Mommy Makeover here I come!!

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Hey girls, and gents,,, hows it going? I am new to...

Hey girls, and gents,,, hows it going? I am new to RS and created this blog to read some reviews and info on the Plastic Surgeon I have decided after much thought and reseach to go to for a mommy makeover, I am a mom of two boys, 29yrs old and ready for a makeover. I hope to share my journey with you ladies as I read yours as well. So far I am currently waiting on my quote so not much to say ATM but I have seen many of Dra. Fatima's work on her Instagram, and love her results and her patients seems very happy as well. Hoping to be one of her happy patients soon too lol. If you guys know some important info about getting a mommy makeover or have gone with her in dr please share with me:)!!ty

I found this to be extremelyy helpful!! Had to share :)-

Things you should NOT do after surgery:
Clean your house.
Lift your kids or pets.
Drive – the first week for sure
Weigh or measure yourself
Try on your clothes that you think will fit
Grocery shopping – pushing the cart and lifting the bags is harder than you think
Other than walking – no exercise
Eat processed and packaged foods. The sodium will make you swell up like the Blueberry girl in Willy Wonka. Watch your sodium intake at all times.
Drink soda. You do not want to put anything in your body that will cause gas and bloating.
Listen to negative people. There is always someone out there just trying to smack you down with their negativity. You did not do this procedure in vein, you are not selfish, you do deserve it, and you are not crazy to put yourself first for once. There is nothing better than feeling good about yourself. People who are jealous and closed minded will try to tear you apart in a second. I actually looked at one woman when she made a nasty comment to me and said the following to her……Did I ask for your opinion…NO, do I care what you think…NO, do I need your permission…NO, are you paying for this…NO. She was speechless and her jaw dropped. Yep, she was flapping her nasty comments at me and expected me to just take it….NOT.
Things you should do after surgery:

Take your pain meds as prescribed. Stay on top of the dose and take on time. For the first three days make sure you take them around the clock to stay ahead of the pain. Don’t wait until you are past the point of no return and rolling around in the bed in agony. Don’t be a hero!
Drink plenty of fluids and eat a healthy balanced diet.
Let people take care of you.
Massage your tummy gently. It helps circulation and feels good.
Stay positive because this all will pass.
Get outside and enjoy some sunshine. It will really help lift your spirits.
Log onto to chat with your friends. All of us on here know how you are feeling so will help cheer you up if you need it.
Keep your eye on the prize and know there is an end to the healing process.
Be proud of yourself for taking this step to improve your life and body.
Be patient with the healing process. It is a long haul I know but you can do it. You will have good days and bad but it will all be worth it in the end. If you do get sad and depressed know that it is all part of the healing process. You are not crazy.
Trust your instincts with your body. If something doesn’t feel right call your doctor right away. It never hurts to get it checked out. That is why they are there! I am sure they have heard and seen it all. I am pretty sure my doctor thinks I am a total nut! But a harmless one at that…

some wish pics and etc...

Quote received! & I'm getting a TT, full lipo back,arms,waist, flanks, bbl and possible b.a $6,500.. including the insurance, my date is not yet confirmed, I still have some plan making to do but thinking Feb 2016 will workout for me. Its hard to explain the excitement, even though I have a long way to gooo! Thank God for this website at least we can all vent and talk shit lol without all the judgment its all about our surgery's especially when you won't be sharing it all with half of the people you know in your life. So good looking R.S lol.
Also now checking on my bmi which is OK for surgery since I lost 10 pounds, I am at 161, 5'4 so I need to keep my weight or lose some during the rest of this year.

Excuse me that's an old pic!!! lol I love this!

To all the haters lmao

New Date! Febrero 23, 2017

Hello there! It has been nearly a year since I have not posted on here! Well its due because I needed to take a break since last year I have given birth to a beautiful baby boy :). I needed to wait at least a year to start making my surgery plans again. :)well here I am! I am truly blessed and so are all of you beautiful ladies!!! I have been working on my weight since then and have found it hard to keep my weight off. When I gave birth to my second child my weight went up to 200 pounds. I have changed my lifestyle since then and my eating habits and have not lost as much as I would like but now I am 167... I light exercise, walking and sometimes go jogging. But with the slight weight loss my belly is hanging more.. My goal weight is 130. I am hoping with the TT and healthier eating choices I can accomplish.. Since I still have 9 months to go, I am waiting to post up a before pic, but i will soon. I am still choosing to have done the TT, full lipo, bbl & maybe B.a. Depending on my hemo. I am no longer getting lipo on my arms since I figured that I will be in enough pain and I will need my arms when putting on that faja! So that's whats going on for now! I am happy to share my journey with you guys! and will be reading others as well. :) God bless always.
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