Surgery in the Dominican Republic with Dra. Fatima Almonte

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Hi friends, I'm in search of anyone who has had...

Hi friends, I'm in search of anyone who has had surgery with Dr. Walkiris Robles in the Dominican Republic. This is where I've decided to do my surgery based off the affordable price and the work I have seen done. The doctors know how to shape a Latina like myself. I've seen few posts about Dr. Robles and I've seen less of her work, but none the less, I have made contact with her assistant and my heart is telling me to stick with her. I'm now just waiting on a quote from her. I want a full TT, BBL, and a breast reduction if all is within my budget. I'm going to be 28, 180 lbs and I'm 5'7. My bust is a 40 DDD. I've lost 25 pounds and continue to exercise and eat healthy everyday. I would like my surgery scheduled as soon as November. Well if anyone has any info, I would appreciate it. :)

I spoke with the doctor and her assistant. I have...

I spoke with the doctor and her assistant. I have scheduled my surgery for November 5th. I can't wait!!! The total is $5,200 and it's all inclusive. Right now I'm taking all the necessary vitamins and working out and eating healthy. I have lost a few more pounds. By the time the surgery date comes I hope to have lost at least 15 more pounds. I am thinking realistically. I did nutrisystem for a month but I really don't think it worked, I won't be doing that again. I'm just going to stick to my portions and burning more calories then I take in. I'm really excited and keep picturing myself in all these sexy outfits hahaha.

So a little update, I bought my plane tickets...

So a little update, I bought my plane tickets today! November 4th is the day I leave. I'm supppperrr excited (read that excitement?)!!!! It's finally happening and I can't wait. Today I went to the pharmacy to buy more vitamins since I ran out. I have been juicing everyday since last week. I've been juicing since June, but then I slacked off. I'm on again and it helps keep hunger at bay and I get my daily vitamins from the greens. I also add spinach to my protein shakes after my workouts. I really wish I could tone my thighs, I have so much cellulite, ugh. Anyway, I also bought my vitamin E oil, stool softener and a go-girl pee funnel to make it easier to use the restroom. Still have more to buy. Does anyone know of a good body compressor?

So I noticed how often I look at myself in the...

So I noticed how often I look at myself in the mirror and try to stretch my stomach while also sucking in my gut as much as possible just to see what my body might look like after the surgery (minus the bruising and the scars). I wonder if anyone else does this? I'm doing it quite often.
I went and bought slippers, pjs, and cotton panties. I still need to get filtered water bottles, and gatorades or electrolyte juice.

I posted a video. I will be putting up another one...

I posted a video. I will be putting up another one when I get all of the things I have purchased together to show them. =)

I had a dream last night I was walking around with...

I had a dream last night I was walking around with my drains in and cleaning them out every so often. SMH! No other news to report today....

So I spoke to my best friend who is a nurse and...

So I spoke to my best friend who is a nurse and she will be getting me some surgical supplies that I won't have to buy, like an Incentive spirometer, gauze, surgical tape, and an abdominal binder. It's great to have friends in high places LOL.
So I'm hearing not so good things about the doctors bedside manner, but to be honest, as long as my body comes out fabulous and I don't catch any infections, I don't care...I just want everything to come out good.

Well here is a little update: I am no longer...

Well here is a little update: I am no longer having surgery with Doctor Robles. After everything was booked a few weeks ago and I was given the okay to purchase my tickets etc etc..I get an email from one of her assistants apologizing to me saying that the doctor will be out of the country on the day I am supposed to have my surgery. That I can either 1) Reschedule for an earlier or later date or 2) She could refer me to her colleague who works side by side with her. I'm reading this email and the first thing that comes to mind is W.T.F?!@#$$#@#!
I respond with 100 questions but the question burning the tip of my fingers I'd rather not write here. So I cannot and will not reschedule my surgery, that would be four plane tickets I would have to change at about a 300 dollar loss, and I had already requested my vacation days off and can't change that. So I will be going with her colleague Dra. Fatima Almonte and pray that I get awesome results. I don't know anyone on here who has had surgery with her, she works closely with Robles and is said to do pretty much the same work. As long as I dont die, get an infection or look like the bride of Frankenstein, I'm good. I'm trying not to let this affect my mood or stress me out. I had a video ready to post, but I will have to re-shoot. so stay tuned ladies. =)

So another interesting thing has happened. I went...

