Duran Dolly - 36D-26-42 Corset info and ungarmented pix

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I wanted to begin logging my journey with Dr....

I wanted to begin logging my journey with Dr. Duran for my fellow bbl lovers. I'm a relatively proportionate 5'10" 165lb, size 8, thick legged, small bummed diva wannabe hoping for the fashion model curves of Draya Michele.

I researched several of the popular options: Wilberto Cortes, Jimmerson, Perry, Hughes, Schulmann, etc.. but these male doctors didn't sculpt the super femme curves of my dreams. I found that Dr. Yily and Dr. Duran had the most appealing portfolios although i will honestly say I had severe reservations about international surgery.

I'm definitely a researcher and I had to find alternative to the aforementioned boys club but it was worth it! I was deciding between the two sculptors at Santa Domingo's premier doll factory CIPLA. After sifting through TONS of images and buried posts I realized it came down to one thing.. Dra Duran had not a single review under 3 stars here. Her patients all mentioned her aftercare and bedside manner was impeccable.. So I guess the decision was made.

Today I sent Dra Duran an email, added her Facebook and Instagram and plan on following up with a polite phone call today if I still haven't heard back - just so they know I'm as serious as a heart attack. Let's do this. I heard persistence is key so, I'm going for the gold

Got my official quote! Building the blood for surgery.

Yay! Giddy up! Today I received my quote from Dra Duran's office! I'm forwarding my deposit tomorrow and getting this surgery scheduled.
In the email the nurse mentions that they would like to check hemoglobin levels a month out and to use iron with vitamin c to boost my blood for surgery/recovery.
I'm currently taking Megafood's Blood Builder (Non GMO, Vegan, No animal testing brand of vitamins!) http://www.amazon.com/Megafood-Blood-Builder-90-Tabs/dp/B000F4ZRCC

Scheduling my prelim blood tests for next week!

Supplement therapies before and after BBL

Just a word of note here, this is my regimine - it may not work for you. I happen to take a pretty heavy vitamin supplement routine daily. This includes Black seed oil (gluthathione), MSM, Biotin, Women's Multivitamin, Holy Basil Force, Zyflamend (awesome anti-inflammatory), Fish Oil complex, Blood Builder, a triple probiotic, Oxy-Elite (when working out) and milk thistle (to clean the liver which apparently is very important before surgery!!). I used this resource (as well as a chat with my Dr.) in consideration of my supplemental routine prior to surgery anf found for the most part, I was spot on!


After surgery I plan on adding:
Serrapeptase: http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-1115-serrapeptase.aspx?activeIngredientId=1115&activeIngredientName=serrapeptase

Bromelain: http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-895-BROMELAIN.aspx?activeIngredientId=895&activeIngredientName=BROMELAIN

and of course topical Arnica Montana and homeopathic ingestable Arnica (30x) as well.

Post-Op pack list thoughts.. MADACIDE wipes

She sent me this list: After surgery You'll need:

After surgery'll need:

1) fraxiparine or mexaprin
2) amoxicillin-clavulanic acid
3) Iron
4) Vitamin C
5) Prilosec
6) Protein (Ensure)
7) Lioton gel (heparin gel)
8) Arnica (tab and cream)
9) B12

1) sanitary pads
2) Cotton flannel or T (white, white)
3) Moist towelettes (wipes)
4) Comfortable clothing
5) Rubber gloves (my addition)
6) alcohol swabs (my addition)

I already love my protein shakes but I decided to fly with a dry formula and grab a pack of water when down there. I've flown too much to be hassled with traveling with liquids like that. LAWD.

Using this Raw Organic meal supplement powder: http://www.amazon.com/Garden-Life-Nutritional-Supplement-Chocolate/dp/B00CLD71X8

And this superfoods powder which is super high in ORAC value (antioxidants are key to recovery): http://www.amazon.com/Amazing-Grass-Green-SuperFood-15-Count/dp/B004TJD73K

I'm also re-ordering this Ester-C complex (vitamin C complex): http://www.amazon.com/American-Health-Products-Bioflavonoids-tablets/dp/B000OP5D3U
Also Pycnogenol: http://www.amazon.com/Source-Naturals-Pycnogenol-100mg-Tablets/dp/B000GFHPQG

And using this Garden of Life B Complexx which includes Folate (iron) and Biotin: http://www.amazon.com/Garden-Life-Vitamin-Code-B-Complex/dp/B00280M12A

In addition to the above I'm splurging on the 10' roll of Lipofoam because I want the smoothest results possible and I saw it really, really, really aids in healing the bruising. AND packing puppy pads (I don't want to leak all over my bed)...

