@Airport/flight issue.. Yily June 6th!

This past late June Nancy helped me booked my...

This past late June Nancy helped me booked my appointment w/ Dr Salama right before the prices went up again; after 2 years of researching i wish i would have reserved the the price at $5,000 but at $6,799 it was worth the revision to come to my final decision. Thank you Nancy!!!. yay! :-) .

Actually, I booked it without submitting my pictures just to reserve the price; I have literally just sent in my pics which i will upload on here soon along with measurements soon.

About Me: Hispanic/5'2 Age 23 Student/ currently 131lb. I do fluctuate a lot, but for the most part i try to stay at this weight, work out here and there and eat healthy during the week days.

Hello to my beautiful ladies, I'm still waiting...

Hello to my beautiful ladies, I'm still waiting for my picture evaluation however i will post pics not now but soon in bra/panties and cloths on to give overall idea. I will also take my measurements today, my bf will be taking them and i will post it soon after. I would also like to make something clear as much as im obesessing with this procedure health comes before beauty and regardless of our own personal wants, desires, excitement and/or before and after curiosity it is important to be generous, compassionate and caring. Instead of antagonizing on results or pics i'm more concerned on how you ladies are and feel!; then yes i'll celebrate w/you on the results. i have joined you all for comfort ,support and hand on hand information based on experience and i would like to give the same. We will all have our day similar symtoms and pain..some will cry, feel alone or loved while others may feel less or more emotional then others; but we look at the bright side..stay strong we have each other. health, love and booooootiness!!! :-) xoxo

Hiiiii Ladies, so a few days ago i received the...

Hiiiii Ladies, so a few days ago i received the general response from Nancy and the Dr. that many have also received, basically "Patient over all good candidate for the procedure, good fat deposits in areas ", he will be working on my back, flanks, stomach to contour my shape. :). i will have to gain about 5 pounds based on the pictures i sent them pictures me at @ 136lb 2 months ago...now i'm at 129lb just because i have time.. i fluctuate easily.

Measurements: 34/28/39 My wish measurements 34/25/42 or 34/24/41 lol either or I'll take it :)

Body type: I fall into the “Pear shape family”; when I gain or lose it evenly distributes to my thighs, butt, arms, stomach overall in many of the right places for the exception of my stomach ( I'm short i dont have a long torso), but mainly love handles!. Whether I lose weight and drop to 118lb for a flat stomach or gain weight 140lb I am stuck with these love handles!. have you ever wore a skin tight white shirt and have pulled up your skinny jeans to tuck in your love handles? lol well that's me,

If I could write a letter to my body underlining my problem areas in detail it would go like this:

Dear Body,

I have loved you my entire life, through our ups and downs, beauty and flaws you have kept me in tone with my conscious, my eating habits, goals and desires. The issue is your friends, they are tearing us apart and it is time that you choose between unbalanced “weight” and it’s side kick “love handles”. When we (lose) weight the waist is smaller along with everything else except for love handles, please understand the love handles give us a less curvy (hip) appearance; when we (gain) weight, our waist is still smaller than these love handles, and yes the junk in the truck do give the illusion of a nice hips but I’m sorry they have got to go. We both know that the stares and compliments that we get of a “Curvy girl, with a nice booty” thank you but NO LOL this is not so we don’t really have hips. Another concern I know there are things we cannot control with weight, like our stomach; on the heavy side it doesn’t really pop out but the fat is not flattering, it is only is less apparent the on the lean side but never fat free. Even so, I love you especially with cloths on you look beautiful, but you are fairly deceiving; I feel like I have been hiding for years and years between fluctuating and exercising, and still we lack “stability” in our relationship. I just want to love my body at all times as those feelings slowly fade when it’s time to put on a 2 piece bathing suit, let alone get fully undressed, or when my bf pinches/grabs those “chichos” and love handles I rapidly fluster in your defense…I honestly I want them gone forever, you deserve better, we deserve a better relationship forever and always mind (body) and soul.

