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This weekend I have made the decision to go forth...

This weekend I have made the decision to go forth with a bbl and bl. I have been on hcg injections for 2 weeks and have hated every second if it. Normally when I am losing weight working out is the only fun part since I can't do that on the hcg it's been awful. A life sully based on obsessing about your next meal is not for me. Plus when I lose weight my boobs deflate n butt flattens... Who the hell wants that. I figure I will have the procedure done and then manage my weight from there. Ultimately I want defined abs. Which I intend on achieving po. I have always been thick on bottom but would perfer a rounded brazilian butt. not really interested in a self as it looks unnatural to me.

Bbl and bl are my best option. I currently am 5'9" large build 42" 34" 47" and 207. Dra. Yily's exceptional work and great price makes her my doc of choice. I have requested a quote and waiting to her back.

Ok so it seems like there is a back with Dra...

Ok so it seems like there is a back with Dra Yily's quoting process. I just came across another doctor on facebook named Dra Agustina Hilario Duràn. He lipo n butt augmentation look fabulous. What are your experiences?

I recieved my quote this morning !!! It was as...

I recieved my quote this morning !!! It was as follows:

The price for fat grafting to buttock/BBL and liposuction of abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist is 3000$USD. It also includes 1 compression garment, pre-operatory tests.

Has anyone done all that plus Chin and Arms? What was the experience?

As of right now I want to add Chin and arms lipoed, the massage, the second garment, extra sleeve compression, and meds. With all that included price will be $3880.

Now that I have the quote I am nervous about going to the DR for a surgery. Hopefully nothing tramatic will happen but it is a concern.

I don't Think I'm interested in the butt...

I don't Think I'm interested in the butt augmentation anymore. Not that I don't like most of Dra Yily work. It just seems to be far less risky to have just the lipo. Plus I don't want a huge donkey booty. I think if I get lipo from my entire midsection it will make my butt look bigger so I don't feel like I would need a butt augmentation. The latest reviews aren't helping either.

Yea... I am not going to yily. All the bad press...

Yea... I am not going to yily. All the bad press has got me revisiting US drs. So frustrating cuz her lipo technics are excellent. Urg back to the drawing board.

So I have been searching for another doctor but...

So I have been searching for another doctor but Yilys patients have the result I'm looking for. But there are awful reviews of that attitude and sanitation. Thats a concern for me.

The US docs want too much for bland results.

Just got a quote from Salama for $9199. Not...

Just got a quote from Salama for $9199. Not happening... Still waiting to hear from Dra Duran.

So I am still waiting for my quote from Dra Duran....

So I am still waiting for my quote from Dra Duran. I decided to call yesterday the receptionist said to call back today in the morning. I did with no answer. :(.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a...

Can anyone point me in the direction of a comprehensive sx supply list.

I'm really beginning to get annoyed with how long...

I'm really beginning to get annoyed with how long its taking to get the quote from Dra Duran. It's been almost two weeks and I will need to book the time right away at work.

Wish pics.

Ok so I have been a wish pic maniac lately. I thought I'd share them. Let me know if I have inadvertently violated the stolen pic code def not my intent.



Dra Duran Quote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg I am so excited! Dra Duran has finally gotten back to me and I couldn't be happier. I sent her pictures of myself and my wish and she said from looking at that she believes I already have a nice shape and will only need liposculpter. Which is good cuz I have been debating if I want my butt any bigger. I'm currently already at 48"or so. I work in a corporate environment so I still need to look normal.

Dra Yily quoted 3000. As expected Dra Duran was a bit more at 3500. I understand her prices are higher ...still a great deal. Dra Duran has great skills! I'm am so happy!

I am thinking of writing a separate review since this wont let me change it to Duran.

New Doc I'm researching.

So a bbl sis Newboottt89 introduced me another doc by the name of dra Australia Fragoso Baez. She looks like she's on here but there are no reviews from what I can tell. I sent in my quote request. She quoted me 2700. That is a completely all inclusive. The price is like rock bottom. Does anyone know anything about her???

