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Okay, gorgeous girls. So in March 2011, I got me a...

Okay, gorgeous girls. So in March 2011, I got me a little work done TT and Lipo. Dr. Newall charged me $8k, he did a wonderful job and I have no complaints. As, a matter fact I got it done on Spring Break and was back in class within a week and a half.No lie, now I was fatigue and a little sore, but I had my besties with me and they were the bestest. ( I have my brief TT story on here if you click my profile w/pics for you, if you are interested).
Okay, but ladies I AM A SOUTHERN TEXAS GIRL!!! And though I am quite cute with my little shape, you know I need some A** and some dang hips (IN ALL CAPS! LOL)

Now, fast forward to present day, I am currently in graduate school (I know you can't tell by this story, but hey this is for my BBL "SISTAHS!!" LOL So, no worries) and you know money is tight, but I have saved a nice chunk for my surgery. So, of course I call my Dr. to try and see what can we work out, seeing that I am a return client...Now, y'all know I am anxious, I'm waiting and everything. Baby, his client coordinator (Patty, sweet as apple pie- dipped in maple syrup) calls me back and quotes me the exact same price that is presented on the website $7k and to make matters worse, she was like "you know I am looking out for you, babe" Oh, really??? I was polite and as cordial as I could ever be and told myself as of today Dr. Newall and my relationship has completely dissolved.
Now, back on the hunt, I was reading EVERY SINGLE POST on here talking about BBL this and BBL that, and I done fell in love with every woman on here (y'all are so awesome and supportive). But above all the other Dr.'s and posts one name keeps surfacing and I'm like I need to get to the bottom (literally, lol) of this Dr. Yiliy character.

So, I continue reading until I convince myself that I AM GOING TO DR, and that's a damn fact. So, I send her 1.5 million e-mails and even take it upon myself to call her, but to no avail. I've gone as far as to contact and receive quotes from JSpa.
So, I am just waiting with 101 questions. Please ladies feel free to answer anything or everything.

I want a BBL and a Breast Lift or Breast Implants? (Ladies what do you think)

How Much does both procedures cost?

How long did you HAVE to stay in DR? I can't be out there for no dang on 2.5 weeks.

Did Dr. Yily call with a quote or send an e-mail?

Can I just send her all the money for the surgery, therefore I don't have to fly with it?

What airlines/websites have the best airfare at a good price?

I have been waiting for a reply for over a week, is this normal? What should my next step be??

Do you ladies think I have enough fat for grafting to the butt and hips?

Ladies, w/ everything included how much did you spend?

And if all else fails, do you ladies recommend any other good and affordable Dr.'s?

Any information is appreciated. The waiting game is killing me, quickly. lol

Well, I decided to put all my eggs in one basket....

Well, I decided to put all my eggs in one basket. So, I have contacted Dr. Campos via email and Dr.LaPuerta. I spoke with Dr.LaPuerta's PC, Brandi a few days ago. She's super sweet. Told me it would be between 6.5-7k for BBL depending on where we do the lipo. It sounds good, but y'all know deep down Yily is my number one. I haven't spoke to Campos, just going to wait a week to see what he's talking about. I hope I have enough fat to get some prime results. Still not sure which way to go on my breast. Do I need a lift/implants???

*earlier I meant I decided NOT to put all of my...

*earlier I meant I decided NOT to put all of my eggs in one basket.*

So, I think that Yily and I will not work. I have called for several days and nothing ladies. So, after conversing with another BBL sistah I think I may get out in Tijuana and try my luck. Please feel free to comment. Not sure what's going on with Yily. Spoke to Yira 3 times today, and never got a quote. I requested it on 3 separate occasions and that's just today!!! My goodness, what do I have to do to get a quote. If she can give me a quote and a min of 13 min on the phone, I assure you "we ain't got no worries". But right now this chase is some high dollar bull sh*+.

Hello ladies, sooo I have finally received my...

Hello ladies, sooo I have finally received my quote from Yily. It is $4.7k. Right up my alley. After doing all the calculations it's about $7k for everything. That includes flight, med spa stay if I do $1k for a week. ***i have a question, what's the difference between the $90/day package vs. $1k/ wk package? Which one would you ladies recommend?? I would love a buddy, if anyone is interested but I'm kinda wanting to do a May 31 surgery. I'm going to look at my office calendar to ensure that someone will be able to hold the fort down and that we all aren't vacating at the same time. But I'm thinking about aMay 30 arrival, May 31 surgery, and June 6 or 7 fly back. My quote is for BBL and BA w/ implants and lipo to abs, armpit,back (hopefully the full back. I hate my bra rolls. Like, how am I skinny with this fat ass back? Lol how??) flanks, and waist. So ladies feel free to pm me or comment. I reply quickly. And I love the questions comments and all. I am ready to make my deposit. Now the question is what do I bring as far as medically for my bum and my chi-chi's? I'm just buying cheap sundresses and warm socks and stuff layers are key for me. I hope the date is good!!???!!! May 31, maybe. I will contact her Monday send deposit (depending on work schedule) so drop a comment, question, and/or info. BBL sistah (almost,lol)


(TYPED ON MY PHONE, PLEASE EXCUSE GRAMMATICAL ERRORS)So I am officially June 7th. I had to change my date because my bambinos get out of school later than usual this semester. I have sent my deposit in and everything. Now, I have to find some cheap flights in and out of IAH/DFW to SDQ. Spirit Airlines have some pretty good deals. So, I will just wait until it's a little closer. I have honestly been considering flying in on the same day, but I think I want JSPA to help me get the meds I don't get in TX. At this point I'm excited, my biggest thing is ensuring that I don't spend my sx money before my sx. I think I'm just going to cut the damn card, just to be safe. Things keep coming up and I'm like goodness, no. So, ladies lets just pray on it. I have one question ladies:: WHAT TEST DID YOU TAKE PRIOR TO FLYING TO DR AND WHEN DID YOU TAKE THEM PRIOR TO GETTING YOUR SX? Mind you I'm uninsured but there's a place that will do all of them except the EKG for slightly over $225.00. Also do we send Yily the results?? Or is just for us??

Y'all know my heart is hurting right now, my...

Y'all know my heart is hurting right now, my husband informed me that he honestly feels that I'm choosing this sx over our family ( he's a man of very few words) and right now the amount of money and time going towards this sx could be useful in other areas of our life. So like any mom after the guilt trip i feel like selfish and crappy and if any of you ladies want my date just let me know. I deposited $250 for June 7th with the BBL Queen. Maybe next time..... I can't be mad at him it was just a few years ago he had to stomach my cut up tummy. I love my guys so I will just put this on the backburner for a better time.
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