OH! and MADACIDE WIPES: http://www.amazon.com/MadaCide-FDW-Wipes-Tub-160/dp/B0017VOOIA
Madacide is used in hospitals to clean prep areas for surgery. It kills everything and in my eyes is WELL worth the money not to risk any infection.

Meows, babes!

Some visual inspiration

Keeping my mid and inspiration high :)

Date settled: October 2013

So, looks like I'm going in the end of October instead of in the beginning of November. My tummy just flipped knowing it's even that fewer weeks away..

Excited and nervous.

I also have to say Dra Duran is so attentive and kind. She emailed me back several times on the weekend helping me settle my date. I'm actually really excited to meet her face to face.

I think I'll bring a little gift from my company to say thank you..
..for changing my life..

Hotels, Recovery Houses and all the fine writing..

Started with Tripadvisor.com, AirBnB.com and Booking.com for options. I initially expected to stay at a nearby chain hotel but I was bouncing back and forth about staying in a recovery house versus "winging it"..
le sigh.

The recovery houses I checked out were Yasmine's (AirBnB.com), Dominga's (AirBnB.com) and Healing Haven (http://healinghavendr.com/home.html). The cost is super reasonable on shared rooms at each space but the nicer/private rooms are comparable to private rooms/private bath at a 3-4 star hotel in the area. I also get free wi-fi my entire stay, A/C, I'm relatively close to CIPLA and my total is about $70.35/day for 11 nights staying at Hotel San Marco: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g147289-d3786567-Reviews-Hotel_San_Marco-Santo_Domingo_Santo_Domingo_Province_Dominican_Republic.html

I'm planning on getting a lymphatic masseuse and nurse to visit post op (which were extra costs at most of the available accomadations). But, I thought it might be important to be somewhere with internet and scenic things/places to roam in the actual area and at all times of eve :/ since I'm traveling alone. I'm trying to curb any depression that might set in..

Planning on bringing books, notepads and my camera to keep me moving and my attention to the beautiful new landscape that is Santo Domingo.

Real Recovery Armonia and surgery in a few hours!

Firstly, the entire staff at Real Recovery Armonia are so nice... Wonderful actually. The house has a lovely vibe and is clean and comfortable. The bustle of the living room will likely include Flacka(sp?), Mayra the owner I believe, a couple awesome drivers, Ruth the massage therapist and Patricia.. I was a little worried that they were not very organized but everything came together and well. I have to blame my shitty Spanish on this mix. They are new and getting the bits and boobs together but its worth getting a spot here.

When I was met at arrival pickup by my driver I was informed we were waiting for another girl... Who didn't show. I'm sure these doctors and recovery houses get people doing this all the time. I imagine it can be frustrating as hell making bookings that don't come to fruition because of whatever reason. Ladies, this is no fantasy..
Let's communicate, keep it real and be responsible to our doctor's and caretaker's time, effort and energy.. This is why deposits exist.
Anyway, we finally leave after waiting for a bit and head directly to CIPLA. I have my blood work and x-ray done downstairs and head upstairs to have my EKG done by CIPLA cardiologist Dra Alamazar. She was sweet as pie.. And mentioned I looked great why have surgery?
Tiny waist dreams..
My iron was 12.5 or 12.7. I have been overdosing on liver, Multi grain Cheerios and steak so it better have been up! She said I was God for surgery and to come in tomorrow at 6 am. I'm first, yay!
Its now 3:20a and I'm happy, nervous and already thinking of recovery.
No more pot for awhile..
Sad face.

Just pacing..

