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So I've decided on doing my Round 2 with Yily de...

So I've decided on doing my Round 2 with Yily de Los Santos. If you are interested in reading about my Round 1 with Fatima Almonte please visit this review here

After some careful thought and consideration I have chosen Dra. Yily as her consistent results are more attractive to me. Now don't gets wrong, I love Dra Fatima Almonte and am thankful for the work she did on me R1 but I am not certain I want to allow a R2 as her results aesthetically are not as consistent with the look I'm going for. I want a significantly defined waist and bbl and I know Yily delivers this everyday. I have confirmed my date with Yily for 12/30/14.

Switched my primary!!

So if you followed my R1 you know my primary doc was a pain
In the you know what. She really looked down upon my decision to go to the DR and I wasn't looking forward to going back to her for a pre op before my R2. So in Sept I made an appointment with a new doc not knowing who the doc was or his views on SX out of the US but wanted to start screening docs to find one that would treat me and not judge me. On Friday I found that doc! I had my first appointment with him and just frankly told him why I was switching docs and that my old doc "gave me a hard time" about my pre op and scripts before traveling for SX. He assured me that he doesn't judge and that he will not give me a hard time about pre op prescriptions or treatment! Yay! So I booked my pre op with him for Dec 11. He also ordered bloodwork so I can check my hemo right now and he coded it in a way that my insurance would still cover the same bloodwork to be done for my pre op. So I'm uber excited to not have to deal with that judgmental doc! I've been taking my vitamins daily and eating very clean (besides those few pieces of Halloween candy I stole from my kids...but we are just going to overlook that OK?!?) and I've been exercising at least 3 days per week. I'm currently down to 207 lbs from 223 Oct 1. I'm working hard to be at least 195 before SX. I'm 5'10" and a lot of the weight is in my thighs and but right now which I don't mind. I think once Yily contours this waist it's going to look amazing. I can't wait!! 53 more days!

Yily, Cabral, Duran oh my!!!!

So as the time nears and I continue to look at all these before and afters from the "trifecta" I am really conflicted!! I mean I love Yily's work!! But the more I look at Durans sheesh...then Cabral I think tops them all!!! I really don't want to choose wrong round 2. Nobody has time for this pain again or spending these coins again! R2 whoever I go to I need to get it right!!! Ugh!!! So hard!!

My before pics.

These are some post R1 pre R2 pics.

More Post R1Pics

Post R1 Pics

More Post R1 Pics

Post R1 pics Pics

It's been decided....

On Jan 7th I will become a Cabral Doll! Yep I've switched my doc. Ultimately this HAS to be my last round as I do not want to go through the pain or spend these coins again so I must go with the BEST and Cabral is that too me. His work is consistently Amazibg and there is not ONE pic of his work that I don't drool over! It's just A1!! I confirmed my appointment with his assistant Maria who was very sweet. I was kinda bummed because I will have to pay a slight switch fee as he is not working on Dec 30 and cannot accommodate me that day but he agreed to take off the fee from my quote so that was pretty cool of him. I also wanted to get this done while my kids were on vacay during the holiday with their dad it now that won't happen either so in leaving my hubby to hold down the fort with 4 kids in tow. Lord I'm praying for them now! Lol. I'm super excited and nervous all over again. I'm starting to think about supplies. I purchased some Arnica with DMSO which I have no idea what it is but heard the DMSO is a miracle worker. Found it on Amazon. I need to get wipes and look to see what other supplies I need to re-up on. I actually have a lot left over from before so that should work well for me. Only 47 days and I will be a Cabral Barbie!!

Ups & Downs

So by now most of us have learned of the death this past Friday of Robles patient. It's very sad as we were following her journey on IG. Also, have learned there were 2 other deaths earlier this month. One under Cabral. I don't know the particulars so please don't ask. I'm praying for those families and our community. This is so scary. I know this is my R2 so I am a little more calm about everything but with these deaths so close to my time to go it just reminds you that this is NOT something that should be taken lightly. Surgery is very serious and we should regard it as such.

On another note, I was a bit disturbed this week by my new Primary Care. I switched to him because my old primary refused to fill my scripts...Welp he's refusing as well. So irritated. In addition he said the medication list did not look like one that a board certified surgeon would prescribe. The shade! Ugh. So I'm just going to chalk that up and pay out of pocket.