Yours truly, Bella Booty

I would like to give a shout out to all you beautiful ladies; every single one of you for sharing part of your personal life this really is a journey. Originally i was only going to do Lipo, however upon my extensive research (I'm ocd with information) I am extremly thankful to have come across this site/community. Thank you so much. Until Lata! :-)

Fyi: I'll post more pics as the date gets closer.

HelloO Ladies! at first i wasn't so proud to post...

HelloO Ladies! at first i wasn't so proud to post these pics but what the heck nothing but bbl sista's here :-p ,Here are some pictures of myself at 5'2 at 135lb, as mentioned my ideal weight is 120-125lb. For surgery, i was advise to at least weight 140lb and for best results 145lb. I feel that i have more than enough fat at 135lb...thighs are fine so is my little junk but see that stomach "uhgg", love handles, :-/ "peanut butter jelly time" lol i was blessed with a small torso. Since, I'm flying to florida and will be meeting Dr S the day before surgery, i want to make sure that I'm at a good weight class for this procedure, i don't want any excuse of me having to much fat in my midsection or not having enough fat for the body i want. Despite feeling that i have enough fat the office did evaluate my pictures and according to them i should gain. Since, i do not want to fall short I will gain the minimum up to 140lbs as the pro's know best i really trust their opinion. Also, thanks to Ruben who was very helpful and responsive with answering my questions regarding this matter and cleared some things up. Here are some tips Logic towards this topic for those who are having mixed feelings about gaining weight although recommended as i did.

So my lovely ladies: When advised to gain weight , do not go over the certain amount advised 15-20lb of your ideal weight; as this amount is more than enough to give dramatic results.

1. Dr.S will be taking out 4 liters of fat which is approximately 8 lbs of fat that will be taken of out your stomach, abdomen, flanks etc.
2.The reason for gaining weight is to make the fat more accessible so he can accurately locate the areas that need to be lipo'ed rather then having to search for fat making it harder to contour/gather enough fat.
3. Enough fat?, If you would like to retain volume after swelling has gone down (since your butt will get smaller) fat is needed. Yes remember it is not only about your nice S round gluteus but lateral fat injection for the appearance of hips that makes that hour glass figure and yes that shapely pretty and round big butt :-)
4.) You will naturally lose weight as most women do after bbl an average of 10-15 lbs anyway some even more. While this happens your losing more weight from the contoured areas emphasizing your tiny waist after fluids/swelling.
5.) You can always emphasize to the Dr. how important the lipo part is not just the butt, thankfully Drs is pretty aggressive with lipo and does a amazing booty job ;-) best of both worlds.

As a conclusion, since some people store fat differently than others, "Apple, Hourglass and Pears." we each know our bodies, and stubborn areas...if you tend to store a lot of fat in your mid section, rolls and sides maybe gaining the minimum amount that they required like 10-15 lbs is a better option for you, or and vice versa. It all depends on the butt shape, and body preference that your looking for; remember if you want a fat butt you need fat :-)

*Note* Everyone is different, the information provided is collective data that i have put together based on feedback that i received from the office a subject to my concern. Hope this helps anyone that has thought or have had concerns about this. If you have any feed back comment/share xoxox until lata :-x

As always Love, Peace and bootiness

Ladies, I ran across this really good article...

Ladies, I ran across this really good article regarding liposuction scars and tips :)


:-)) So im very excited just swapped with...

:-)) So im very excited just swapped with SKYthestallion (((heeeeey girl)))) and my new date is Jan10th what a way to start the new year ladies!! It is a month 1/2 earlier than my original date which is great considering that the sx will no longer interfer with school!!! I also have a internship mid march so hopefully I will be well along my healing stage of aleast sitting.. Let the prepping begin im very happy :-). I feel motivated to buy my vitamins pre/post things for the surgery as jan is only 3 months away if u think about it (aww man the butterflies just writing / thinking about being in the office). I also bought a FAJA ladies that is great I'm wearing it right now and it looks like I did the surgery lol I will post pics sometime this week :-))) xoxo

Hey my Ladies!! I'm now Looking for a later date,...

