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I've finally decided to get butt implants !! I...

I've finally decided to get butt implants !! I found doctor and she is so sweet so far. I saved up this money for the past year and I will be flying by myself the first week in February ! I was quoted 5500 for the implants and the liposuction ... I really don't have a stomach but my waist not small either so I'm going to do it anyway ... I hear slot of people saying the recovery house (Gina) that she advises you to go is no good ... But it's the most cheapest way . Food , laundry, after care from the procedure , the rides from and to your appointments , airport pickup , cable , wifi all for 600 a week ! To me that a deal . I did check out some hotels but it was close to 2000 a week (not happening) . Everyone is against me going by myself but idk at this point my life's already written . I'm currently 5'5 120lbs I'm gonna try and gain 15 lbs and hope that can allow me to get a bigger implant put in. I don't know what shap I'm getting right now I will wait for my consultation . I did ask if I have enough to fat can I get it transferd to my hips and she said it would be an extra 300 . I will keep you guys updated !

6 months has passes

Here are some pics of my journey from the hospital till now !

6 months has passed more pics

My doctor Jacqueline Miranda was soooo sweet ! I felt like I was on an American hospital . If anyone has questions or need help with your journey let me know !

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She has been so helpful so far ... And I know I being very annoying when I msg her everyday lol

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