This was the email:

Thank you for thinking of me for an evaluation of plastic surgery, for realization of all the surgeries you requested the most important thing is that you must be healthy and the cardiologist must approve that we can perform all procedures. I can perform lipo to your back, flanks and waist and the fat from that lipo can be injected to your buttocks, this will give you a curvier and better look. The price for the surgeries that you are requesting and I recommend you to have: lipo to abdomen, waist, back, flanks and Brazilian butt lift (fat transfer to butt) is US$ 2,700, which includes:
-Airport pick up
-evaluation by plastic surgeon
-Chest X-ray
-Cardiovascular evaluation
- Laboratory exams
-Overnight stay in the clinic
-First compressive garment
-Free of charge follow ups
-Medication post-surgery
-lymphatic drain massages and ultrasound massages which are included
The amount of fat transfer to your buttocks depends on how many cc can be extracted with liposuction. Your results also depend on your hemoglobin level if you want to get excellent results you really have to be healthy and no anemia. I recommend you to begin taking vitamins (C and B complex, folic acid, iron) and please ask your primary can doctor to take some blood test like glycaemia, full blood cell count and creatinine at least to know if you can have all surgeries done. You should need to stay in Santo Domingo for at least 10 days. You have to come the day before your surgery date to have lab work and evaluation done, so there is no problem if you want August 1.
If you need transportation or a recovery house (prices from $75 per day) we can offer these services with an additional fee.
Questions or doubts about the price or the elements included in your surgery package just email and I will reply as fast as I can.

Dra Australia Fragoso Baez responses to my questions.

I have been investigating this Dr. I have never heard of -Dra Australia Fragoso Baez. the pictures on her website really good. Of course as with all of the surgeons you can tell there is a bit of photoshopping but I do really like her shapes. She certainly the best quote I have gotten and it extremely responsive.. Obviously she is just starting out to be giving such prices and to be so responsive, but wouldn’t most of us have gone Yily and Duran before everyone started riding the wave. Of course with all this said. I am not sure if I am willing to take that risk for my surgery in August.

Last night around 10pm I sent Dra Australia I list of question that everyone should be asking their surgeon. The next morning all my questions were answered. I was AMAZED!! Please see the question and answers below:

How many of these surgeries have you performed? I don’t have in mind how many surgeries I have performed but I think that more than 100 per year

What other medical staff will assist with the procedure? I have my personal assistant (a doctor but doesnot work on surgery room) he is in charge of clinical consulting, nurses, my surgery assistant, anesthesiologist, cardiologist and a plastic surgeon if I must perform more than three surgeries on a patient.

Where will the procedure be performed? I work on Instituto de Cirugia Especializada, I do have privileges at this hospital, I work on Cipla but upon request by patient
Do you have hospital privileges to perform this procedure? (and at which hospitals?) I work on Instituto de Cirugia Especializada, I do have privileges at this hospital, I work on Cipla but upon request by patient

What type of anesthesia will be used during the procedure? Anesthesiologist is who chooses and discuss anesthesia with the patient, he can use epidural block or general anesthesia.

What are the risks associated with this procedure? Plastic surgeries are safe in experienced hands, risk for complication are lower than in other elective surgeries (less than 10%), minor complications can occur after surgery but is not common.

What is your complication rate with this procedure? My complication rate is similar to other surgeons but thanks to God I haven’t had any major complications.

How many times have you performed the procedure? I don’t have a number but liposculture is a very common procedure I can perform two or more surgeries in a week.

Who will assist in the procedure? Their qualifications and training? My assistants as I told you before are all doctors and nurses; I perform all my procedures so you don’t have two worry that someone who is not a plastic surgeon will do your surgery, that is why I only have two patient per day. All doctors are licensed and experienced.

What is involved in the procedure? How is it performed? Techniques of surgery vary from one patient to another, every patient is different so I cannot tell you till I evaluate you what technique will be used.

Are you insured for malpractice? Yes, I am insured and you can ask for a surgery insurance if you wish, it is not included with the quote

Who will administer and monitor the sedation? Time can vary depending on what surgeries you will have done but is generally from 2 to 4 hours

How long will the procedure last? I can tell you exactly how many hours you will be sedated, anesthesiologist discuss your anesthesia and he chooses what suits you better, if you are awake (epidural block) you will be numb and won’t feel pain till a couple of hours after surgery

How long will it take to recover in the facility before discharge? Recovery varies, you may be able to feel fine after a week but you won’t be able to have all regular activities till 2nd week postsurgery.

Where will the surgery take place? Instituto de Cirugia Especializada is my hospital, surgery will be performed there. We have an ICU in case of emergency if you need a treatment that can be provided you might be move to another specialty clinic like plaza de la salud or cedimat.

What post-operative medicine be necessary? Antibiotics and analgesic are the main medicine, gastric protection, multivitamins, topical antibiotics and treatment for helping to close your wound are also necessary.