Hey my Ladies!! I'm now Looking for a later date, Although it is perfect to have my sx in Jan... for school , surgery recuperation cover up, flights and hotel is def cheaper in jan too!!!...:-( but hurricane Sandy caused a MAJOR unexpected damage that i'm paying for atm as my car was totalled ... and i have property damage :-*( its such a financial burden and as bad as i felt and still feel what can I do except be thankful that everyone i know and love is ok! I was reallllly hurt though this was so unexpected..i can try to push this through and go in Jan but i rather be fully recovered from all this property damaged and this car situation since i'm thinking it would be sooo stressful to deal with all of this while recovering.

Also because of the hurricane no internship for me in March since it requires me to go to Australia for 2 weeks, and i need money to go!!..soooo no wasn't meant to be this time around.

Sooo ladies End of March/ April would be a better time for me. May is open for negotiation.."the issue with may is i will not be healed in time for the summer which i really wanted to enjoy and flaunt the new shape :-) , and its harder to hide in hotter weather (im being discrete about this whole thing) . Well, Thank you ladies feel free to send me a message.

Heeellllo beauties :-) I know I haven't updated in...

Heeellllo beauties :-) I know I haven't updated in a bit ive been MIA!!!! But just to let u ladies know I was able to get a new date some weeks back. I'm currently hitting the gym 2013 i proposed to kiss procrastination goodbye I've decided to work out take vitamins and wear my pre-op FAJA :-) hopefully great results/recovery. For all the upcoming ladies in jan/feb I'm very excited for u regardless who ur dr is sings "there's alot of bad b!$&@ in the building" lol :-))) xoxo

So my date is May 24th thanks to baltimore :-)!!!!...

So my date is May 24th thanks to baltimore :-)!!!! hey girl. Honestly ladies im kind of torn between Dr. Salama and Yily, because the waist is very important to me since i do already have some booty i really want the coke a cola shape! i want to be more curvy! be able to wear any bodycon dress i want...no rolls!!!! I dont want a huge booty with a flat stomach that looks thick i want curves that go in and out which is why i like her work. ..i do love Salama staff are very responsive, attentive and over all the ladies look great which is why i choose him in the first place....we shall see :-/

Hi Ladies sooooo im sure im not the only one so im...

Hi Ladies sooooo im sure im not the only one so im speaking for anyone who has a similar issue. Q What do i do for the 8 hours i have to sit at work ... no one in my office will know about this, i choose to keep this to myself away from any negativity the other office members mainly girls may/will have. Im brainstorming here and I'm thinking should i start using a boppy pillow now and blame it on my back ...I'm already practicing to sit on my thighs although it sounds ridiculous LOL . I'm sure im not the only one that works in an office.. I can only take 2 weeks off for this sx....so what do we do for 4-6 weeks at work?

Ok ladies im adding arms and inner thighs... hence...

Ok ladies im adding arms and inner thighs... hence the pain really just want to get this over lol. So how long does it take until your arms feel 100% ( how long do you wear the sleeve)? Is arm lipo worth it in terms of the amount of fat that was taken out? and for thighs i did see a post of a bbl sister who had thigh lipo gone wrong poor thing doesnt wear skirts any longer because of it ;-( has any one experienced cellulite in inner thighs after lipo?

I have to fix my pants and evern jeans! regularly since my thighs rip wholes in them in the inside ... sad thighs lol

So Ladies i got a quote around late feb-early...

So Ladies i got a quote around late feb-early March.. after thinking it over evaluating all my research and both doc techniques i've decided to go with my gut... Yily (not a money driven decision) . I do have a butt to start with so by her rounding out my butt some more and giving me her signature tiny itty bitty waist those are the results im looking for and i will be happy #Team Yily.

Deposit: $1,200 rest will pay her there
Procedure: Bbl, Arms, Inner thighs
Supplement Pre op ive been taking: Multi-vitamins, iron, bromelain, and Zinc with copper.

