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Hello I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls 16&6...

Hello I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls 16&6 and I have bust my ass for them as any mother would do, so now its time to take care of me. I will be going to Dr. Yily and I pray that she can give me that confidence I need again. As a mother and girlfriend/wife you loose yourself always doing for someone else.

Well enough of that preaching I am 5'1 148 and not in a good way my weight is in my arms and upper body. I am in between a 36d/38b and a size 8 jeans. I have been stalking this website and you lady's profile for sometime and I think Dr. Yilys work is fabulous. I have booked my flight will be leaving June 18th out of NYC and returning July 2nd , still trying to figure where to stay, I wanna thank my girl CGray for helping with ALOT of questions, and a couple of you other ladies as well.

I will start buying my supplies already I have:
Spray can for itching and minor pain
Arnica pills
Arnica gel

And that's about it , ttyl girls.

Happy Mother's Day ladies!!!

Happy Mother's Day ladies!!!

Hello ladies, bought a couple of things to start...

Hello ladies, bought a couple of things to start knocking these supplies out ok here we go
Wee pads
Benadryl pills
Stool softener
Disposable gloves
Water pills
Omprezanole 20mg 14 pills x2
Maxi pads
Hibicilens soap
Feminine wipes
And that's it for now just trying to start packing up stuff to have out the way!! Nervous but excited finally doing something for me. I'm a giver and giving to someone else or doing something for someone else , that makes me happy this is the first time in a loooong time I'm doing for me so I am super hype!!! Have a great day ladies
Still looking for a Buddy for recovery.

Ok so just got back from the pharmacy trying to...

Ok so just got back from the pharmacy trying to get some medication for my allergies and find out my insurance didn't cover it , so I call the back off the card and find out I got cut off!!!!! WTF!!! . I still need to get my bloodwork and prescriptions filled !!!! I am sitting here
Tryin to figure this one out this a expense I was not thinking about .

The date is Getting closer and closer , got my...

The date is Getting closer and closer , got my pain meds just need antibiotic and I'm goodie, If anyone knows how much it is just for the heparin in DR please let me know. I also was wondering with the garments I've seen on here are those good enough for the back lipo , shouldn't the whole back be compressed?? And not just have the thin straps?? Just a question . If anyone that's has had the surgery see this please let me know what you think thanks ladies....... till later

Booked tickets & hotel

Almost forgot booked my flight leave June 18 th and return July 1st , hope that's enough time to heal or at least have drain removed. I will be traveling with my lovely mother and my two daughters they will be staying at "The perfect stay" off of and then moving on to the renaissance jargua hotel and casino for my last 4 night there . I'm also gonna be stayin at the recovery house for three nights . Only my oldest daughter knows what I'm doing she's 16 but the baby Doesn't know so hopefully I'm able to at least be mobile in front of her don't want to scare her she's six and can TALK !!! Lol , well that's all ladies

35 days left!!!

I am sooooo excited , when I was younger I use to wear 2 pairs of pants just to look like I had some meat , I always was a small girl till I had my daughter who is 16 now then I was ok still till I used the Depo shoot , OMG I gained 30 pounds in a matter of 3 months !!! I did not get another one but it was late the damage was done , my body stretched each and everyway possible. So god willing in 35 days I will have a new beginning to a new body . And can't wait but nervous as I don't know what. If anybody knows the answer to this please help me , Does penicillin work the same as amoxicillin ?? Thanks ladies

Pre op/ Post op vitamins

Good morning ladies just wanted to let you know that the Pre-Op /post op vitamins are on sale one make if you don't have them already!! Have a great day.


Packing Supplies

Funniest thing !!! I'm packing my supplies in a small suitcase and my six year old is watching me (she Dosent know the real reason why we're going to DR). She starts talking about our dog and how if she has to ride in the bottom of the plane then she's not going on the trip .??? So I'm looking at her like wtf ?? Is she talking about so I say sweetie the dog isn't coming on the trip with us its a family trip so she looks at me all puzzled and then points to the suitcase and goes well why are you packing wee wee pads in your suitcase :0!!! , I am literally lost for words . I'm stuck for a minute and I do the honest thing and say " you know grandma old she need them for her bed" lmao that's the only thing I could think of to say!!! LMFAO though I would share with you guys , ok later.

