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Hi Ladies, I plan on having surgery very soon...

Hi Ladies, I plan on having surgery very soon (before this summer is over) in the DR with the amazing Dr. Fernandez Goico. I have already received a quotes and all those good things. However, before I pay my deposit and set a date I want to make sure I have a good place to say. I need some recovery house suggesting with prices included. I know there are other discussions on recovery houses but some of the posts are a bit dated and the girls rarely gave a price. I will just come out and say that i am looking for something legit but CHEAP as Goico required we stay in the DR for a minimum of 14 days after and thats a lot of time which equals more money out of my pocket. The cheapest recovery house I've come across so far is Yasmin's and she is about $55 dollars a day. Anybody know of any cheaper ones? Help would be greatly appreciated! I will also add more and update this once I get my recovery house figured out.

I Think I'm Getting "The Blues"...

Hello ladies. I know I still haven't uploaded any pictures. i will do that closer to my surgery date. In the meantime I would like to share an experience that I am having and maybe some of you can relate. Lately I have been feeling extremely......SELFISH and guilty for planning to spend so much money on my personal appearance. Every where i look I see people close to me who are struggling with bills, loans, etc. Ive just been feeling like such a brat for want this so badly. Its something that i have wanted for years and years and I never thought I would get the opportunity. I dreamed about it but now that it's attainable I'm having second thoughts. There is so much more I can do with this money. I can pay for extra classes at my university, I could travel, heck I could even buy a new car or just SAVE. On the other hand, I know that money comes and money goes. My biggest fear is that I will get this surgery and regret it if i ever fall on hard times. My other biggest fear is that i will not get the surgery and deeply regret it for many years to come..... A penny for your thoughts would be nice:)

My quote

I have received my quote. Currently waiting for an invoice to be sent to me so I can pay down the $300 deposit. Afterwards Karel will send me my receipt, balance, pre-op guidelines, list of things I will need to bring with me, and a medical questionnaire! Getting very excited again now. My previous worries about going through with this are disappearing.


Wish Pics


Hello ladies. I am sending you this message because I am absolutely DISGUSTED! I have been hesitant to put my own personal photos on this website and a message I received yesterday by a person calling themselves "Zobb" has validated my hesitation. For those of you who might not be able to see what it says from the photo here is the message I received: "Hi !
i'd like to tell you my advice about your butt, would you send me some more pics of your butt without underwear bending over to watch how it looks from behind too
waiting for your answer you can reply and send pics on my mail zobzobby@yahoo.fr.
have a nice day"
....... WTFFF! This is absolutely insane. I can't believe some nerve has the audacity to send me this. As if I would be stupid enough to send him pictures of my body that could end up literally anywhere on the internet. All in all ladies be careful putting your personal information out there. I am sure this person has been looking at many different profiles and saving photos these women have put out there to help others going through this stressful process. It is sick but it's reality :(
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