Will there be noticeable scaring Liposculture generally have scars hidden under your bra and underwear.

Will you perform the procedure from the first cut to the last stitch? am always from the beginning to the end in all my surgeries

What are the risks associated with this procedureRisks for surgeries are the same DVT, hemorrhage, infections, they rarely occurred if you are evaluated and treated right.

What are the warning signs or concerns to watch for? I explain you what signs can be of infection or a major complication when you are discharged, I also keep in touch with you after surgery in order to check everything is going ok

Ish is getting real! Flight is booked

Flight is booked. still haven't decided what I am doing for recovery and I also need to commit to Duran with a deoposit. My only reservation is my intuition is giving me confliting information on it. That normally means I should wait.

Accommodation booked.

I decided to go with the following bnb. She seems very hospitable and has great services. A rs member mention it. Its called giulia's bed and breakfast and can be found on She offers a $400 a week surgery package which includes meals and transport. You can have 2 people in a room. Massage services are $25 each and nurse services are $5 an hour. Seems like a good deal... I pray it will be good.

Supply list.

I have come up with a list of supples.
I have already have the following:
Vitamin b12
Vitamin c
Iron with foliac acid.
Antibacterial soap
Maxi pads
Plastic Shower curtain for the bed po
Flip flops
Comfy flats

I need to get while traveling in the states:
More supplements hopefully an all in one this time.
Prilosec type drug.
Arnica gel and tablets
Antiseptic spray
Adult wipes
Wet ones for face and hands
Cheap post op undies
Cheap wife beaters
Kelo-cote scar gel
Antibiotic ointment.
Silicone treatment for scaring 6weeks post op

This is what I will buy from ebay as it is really Affordable:
Extra fajate- $42
Chin strap-$26
5 Cheap maxi dresses $15 ea
Squeem $30
Pill case $3
Lipo foam $8
Female urinal $3
Thigh high Compression socks $30

Buying while I am home:
RX drugs
Dettol- the British version of hibiclen
Medical tape

Im hearing Dra Duran has 5 surgeries scheduled on Aug 1st

One of the reasons why I chose her was because she only did 3 a day. 5 a day is 15hrs to 20 hrs of surgery. Im sorry That's a lot. I know people want to trust these docs but the reality is we don't know these people. I'm personally not happy with 5 surgeries on a day. Pssssh. I need to sleep on it.

Cancel that.

Ok during my rant I got an email from Duran. That right it's 1020 there and she won't me to tell that she will never take on more that she can handle and she cares for her patients. I respect that she came back so quickly. It shows her dedication. So I'm cool now! :D

Bought some supplies.

Cris777 prep list:

This is certainly the beat prep list i have seen so far.

3o Day Cocktail

(PILL ORGANIZER, pill cutter)
4weeks Pre-sx
Vitamin C 500mg
Iron 130mg

3weeks & 2weeks Pre-sx
Vitamin C 1000mg
Iron 260mg
Bioflavonoid 1000mg (1 w/ ea meal)
garlic,tropical fruit, citrus fruits,
RedBell Peppers -raw form)
•support blood circulation, as an
antioxidant, and to treat allergies,
viruses, or arthritis and other
inflammatory conditions

B-100 Bcomplex vitamins (1/day)
prevent vitamin deficiency
due to poor diet
Zinc 30mg
vital for growth and development. Zinc is instrumental in immune response, brain function and the ability to reproduce/helps control the release of hormones and the transmission of nerve impulses.zinc-rich foods. These include red meat, poultry, crab, lobster, nuts, beans, milk, yogurt, cheese, whole grain bread and fortified breakfast cereal (oysters no more than 3/ highest zinc source ) max 40mg in a day

1week Pre-sx
Arnica Montana 30c (3/day)
Bromelain (3/day) helps w/ swelling bruising healing and pain after sx (from pineapples)
Iron 325mg
Arnica 2/day and gel as needed
Vitamin C 1000mg
Pineapples/pineapple juice ( slow blood clotting)
Water (often)
Percocet/Oxycodone/(pain) 1/ 2hrs on schedule vs just when in
Bicorneum (scars)
Acidophilus (yeast and bacteria infections ( can be caused from pills)
Sleep Aid (ask doc)
Stool softener (colace) /laxative
Benadryl pills and cream (itching)-or.
Tynelol Pain cream
Muscle relaxer
Motrin PM

