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After silently lurking RS for over 1.5 years, I...

After silently lurking RS for over 1.5 years, I have FINALLY decided to join the moment. I have read countless reviews, viewed pre/post-op picture daily and finally narrowed it down to "THE BEST SURGEON"! for the job. So the beginning of my journey started out with figuring out how get in contact with Dr Duran. (this will help you) I first followed her on INSTAGRAM, @DRA_DURAN (private page, she has to accept you). Next I emailed her all of my information (height, weight, smoker, pregnancies, drinker, smoker, medicines, medical problems, hiv status) on Sunday morning. I didn't receive a response that day. The next morning I called her office at 7am to verify that she received ,y email. her assistant took down my email and told me that she would respond in 3-5 days. During my waiting period i noticed others complaining on her Instagram. I attempted to calm other girls to be bc surgeons work long hours and give her time, she will eventually respond. Dr Duran's assistant Walkria saw my attempt to calm others and Dm'ed and said that she would give me a quote tomorrow. WHALAH... Monday morning, I woke up to a quote. total wait time... one week!

Surgery day change request

Paid my deposit (via money gram) and got my surgery date July 26, 2016. Was excited about this date but it really put a damper on my plans to attend Caribana in July... Plus I would lie to be up and moving by my birthday August 28th. So I sought out for an earlier date. I Dm'ed Dr Durans asst and she gave me an earlier date! Now my date is June 3rd! I am up in the air on recovery houses at the movement. Think about using real mansion Armonia. I want to stay at a place that will take me to see the city. I am a travel guru! I am flying in on June 1st and staying until the 14th. I take advantage of every opportunity to see the world.

Pre-op picture

Can't wait for the day when I no longer have to wear a spanx! 68 days left.. Yes, I started a count down! (Lol)


Today is March 30th, I am having my lab work done tomorrow to see where I stand with my lab work! Although my surgery is slightly Over 60 days away, I am getting super nervous. Can't wait to find out what my hemoglobin level is tomorrow! I also gained one pound, which sucks. I will be in the gym tomorrow! I will be back to keep everyone posted after I get my lab results.

Pre-op labs done

I had my per-op lab work done on Friday (CBC) just to see where I stand on my hemoglobin levels. Today I got my results and my hemoglobin level is 12.7! I'm excited bc I really hate taking medicine and was dreading the iron. I also started working out last week. I will post befor and after workout picture soon. Normally once I start working out my weight just melts off. Plus it makes me feel happier the entire day!

Who has the best recovery house in Dominican republic?

Would really appreciate input from post-op tummy tuck dolls!

Five days Pre-op!

I am currently five days pre-op and guess what? I still have not picked a recovery house! I've spoken to Maria's, serenity and Armonia mansion and they all have availability! I just haven't read enough reviews to make a solid decision but I am leaning towards Armonia Mansion. Any insight that y'all how would be appreciated!


HEY LADIES, I ARRIVED YESTERDAY IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. REAL MANSION ARMONIA RECOVERY HOUSE SENT A DRIVER TO THE AIRPORT, HE WAS WAITING FOR ME UPON ARRIVAL. THE DRIVER NAME WAS PEDRO, HE WAS HOLDING A SIGN WITH MY NAME ON IT. HIS ENGLISH IS NOT THAT GOOD. HE ALSO DODNT HELP ME OTJ MY BAGS... Lol, I'm picky about things like that. He waved for me to follow him to the car and different places. FIRST STOP.... CIPLA! The driver took me to CIPLA to have my labs drawn. After that we went to the recovery house.


Prayers needed today!