So another interesting thing has happened. I went to the dentist last Thursday because I've been in pain for months (where had a root canal last year) and I have a tooth infection so I'm on antibiotics for 10 days. Then last Wednesday I thought it would be an awesome idea to cover up an ankle tattoo that I have and I have been limping ever since. Turns out I have an infection there also! So here I am with two different infections that I pray go away by the time I leave. I'm hoping the antibiotics kills both of these damn infections. Oh, and I've also gained 5 pounds. JOY!

19 days left until I leave for my surgery. I'm...

19 days left until I leave for my surgery. I'm pretty calm for the most part. I have everything ready for my journey. I still have this infection on my tattoo and I have 3 more days on antibiotics left. So I weighed myself and have gained 7 pounds! Turns out the antibiotics caused water retention, so I am hoping beyond all hope that once I finish these meds, my weight goes back down. I'm more worried about this tat infection for right now. It's still red and scabbing in a few places (me and my great ideas!). I've been trying to upload the video where I show all of the things I've purchased, but I'm having trouble with it, so I will post it in writing for now.

List of things I have:

1-Pajamas. I have two flannel p.j.s with the buttons in the front just in case I get cold. I have 3 long sleeveless nightgowns with the buttons in the front so I won't have to raise my arms. I opted for this since I didn't wear any sundresses this summer. I also have two regular nightgowns that I will use for the end of my stay. I also have six wife beaters, loose shorts, a robe, and a pair of sweats.
2- Stage 1 Compression garment from The one I bought was reasonably priced and has zippers on each side which I hope is easier. I also have compression stockings for the swelling.
3- Vitamedica pills. I start taking these on the 21st and continue on for two weeks post surgery.Vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene, zinc and copper promote wound healing and tissue growth repair. Vitamin A and zinc also boost immune system function. High levels of selenium, bioflavonoids (supports cell formation, aka Vitamin P) and other antioxidants deactivate unstable free-radicals that result from surgery.High levels of the B-Complex - the “anti-stress” vitamin- counteract stress during the surgical period. Homeopathic Arnica Montana 30X reduces bruising (I use the gel on regular bruises and it really works), swelling and pain associated with soft tissue injury. Quercetin inhibits the manufacture and release of histamine and other allergic/inflammatory mediators.
4- Wet ones (antibacterial wipes). Scent free baby wipes (won't be able to shower). Makeup remover wipes ( I can't be looking like Death while I'm over there lol). Baby powder (to soak up the oil from my hair). Baby lotion. Bio-oil. Tooth paste, mouth wash, floss, and toothbrush. Depends (adult diapers, as suggested by NewMe35).
5- Sports bras (5) so I won't have to wear a regular one.
6- Two pairs of slippers.
7- Percocets, I'm not really sure about the pain tolerance so this is for just in case purposes.
8- My Passport
9- The cash for the surgery and extra for my mothers stay and if she wants to go out while i'm recovering.
10- Antibiotics
11- Stool Softeners
12- Go-girl urine funnel (so I won't have to sit down to pee).
12- Gauze, antibiotic ointment, Scar away silicone sheets (for the scars), Ultrasonic massager and gel (my bff told me to buy this so when she does my massages when I return). I won't be taking these things with me.
13- A special prayer (lol).

ummm, that's all I can think of for right now. I will add anything I have forgotten when I get home.

I started taking my Vitamedica pills today, I'm...

I started taking my Vitamedica pills today, I'm officially 14 days away from surgery and this makes it more real now. I'm super excited. My tattoo is healing, by the time I leave the last scab should be off. I do still have pain int my tooth and the lump is still there. I think I have a cyst and my tooth will have to be removed. But that will have to wait.

In just a few more days I leave for DR. I'm only a...

in just a few more days I leave for DR. I'm only a few more days away from experiencing nervousness, pain, exhaustion, but as of right now I just feel excitement. I've been online window shopping, adding clothes to my wishlist (I don't want to purchase anything right now since I won't know my true size for a while). These other girls I have kept in contact with look amazing and hope for my results to be just as amazing. Well this is my last update until DR.

So I wasn't going to post until after the flight,...