Blood work results back!!!!

Good morning ladies !!!! I want to scream with joy , I have been taking b-12 , vitamin c , iron and folic acid for the last three weeks and finally took my blood work on 5/16 as I am due for surgery on 6/20 and my level is 14.1 !!!!!!!! I am so mofo happy!!!! That was a big concern , I will definetly keep taking my vitamins with keep a clogged ass till I have my surgery !! Lmao just kidding , ladies its never to early to start. Have a great day!!!!


Hello ladies I get theses daily quotes and this was today's.
"It's all in the view. That's what I mean about forever, too. For any one of us our forever could end in an hour, or a hundred years from now. You never know for sure, so you'd better make every second " so with that being said this is what you say to the negativity , FOH!!! With the hand waving.


I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.
— Audrey Hepburn

27 Days left!!!!!

27 days till sx and 25 days till I'm out dis bish!!! Lol I can't wait , I wish it was a vacation for me but either I am going to make the best of it I am that type of person . I have mostly all my supplies have to get different compression socks the ones that came are not tight and Also how does this lipo foam work? I also have to still get. Boppy pillow , 2nd fajate , peroxide, board , gauze and if I'm missing anything please ladies please let me know . I have the only dragonflies in my stomach , my other half Dosent know what I'm doing so I'm guessing mostly how his reaction is gonna me when I get back?? Well whatever it is fuck it ... IM DOING IT!!!!! , till later ladies

I Feel Like I'm cheating !!!

I've been researching other doctors and getting quotes , not to say I don't like yilys work and thats she don't get down with what she do , but at the same time I don't feel 100 with it and I'm not trying to get anywhere and not be given the time to explain myself or feel rushed , I think it should start from now " 1st impression is the most important " and of course she didn't contact me right away but when she does it was very scarce and not consistent so with that being said I'm gonna go in another direction with what I feel comfortable , I don't want to go to another country and get escorted to the airport cause of someone having a bad day . I'm gonna be going to Dr. Baez and feel comfortable from now not guessing an hoping ill feel ok. This isn't to say anything about yilys craft but I want to feel good. And not to mention her prices are GREAT !!! Well ladies I wish everyone it Doesn't matter who your going to , I hope everyone's. wants and desires and fulfilled .

My Makemeheal vitamins are here!!!!!

My pre- op vitamins came today and I'm kinda pissed at myself for lOoking into different doctors i didn't have to buy half the things I did , dr Baez includes the post op medication as well as 10 massages , which is great , I do need to get a abdominal board and I think that about sums it up , and my date is a day earlier .


Good morning ladies , besides my weight always going up and down I have struggled with weight gain in my arms . I would love to have pencils as arms and be confident wearing a strapless dress or sleeveless shirt but its also my back that is wide, 99 problems and a b****h ain't one lol . Well ladies have a great day hope all is well and I hope is stop raining in NYC



Ladies someone on real self posted info about a faja store in Brooklyn , if someone knows the address can you please forward it to me thank you ,much appreciated. Have a great day

I love u to CGRAY!!!!!!!

Hope you good boo , I love my DC biatch!!! Lmao have a good weekend!!! Oh yeah as a update I gained 6 pounds no Buenos!!!


Went and bought Faja!!!

As hot as it was I drove to The Pink Room in Elizabeth New Jersey and bought my cherry Ann faja 89.99, lipo board 23$, and board for back 14$, everything came up to 134.00. I had to get a large my measurements are 33 under my breast, 34 waist and 41 hips, :( , i don't understand how i let myself go so much its ridiculous , its hot today in ny so I tried on some shorts from last summer NO BUENO , I was soo upset I kicked my daughter out the room when she started laughing , lol but I have to try to loose some weight before June 19th , talking about pressure like a mofo. Well ladies enjoy this beautiful weather and I'm still trying to figure out this recovery house stuff , I called two numbers one is a lady named yilky who tells me to call her a week before and she'll let me know if she has space and then another was a number that don't work ,smh this shit is frustrating. Well ladies if you have any GOOD IDEAs about loosing weight or recovery houses please hit me up thanks

The PInk RoOm

It wasn't not far at all and quick to get there it was about a 20 minute drive.