Cipla... I arrived at Cipla this morning. My labs were ready, my hemo is 12.7z I went into the room and the cardiologist did an EKG on me. The EKG has abnormal rhythm. Dr Duran told me not to worry bc the rhythm may be normal "for me" she then sent me to Cardio imagenes specializadas for a echocardiogram. So now I wait... I will keep you all posted on the outcome. Life before everything so if it ms abnormal I will stay and visit the city for two days and then take my flat butt home. If it's normal, I will go through with it since I have come this far. BTW: DR DURAN IS FLAWLESS AND A TRUE DIVA! When she walks, everyone stops and pays attention! #BOSS


We arrived a the office at 630am. Five girls were scheduled for surgery that day. We all waited while taking and bonding. Finally in walks Dr Duran! Let me just say this.... Duran is a Dime piece and when she walks in he room Evette stops and pay attention. She is also very sweet and humble. I felt as if I had just met a celebrity! Lol... Shortly I was called to the room to have my EKG done, then next to consult with Doctor Duran.
While sitting in Durans office the cardiologist came in and asked me a few question abou the rhythm she was reading on my EKG. rather to be safe than sorry, dr Duran sent me to a cardiac specialist when they did an unltrasound of my heart. After eating two hours my results came back.... NORMAL and I was clears for surgery. Ultrasound was 91.00.
Back to Cipla I go....

Cleared for sirgery

Okay... Get back to Cipla and every girl has been cakes upstairs except do one. 20 minutes later they called he and I was alone with Walkria and Durans other assistant. All of the ladies Se super nice in her office and everyone that work there is beautiful. 40 minutes later I was called upstairs where I received my blue pill. Fifteen-20 minutes later, I was being wheele to surgery and that the lay that I remember. No, I did not wake up doing my surgery. When I woke up I was in my hospital room with Another girl, my friend Raven and our nurse. I was knocked out until apr 1130pm. Finally I woke up clueless as to what happened during surgery. All I can really remember is that I was very thirsty but the nurse said no ate until 4am... I believe. The very next morning apt 7am the phlebotomist came and took labs. My hemo had dropped to 7... Had to get a blood transfusion 230.00


Hey everyone, I am three days post-op today. The recovery process is going as planned. I am going to post pictures of post op day two. Dr Duran wasn't able to get rid of my stretch marks but my stomach is as flat as a door! I could care less about the stretch marks bc they are low and I'm almost forty so, I won't be around here wearing crop tops any time soon. I'm gonna share pictures with you dolls and then I will update y'all on the recovery process, additional fees and so forth. Thanks to everyone that joined with me in prayer.


Today I went to for Ductor deans office for my first post op visit. It was jam-packed in there! Apparently we were all arched ulcer for 830. The good thing is that the entire office was empty put 1030am. Most of us were only there to have out faja tightened. durans assistant tightened mine and gave me to okay to start getting massages. I took a selfie with my faja on and snapped I place.

A bad day!

Yesterday morning as I was getting out of my bed I pulled a muscle. Next my head felt as if it was full of pressure and I could move me head up and down but not left nor right. I told the house owner, Myrna, what was going on and she ordered me a muscle relaxer from the pharmacy. Shortly after taking the pill I fell asleep and was feeling much better after my nap.
Today I woke up, got out of bed and the exact same thing happened minus the headache. I took the little blue muscle relaxer and it went away but..... Nausea and vomiting arrived! Smh.... My driver arrived to pick me up and after driving five minutes I committed all in the car. Although I am a nurse I absolutely hate taking medicine. I'm not sure which medication is causing the side effects but tomorrow I plan to hold all medications and I will await the outcome.

Since I missed my appointment for the massage due to committing, I decided to just get one from the massage therapist that comes to the recovery house. MAN..... WHEN I SAY SHE DID A GOOD JOB TODAY! She pulled soooo much fluid off of me and I immediately felt relief once it was done. Here is a pic of all the fluid she pushed out of my back


NECESSITIES: 1.Baby wipes, and females wipes. (You will not be able to take a shower for two weeks) 2.Maxi pads and TAPE (they will use these to cover your drain sites and to layer the inner lining of your faja! (The faja is tight and will cut bruise your skin) 3. T-shirt/undershirts (You will need these to wear underneath hit faja)! These are very necessary to prevent skin breakdown! 4. Comfortable shoes 5. Female urinal (to pee in so you will not have to keep walking to the bathroom 6. Comfortable maxi dresses 7.skin moisturizer! Don't bring too many clothes bc the recovery house wash your clothes everyday. Note: don't waste time bringing the rest of those items that people tell you bc you most likely will not use them! Most of that other shit you are not going to use!

