Duran Doll TT, Lipo, BBL June 2014 - Dominican Republic, DO

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Seeking that vixen bootay with that anorexic...

Seeking that vixen bootay with that anorexic waist baby!!!! I've always had an amazing coke bottle shape. Now I have a coke can shape! LOL. I just want to feel sexy again in a two-piece. I want my face & body to match. I'm still in limbo as to whether not I want to get a breast lift/ breast augmentation along with these procedures. Through thorough research and careful consideration DURAN it is. When I look at her post-op pictures my mouth drops. I'm 5'4" 180 lbs

Before pics

These are some before photos.

Loosing Weight

Currently on a diet. Planning to be 150-160 prior to sx in June. Plan includes high protein, low carbs, and cardio. I have four months plan to loose 6-8 pounds per month. I'll keep RS updated

Before pic

Hemoglobin levels

We know our lovely Duran wants us to be healthy. I found this hemoglobin monitor on eBay for a great price ladies. This will allow you to keep track of your hemo levels. Not a CBC (complete blood count).

Hate is real!!!!

Ladies beware! Lots of females that can't get a date, be careful. Elizabeth made a post making some aware of the "official" way to switch dates. Ladies don't give your dreams away off a hope... Duran is the best!!!!! Don't let haters discourage you from your dreams. Stand your ground, ladies, do something for yourself for a change.

Switching Dates

Clarifying my previous post. Switching dates on social network sites are not official. You have to contact the office. Ladies that actually have a date be mindful of that process.

Time is flying

I've been so busy! I'm still so excited. Ladies with the beautiful weather near, the passport processing time has increased. The estimated time 4-6 weeks. Don't procrastinate!


I know you all think I'm a joke. Truth is once you get the surgery all the excitement leaves. You invest so much energy into preparing you don't want to think about it once it's over. I'm so sorry guys

Photo 6 months

Day of surgery

I arrived at CIPLA at 630am. Myra took me and 2 other girls there. I stayed at armonia for 8days. I woke up during sx. It was somewhat painful...I remember screaming Dalor dalor....pain in Spanish. I was first for sx duran started at 12noon and finished at 430pm. I got Breast implants tummy tuck and lipo. The total cost was 6800 with fajas included. Meds were sperate cost. Recovery house was serperate cost. You lay on your butt the whole stay in dr. My post op measurements are 36DD-25-48. I'm preparing for round 2. I want more projection. I will do a seperate review. more photos to come
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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