Vitamins, faja


Does anyone know if you get a breast lift without implants how much does it affect your breast size like as far as going down or up ??? Thanks in advance


Hello ladies , found a boppy pillow for 10$ at a thrift store for children , I refused to pay 40$ for a new one , ill go buy a 10$ brand new slip cover and I'm good. But time is coming closer and I'm getting nervous , Im the type that really don't care what people say but I always knew what they was saying her ass flat , lol just kidding , but I am a little concerned with my family's comments when I get back , noone but my mother and 16 year old know what I'm doing , well that's life !!! Anyway I'm still looking for a Recovery house for like 2 days does anyone have the number to Ana Marie recovery house thank you ladies.

Pre op pills

I will be starting my pre op vitamins from make me heal either today or tomorrow , I've been talking my vitamins from the day I decided to do this which was two months ago so hopefully my blood count will be good . Have a great day ladies

Booked Recovery

Yes!!!!!!! I finally booked a recovery house Ana Marie ,thank you Sasha30 for the number and my boo CGray hooked me and my kids up thank you with the driver now I just need to focus on loosing weight :( , I only got like 16 days for that . I'm gonna try though .

13 DAYS TO GO !!!!!!!

Lord knows I am sweating bullets ladies , I would have preferred to start getting nervous when I'm out there. I am a little confused about my weight issue when I was originally going to yily she told me not to loose no weight but Baez is telling me to loose 10 pounds ?? I don't think that's gonna happen but I'm trying that's for sure. I redid my measurements today
Under breast
36 1/2
And I'm 5'1
The other measurements was from The pink room when I went to get my faja . I hope I didn't jump the gun in buying it but I'm gonna find out. Adios ladies !!!

Makemeheal vitamins

I started my pre op vitamins today and boy is my pee yellow , also ladies Orbitz has a sale on hotels and a extra 15% off so check it out.

Time coming up

It's crazy seeing people's time coming up like in a blink of and eye and I'm sitting here like I don't believe I'm doing this!!!!! Smh I knew I was the type that once something gets stuck in my mind that's it till I have it but this is just crazy. And I still feel like I'm missing something , I know its a ass lol but something else , I'm really scared to be missing something important if any of you ladies see my blog and notice I'm missing a item please tell me thank you, and also thank you to the ladies that have let us all bug you with questions and stalking your pictures its really appreciated and I know for myself it makes it so much easier for me , so god willing when its my turn I will indeed share as well to help the next woman . Have a great day ladies.

Pur absorb

Hello ladies , if you have a cvs near you that carries this it is on sale for 16$ and the usual price is 21$ not much but definetly helps.

Breast lift vs tummy tuck

I've really been thinking about getting a breast lift for about a month now and I think I'm gonna go for it , hopefully with aggressive lipo my stomach will go down a lot and I definetly know I will have loose skin , but ladies I am gonna be 35 in October I ain't wearin no belly shirts so its not a problem to me . I picked up some slippers and different compression socks, peroxide and gauzes. I think that's about it I orders only one sheet of lipo foam abou 3 weeks ago and didn't realize it till I went to pack now I ordered 5 more sheets hopefully they'll get here by Monday night or early teusdsay morning , fingers crossed. Have a good evening ladies .

Thank you Ms littleinthemiddle

I hope them sleeves don't suffocate me in my sleep lmao!!!!!


Hello ladies went to my bank on wensday which is capital one and asked them to convert my money and they did and received it the next day . I gave them 250$ anything less there is a 10$ shipping fee and they gave me 9050.00 Pesos . I just wanted to have some already on me to exchange till I see for myself how it works. And my lipo foam came today as well . Just waiting for arm sleeves from darling miss littleinthemiddle and I'm good . I'm getting nervous I'm noticing I'm waking up earlier and earlier without a alarm clock and just having it on my mind. That's it for now ladies .