Stiffness in beck and pressure in head

Want to do a quick update that totally slipped my mind!
While was at the recovery house I was attempting to push my self up with my arms from bed. All of a sudden I felt a stiffness in my next and pressure on my head. It was hard for me to turn my neck left or right. I informed the house owner of what I was experiencing. The owner told me that she knew what was wrong. She them called the pharmacy and they delivered medicine. She order a muscle relaxer which made me sleep and once o woke up the pain and stiffness has subsided. The following morning the same thing happened. I took another muscle relaxer. After research I noticed that many Doctor prescribe muscle relaxers after LIPO. Hope this helps someone experiencing the same problems.


Before this surgery I never had any surgery of any kind! The actually tummy tuck process wasn't bad at all. The most pain I experience on a scale of 1-10 was a six. The worst thing is wearing the faja! My boyfriend was attempting to help me snap my stage two and halfway through this man was drenched in sweat! LMBO! The faja is the devil! Also, be very careful to keep it wrinkle free and dent free! Friday I ordered compression boards to assist but they have not arrived yet. Make sure to order your compression boards before surgery bc delivery might get delayed. Make sure you have that covered. The stage two compression garment is super tight! Ugh!

Silicone strips

My surgical scar is coming along lovely... Which is he number one reason why I picked doctor Duran! He healing of her scars and the flatness of them are consistently flawless. We Will see how these work and I will post updates player two weeks. I also have update pictures for you all. Love peace and happy healing!


Swelling on left is subsiding. seelling on right side, no change. I was so excited today that I went underwear shopping! I swear everyone, Tummy tucks are soooooo worth It!
Also don't allow anyone to make you feel bad about your decision. Always remember that NOONE can make you feel inferior without your permission! Haters everywhere we go.

Updated pictures four weeks postop

Four weeks post op side view

One month post-op

It is driving me crazy that my back and sides are still swollen. I can't wait for the swelling to go down so I can see my final results... Patiently waiting. I think I am going to start working out tomorrow bc sitting around, unable to work and eating with no activity will have m back at square one.gotta get it right and keep it right! Tonight I took my faja off and I'm gonna sleep on anoanty girdle. I will put my faja back on tomorrow morning. I just showered and took a quick picture update. My man seems to think that my butt is staying to fluff... I'm not sure but if he says so. He is the biggest fan of my new new booty! ???? Good night dolls and future dolls.


Almost five weeks post op... M five weeks will be tomorrow. My butt seems to look like it is starting to sit a little higher. Take a look and let me know What do y'all think?

Week five

Good morning dolls,
officially five week post-op, still swollen... Same shhhh, different day! My right love handles LIPO area is still significant more swollen than my left. Two days ago I started massaging it with Arnica gel. Don't know how I forgot about this little miracle in a tube. The gel helps with stiffness and it is a pain reliever Tay also reduces swelling. It has been my best friend for two days. Gotta run to the store and replenish. Make sure you buy this stuff. It's hard for me to find a lymphatic massage therapist where I live so I've been winging it and doing my own bootleg massage! ????
I went to a kickback last night and took pictures. Here is an update HAPY healing ladies and gents!

Doctor orders

So apparently I didn't read this release to its full entirety! Just noticed that I'm not suppose to exercise for three months. I guess I'll just sit around and continue eating with no exercise! Sh*t before I know it my a$s will be around here wobbling again! ????
It doesn't say that I can't walk so I guess I will head to the nature trail! All o was doing in the gym was treadmill and bicycling. Very Light exercise...

Last update

This will probably be my last update got a while unless something significant happens. So far I am still swollen on the right side and also on my back. Here is a picture update. Tomorrow makes six weeks.

