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As I am preparing my mind for this life changing...

As I am preparing my mind for this life changing event, Im also not getting off of track with what I started! Before I made my mind up to get surgery, I was busting my FLAT butt everyday to lose the 60+ I lost . I refuse to just sit back and say , "Im just gonna get it sucked out anyway!" No, I want a healthy ? heart, and healthy habits that will keep my results banging. I have a couple friends who did not change their habits and the weight is creeping back!!

My Hemo is Low

As I am preparing my body for my transformation, I decided to get my blood work done very early. I had been eating beets and what I considered a decent diet! Welp, no! To my surprise my HEMO was a low 10.4. My doctor gave me iron pills of 325mg vs the 45mg I had been taking. I was kind of heart boken yesturday but today I glad I did it early so I can take proper steps to get it up in a timely manner

My Hemo Went from 12.9 to 10.6

So, I am writing this review in hopes that someone with similar case was able to proceed with surgery. when I first decided on surgery, I made sure that I had all blood work done to be sure there were no surprises when I got to Dominican republic. My labs came back and I wasn't surprised that my hemo was low because its been low all my life 10.8. So I started my mission of taking iron with vitamin C and beet juice daily. In 2 months it rose to 12.9. I was so happy. Then, I go to the doctor 2 weeks ago and my panel came back saying that hemo was 10.6!!!! that shocked the hell out me (it was taken a week b4 my period, I dont think that matters). why in the hell did it drop and ive been taking iron 3x daily as well as blackstrap molasses? So, my doctor is confused by this too because she says I am taking alot of iron , so we had more test ran blood, urine, and feces to test every possssible reason for this. My question is, is there anyone out there who had similaiar problem that went to dr and had iron infusions. im thinking my body may not absorb iron properly and I may need to get to DR and get iron iv. How much is iron IV? how many do you need usually before you can have surgery?

Just Found out I Have H Pylori

I have been working on my hemo so much since i decided that I was going to have surgery. I had started with a reading of 10.8 and within 2 months I had gotten it up to 12.9! I was so excited. Then I go to the doctor again and to my surprise it fell back down to 10.6. Omg! I was so sad and worried. Like do I have cancer, or I am sick? So my doctor ran some test and I tested positive for H Pylori. So hopefully with the medicine I will be cured and get my Hemo back up. I have 6 months to get it where I need to have it for all of the procedures that I want

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