So I wasn't going to post until after the flight, but I got to JFK super early thinking things would be hectic here since Sandy came through, but everything is normal and now I have a long wait ahead. I has anxiety for the last two days but now I am eerily calm. My family all came to see me before we left and we all said a prayer for me. I still haven't told my mom (who is sitting beside me) that Dr. Robles isn't doing my surgery. I guess it will be a surprise when I get there. I really don't know what to tell her. She wouldn't react well whether I tell her now or later. Ah well...Okay so now this is my last post until I'm over there. Ta-ta!

So I am here at the recovery house. I'll try to go...

So I am here at the recovery house. I'll try to go into detail. While on the plane the flight attendants go around giving you a sheet of paper to fill out for customs, you hold on to this paper until you arrive in DR. When you walk through immigration you have to purchase a tourist card which is 10.00. You also have to fill out another blue sheet if you are American before you make the line. At the line they stamp your card and passport and you move on to retrieve your luggage. After, you move to the customs line. In this line they take the original paper that you fill out on the plane and you are good to go. Customs didn't even look in our luggage. Then we met with Leo (and his female date) and he took us to the recovery house because the clinic was closed. While on the drive he told us that the doctor won't be doing my surgery until TUESDAY because Monday is a holiday (apparently they changed the national holiday this year). The rooms are nice and clean and there is a/c. I also have wifi up there and got to FaceTime with my friend. So we have two days to travel around Santo Domingo and one less day to recover. At first I was annoyed by this, but now I realize it's fine because I get to enjoy two warm days with no pain and I can enjoy shopping and what not. As for Virginia, the caretaker...she is a doll! She's very kind, hospitiabe and attentive. There is only one other patient here and she leaves Tuesday. I have to call Laura, the assistant in a few to see what's up.

Hi everyone, I'd like to run down my experience so...

Hi everyone, I'd like to run down my experience so far. Yesterday was my surgery, I went to the clinic at 8 am and did the necessary paper work, blood work, EKG and X-ray. When dr. Almonte came in I was in shock, she's so pretty and young, she's only six years older than me. She started marking me and said I had the stomach of a woman who has had babies. She gave me a blue pill and 20 minutes later I was out the door. I went into the OR and they gave me anesthia and next thing I knew I was up in my room wrapped up like a sardine in a can. I was in and out of sleep all day, vomiting because of the anesthia but I wasn't in pain. Today is a different story. Today iis very very uncomfortable. It feels like I have a Mac truck on my body. Be prepared to be achy and uncomfortable. Vomiting is the worst especially if you have an empty stomach. Dry heaving is no fun at all. Besides that, I would say I'm okay. The doctor took out 5liters of fat from my back and she said I looked like a woman who had kids. Okay that's about it. Until tomorrow...

So today is day 3. I finally slept without waking...

So today is day 3. I finally slept without waking up which felt good. I was given my second sponge bath and got ready for breakfast. Since my hemoglobin level was at a 9 after the surgery she offered to give me a blood transfusion, but I declined. So she told me to eat lots of eggs and greens and a lot of juice which I've been doing. Be prepared to EAT. You will probably get sick of food. Since my stomach muscle was tightened I have little appetite, but I have to eat. I just got back from seeing Dr. Almonte and again, she's a doll. I'm so glad that she did my surgery...I guess everything happens for a reason. When she took my garment off and drained my incision I got to stand up and see myself for the first time. OMG I was in shock! I have curves in places I've never had, a flat stomach, and a big round butt...I look like a video vixen. I was speechless at how good it looks, granted I am bruised and swollen but I can see the difference. My mom said she could see the happiness in my eyes. I can't wait to heal and put on a nice tight dress!

Hey guys, Day 4 now. Here are somethings that I...

