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I've tryed so hard to lose weight and tone however...

I've tryed so hard to lose weight and tone however it has been impossible to lose weight or to gain weight without losing it everywhere or gaining it everywhere. Well I have gained it but in all the places I don't want it.Now I'm on my way to the body I've been striving to have with the help of Dr.Mallol .

My journey has begun

I've started taking my iron pills and folic acid a couple days ago.I've booked my flight and now jus waiting on my pass port to arrive.I'll be staying at Paradise recovery house. I hope my levels are up to 12 before may I want my surgery to go as smooth as possible.

Counting down

It's official I got my passport done today and my flight is booked,there's no turning back passport was higher than what I thought it would be but hey I got it with my PCP next week to make sure I'm good to go.I must say this process has been easier than expected I'm praying my surgery goes this well.

My before

Heyyyyy Bella's I haven't posted in awhile so here my update.time is flying it's only 3 weeks away and im on pins and needles.I know I have my doctor and date but I'm still doing my research.I went to my PCP today my levels has gotten better 11.5 but I'm shooting for 12 or better before my surg cholesterol is high though.if any of u Bella's have a good diet or just a meal plan that my help me by my date plz inbox or post. I've posted my before pics for u guys to see .I praying and hoping for curves to die for a nice waist and round far I have a little more shopping to do butt cushion compressions socks,.Dr.Mallols staff has been great I speak with them every week .oh yea ladies if your getting the premium package make sure u ask what the insurance cost and what what it takes care of.jus in case u have to have a blood transfusion and the 8 day recovery house stay because u may have to pay extra if u have to stay however many days over the date ask how much is it per day the days add up $$$$$$.one more thing make sure u get them to email it to you even if you talk to them and get the person's name that gives you the info.

Let The Count Down Begin

heyyyyy Bella's I'm just as excited as Iam nervous,it's almost about that time. I got my passport in the mail Dr.Mallol to make sure all is well.I can't sleep though I have so much going on on the same day I leave for my surg is my sons graduation so I'm preparing for alot.I'm lucky if I come to DR with $5.00 lol!!!!!to be honest I'm a little overwhelmed and tired.I'm not so worried about making it through surg I'm thinking more about the pain crazy huh.I have faith and know I will make it through you have to talk it into existence ,claim in the name of the Lord.Dr.Mallol told me I can bring my own pain meds if I wanted to so Im working on getting those for backup just in case.I recked my kids nerves they don't wanna hear I'm leaving til its time to go I talk about it so much! fear is I won't have the body I want,infection, complications on the table,or being botched.however these are all normal worries it's smethg else but I really want this for me .let the count down begin..........

Calling Dr.Mallol

Yallo ,well Bella's I'm all packed just one more doctors app to make sure things are good and to get pain meds.My cholesterol has come down which isn't a buggy for srug but it is to my health honey.I'm still not sure if I should bring my insomnia meds I had the problem for awhile I can stay up days still have found the right combination of meds and now he has me on ambien ,(it's not working).I'm actually kinda upset with Dr.Mallol it's this close to my surg and the questions I have I can get An answer from him .I've only be able to talk with his assistant and that has only been through what's app txt .My phone bill is over 400.00 calling and not getting and answer or just talking to his front desk person .I can't really seem to get confirmation on anything.My good doctor isn't doing good at all at this point so far as communication with me which is key.I hope I can talk to him before My surg.Mallol better not turn into another Duran.Other than that Bella's I'm still preparing.Hey if u talk to him before I do remind him (do u knw 4evermore has surg in less than 3 weeks and u has been trying to get in touch with you,what up wit that)lmao ...ijs

On my way

Heyyyyy y'all it's almost time .I fly out on Thursday and I will arrive Friday evening.I'm more than excited I can't wait to see the new and improved me!!!!!! To all my Bella's having surg this week happy healing!!!!!!

On my way

It's that time.I've had such a good day today my son graduated today and I saw my also after that got pain meds he said I was OK .now I'm on my way I'm checking in and departing in an hour.I'll keep you all posted. See you on the snatched side bellaaaaaas.

I'm here

Heyyyyy I'm here I had two flights and and small lay over but I made it safely.I was greeted by a wonderful driver by the name of George,he is attentive to your needs he even had wifi in his van for those who he picks up and stuff to charge ya phone and beverages ,he was great .from the airport straight to get my examines done and to the recovery house.truns out ladies paradise recovery is not a paradise but the food is good the water is cold and the TV doesn't get any English stations and I didn't have my owe room which I requested and the bathroom is nasty I put on shower shoes jus to shower.on the other hand my first meet and greet and consultation with Dr Mallol wit well.he nice and makes u aware of what's really going on or what u need to do and what u can't.