I'll be getting blood work done soon, buying meds and supply mid-end of May, Dont think i should buy a faja until i know how small i will be..luckily im in jery where ALL the Faja spots are so i dont have to order online and can try them on.

* happy dance*

Hiiiiiiiii ladies my flight is Booked!!! and i...

Hiiiiiiiii ladies my flight is Booked!!! and i have a medical appointment Monday for blood work and medical evaluation by my doctor.

I thought i would be nervous right now ... and strangly im not AT ALL instead I'm excited planning and getting ready ... i'm more worried about going alone than the actualy surgery lol. So.. if any one needs a buddy Pleeease IM me or leave a message Im fluent in Spanish (I'm Dominican) so i can translate ( I got this ) lol :-D... and we can decide where to stay together. Thanks to a few ladies i have found some options that will discount for 2, and are not as crowded as the RH and include the 3 meals, wifi, transportation, etc.

Turn up!!! #summertimefine here we come :-)

Thank you! i found some wonderful ladies who will...

Thank you! i found some wonderful ladies who will be staying at Yasmins recovery so that is booked for June 4th. Yasmin is a professional, sweet, fluent in english and it is her and her mother with a visiting nurse that take care of you. This place only cares for 4 ladies at a time which for attention and direct care i think it is best!. The rates are very affordable ranging $45-$55 night and includes 3 meals, transportation for appointments/massages/pharmacy/shopping etc.

So, i went to my appointment... and they gave me such a hard time pretty much demanding paper work from my Doctor for clearance but all i asked them for is to check my blood levels, but since i mentioned surgery specifically (lipo) i actually was lectured, questioned and yea.....a thousand questions. No but check this out "Well, we wil need your doctor to call us, and your going to have to call your insurance since they probably wont cover these test since this is for international clearance" .... what? :-/ "eye brow up face", so i told them listen lets scratch this off and please give me a blood test i want to know what MY blood levels are for me, in the event that im anemic ... just give me a regular check up and check my blood levels thats all. So.... 30 min later .... she called me up agreed, drew my blood and i found out my hemoglobin levels in a couple days. I still dont get what the big deal was lol ... really? I was thinking about going over the meds she prescribed for information but i doubt that would have went well i guess i should just trust the meds yily is giving? any suggestions? I've never taken medication only vitamins, im not sure of the reactions. What should i do and or buy in the states?

Hemo level: 13.5 (yay) All the other tests were...

Hemo level: 13.5 (yay)

All the other tests were excellent, although i've gained weight for this sx, i still load on good carbs, fatty acids, and proteins,. I do have my moments for the most part i love greens and im very healthy i dont smoke or drink (rarely).

I'm still trying to figure out the prescription issue, currently in search for another doctor/opinion.

@ The airport/flight issue Yily

Ladies!!! O_o huge problemO at the airport... To make a long story short delta rescheduled my flight for tomorrow morning @7am... I have been here since hmm about 7:30am this morning... and will be spending the night at the Airport. :-(, to avoid tolls leaving and coming here, traffic, or god forbid something else happening lol. Once I arrive I will be getting picked up going straight to the cipla although this may delay my sx an extra day I have made the arrangements with Teresa and the office was very accomadting . I was suppost to get my blood/test done today and sx tom. Either way I cannot wait to get there already, meet my ladies that are already there (thank you, can't wait to see you)! and also one day sleep! Lol but I'm fine....

Taxi Info needed DR/June 6 Yily

If someone please send me the info of a good taxi cab they have used, I know cgray and littleinthemiddle reccomended one if u ladies are reading this it would be soooooo helpful for me and the other ladies. Thank u!

It's that time!! O_o... Omg! Yily 6/6/13

Ladies arrived to DR yesterday did my labs (everything good), and hung most of the day with my roommates/friends which they have been everything and or more than I imagined (thank u ladies!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

i love salama and staff but YILY is the doc for me.

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