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So I haven't done anything yet, I haven't even...

So I haven't done anything yet, I haven't even contacted Dr. Duran but she is my surgeon of choice. Im not big enough for a full on bbl so i want butt implants with fat transfer. Im starting to save up as of now. I do go to the gym and I have squatted and all that for a while now and I have come to terms that the only way to get my dream body is through surgery. I really love Durans work and cannot wait to become a Duran Doll!!

Before Pics**

I really want a small waist more than anything,has anyone ever went to Duran and just gotten lipo??I feel like everybody wants the huge booty(which I understand) but I really want a tiny waist and Duran and Yily are the only ones that I have seen that deliver. I never got a good vibe from Yily and have heard too many horror stories about her over the years on MakeMeHeal and RS, so she's out. And I love how perky implants look Im just not sure about having something foreign inside me FOREVER. Anywho I just emailed her and hopefully she will email me back within the week with a reasonable quote.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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