On a good note the time is moving swiftly! I was upset at first that my date had to be moved to jan 20 but now I'm happy I chose to do that. I will be able to enjoy holiday with family and my babies first Bday and not be in pain. I've been slacking on my vitamin regimen so I need to get myself together! Can't have any hemo issues. I was scheduled for a pre op on Dec 12 for my original SX date of Dec 30 but I'm still going to keep this date because it's not too far from my new Jan 20 date. I'm praying Hemo is good. Last month it was 12.3. Also last night I ordered another Vitamedica Kit. I used my R1 and I think it was helpful. I've been playing around with this plastic surgery app and posted a few pics on IG of my "wish body" which I created from my own pics. I showed Cabral and he said he could do better than the pic!!! ???????????????? I'm posting here for you guys to see. What do you think???

Round 2 Recap!!


So first I really have to apologize to my RS crew as I have been slipping terribly on keeping this page updated and have been updating my surgery IG more. I am however here to give my extensive review on my surgery with Dr. Cabral so look at this as an "exclusive" you won't find anywhere else! Lol. So here ya go.

So I decided to go with Dr. Hector Cabral about 2 weeks prior to surgery. I had been back and forth about him, contreras and actually considering just going back to Almonte as she offered to do the surgery damn there for free to right her wrongs sort of speak. Now I have said this before and I will say again. Almonte is an EXCELLENT dra. If you see my before R1 pic you will see she had A LOT of work to do on me. I was 6 months post natal at the time of my surgery with Almonte and carrying tons of extra weight. At the time of my surgery with her I was 5'10 225 lbs. So she had her hands full, no pun intended. Now, I did develop a Seroma according to Almonte (see prior review for detail) and this is what she says left me with the nasty bulge I had in stead of a flat tummy and this is why she was willing to redo my lipo and bbl for minimal cost. Because I was unhappy. That's a true mark of a sincere and genuine doctor and I appreciate her for that. In the end however, I chose to pay nearly 4k more and go with Cabral. So people say "Why Cabral"?!?! Well this is why. He's the BEST at what he does!! The man has been operating since I was born! 30 years of experience. People compare his record to doctors who have just started operating in 2000 and I think that is unfair. Yes, unfortunately, he does have a "past" as most docs do. Here and in the US! You have to do your research and understand the circumstances surrounding these past issues. I did that. Dr. Cabral is an EXCELLENT surgeon!! Now, you can listen to rumors by people who have never and will never go to him or you can listen to the truth of women who have experienced his work. Are there some patients of his who were unhappy?? Um yea. You will find that with all the "top docs" so don't let that deter you. His HIT record is FAR higher than his MISS record. My second time around I really wanted to go with the BEST. I didn't want to have to be looking at a R3 and wanted R3 to be a want and NOT a need. I was not totally confident that any other doctor would give me the results that would leave me in this way. My thought process about Cabral is that I would never look at my results and wonder could they have been better. If I went to Almonte Im sure she would have done a great job....but in my mind I would have always wondered "could this have been better"?!?! That is NOT something I wonder about my results with Cabral. If he couldn't do it, nobody could in my opinion. Now again, this is my truth and my opinion. I'm not throwing shade at ANY other doctor as they are all excellent but my opinion is that Cabral is the BEST for the look I wanted.