•no sodium/salt
•no vitamin E
•no aspirin
•no diet supplements (during 30daycocktail

**compiled from bbl vets with common lists***
Sx Item List Stage1&2 Garment ...
2 Dec 2012 4 months post
Sx Item List
Stage1&2 Garment •Vedette,LipoExpress,Faja,Veroniqe
Waist cincher
Tank tops/female tees(smooth)
• Wear under garment
Maxi dresses
Over sized pajama top (mens)
Compression Stockings/long socks
Robe, gloves, anti-septic spray,shower cap, toothpaste/brush
Rolling pin -self massages
Suction hooks or headband
•to hang drains
Female urinal
Anti-bacterial body wash (Hibiclen)
Sugar scrub/olive oil, loofa, body scrubber
Heating pad for stomach and back
Ice packs for booty
Maxi pad va-jjswells wear beneath
Pillows (many) boppy, body, neck, roll
Sheets towels shower curtain ( for bed) dark in color
Small trash can
Firming lotion
Foldable chair (cut out bottom) bbl sista
Wet wipes,Tide pods, Carmax
Neosporin (lipo incision) gauze(clean around drains) band aids (lipo incision)
non stick medical tape, qtips, cotton balls(navel reform)
Steri strips (nexcare) lipo & TT scar
Scar guard (fades scar)
EpiFoam, Mederma
Silicone sheeting, gel zone gel wraps, kelocote
(Some items are used to treat the same just diff type/brand)

Today's plan.

I guess it's part of the experience to keep changing Your mind about the direction your going . At first all I wanted was my waist to be smaller however now I am already contemplating maybe getting round two with lipo to my thighs and arms a breast lift and maybe even more lipo from my waist. I honestly think i need to have the surgery And see where that takes me because I feel like I'm just so excited about the transformation.

Anyhow I got a quote for a possible round 2 from dr Baez. I got her to quote for the works But if everything goes well in August I will not get it all. And she quoted $3600 for BBL with lipo to arms and thighs and a breast lift. Im scheduled in jan to lock the price because I know her prices will go up once she gains popularity. I love Baez's breast lifts they are the best I've seen in the dr n she only charges 800 for it with another procedure.

ideally i will like to get and be satified with my bbl, lipo of my waist flanks back fat thighs and chin with Duran. And then I will only get bl arms and waist lipo with Baez. That will probably cut her quote in half. I really need to do my part a prep prep prep.

Dra Duran plans to check her emails this weekend.

According to her twitter

Why walk post op.

Have a look at this. It is extremely important to walk post op.

Sx concern.

I did the math. It looks like my period might start on my sx date. I remember this happened to a rs member and her blood levels dropped to under 7. I don't want to have any hemoglobin issues. Should I use birth control to though off my period?

16 days left!

Sorry for the lack of updates I have been laying low off real self. Got most of my supplies together.


In only a few hrs I will be leaving for the DR to become a Duran Doll. I don't think it's hit me yet. I'm sure it will when I get there though. Omg am I really doing this...Guess so. Hugs. I'll post pictures when I can.

Waiting to be assigned a room!

Sorry see picture for update. I don't feel like retyping this. I'm her next patient. Only turned out to be too of us today

Full Story PO Pics

I got to the dr around 4 pm. As soon as I got in Dominga took me to get my tests down. I could only get blood work done since the cardiologist had already left for the day. I was really put off by how poor the country is. I was nervous that I was making a mistaking.

Dominga and her daughter were very nice to me but I wouldn't recommend anyone to go there if their having sx. #1 the room is up a flight of stairs.
# 2 it's a small room.
#3 the ac cuts out.
#4 there is no hot water!

Having no hot water pre op was a deal beaker for me. I had been traveling all day. And needed to take A shower with the hiblen. That night and first thing in the morning. She claimed she would get it fixed the next day. But that would have been post op. she tried boiling water but it was hardly warm. I told her I'm won't be able to stay there n got upset. Cuz I was already afraid of traveling to the dr for ps. And now this woman is suggesting I not take a shower until post op. WTF.

After we left there we went to a hotel close by. With all the rushing around. My mom vomited. ( she recovering from a cancer scare)
I started crying and saying that i wont be going through with it. But My mom calmed me down. And reassured me it will be fine God has your back. I was still very nervous. I was afraid that since the country looked so poor the health standards would be low.