..myself. I have my ups and downs. My head had been throbbing since yesterday but I realize I've not been drinking enough water. Ladies, make sure to take your Bromelain and b6 afterward. They really make a difference. Also, drink water!

Get those massages!

Your body will not just absorb or release that fluid.. You literally have to have it massaged out. Ruth has been doing work on this body! I was lumpy and fluid filled before she got her patient hands on me. After a rundown she uses this ultrasonic machine on me that smoothes the skin right in front of my eyes.
No one got lipo to be lumpy.
So far I've gotten three but tomorrow I plan on having two, one in the day and one at night. With only three days left I'm doing as much as I can to get the firm, curvy results of my dreams.

Second Stage FAJA is muy importante

Umm, soooooooooooo I swoll up after the first day and wearing my post surgery compression garmentbut after changing my faja (which is a small) and getting two massages my waist went down three inches.
They are worth the money.

My flight home after 9 days..

Being in first class didn't mean a frigging thing on my journey home. The engine on my AA flight failed and I was left waiting in PAIN for several hours. Subsequently, I missed my connecting flight in MIA and had to spend the night. I cried hysterically.
I did that.
I watched my slender ankles and legs swell up in a matter of hours and FILL with fluid. Wheelchair assistance forgot me in the morning and I missed another flight. I finally got home 20 hours after my journey started. My Fajate was cutting into my thighs and cutting off my circulation. I could have done without such an experience.
Shittons of Bromelain and water over two days took the tingling down and my legs with them. I was scared out of my mind. And the moral of this entry: DIRECT FLIGHTS BABES!

PIX (photo comparison pre-op and directly post-op)

This shows me in the hospital pre-operative, directly post op and awaiting my first massage and after my second massage... these images are about two days apart. So, Thursday was the surgery, Saturday I had my first massage and Monday after wearing my second stage Faja and second massage.

TODAY (1 month + 1 day post op versus 11 days post operative) PIX!

So, I'm one month and one day post operative and my glorious measurements are 37D"-27/26"-41" All my swelling hasn't even gone down. I am wearing a corset about 6-10 hours a day that closes 26" so it's literally shaped me 26". I wonder when I'll FLUFF!

I am having some custom curvy corsets made rush by my corsetier that measure 30"(underbust)-24"waist-42"hips

My new corset and look at that ass!

I've gone back to my regular workout routine and the fluffing fairies have visited me, it seems. I believe in these corsets.. Not those Fajas! Im so tired of itching in that thing, oh and expanding :( This was custom made for my shape. Squee!

Get boned ladies! Lol! As in steel boning in your garment versus powermesh. Powermesh on does soooo much. Why, oh why do I want another round? I just want my waist tinier..

Here's my nakedy silhouette

I'm planning on dropping 20 pounds over the next three months through Paleo and low carb dieting. So far, I've seen immediate improvement..
I'd been eating a lot of coconut cream pie. I think I was depressed from the constant FREAKING ITCHING!!!
I might have a second round in September/October 2014 in Columbia. Duran is cool and I'm okay with my results but trying to get in touch with them at the office is soooo hard.. And I'm a fucking patient.


Last update for tonight and pix :)

I'm wearing my new corset (24") cinched down and I'm super comfy. I had her put powermesh panels in the hips so my ass wouldn't squish. I bought two corsets since I was so fucking bored of that brown/beige Faja or Mirena.
I've gone three nights (overall, not in a row) since surgery without a garment and every night I put my Vedette cincher vest or my larger corset (26") on and try to go the entire night.
For the past ten days I've been doing light cardio and some toning exercises because my body was literally falling apart. I'm typically really active and being sedentary just made my depression worse. I hired a personal trainer and will start on Friday. She said it should be easy for me to lose 20 pounds. The weird thing is I wear a size 4 on my waist now..
BUT I CAN'T FIT MY ARMANI PANTS or any of my other pants. Currently SQUEEZING into a size 30 stretch jean (Go to the Guess store, my dolls! Bigger bum cuts and thighs in the low rise selection)
I just wanted a "pout" not a full grown vixen ass, lol. Since I'm 5'10" I really don't want to get too little but as long as my legs have chubb around the knees I think I can lose a few. And I'm on it. Ran 4 miles today, did my toning exercises and some light lifting (back work).