Don't go to the bank !!

I just realized they charged me 32$ to exchange money. Thank you lakiikiix3 for that . I swear I have so much going through my head and I'm usually good with money . Well ladies that is a true testament that this procedure will have you going in circles .


It came today thank you LITM!!

It's about to go down !!!!

Good morning ladies , I leave tomorrow for DR , and I have the only butterflies in my stomach . I'm pretty sure a lot of you ladies have gone through this already but this weekend I was in the mall and there was this beautiful summer dress that i nornally wouldnt even have looked at because of my shape. I looked at it and I said to myself I getting it . I'm throwing my only niece a baby shower in August and that's gonna be my outfit . It's spaghetti strap and very form fitting with the back cut low. That is the motivation I have going through with this , it may sound stupid but when I think about what my outcome may be it keeps me not even being nervous when I stop to think without that aweeee shit I keep biting my cuticles down. Well girls until tomorrow .

On the plane !!!!

Waiting for take off , ladies thank you for all your support and help, ladies that have been through this and helped thank you so much . I really could not have made my final decision without SEEING results and I promise I will update with pics not just a novel . Thank you ladies . Sasha30 I got you boo!!! . Craycray , littleinthemiddle thank you ladies,

In DR!!!

I landed safely and thank god I did. I am packin. My stuff up for tomorrow and am a little nervous maybe when I get there then i will REAL nervous , its busy out here but I'm from a poor country so im use to it . Thank you ladies for the well wishes and prayer I want and need all I can get . Have a goodnight and will update tomorrow .

Not quite on the flat side!!!

Hello ladies , I had a long day and no surgery , I was picked up by nice looking jose , which is very nice and helpful by the way at 8:45 am and he took me the the clinic were dr. Baez works , when we reached there noone was there so he left me there and I was fine i read my book " the walking dead the road to woodbury" lol love that show, at about 9:45 the doctor came with her husband and she is beautiful and sooooo sweet everything was baby and mi corazon which means my heart . She went over my medical history and then told me to take my clothes off she went over what's good what's not good and it came down to me needing to get a tummy tuck. I told her ill do the bloodwork and think about it as I'm doing all my tests. Everything came back great my iron level was 13.8 it was down a little but still good enough to do what I want . But as I'm doing my test with the cardiologist he asks me when did I take my blood pressure medication last , I responded last night and he shakes his head no good . I tried to explain to him that I couldn't eat or drink anything after 12 so that was the reason . He told me and the doctor that its better if I take my medicine go home and rest and do surgery first thing in the morning . SMMFH. By this time which is 1:30 I'm tired and hungryyyy. So it's whatever by this time . So I have to go back tomorrow at 10 and have surgery at 11 . I do want to say by the way ladies DR. Baez is serious about that blood work being up to par. And she is very sweet she offered me some of her food and have me a ride back to my apartment where I'm staying . That's all for now ladies any questions feel free to ask , oh and there's no wifi there so I couldn't update while I was there and I won't be able to do it tomorrow either . Ciao !!'

Good morning ladies !!!'

I have a serious question ... Have y'all chicks noticed how good looking these dudes are out here ????? Got me feeling kinda bad starin while I got my kids. Well on another note I had a talk with my stomach this morning and told her I made a decision and " the bitch had to go " in my Kevin hart voice , I want to thank everyone for all the thank you's and well wishes. And I'll be updating tomorrow god willing.

I'm finally back at the apartment

OMG is all I'm gonna say this pain from this Tummy tuck . Dr Baez is a sweetheart but this pain is no joke . I was not prepared for this at all but I am glad my mother came and my kids .

Another pic

My bruised up lipo arms

I couldn't take the arm fajas anymore . When the masseuse comes tomorrow I will update pics of the bOdy . Just be prepared


the only thing I could measure was around my waist while I was laying down that's the only thing that would have been accurate and it was 33 and I'm swollen .