Hey guys, Day 4 now. Here are somethings that I brought with me that I now wish I hadnt bothered buying. First would be the compression garment. there is no need to buy one for your stay here. I made the mistake of buying mine online and getting a 2XL even though it was tight before the surgery, the doc told me its too big for me. I lost out on cash now because I cant return it, unless I sell it online. They will give you the tightest garment possible and it HURTS! You will feel like you are ripping at the seams, my goodness! I think a lot of the pain I'm feeling is because this garment is so tight. And apparently I have to buy another one before I leave and its going to be XXXS (the one I'm in now is XXS)...I can't even say, "be mentally prepared" for this garment and it's restrictions.
Second thing I wish I hadn't taken with me would be all the lysol wipes and panties. You DO NOT need underwear, its pointless.
Third, my Go-Girl urine funnel, another pointless device seeing as standing for more than a minute is strenuous. The only plus to that is that I can take it with me camping.
Fourth, all the sports bras I bought. I only wore one. Plus side to that is I can use them for the gym.
Fifth, my water bottle filter. The water is clean here. They DO NOT give you tap water. The water I drink is fresh. I wasted ten bucks for no reason.
I havent worn my compression socks because my feet didn't swell. But I will use them on the plane because I assume they will then.
Bring Arnica gel with you, you will be bruised. Bring sanitary napkins with you so you can have a barrier between your private area and the garment clips. Bring a pack of adult diapers if you can, I have a small incision on my back that doesnt have a drain. Virginia drains it by hand several times a day and sometimes you will leak fluid.
Be prepared to eat, and to be constipated, if you go, kudos to you! If not, you will be given a suppository. Also be prepared to drink lots of fluids and take lots of pills.

Day 7: today I went to see the doctor since she...

Day 7: today I went to see the doctor since she has been draining the fluid from my back the past several days with a syringe. Today she took out six syringes full of fluid from the hole in my lower back. Tomorrow she will do it for the last time since I leave very early the next day. I was told I will have to see someone over there (ill ask my bestie to do it) to aspirate the fluid for the next several days. If I let it build up I could end up with a seroma which I definitely don't want. My feet are pretty swollen today, but I've been doing pretty well since I always have my legs up and I make myself walk around several times a day, the worse thing you can do is stay in one spot without any movement. I wish my surgery would have been on the day I intended it so I would have more days here being helped, but I guess it's time to go.,, back to the real world. I just hope I'm okay to go to work next week. I'm still not standing up straight and walking hunched over sucks

I'm finally home and I was lucky enough that the...

I'm finally home and I was lucky enough that the flight only had about 30 people on it so I got to spread out on the three seats and sleep. I already miss Virginia and my mom is so sad she had to leave her, she started crying. They really bonded and my mom now wants to do her body next year. I cant say how nice my doc was, she called me last night to give me a list of things to do and gave me her phone number and told me to call her day or night if I had any problems. I will be going back to her to get my breast reduction, my boobs are HUGE right now. They look like two bowling balls on my chest. I love my scar, I love my shape. I can't wait to show it off. I will post a pic next week when my swelling has gone down...a lot of it has gone down already.

So its been almost a week since I have been back...

So its been almost a week since I have been back home. I've been taking it easy and yesterday was my first day back at work. I was standing pretty straight (or so I thought) until my coworker asked me why I was walking funny. I just told get my back was out. So by the end of the day my feet were swollen and I was tired. I tried sleeping on my back and that was no good. The incision on my back closed so I no longer am pushinh out fluid which is probably why my back was also sore. Fast foward to today. I woke up, everything is good, I go to work and waste my drain which was at 100 ml...I found that odd since it seemed to b going down. A coupl of hours later, I noticed my I'm not draining any fluid so I take a closer look and realize my tube is.clogged with what I would call a string of fat. So I take a Cab to the place where they sell fajas cause I desperately need a new one and I go to try one on and what happens next is probably one of the grossest things to happen tome so far. As I'm pulling up this very tight garment my hand slipped and yanked the drain and I'm in instant pain. When I looked down I notice I'm bleeding and then I see it, the gaping enterance wound!!! Its.fleshy white and red. I start to panic and quickly buy the next size up which ended up being a 2xl cause the others were too small (I'm a large frame girl). So I get home to show my mother the disaster that is my wound and she starts to panic. I decide that I want to remov the drain and I dont care.about fluid, right now all I want to do is get thr drain out and clean my hole so it won't get infected. My mom is going back and forth cause she isn't sure I should do it or not. I calk my bestie, the nurse who tells me if I pull it out I should clean the wound with iodine so I sent my sister to the pharmacy. I want my sister to pull it out because I wasn't sure I had the stomach to do mom is still going on about how I should wait. I walk into the bathroom and decide ” its now or never” & just started pulling. Once I pulled I realized it didn't hurt at all and this sucker was long as hell! So I walk out the bathroom and say ”Done!!” And when we took a look at the string of fat clogging the drain, it was at least a foot and a half long! so gross. So I cleaned the wound which is about the size of a dime, I covered it and then proceeded to put on my Salome was so tight, it took four people to put it on me and zip it up. I am now a stuffed sausage again, but much more comfortable than before especially without the drain. Now Im just going that I don't build fluid in my tummy since I took the drain out early (I would have had to anyway since it was clogged). I took pics of my wound and of the fat that was clogged but I'm not sure if I should put it up. I will post a pic of me in a dress...let me know if I should put the other pics up.

