Soon to be a Sexy Yily doll!

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I am so excited now! my surgery date has been...

I am so excited now! my surgery date has been booked with Dr. Yily in D.R february 17, 2014 i have been looking at alot of her work & i actually know people she has done work on & i must say her work is phenomenal!!! I am getting the BBL with lipo & fat grafting! I want my butt to look like my profile pic

Got my Passport!

Ok Yall its getting pretty close to my surgery date! I got my passport & i booked my stay at Yasmin's Recovery Home! Im excited & nervous at the same time! At first i was gonna just get the BBL done now im going to my breast done as well! They are a little saggy so i said why not! & gor both procedures its only 4,400 so im going for it!!!! I got an appointment to get all my blood work done & to get my hemoglobin checked! Im going shopping this weekend to get all my supplies! Then im on my way!

More pics

Passport & a photo of my lower body! Im already thick! I have some booty but i want alot of booty! Like K. Michelle i will keep you guys updated!

Iron level low

My surgey date is 2/17/2014 my hemoglobin is low!!! :( im angry!!!ladies what can i use to get my iron up??? Im taking iron pills & one a dat vitamins twice a day!!!! I cant do my surgery until my hemoglobin is at 12.0.... Help me somebody i got 27 days until my surgery!

Im Sad!

I have to get my Hemoglobin level up!!!! Im 11.6 i need to be 12.0 or higher by February 17th or Dr. Yily will not do my surgery!!! Im taking iron pills 65mg twice a day with vitamins & orange juice! Can anybody give me some pointers & help to get my iron up please!!!

Im about to stop panicking!!!

Okay i will try Geritol vitamin C & continue the iron pills twice a day! Then make another appointment to check my hemo in about 2-3 weeks!

nervous & anxious

Ok im getting nervous! I have been saving on top of saving all my money! I gotta make sure my surgery will be a success! I have 3 weeks left damn near! Im normally a last minute person when it comes to planning for a trip. I still haven't got none of my supplies to take down there with anybody know a site i can order my faja?

i need a fax for Yily

Do any one have a fax number to Dr Yily's Clinic???? My job is willing to let me go on february 16th that just need to fax her a paper to sign stating im getting surgery

6 days left!

6 days left & i will be a new Yily Barbie babee!!!! Im excited....

upset!!!!! :(

My hemo level has dropped from 11.6 to11.2!!!!! I have been taking 325mg of iron pills twice a day like my doctor suggested!!!! My sx date is scheduled on monday 4 days away!!!! I need some help immediately! !!!! Im not going all the way out of the Country for Dr Yily to tell me she can't do my sx....i have been anticipating this day!!!!! Please help!!!! Please

Had to reschedule

I had to reschedule my sx date to April 21st kinda sad but this will give 60 days to see a specialist & get my iron its all good. . & i love the way Dr.Yily responded to my email so fast that was very impressive i have to get her a card & a gift for being so patient with me! If anybody needs a buddy for the 21st at Yasmins Recovery home let me know!

i will be ready 4/21/2014

Yes i will be ready April 21st for sure no more delays i was suppose to be in Santo Domingo right now! So this time im treating myself! Im getting tummy tuck BBL & BL...yeah my hemo level side tracked me but its giving me more time to save for my full body make over & to have enough money to shop for new clothes for this new bootay!

June 21 2016

Ok im booked & ready to go get my surgery June 21 2016 that is! I was suppose to went 3yrs ago but an emergency situation came up could not go! So im finally going this time!

Had surgery tummy tuck lipo & BBL

Had my surgery June 21, 2016! Im healing pretty good! Tummy tuck is the Bomb! My BBL could have been better! I wish i got a thigh lift before i left! Because she made my butt look big but my butt goes straight into my thighs so im going back in a couple of months to get my thigh lift!
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