I prayed that night. And when I woke up I was at peace with the situation. We got to CIPLA at 615 am to have all my cardio testing done. And to have my consult with Dra Duran. She walking in and was striking. I felt like I was meeting a celebrity. Lol.

We talked about what I wanted and she marked me up. I told her i dont want to big but i just want to round. She said ok and took before pics.

After that I met the cardiologist. She was a very pleasant lady. Everything went well with the testing until she listened to my heart. She noticed I had a very slight mumur. And recommended that I get imaging done of my heart. At that point I felt a lot better About going to the dr for sx. Dra Duran's team is very thorough. Unfortunately the imaging had to be done at a different clinic. Since I didn't have an appointment they had to squeeze me in. The wait was like 2 hours and a 1/2 hours. By time I got back to CIPLA. I was something after 11.

I was taken to my room and was told to wait until Dra came. She came in around 1pm. But it was to tell me I had to wait another 3 hrs for someone else to get done. :(. 3hrs actually meant almost 4 hrs. The nurse came in and told me to take the blue pill at 5. As they wheeled me to or My nervous were going ramped so I prayed and visualized everything going well. Finally I started to see a pale green ceiling and a sterile smell. I was here! I imagined God divine crystal light fortifying my body. And I imagined Gods angels working through Dra Duran and her team.

I don't think the blue pill was working on me because I was up talking to the anestigiologoest. He put the Iv in and was telling me step by step each drug I was getting. I was being pumped with 2 pain and 2 antibiotics and one to put you asleep if I recall correctly. I fell asleep to him singing some Spanish love song. "At least he's happy." I thought to my self.

At one point during the surgery I did wake up and could feel the pain of them working on my. Back. It was a awful burning sensation of the lipo tool. I screamed out stop please stop and start balling. In 2 seconds I was out like a light. I dont think it was anyones fault. I just don't think I took to that blue pill so well. I have never heard anyone remembering being in the or.

The next time I woke I was being wheels out. I was so drugged. As I was leaving I told every one thank you. I love you and blew them all kisses. Lol. I was high like a kite. They all giggled and blew one back. Dra took me to my room. My mom said I told dra I love her so much she has no idea. She said I love you too.

Since they pumped me with extra drugs I think that why I didn't feel any pain the first day post up. At least not until I was about to be discharged. Dra's nurse came on to clean me with whips and put on my faja. That was absolutely the worse pain. I felt like I was going to faint. So they fanned my down and made me drink some tea. I stArted to feel better until they put the faja on me. That was like torture. I screamed out in pain. And vomited.

I have notice if you don't eat you feel very dizzy when you get up. Yesterday was actually the worst day for me. As I was heading to the bathroom. I almost past out. My poor mother tried to catch me but she was across the rooms but i ending up landing on the bed. After I eat something I could get up without feeling to dizzy.

All this morning I was in a lot of pain. As I tried to get up. It felt like the skin was ripping off my back. Plus I had the dizziness again even though I'd eaten. When my nurse came this after noon she started to wash me. And it was excruciating! I scream out saying my back. She said I know this is what you need. Apparently the build up of fluid in the back was causing the pain. Now that she cleaned me with wipes explained my meds to me and drained my back. I feel great! All and all it's been a good experience so far. I have attached a before and after. Thanks for all your support guys!!

Still very swollen in these pictures.

Still very swollen in these pictures.

Thank you

Thank you so much for all the compliments. Healing is coming alone. I have been getting massages which is really helping the process. This is me yesterday with my cg. I cut the legs off my garment. N am wearing spanks over it so it doesn't ride up. My hips look huge. But they are all mine Dra didn't add anything to them.

Taking it one day at a time.

Recovery it's a cake walk. The garment n the swelling n constant discomfort is not fun. I'm healing well though. Love my results I'm ready to show them off but I will stick out my 3 months. 25 days post op.

Thanks for the well wishes.

I have been laying low focusing on my recovery. Also I am not sharing pictures. As I mention before Dra has my picture posted on her Instagram. You can google to find her page. There are lots of pictures on there. Best.


Decided to share pics since my pics were removed from her ig.

Please READ review.

I used to think when people said this it was rude. But now I see why. I get so many people asking me questions loads of question that are already answered. I have taking the time to share my story. Please read through reviews and do your research. Somethingswill just take a simple google search. I don't mind helping but sheesh.

First day waist training yesterday.

1 year today

I'm happy with my shape. It up to me now to lose some weight now. Dra Duran was a great pick for me.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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