Pics of the tummy tuck!!

Dr. Baez took out 4 liters of fat and only 500 cc in each check which in total 1000 ccs. I'm a little confused behind it but whatever I'm loving my stomach not the pain



I'm sorry I forgot she put 200 cc in my hips.

Updated pics

I have been suffering with this faja and today I feel good always right after the massage , the lady that comes her name is brunilda and is great she rubs you down with so much care its amazing. Here are a few pics I couldn't stand up straight I tried my hardest my arms still are very swollen and I'm not gonna take pics till the swelling at least goes away , have a great day ladies I have my first follow up with the doctor.


Hello ladies ok , I don't know where to begin , first i want to talk about how glad I am I switched to Dr. Baez she is the sweetest and caring dr I have meet especially in this type of decision we make . And where you stay for after is wonderful you have your own room with your own nurse there's a tv ,ac and bathroom . If your bringing somebody with you they can stay and if not the nurse is a 20 $ fee which is fine with made sure I was good all night and day. I was discharged about 1 in the afternoon.the surgery was about 5 hours all I remember was the lipo on one of my arms and my back and she said I was fighting about the oxygen I didn't want it on my face . She brought me to my recovery room and said the hardest thing about the surgery was putting on the faja , lmao wow I know I'm difficult but damn. Ill pick up later arms are killing me.


I got some important contacts for anyone coming to DR it don't matter what doctor your using first is Jose Brito cab driver very reliable honest and helpful 809-817-2608, the next one is Brunilda the masseuse she is soooo good at what she do and also sells extras on the side she charges 25$ no time limit on the massage she uses a machine then uses her hands to do a lymphatic drainage. If I would have listened to her from the jump most of swelling would have went down . So please listen to her she is a sweetheart. Any other info I can think of I will let u know.

Brunildas number


Feeling about 50% myself

Question to tummy tuck vets

When can you start sleeping on your stomach ? I am dying over here she lipoed the shit out my back . Thanks in advance

Arnica pills aren't for everyone

Ladies if you have high blood pressure and take medication for it please do not take the arnica pills they can elevate your pressure and will do more harm than good , so please pass this information on. Definetly get the arnica gel it helps so much and also , i definetly did not use everything so I will put up a list later on tonite during one of my pookie from new jack city missions you know what i mean , when he can't sleep.

Hello ladies !!!

Ok , here we go definetly maxi dresses definetly buy a size smaller , wife beaters a couple of bras dont go crazy u wont be thinking about those things , slippers and compression socks dont want to wake up with the only sausages , maxi pads , gloves , wee pads , arnica gel , lipo foam sheets the second faja you won't need cause she will be givin you a faja to take along with arm ones if your doing arms, wipes and you must especially if you do or don't know the language and the place your stayin at has free wifi pack a wii and set that shit up movies galore , cause you will be bored out ya mofo mind . I did it for my kids best thing since sliced bread . If I remember anything else I will kindly let you know Dr. Baez moved my follow up to tomorrow yay!!


I am a bit down tonite and am going through the motions and am not happy right now with my bbl , I think from me laying down it flattened the bottom and just sittin on top , it is round but the side projection makes me want to cry , i hope it goes down and even . Goodnite ladies .

Good morning ladies

I don't want anyone to get discouraged with my blog or updates I do know its only one week and it will change and it is a process and I get my moments when I do bugs the fuck out , and i am the type that I don't stop till I get what I want , so me being crazy last night I cut out the bottoms of my faja .... -_- I know, I know my mother was just shaking her head callin me loca (crazy) . Today I am feeling better . I had a rough night my drain had got clogged with a blood clot, the actual drain it self so I was just swollen for no fuckin reason. And on top of that I switched from the apartment I rented to the Barcelo which by the way is beautiful , if there wasn't a full fledged fuckin party going on which sounded like it was right next door , one minute I'm pissed next I'm tapping my fingers lmao i know my mind was gone last night , but I do know when I get back to N.Y. And hear one more reggeton song I'm gonna fuckinn break something . And ladies I'm from panama so I have nothing against the culture. It's just will give me a flashback, will post later on my way to see beautiful Baez to fix my drain , thank you girls for trying to make me feel better


