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So, Im planning to get a bbl with fat grafted to...

So, Im planning to get a bbl with fat grafted to my butt from my abdomen and flanks and a breast augmentation. I just sent Dr. Yily an email for a quote and other information, currently waiting on a response. I plan on getting my procedure in November of this year only because im in school and graduate in October and dont want to miss hours at school. Plus it gives me alot of time to plan and get all the things i need. Im a little worried about the language barrier and traveling alone. If you ladies have anything you can tell me about anything i may need to get in the meanwhile, flights, recovery house/ spa, please let me know. Ive looked at a lot of pages on here before i made an account. Ill be back to update when i hear from Dr. Yily.

Change of Plans

Its been a long time Real Self! I had all hell break loose early this year so I kinda gave up on this surgery this year. I emailed Dr. Yily again and sent pics of lil ol me. She responded in a few days with a quote. In the quote she included a tummy tuck and breast lift. No tummy tuck for me or lift, I ain't going!! So I Asked for a new quote for just the Bbl, with lipo to the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks and waist and breast augmentation with implants. She sent a new quote for $4850. The first quote with the tummy tuck and breast lift added was for $5950. Like many others I got hooked on Dr. Duran too for a min but decided to go with my first mind and stick with Dr. Yily. I'm not gonna lie, I still like Dr. Duran but I noticed that things happen when I don't go with my first mind. I sent Dr. Yily an email to confirm my surgery date of June 10, 2014. I grew anxious and sent her a message on whatsapp to confirm, she confirmed my surgery in about an hour. I also told her to not forget to confirm thru email too, she did in about 2 or 3 days. So that's done, now I have to get this personal leave approved thru my job. OMG!! I don't even know what to put as a reason. Should I just say surgery? ? I want to be on leave for 30 days so that I will be semi straight when its time to return to work, I stand up all day at work.

Just a little about myself......I'm 33 yrs old 4'11 123lbs. I usually weigh 130-135lbs. I need to get my original weight back and add a few more pounds so she will have more than enough fat for my bootay! I tend to stop eating when I'm stressed so that is why I'm so little. I want to be about 145. I have a 10 yr old son. Im done with kids unless i meet Derrick Rose! Lol!!! I plan on getting flight and recovery houses together if and when my job approves my leave. I want a flight that doesn't have a long layover coming home. I won't be up to hanging in an airport for 3 hours or more waiting on a connecting flight. All for now dolls. Gonna try to upload b4 pics.
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