Tomorrow will be three weeks since I last showered...

Tomorrow will be three weeks since I last showered. Now that I have this gaping wound on my hip, I'm wondering when my next one will be. Ugh.

Today makes 4 weeks since I had my surgery. I just...

Today makes 4 weeks since I had my surgery. I just wanted to discuss some of the things I have been going through since the last time I updated. I've had my ups and downs especially with my mood. This is something that is completely normal after surgery and I have to keep reminding myself of this. I've read in many places on the Internet that there will be periods of happiness and sadness or being stressed out. I can now say that I have been experiencing this. I haven't felt the "I don't know why I did this surgery" thing, but I have felt the "I was totally not as prepared as I thought I was" type feelings.
After the whole problem with my drain and the piece of my skin missing I started to get discouraged, but I kept taking care of it and it was beginning to look better and heal, then my belly button ended up having the same problem and I have skin missing from there, so I'm trying to have that heal. Then I had a problem with the garment I bought, it was way too tight and squeezing my stomach to the point where it was folding, so I stopped using that. While all of this was going on I started to have money problems. My job didn't want to pay me for the days I took off even though I had a letter and my cellphone contracted ended and I had to pay extra money upfront to switch to a new plan. While all of this is happening, I ended up with fluid building up in my belly and I had no money. My best friend who was supposed to do my massages couldn't do them because she has been working 50 hour work weeks. So here I was pretty much screwed: the garment I paid 100$ for is useless, I have fluid in my belly, and my free massages are impossible to get, and my job is screwing with my paycheck. Bills started to pile up, it's the holidays, I'm frustrated. My mom gave me 50$ and I was able to go get the fluid from my belly aspirated and I also got to buy a cream that has dried up my wound from my hip. She also pulled out all of my remaining stitches which was a relief. But of course, they insisted that I need the massages because if not I will lose my shape, blah blah blah...I've been hearing it for days which was annoying and I still can't get them until next week. My body is so hard and it hurts so much at times and also I tried massaging myself, truth is, it's not the same and I haven't seen a difference.By the end of the work day I'm a little bent over because I feel so tight...I'm swollen and look a little pregnant, I can't wait for the massages. Ahhh, anyway moral of the story is: make sure you have money for massages (you need at least 2 a week) and any other dilemmas that might arise! These last two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for me and my family and friends have noticed. Just make sure you have $$$ for everything afterwards (even clothes because everything is so big on me and I haven't had $ to shop), it's so important. I feel like a doofus for not being as prepared as I thought I would be.
Besides that, I don't regret the surgery at all, I look great (I just have those moments of not feeling so great), my scar looks really good and I know I will get over this hurtle soon. I'll post a picture

Oh I also wanted to mention that the Vitamedica...

Oh I also wanted to mention that the Vitamedica helped A LOT with the recovery and the bruising. I am someone who gets a black and blue and have had it stay there for a year. All the bruises from my back and butt were gone within 2 weeks. Amazing.

Today makes 5 weeks post op. Comparing to last...

Today makes 5 weeks post op. Comparing to last week, I'm in much better spirits. I went to the spa twice to get massaged and although it hurt like hell, afterward I noticed I felt much better and my mood lifted. As for the massages, prepare for pain. I'm also ticklish so the whole time I was laughing and trying not to scream. It was one of the oddest experiences, after a while the lady started to laugh also. Oh, I've also been experiencing this sensation on my back when I sit back for long periods of time, it's a mixture of a burning sensation and the feeling of leaving my skin behind on the chair or sofa. It's weird, lipo is weird, it's hard on the body.

6 weeks post op today! I can't believe how fast...

6 weeks post op today! I can't believe how fast the time goes. It feels like it was just yesterday I was walking bent over having trouble breathing, wow. Back still feels funny. Today I will start arm workouts and try out lunges since I know I can't do anything excessive yet, but I really miss working out. I know the docs in DR say you have to wear the CG for three months and here in the states only 5 weeks, but I really HATE wearing this thing. I thought I would be used to it by now but no. It's a pain in my ass.