My bruising is in its final stages thank god and I got new arm fajas that I can tolerate and since I can of course Dr. Baez wants to see me do better wants to get me a midget size so I can die, lol no jk when I put on I was like ok I can do this she looks at me and says nope I think you need a extra small I just looked at her and said bye, she busted out laughing and said she loves to see me case I make her laugh. She made me feel better today even out of bad situations I try to find a funny in it. Ttyl ladies


Yes thank god , it wasn't bad , but her stiching up that one stitch to me was death , maybe because it was sore from the drain coming out , but she kept askin me do it hurt , I told her Just do it !!! , she looked at me like a was crazy but if she kept stopping it would have hurt longer , so I definetly feel different without the drain hopefully it will keep getting better from here , till tomorrow ladies

Updated pics !!

Ladies can you please ask me what kind of results I was expecting or wanted before you assume. Anyway I went to Baez yesterday and she took some pictures

Baez gave me a bonus!!!

She found my pumpum !!!' Lmao I didn't even realize the bitch was hiding !!! My husband will be very happy when he find out we found her !!

Outside finally!!!

Going out to the pool for the first time !!

Ladies please don't !!

Look at my results and think Dr. Baez can't do the damn thing she's good I've seen patients walking in and out her office that are from out here that look good . Everybody's body type is different and how they hold there fat is as well . I know I don't have no big bootay Judy but I came out here already knowing that wasn't gonna happen as long as I don't look like a spongebob I'm good

Back to my hometown N.Y.C

I need to get back home and start the healing process thank you to all my beautiful ladies inside and out that have words of encouragement through this process it's much appreciated. Ill be leaving the hotel at 12:30 then to the hair salon to get a real wash and set , mani and pedi and I'm good I'm looking like I got a bad weave and the crazy part is its my real hair lol , any questions feel free to ask in have no problem helping , I hated when I would ask questions and chicks would just ignore me , I'm not RUDE at all ttyl love ya girls


I didn't realize how much I missed my home till I got out that airport , didn't even care I landed at JFK lmao, the process at SDQ was quick even though they brought me in a room to check me -_- no illegal drugs here just some fat in my ass and oh yeah my stomach is gone!!!!. Two women bring me in a room and the door is open and ask me to pull up my shirt i look at them and told them to close the door theres men out there that can look in, so they look at each other and then close the door, I pull my shirt up an they see the fajate , but I have pads inside so the hooks won't dig into my stomach so I pull the shit out so they can see it ( I felt like slapping both of them with it but I wanted to come home ) anyway so they was like oh ok, had me sign a paper and let me go , my flight was delayed by 45. Minutes but still got there on time , I was so happy to smell NYC , when I got home my husband wasn't here he went to the BET awards so I assume he still in LA , I slept really good longer than I did when I was in the hotel and the plane ride wasn't bad I sat on my boppy pillow , oh yeah and of course after going through customs I had to pee and what do I see my mofo period , uhhhhhh!!!! , but whatever I'm glad to be breathing and well enough I walked off the plane all the way out the airport . I am up now listening to some beyonce and helping my daughter clean out my suitcases. Ladies love y'all will update with pics on Thursday .

One more thing!!!!

I must have drove my momma crazy!!!! She stayed with me last night and was like I'm gonna take care of you and don't worry I'll go food shoppin tomorrow , I hear my door creak open at 7:30 this morning and its my MOMMA !!!! Talkin about I'm going home now come lock the door !! WTF!!!! No excuse no reason nothing lmao she hauled ass up out of here !! You gotta love her though she helped me a lot when I was over there .

New measurements

Hey ladies hope everyone enjoyed their fourth. I went today to buy a new faja and got my measurements
Under breast 30
Waist 31
Hips/butt 43

Hey ladies !!!!