Ok so now I will review my surgery experience. I arrived on Monday Jan 19th. I decided to stay at Serenity RH as I did my R1. This place is the best, for me. It's quiet. They only have 3 rooms and a total of 7 bed compared to some RH that have 20 plus beds. Each room has a private bathroom and you can choose to room alone (my choice). It is VERY CLEAN. The staff is VERY ATTENTIVE and the food is EXCELLENT. They will cook whatever you want. I have no complaints and again LOVE it here. Had they not had an opening when I was coming I would have delayed my surgery...yea I love it THAT MUCH! Lol. So when I arrived I was greeted by my driver Conrado "Conrad" who is also the owner of Kindness RH. Him and his wife CiCi own Kindness but also manage Serenity. They are the best. They are fully bilingual as they both lives in the states for some years so this is a plus. The nurses at Serenity are not bilingual so I use google translate with them or contact CiCi through WhatsApp and she immediately calls the house to translate for me but most of the time they "get" what I'm saying through my hand gestures or whatnot. When Conrad picked me up from the airport we went straight to Cipla for my labs. This I was nervous about as 1 week before leaving my hemo was a 12.9 and I've read that it can drop on the flight so I was nervous it wouldn't be high enough. When we arrived at Cipla I was greeted by Maria Cabrals assistant who took my "consultation" payment for Cabral $40 and my lab fee $140. Now if you are not SURE you are going with Cabral tell maria you are just paying the consult fee and will pay lab AFTER your consult. This is fine. After paying her I sat and waited. Shortly after sitting in Cabral's waiting area (oh the man owns Cipla and his office is AMAZING) he walks out to greet me. I swear it was like meeting a celebrity! His aura was very celebrity like. He's very mild mannered and sweet in person. You can tell he LOVES his work as he has a twinkle in his eye when he is evaluating you. When I walked in he asked to see my quote via WhatsApp. He looked at my phone to verify and then he said "Ohhh I know you from IG!" Ha! So he follows my IG page and he actually remembered my page!! Lol. I said yes!!! Then he said, "Oh yes, I will do my best work mami don't worry!" He then says "Ok, let's see" and points me to this full length mirror he has in his office. I look over at it and then it dawned on me "It's showtime!" Lol. So I stood up and began to undress. I didn't even need to tell him what I needed. He just started pulling and tugging in all the right places!!! He knew EXACTLY what needed to be done!! I was amazed! So then he says "Ok mami, you will have beautiful result!" And I believed every word! I put my clothes back on and proceeded to leave. Then I asked him for a picture. Oh he is made for the camera cause as soon as I said that he LIT UP! He called Maria in his office to capture the shot. He had that picture taking thing DOWN!! Lol! After I left I headed to the lab for blood work. While waiting in the lobby I was approached by someone asking if I was "Bella___Barbie" from IG. I confirmed. Then she told me that we communicated through DM and I remembered our communications. She was staying at Kindness RH so we were both going to be rolling around together with Conrad. She was SO cool. I fell in love with her immediately! Lol. Her and Conrad waited while I did my blood work. Oh, and also the owner of Serenity Liz was in town and came to Cipla to meet me and make sure all was well. She's the coolest. She waited with me while I did my blood work and then we left to go to another facility to see the cardiologist to get our EKG. After that was done we returned to Cipla where i harassed the pathologist for my results. Lol. She finally showed me my hemo was 13.1!! Praise Jesus!!! It wasn't as high as I would have liked but it was high enough!! I was thrilled!! We then waited to see the X-ray tech to get our chest x Rays. We almost missed him cause he was on his way out the door but Conrad advocated on our behalf to get him to stay and do the X-ray for us. Conrad is the best. He knows these clinics and the people in them inside and out. You really need someone like that with you or you can be lost in the shuffle. Ok so me and my new "surgery buddy" waited for Maria to give her our results. We were all clear. Maria then wanted us to wait to see the intake nurse so we could basically have all our intake paperwork done and be first in surgery the next day. As we waited for the intake nurse there was another young lady in the lobby. She ask if we are going to Cabral. We both confirm we were. She says she is too and then goes on to say he has 15 people scheduled on our day of surgery. I'm like "Whaaat?!?" Im thinking 1. I don't believe that ish and 2. If you really believe that why are you still going to him. This is what I'm talking about. People have their own motives and you really have to question them. I wasn't shook at all by what she was saying I was just like "Ok." Lol. My buddy and I finished our intake and requested to be roomed together. Yea the post op rooms at Cipla you share with someone which is different than Cecip. In Cecip my room was a single bed room. I was glad I had met a buddy and we had been at Cipla all afternoon taking care of pre op stuff so I was getting comfortable with her. We were both antsy to leave as we were tired and growing hungry but Maria Cabrals assistant insisted we stay to have all our paperwork completed so we would be first in surgery. At around 6 pm we FINALLY were finished with all of our pre op paperwork. We left to have our "last meal" prior to surgery at Chilis. Lol. I haven't had Chilis in YEARS. It was damn good too! Probably because we both hadn't eaten allll day between travel to DR to our day at Cipla. Anywhoo, we ate and then I was taken to Serenity and she left to Kindness.

