25 Year Old Mom of 1.

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Ok so after doing intensive research i have gone...

Ok so after doing intensive research i have gone for Dr Abraham Polanco Safadit hes a trusted surgeon and has worked on more than 5 girls i know. He told me i have zero fat on my stomach & just a little on my back. Hes going to define my waiste using lipo and place butt implants because i am too skinny for fat transfer. I did all my health exams and i am in perfect health. We set the date for Monday March 9th. Does anyone have any tips or info to share w me i am so nervous as to pain afterward, going to the bathroom, showers, walking and all that stuff

Tomorrow is the day

I am so nervous i cant sleep:( im worried about the pain after & about the overall outcome. Wish me luck ill keep posting reviews

Day 2

Everything went great, I got there at seven in the morning. When I got there I filled out some papers and the doctor marked me up and took some pictures. After the surgery room and I was given an IV and through the IB I was given a sedation so that I wouldn't feel epidural on my back. The Epidural went great I didn't feel anything is not a pinch. After I got the epidural he turned me over and started with the surgery during the surgery all I found was moving me around and I guess that was from the lipo on my back. Then I thought the doctor and start inserting the implants and everything was done i felt no pain whatsoever All i felt was nausea but they gave me something in my IV and I was good. Then they took me to my room and they're even more nauseous the whole day yesterday I was in no pain but I kept throwing up it was the worst. Today on day 2 I came home when I got up I got so dizzy and I thought I was going to faint so I had to lay back down I had to come in the car laying on my stomach in the backseat and now I'm here at home resting a little bit of discomfort because I am on my belly besides that everything is good the pain from a 1-10 is like a four. The worst thing about the surgery is having to lay on your belly it is so uncomfortable wake up every hour that's how uncomfortable you feel you feel like you're back is going to break. Sorry if I didn't give enough feedback but I'm dictating into my phone because its so uncomfortable to write when you're on your belly.

Day 3

Walking and getting out of bed is so much better, but still this whole sleeping in my stomach issue has me awake at almost 5 am:( wish i could feel more comfortable to sleep but i know it can only get better while the days go by.

Day 4

It has gotten better, i still havent felt any kind of pain that has gone beyond a 3 from a 1 to a 10:) my only problem is laying on my stomach so long that my neck starts to stiffen up & hurt so bad. Tonight i finally slept over an hour as two the past 2 nights where it was torture waking up every hour. I get up w help & lay down w help over 5 times a day to walk around so my neck can rest. I find that walking helps alot normallt ill walk 15 mins very slowly and after the walk my neck is a little less sore and i can nap. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to sleep on my stomach without hurting my neck?:/ oh and my drain comes off Monday still a few more days to go i cant wait to have them remove, does anyone know if its painful when they get removed im scared fortl that..

Realself doesnt count the day of the surgery so for me is day 4

So today i have more energy, i can sit for a couple of mins before getting a little uncomfortable. I slept a little more last night. I wish i could take a shower & these drains were removed but thats not until next monday:( i played dress up today & loved my look even though i know im still swollen.

Hello ladies

So i got a little fever the night before yest and went to see my doc yesterday. He took off my faja and checked my incision everything was great! Im healing so fast he even had me sit on a reg chair so that i would stop stressing about sitting lol. I went to his office laying in the back of the car and once he had me sit and realize it was fine i went back home sitting regularly:) as for today jesus lord has blessed me i feel awesome im even gonna go pamper myself and do my nails and hair:) he did make my faja tighter so i have to get use to this feeling. I swear i cant wait for my drain to be removed monday so that i can take awesome pics and wear pants! Ill post a pic after i pamper myself later

Ok so tomorrow is the drain removal day

I am soooo excited to haveto have my drains removed! But im a little scared can anyone tell me their experience w drain removal? Wasit painful? What exacly do you feel as they are being removed?

Drains removed!!

So yesterday my marveloua DR removed my drains! One side i didnt feel a pinch the other side i felt the whole thing coming out it wasnt pain just a weird feeling. I am so relieved without the drains omg! I feel so much more comfortable to sit & sleep & everything! Now i can get dressed and look beautiful. I have to go back on wednesday because i got fevers twice to he send a culture to the lab and prescribed more antibiotics just in case. He also prescribed me a cream for the wound and another for the bruising. Idk how many times i am going to say this but my DR is the best!

Debate me my doctor is not the best

Some pics to proof it lol love him

Real self didnt upload it here it is

More pics

My docs email is dr_polancosafadit@hotmail.com when you email tell him eddily gave him his email im trying to get a discount for my boobies lol

Just a little update

Im doing fine im use to my implants i dont feel them anymore unless i touch them, but they're suppose to soften up after 3 months so im not freaking out till then lol. But besides that everything is perfect for me im about 85% back to normal!! Loll and completely happy w my new booty!!

Hello ladies

So ive been freaking out because i toon off my garment before hand and one of my implants moved a little. After my doctor gave me a 10 minute speach on how he told me sooo he advised i wear my garment at all times for the next 3 months and so i did & thank God my implant took its place again. The worst two weeks of my life thinking id have to go through a revision surgery lol. Just thought id share please please wear your garment for as long as your doc advices you!!!! And here is a little update pic!
Abraham Polanco Safadit

I love my doctor, he made me feel welcomed and hes not the type to do procedures just to get the money. My mom wanted to lift her boobs and instead of saying yes like a normal money hungry DR would do he asked her to look herself in the mirror and see if she was happy w what she saw or if she would be happier w scars on them. He listens and gives you the look you asked him too. He answers emails and whatsapp pretty fast and to me i feel like a friend to him rather than a patient. I told him to get a realself account im pretty sure he is in a few! Good luck girls on the DR you choose im glad i chose Abraham Polanco Safadit

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