I'm gonna put this in my blog now maybe I forgot to but I know I mentioned it already . Dr. Baez only put 500 cc cause I didn't have enough fat cells , and also she put 200 in my hips. Maybe because of the tummy tuck it limited it but I don't know . I hope everyone is well and ladies please pray for Sassi1 who is in surgery now

Who gon check me boo?? Uhhh CRAYCRAY

Well ladies I've been checked lmao , here go some pics with the faja off I'm very swollen , I had my first massage since being home a sweet girl named vivena hope I'm spelling it right she has a spot in Brooklyn , well long story short I have a seroma that she drained In my back and she said next time if I don't drain on my own she will also have to drain my stomach. Soo this is a long process that I can't wait to be over .

More pics

Hey girls !!!!!!

I haven't been wearing my arm faja's and I know u ladies are sayin GIRLllll what are you doing but ladies its fuckin hot out here in NY like HOT!!!!!! . Well anyway recovery has not been easy I am stuff and swollen like ridiculous . I'm going today to get my second ass whooping (massage ) , and I am just tired of this recovery and I totally get the love/hate relationship with the faja . Have a great day ladies

The massause here in Brooklyn

This is the number to the fabulous lady that does my massages +1 (646) 812-3649 her name is Vivieana I hope I'm spelling it right , she is so informative and helpful . Ladies if u inNY especially BK go see her , her prices are reasonable.

Hey ladies !!!!

It is sooooo hot with this damn faja on its ridiculous !!!! But anyway Friday I had a bday party for my daughter who turned 7 and was walking and moving a lot so you know that night I slept without the faja on and all day Saturday I slept and didn't put it back on till Sunday night . I went to get my massage yesterday and it helped me sooooo much that I slept through the whole night without even getting up to use the bathroom first time since I got back from DR. And this is weird but it felt good to have the faja on . I hope everyone is well.

XS FAJA BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!

I went today for my third massage and my girl Viviana hooked my up with the fab rub down and removed all my belly button stitches that didn't dissolve and my drain stitch and also a stitch that was left in my elbow , now these were all suppose to be dissolvable but my skin wouldn't cooperate so they had to be removed , everybody body is different you might have to do it you might not. But anyway she rubbed me down and told me " mama you need a xs. Faja " I'm like no she was like yup !!! So long story short I'm in a xs bitches !!!!' Yes I am so happy it is the fajate diprano kind I hope I pronounced it right I am feeling good with these last stitches out but I always feel good when I leave her . And also ladies if you in NY and need a new faja go to the store on 500 53rd ave in bk , if you bring in your old faja they give you 20% off a new one. Ladies have a great night be careful and enjoy ya new bodies!!!!

Pics of faja


Good morning ladies

Well today I noticed my bras are to big for me , it look like I'm playin dress up . So now I have to get bras , my daughter asked me yesterday am I telling people I got my butt done and I was like no why? Do you think they can tell cause to me its not huge , and she's like uhh yeah how u go from a pancake to a butt? So that kinda made me feel good her and my nieces always joked like " who got the cake?!!" Cause all those heffas been blessed with thick nice legs and bottay, so they will always say not you and point to me : ( I can't wait to see those little bitches!!!!!! Jk . I love those girls but anyway i put my board in last night and sleep was horrible but I have to get this swelling out of here. Have a great day ladies

I month post op

Hello ladies the bootay had went down , I'm surprised its not flat cause I've been sleeping and sitting on it from day one , ill be happy if I can stay with what I have I hope I don't get bootay greed, I took some pics but my stomach is very swollen i took my faja off and have had it off for two days cause my skin is super sensitive and with this heat my skin is getting like rashes in my back from the metal part in the faja where the shoulders are. My skin just needed a break . And my tummy tuck scar ...... I am not happy with it, I know its still healing but I am super light so its red and just got me feeling a way . And I need a massage badly. Well ladies i did go to a baby shower this weekend and one of my sister in laws said " girl I don't remember you having all these thighs and ass " and I'm like who me ? Lmao I didn't even respond cause one of them know I had the surgery , and she was just looking smiling.