Hmmm it seems lie the site deleted all my pics.

Hmmm it seems lie the site deleted all my pics.

Tomorrow is week seven and Christmas Day so I...

Tomorrow is week seven and Christmas Day so I won't be posting. Justw anted to say I bought a different hand held massager and I use it every night on my whole body and it's so damn painful, you don't realize how tender your skin is until you have that machine on you. Ouch!. Hope everyone has a great Christmas with your loved ones! xo

I can't believe 8 weeks have gone by. So...

I can't believe 8 weeks have gone by. So everything is pretty much back o normal except that I do still get that burning sensation. I massage myself every night and my stomach, back, and sides are now soft. My belly button decided to do this little "slit" thing, which I didnt want so I began putting a marble in it to round it out. I actually had to force it in because my belly button had gotten so small and thin. I'm using Merderma on the scar a few times a day and it's time consuming with having to remove the garment just to do it, so I will be buying Scar-away strips and just leaving it on for several days, I heard it works well and I'm hoping it does the job for me. As for the damn compression garment..ugh. I have a love-hate relationship with this thing. It does it's job with the shaping, but it's still so uncomfortbale that some times I will go two days (usually the weekends) without wearing it and just settle for a spanx that doesn't do much. Therefore, I am pretty swollen most of the time and look to be about three to four months pregnant. I started working out hardcore, doing Turbo Fire once again (I missed it so much!!) and I'm trying to cut out the true enemy in my life, Coca Cola. Oh, I finally started shopping and I'm having sooo much fun! I can't believe I fit into a Large and I'm a 12 in jeans. I'm still shocked that these things fit. Everything has been well worth it. Well I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year's celebration.

Oh and I should say that my right side is always...

Oh and I should say that my right side is always more swollen than my left side (unless she didnt take out as much fat, I'm still not sure) as you can see in my pics.

Tomorrow is week Ten since my surgery,. Everything...

Tomorrow is week Ten since my surgery,. Everything is back to normal. I feel fine, sometimes I have an itch on my back but not as serious as I was before. I am still swollen but I massage myself daily.this past week I have not been wearing the garment at all. I really still cant deal with the straps so this week I will buy a different one where the straps can be taken off. A lot of you gals have been wondering about the massages, well when I went to the spa they wanted to charge me 800$ for 15 massages and there was just no way I was going to pay for that. Instead I went to another lady around my neighborhood who charges 30$ for 30 minutes...eventually I just bought my own massager and massage myself on a daily basis for 30's faster, simple, cheaper, and does the same job. I'm going to the restroom now to try and take a pic of my scar

It's been 14 weeks since my surgery and everything...

It's been 14 weeks since my surgery and everything is looking good. I have my days where I'm swollen, I don't always have a completely flat stomach, my stomach is super soft and looks natural (it's not taut). I do have slight dog ears but that's the least of my worries (which I don't have any worries). I stopped wearing the faja a while ago but I go to sleep with a girdle most nights. I'm now alternating between raw organic cocoa butter and raw organic Shea butter, applying it on my scar several times throughout the day always making sure it stays hydrated. I went shopping and the size 12 is a tiny bit loose on me. I'm hoping with proper exercise I get down to a ten and stay (I tried on a size ten pants and some fit good and others are tight). That's pretty much it. Hope all you ladies are doing well and I appreciate all the love and positive feedback.

Hi everyone! There is nothing really new to update...

Hi everyone! There is nothing really new to update you guys on. I do keep getting the same questions over and over again from newbies on here or on my youtube channel. If you need to contact the surgeon, her email is:
you can also find her on
There is a phone number to contact her on there also.
Please keep in mind that she doesn't have a website up yet and I went with her because she was recommended to me by Dr. Robles after Robles couldn't perform my surgery. I didn't see any pictures beforehand.

Hi girls, just posted some new pics. Nothing has...

Hi girls, just posted some new pics. Nothing has really changed, everything is good. My scar is getting lighter day by day but it will be a slow process. As much as I want to keep posting, there isnt much to say anymore. I've been super busy because I'm moving in two weeks. But this is it. I wish you all the best of luck on your surgeries!!

A year later

It's been a little over a year since my surgery. I have most of my sensation back except anywhere near my scar. It gets lighter as time passes. I still have my curves and butt. My belly button never rounded out unfortunately


I will always be a thick curvy chic! Lol
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