Keep it curvy!
And I swear I'm done posting for today ;)



There are several suppliers around. And while I love wearing my squeem or faja vest under my corsets as a "liner" and to prevent skin folding, these corsets are the real deal and much more comfortable than the constant rolling on these powermesh corsets... which foreals started giving me a back fold..
Mystic City Corsets on Ebay is perfect for the girls wanting to try something out but don't want to spend custom money. They run between $75 and $100 a piece and they have several styles. I would suggest something cotton since they are washable. DO THIS FIRST GIRLS!
Versatile Corsets is okay since they have a lot of styles but kinda overpriced for what you get.
My custom pieces... well.. that's where the scoop gets perfected. She is a fabric engineer. She can take your shape and translate it into a 3D garment perfectly. Her pieces start at $250 for "off the rack" or "otr" styles. She can also alter an "otr" piece to fit your curves if you can't come in for a fitting for a full custom like my last three pix. Those begin at $200/$220 and the customs begin at $300/$350.
Thing is, these don't stretch, don't wear out as fast and are far more supportive and shaping. I wear a corset over at least my Faja or Mirena..
Order a corset 3-4" smaller than your natural waist size.

Please excuse my bald ass face but look at that ass!

I woke up this way. No really, lol. I didn't measure but I have been hitting the gym daily. My legs hurt but I swear my ass is GROWING and my back looseness is almost gone.
After cutting sugar, bread and all grains (other than quinoa) I've seen immediate results. Totally planning on going on the juicing diet after Christmas.
Sorry if I'm feeling myself here. "Today was a good day.."

What the fuck.

So, when I lean out (stretch, stand tall, lose weight in my belly) I am not smooth. There is so little fat in the front of my belly that I'm a lumpy, hard body, mess if I reach for something or stretch out (naked, mind ya o.0). I'm constantly using my massager and I'm considering VelaShape. I need to liquify this fibrosis asap.

What the deuce?

Round two fall 2014

I'm holding steady at this weight. I like my body on random days but I'm sincerely craving round two.. My butt seems to have alot of "top" ass on certain days and no real butt projection on others. My back has also settled with a "pocket of fat". I got two rounds of endermologie on my stomach and back last month to break up some of what's left. I'm probably going to GroupOn another package for 6-10 to truly smoothen my results further.

I really want my waist to be narrower. I've got a very athletic shape which is totally cool but I feel I wanted more of a dramatic "pinup" shape without adding hips. I'm due for new boobs so I'm considering having it all done at once in fall. I'm not sure if I'll have enough to transfer but I really, really don't want to gain any weight for any reason.

Five months along...

I've bought some things and added some activities to my life in hopes of smoothening my belly.
1) Bikram Yoga - Or hot yoga. The warm environment, stretching and strengthening of the muscles and focused breathing helps break those fibers up.
2) I bought a heavy duty massager: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000PTO0RK
I use it every other day.
3) I'm still getting those endermologie packages on Group On.

I'm still considering round two. It's just a fact of life. I'm committed to slimming down for summer but I'm just trying to see how all this settles.

A year later. .

Hmm.. hit a long depressed bit. My butt looks great. Stayed in place, didn't deflate, not too crazy.... awesome.
My stomach STAYED rippppppppppply. Duran apparently ripped through my lower belly, leaving me with long grooves primarily on one side of my body.
I realized I had three options.. have a second round of lipo, lose 20 pounds or lots and lots of endermologie.
My weight naturally fluctuates but I'm several pounds lighter than I was 2 months post. I'm still working on that 20...
I'm not opposed to a 2nd round since I don't feel my waist was trimmed enough anyway (considering her work history).. I am staying with an American doctor since I feel my surgery was rushed with Duran.
And I did commit to endermologie BUT I recently found this tool called the Cellesse. It's just as effective as my treatment at the aesthetcian's office and I can treat myself daily. My stomach has already smoothened in three days.

My only regret about my surgery is not realizing is is HAVE to have that shit again. Oh and that I'd look like a body builder and itch like a crackhead for MONTHS.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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