Wanting to Go to DR at the End of May or June of 2013! - Dominican Republic, DO

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I have been wanting to get this procedure done for...

I have been wanting to get this procedure done for like ever now. I have been reading everyones testimonies and it make me want it more. I am scared to travel and scared about the anesthesia. I was wondering if anyone wanted to buddy up around May or June?? Really dont want to do this by myself but I will since I am getting married next January!!

Does anyone want my June 4th date with Yily???

Does anyone want my June 4th date with Yily???

I leave tomorrow!!

Its finally here I leave for DR tomorrow but will not have surgery until June 6th. However, my buddy doronel will be having surgery on June 4th. Its so surreal now. I am alittle scared but ready to get it done!!

Surgery tomorrow with duran!!

Its been a long journey for me!! I was told my blood suger was to high and needed to see a specialist. So I did and ended up paying 250 dollars. She said you cannot have surgery with your blood sugar so high. I said what can we do?? What are the risks ?She then said risk of infection, breathing difficulty and diabetic coma. So now I am scared to death.She said if your A1C is less then 7 I will ok your surgery. So yasmin god bless her heart has taking me back and forth for testing. I got my results back and my A1C is 6.8!! So she approves mybsurgery but I am still so scared for tomorrow!! All the risks involved has me super worried. Please pray for me that everything goes alright.Will post more when I can!!

My Surgery Experience

First off I want to thank everyone for all the support and prayers sent my way. So the day of surgery the took my blood because I have high blood sugar and she cant operate on me if it is high. So then when my results came back it was high. They gave me an insulin shot and waited until it worked through my blood stream. About two hrs later the nurse came in and gave me the blue pill. It didnt do anything for me. I waited for about another hour when they came in an got me. I was wheeled into the surgery room and I remember asking to see the doctor because I have not been marked I didnt tell her what I wanted. The anesthesiologist came in and said dont worry she will be here in a minute, well he put something in my IV and next thing I know I woke up and was back in my room. I wasnt in any pain at that time since the medicine was still in my system. The next day was a little different thats when I realized that my whole body felt as if I was hit by a truck. I was released to my recovery house (yasmin) let me just say she is a god send. The first day I slept alot. Then I started to get sick couldnt hold food down and throwing up all the time. Yasmin family then took me to cipla and they gave me a shot to help me feel better. Well it didnt really work I wasnt throwing up but I wasnt feeling any better. The next two day were so uncomfortable I couldnt really do much. The third day I went and seen my doctor and she said I need to leave the drains in a bit longer and that I need to get a shot for the swelling. This shot had to be given in the muscle. I said ok but at first asked why I need it. She said I take more fat out of you then I have any of my patients I took 15 liters and you need this medicine. So I said ok so that night yasmins family had to take me back to cipla to get the shot in the muscle. That was really painful. So its been a long rough journey for me. My partner and I then moved to a hotel in Juan Dulio. It was ok not 4 star but not terrible. I thought this would be good to get away and try to relax. First day there was ok I was super swollen and got tired very easily. The next day I thought I was great doronel and I walked around got some pizza and everything seemed fine. Well later that night I had hard time breathing I thought it was due to the faja and decided to take it off and it didnt help I still felt like I couldnt get any air. Deep breathes were impossible. I stayed up all night pacing wondering what was wrong. The next morning I looked at doronel and said I have been up all night and I cant breathe something is seriously wrong with me. So we tried to locate another hotel in the city near cipla and tried to get a taxi to come get us clear at Juan Dulio. It took forever and as we were waiting for the taxi I felt as if I was going to faint. My whole head was dizzy and I couldnt breathe. The taxi finally arrived and all I remember is crying and telling doronel that I cant breathe and I dont want to die in santa domingo my family doesnt even know that I am here. She tried to calm me but I kept hyper ventilating. We told the taxi to go straight to cipla and not the hotel and he was scared for me that he started to pray for me in spanish an speeding fast to get me to cipla. Finally arrived at cipla they did a chest x-ray and listened to my heart. So he came back and said you are fine you have a slight case of atelectasis and I was like what is that? He said a small section of your lung is not moving!! I was like what why?? How can that happen??? He never really explained how it happens but gave me some medicine and a breathing machine to help build back my lung capacity. Doronel and I moved to a new hotel called the la mercure. It was wonderful downtown near everything. I finally after all this trouble started to feel better and we actually got to walk around and see different things. The last 3 days were good. I went through alot. Now for my results!! Let me just say doctor duran is the best surgeon!! She cared about my health and made me see a specialist in order to operate on me. I did not get tummy tuck because I have not had any kids but let me tell you she took out so much fat from me that my body is amazing compared to what I was. I may not have the perfect barbie type body but I am half the size I was and I love it. I will post pics soon!! Let me just say I use to wear XL shirts and now I wear a medium. As for my skin it is retracting!! I still have alittle bit of loose skin but not much at all. I love my doctor and I love my results. She is caring and makes sure that your saftey is priority.If you have any questions just ask!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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