Day of surgery Conrad told us it was best to get there as early as possible. We knew Cabral wasn't arriving until 9 am but we wanted to be READY when he arrived so we arrived at Cipla at around 8am am. Upon arrival we were immediately checked into our rooms (thank God we did that paperwork the day before). Once checked in another one of Cabrals assistants came in and told us to start putting on our gowns to prepare for surgery. It was REALLY going down!!! OMG!! We put on our gowns then he comes back in and says "Who's going first??" My buddy was hesitant to answer but I wasn't! I said "Me! I will!" Lol. Hey. Gotta speak up!!! He then tells me Cabral would be down to mark me up. When Cabral arrives he tells me to take my blue pill and he starts marking me. You can tell he just walked in the building as he was fully suited. When he's not in his scrubs he is suited. You hear me?!? The man stays fly!!! Now because I took the pill o remember NONE of the marking up. My surgery buddy took pics and even a video of it!! Lmao. I'm going to post the video as soon as I get good wifi in my RH to download. She said I was talking crazy. Lol. All I remember next was being in the operating room. Now not to scare anyone but only to inform I was AWAKE during surgery!!! Fully AWAKE!! And I feel like I felt every damn thing!!! Shit was being pulled, pushed, tossed, sucked and I felt all that ish. I know I was sedated but I think he gave me a twilight sedation cause I was UP!! I remember saying "PAIN!!" I remember calling for Cabral and he came to my face a few times to calm me. I remember a lot! Totally different than my R1. My R1 I was knocked out and remember waking once but was put back to sleep. Not this time. Lord. It was a lot....not going to lie. When I returned to recovery room I was FREEZING which is normal. I brought my heating blanket for that reason. My overnight nurse was waiting for me an wrapped me in it. Oh lord. Those first few hours after surgery is like HELL! You are in pain, feel like you are in an igloo, vomiting, it's THEEE worse. But you just have to try and remain calm and get through that part. When I returned to my room my buddy was supposed to be next in surgery but they didn't come and get her for a minute. We learned that he took someone else after me. She's was PISSSED!!! lol. She's bilingual so she was going OFF on the nurses. She was telling them she wasn't going through with surgery cause she didn't want Cabral to be tired. I'm half drugged on the other side of a divider wall trying to calm her. I mean. She would be #3. That's not bad! He does 4 a day and I'm sure he could do the work in his sleep!!! She finally calmed and was wheeled into surgery. About 4 hours later she returned. Shortly after she returned Cabral came in our room to check on us. This is how I KNOW he does his surgeries. I saw him in mine the entire time, she saw him in hers and he came to our room after hers as she was his last surgery of the day and he was dressed to leave the clinic. So don't believe the hype!!! When he checked on me I was still half drugged but remember him saying something about me having lots of scar tissue and therefore lots of bleeding during surgery so he recommended a blood transfusion. I really didn't want to have to get one but Safety first!!! He then gave me and my buddy a pain pill and told us he would be back in the AM to check on us.

The very next morning (which was a dominican holiday so none of the docs were in surgery) Cabral struts in, in his gym clothes just as cool Ashe wanna be. Lol. I just love him. His presence is very calming and he's attentive. He met with my surgery buddy then came to check on me. I asked him to explain again the scar tissue as I was drugged the day before and didn't understand. By that time I received the transfusion in the middle of the night. He told me that from my R1 I had developed a LOT of scar tissue and when he did my lipo if basically breaks up the scar tissue causing lots of bleeding. So ladies who are going for R2, R3 take heed. Thank God my hemo was a13.1 cause after my blood transfusion it was a 9.3 so I can't imagine what it was after surgery! I just thank GOD I made it out alive and well!!! After he left the nurses came in to clean Us and put us in our faja's. This is when you get up the first time. You are dizzy and in pain. It's NOT a walk in the park! Ok! So be prepared. We were then discharged from Cipla and went to our respective RH's. Now my recovery has been normal with normal pain and aches. My buddy on the other hand had experienced some bad headaches and lots of post op draining/bleeding. We were released on a Wednesday and scheduled to see Cabral for a follow up Friday morning. I communicated with my "buddy" daily on WhatsApp and she wasn't doing well at all. So on Friday morning we were first in Cabrals office for our post op. Everything was well with me. My buddy however had to stay to see the Anesthisiologist with whom she received a transfusion of her own blood into her spine. I don't understand the specifics but it was something about her blood/oxygen supply to her spine that was compromised during receiving anesthesia before surgery that caused her not to feel well. Immediately after receiving this treatment she felt better. Her migraine went away and she felt overall better. THANK GOD!!!

So today is Saturday and again I'm well. Normal pain and aches but in good health! Ready to go home to my babies but also understand it doesn't work like that!! So I'm trying to be patient with this recovery process. I've seen bits and pieces of my body during cleaning which I have posted however tomorrow I'm going to see if I can get some full body shots!! Stay tuned!!!


So IG finally deleted my page. I say final because I knew it was coming as so many other surgery sisters pages were being deleted. It's crazy. I've seen post waaaaaay worse than mine on IG but I get deleted for showing some sutgety stuff? Lol. Crazy. Anyway. If you were following me on IG I plan to continue my journey here on RS. Hope you follow!

6 week update!!

I realize I've been slacking on my updates here. I'm sharing some post op pics for your viewing.

5 months post op. Round 3 in 3 weeks! EEK!

Hey guys! I'm currently 5 months and 1 week post op from my R2 with Cabral. Preparing for my R3 where I will be getting a Breast revision and more lipo/bbl. Adding updated pics here as well! I Haven't been in here a while (I'm sorry) and I see lots of messages I've missed! I will be catching up on those this weekend I promise!! I hope everyone is well!!

Look at me now!

This is a before and After. Took 1 round with Almonte and 1 with Cabral. Cabral did this tho...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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