly appreciated!

1. What places should I visit while in Dominican Republic?

2. Should I get a Breast Lift w/ my Breast reduction or is that automatically included?

3. If I am a Size 36F, Is it possible for me to become a 36C?

4. I am getting LIPO on the upper part of my body but I have large Legs, will that look okay or should I get surgery on my legs as well?

5. Do I go down there with US cash or have to change the currency before paying for surgery?

6. My flight back home is for 11 hours and only 4 days after my surgery, Will it be okay to fly back?

7. Is Mallol's office sterile/sanitized and maintained ?

I know it's a lot of questions but my mind is playing tricks on me! Thank you so much for the help you guys!


So I decided I am going to post a few photos of some "GOALS" that I am looking for after surgery.

Nerves Are Setting IN. ..

Okay, So I have just built enough courage to finally post the photos of myself. My breast are very large the photo doesn't allow you to see exactly how huge they really are. If I am getting the Lipo on my upper body should I get it on my lower body as well? I just don't want a small waist and huge jiggly thighs. I will try to work out to tone them out before my surgery date but I am pretty sure my LAZY Mentality will kick in.
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