More pics

The jury still out on my Arms but I have to say I have not worn my arm faja's at all

Scar away today!!!!

Good morning ladies I bought scar away on line while I was in DR and I applied it to the areas that the scabs already came off and are healing , I have to spots that are almost completely healed and I will cover those as soon as I see there dried. I also put some on my back where the dr lipoed , I am hoping this lightens ASAP . Ladies I am happy with my results and hope everyone a happy healing and great surgery

Hey ladies !!!!

I might be borderline loco but I just sent Dr. Baez a email about doing a breast lift . I feel like that would just complete me . I know people say ps is additive but I did want that done to begin with . Hopefully she give me a good quote so I can go in January , I want to give my body enough time to heal and that's the next break my kids will have from school. Ttyl ladies

Good morning girls!!!!!!

I am feeling pretty good today I got my massage on Saturday and it hurt soooo gooood and she told me I now need a xxs and I will be getting that on wensday . I think my bootay and my hips went down , so my question is when do it start fluffing up??? It could be my mind cause I popped up on my husband at his construction site after I went for my massage and he was looking at me pissed cause I had some leggings on. He said to me " since when you were leggings and it ain't bed time " my response was " ummmmm since I went to DR ... Duhhhhh" he just looked at me and shook his head . Lmao oh well it's gonna be a great year lady's , your self esteem is really doubled and tripled after this surgery and I love the feeling .

New pic

I feel kind of cheesy askin somebody to take a pic of me so I try to get them of myself as possible

One more

I forgot I had this

Good morning ladies

Starting last night a couple of you girls got me thinking about my arms and I put my arm faja's back on and on top of that I did a little routine with 5 pound weights for my arms and then this morning instead of driving to work I walked which is like a 10 minute walk with the weights doing the routine walking . I feel good . I can't let the fat start redepositing in my arm where it was removed , It takes two people the surgeon and the patient . So I have to do my part and stop slacking. And ladies please pray for Sasii1 she's a little under the weather and can't enjoy her results so ladies if you can just send her a get well . Thank you

New faja

Hello ladies , I went today and got my XXS faja and girlllllssss that shit was fight and a struggle to get in cause I though I was cute and left my shit off for about a week and a half. So after my great massage my baby Viviana got me in it with a board and some pampers on each side for comfort ..... Smh i felt bad for her she was sweating !!! Lmao but other than that everything is good . I had sex!!!! But I mean like me on top sex and that shit was Tony the Tiger great!!!!!!! My baby (peep how I'm calling him my baby now lol ) was texting me as soon as he left the house tellin me how good it was : ) , I did feel a little conscious cause of my scar but he was steady staring at my stomach so I guess it didn't bother him , sorry of its to much info but had to share . Well ladies love y'all till next time .

It says two months post op

I am not 2 months post op I am a month and 2 weeks

My version of tanning

Hey ladies !!! I have yet to buy a bathing suit so this is my version of a bathing suit

Pic update

Just wanted to post a pic was really bored !!


Hey ladies !!!!!

Long time no type but I am happy and glad to say I am veryyyy happy with my results . I have not been wearin my faja like a naughty girl but I am paying for it. Yesterday was my 35th bday and it was GREAT to finally wear what I wanted and not what didn't make my back and ass connect or my stomach look crazy. I want to thank all the ladies and gentleman that have read my review and found it useful in some way . Have a great day ladies!!!!!


It's been a while

Hello ladies it's been a while but wanted to update real quick, I have been enjoying my results, I didn't get a big booty Judy do to the fact my frame and also my beautiful doctor was only able to give me 500cc in each cheek and 200cc in the hips which vanished so I should have just had her put it all in the booty. But anyways, I bought my first bathing suit and and soooooo excited. I have been naughty and gained weight and in the process of trying to loose it so I'm definitely looking into a round 2. I can see what theses chicks be talking about . Well ladies have a goodnight .
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I can't change this but I went with Dr. Baez and it was the best desicion ever.

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