I'm snatched

Heyyyyy ladies I had my surg yesterday and it was so aggressive I feel terrible.but huni I look wonderful.D r.mallol is a dream boat and the sweetest.f first let me start by saying the insurance doesn't include blood transfusion and I have d to have two .it really sounds worse than is was my surg wit fine but by me having aggressive help went down way down.ladies if you can don't come alone like I did.have your translator app ready .the hospital's aren't like the states at all and it's not required here for a women nurse to be around if the doctors or staff have to touch u ,jus a heads up if your uncomfortable.second bring ya own pills pads and bed pads bug spray too towels bath and dry towels.if u have a computer something to play movie bring DAT too becuz DAT premium package it's not all it wrapped up to be .paradise recovery dirty tub and floor bugs and the hot water doesn't work .I wish I cloud go to another recovery house.i ask them when someone is gonna clean it and it's still the same .so the laundry and housekeeping is little to none.bring ya own sheets already u will be comfortable .I don't even sleep.on there pillows I saw bugs on them so I covered them with my sheets.u basically want ya own everything if your coming here.the food is ok but I wish I brung my own.other that the ladies the reason people come here is for the price because the living standards are totally body was totally worth it

Paradise recovery house not at all paradise

Still here

As dats go by I hope they get easier a not draining good in the shapes I as taking the pain med I may be to early to say I don't like my shape my button to high .it nothing like my wish pic

Today's visit

Today's doctors visit to make sure it was draining went ok.still swollen


Here my update people,so I'm finally on my way home.Before I left My drain was taken out and I dreaded the moment I didn't wanna have to feel any pain .I dame near wanted to be put to sleep for everything .lol My body is tender to the touch at the moment .I could feel my drain coming out and it was a long drain.Still ,all worth it! my stomach is snatched I still need to drain more which I will do at home,and the stitches are dissolvable so no worries there.My butts sore, it hurts more in my back than my butt I had very aggressive lipo in my back.ladies plz prepare yourselves for discomfort the drain is a b$#%h.I can't wait for my swelling and bruising to go away and my body fully takes and the fat settles to its full potential.oh ladies the insurance doesn't include blood transfusion at all they are 125.00 and the shots aren't included either with meds so bring extra cash.I told u guys enough about paradise recovery so Ill leave dat alone,but please don't be hesitate on reminding the nurses about things .oh yea ladies the lady that does the massages is great have your translator app on hand,i didn't like my butt shape and she reshaped it You can talk about anything with her which is good cause it will be a lil uncomfortable at first (the pain ) so the convo is a good distraction she's a people person.if your shy about being completely naked in front of other people request a private room because you will be in ya birthday suit in front of ya roomate.The faja itches but your tank underneath should help.Dr Mallol wants us to have the closest to 100% cotton some tanks aren't and will snag.Dr.Mallols assistant is very heavy handed so you may have to tell him gentle or slow down however The doctor is heaven sent Lord ,Lord ,lord.smh .if I forgot anythg just ask....

Facility and staff

Here the Mallol team and facilities

All Bella's

Thank you guys for the support.Hey Jenni keep in touch Happy Healing Chica!????????????????????????

Bad new

Hey ladies guess I'll update you it's not even a week yet and I'm in the E.R. worst fear of all I've gotten an infection a drainage and wound infection that looks bad a feels even worse u guys .I sent DR.Mallol pics and Txt every step of the way since my surg he told me it was normal to have drainage from my back and it's coming from my lipo whole in my butt ,it leaks like TT scar is infected it is red and has grown a crust on it that look horrible these symptoms all started during my plane ride and gotten worse at days went are. I can't still see why the Doc didn't want me to come to the ER from his last txt telling him my condition he said that the pics showed no signs of infection to him and the video of the drainage I sent was normal .and yes ladies the pain is as bad as the description.I just can t believe this!!!!! All I want is a good recovery


Ive been discharged from the hospital.Im so happy I'm out of there and I'm I can start back healing....


Hey ladies so far my healing hasn't gone so smooth I have a seroma build up,ive just come back from the hospital for a second time.I ran a fever and started to throw up my body was warm everywhere u touched it. if u Google it there's a review on realself just type it in.but I've been going through lots of pain my back and sides are very hard and my back very tight the fluid burns and a shooting pain that hits me often.i have another drainage tube put in ,I'm continuing my massages which are very uncomfortable my skin is tender to the touch but I gotta do TT cut is healing better at on pain meds narco and butt has gotten some volume back.Dr Mallol surprisingly asked me not to post on realself anymore about my journey because he been getting calls at his office as bout me and another girl who got an infection and I take it hasnt been good for business.that blew me because it's my journey and why we all look to realself for the truth.just because it has happen to me doesn't mean you will have the same experience.As of now he hasn't answered me back on WhatsApp but I wanted to ask him things the doctors here may need to know it would help them get right to the source of the problem.doctors don't really like going behind other doctors work when it surgery and emergency rooms don't specialize in cosmetic surgery they have to have one come in to evaluate you so My second time I could have really used his help but all is well.I just have more of a process to through for a great outcome.

Long over due

Heyyyyy Bella's this update is long over due .Im still healing I just recently had my drains taken out yasssss I know you all are like what but has I ran into some drainage problems and the hospital made it worse when it was all simple to begin with.but now my drains are out I still have a small pouch and swelling on my lower stomach but I must say I guess I'm doing ok.things could be better I hope my lil pouch goes down.but it's all in healing so I'm hopeful

Cry out for my me DOCTOR MALLOL

Bella idk,I don't know what to do to help her this fluid out on me but it has my back and stomach still swollen .so yea I haven't enjoyed my body.someone plz tell me what to do .should I exercise may that will help my body absorb the seroma fluid.Idk what to do.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Mallols tinformative.Communication with the office and setting a date was very easy and quick within 24 hrs I had an email and a phone call the next day.Im so happy to know they spoke some English and my premium package made getting my surgery even better.

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