Tummy tuck scar

hey everyone, I am here to do a quick update bc it seems like a lot Of people are curious about how scar looks. Gonna update a posture of my surgical scar. I have used silicon sheets on it since I was three weeks post op. I zoomed in on the center of my scar bc hat is the area where emits tension is and he scar usually spread there. Hope this helps

Update price

Labs *220.00 (not included in quote
Meds 180.00
Echocardiogram- 99.00
Blood transfusion- 230.00
Massages 25-30 each . 10tecoonended
Massages totaling $300.00
Second faja 150.00


7 weeks post op! Still swollen

Hey ladies,
I Wanted to let everyone know that my recovery process is very slow. Not sure how some people post half nude photos three weeks post op but I'm pretty still swollen. It doesn't help that I cook with zatarains and Tony Chacheries and endulge in fried food here and there. I know that I should wait three months before panicking but this RIGHT SIDE SWELLING IS DRIVING ME NUTS!
I want to post my picture so everyone can see that it's not peaches and cream for every single person. You're not be the one that goes to sleep and wake up the next day looking like a super model. Lol...
Yes, I am still taking my vitamins and drinking water by the ton. Although last week my body started retaining water and my stomach looked pretty swollen so I cut back on the H20.
Here are my pics that I snapped after my shower today. Just want to show y'all my swelling. I would swear that she missed a spot on my LIPO of it wasn't still tender in that area. Praying that it just flatten and inflammation decrease soon. Keep y'all fingers crossed for me.
Best wishes ladies!

Eight weeks post-op

Swelling slowly going down

13 weeks post op!

Hey everyone, I wanted to drop in and post a few pics.
My hove handles areas are still tender to touch. I am only wearing my faja a few days per week now. Although, I still feel more secure when I wear the faja. Other than. That, I'm good.
Postop care- I contacted Walkiria (Durans assistant) bc my stick in front by Punic area hadn't dissolved, she faster responded and said that was normal and it takes longer to heal.
I Contact her and Duran once again about the swelling on my right side and never received a response (FYI)
I have felt fine since I've been home. No major concerns... Hope this helps.

Stepping out

Stepping out... 90 days post op

Four months post op

Four months post op. Some days I still wear my faja but 90% of the time I don't. I have managed to gain 7lbs. I am still taking my vitamin c and b12 simply bc it regulates my bowel movements.
The right side Bulging I complained about earlier never subsided so I'm sure I will have a dogear revision at some point. It is barely noticeable but it bothers me so I will definitely take care of that next year... Maybe Jan/feb.
it's typically done in the office and a local anestisia revision so o will be awake... Just a little nip tuck.

Other than that, life is good. The attention that I get from my backside can be overwhelming at times. I want propel to love me for my brain and personality! Lol...

It seems like I've been wearing a lot of tops to cover my back side when I'm out... Other times I'm just flaunt with no problem.
This transformation is definitely a confidence booster. (as if I didn't have enough already)

Here are a few pictures, still loving my results!

Seven month update

Seven month Las vegas trip

My friends, family and even arrangers love my results. Feel free to follow me on social media @tiffObama. I post pics all day. Today I made a consultation to have my dogear revised. Just wanna post a pic of my underwear so everyone can see how I look before dog ear revision. Once I have it repaired I will upload post-op pics. I'm unsure of when it will be. Another thing before I forget. My dogear is still sensitive in that area. Doesn't hurt too bad but on a scale of 1-10 pain is a one when touched. I wonder if it's uncommon to be tender to touch on that spot.


Hey Ladies, I am approaching my one year surgery date! WOW it's funny how time flies.
Wanted to bless you all with a quick update.

So far I have been able to maintain my weight (actually I've gained four lbs but who is counting ) ????
Yes, I still have that annoying dog ear that I showed all of you previously. I went to a surgeon in the USA and he wants $1900.00 to repair it. I think I'll be taking a trip back to DR for revision.
I have taken swimsuit pics that I will update in a sec. if you pay close attention you will notice my dogear. This totally annoys me but ok making the best of it bc I am not ready for surgery. Although I know it's out patient, Idc.

I have received so many questions and compliments on my body. Everyone knows that I've had surgery and throughout this year I have only received so much positive feedback. Of course you have the ones who hate plastics but oh well, their lost bc I am an amazing person inside and out.
I want to remind every women or man who is considering surgery to be like Nike and JUST DO IT. Don't let outside people influence your decision. It is the best decision I ever made. My confidence is at an all time high and I have no regrets. If you ever need someone to talk to, hit me up.

A happy surgerycamper
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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