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So I received my quote for full abdomen lipo + bbl...

So I received my quote for full abdomen lipo + bbl (3500). I super excited as I paid my deposit and am now waiting for a response for a date. I'm really hoping to get the first week of April. I've already started to take my vitamins and planning to lose about 30lbs before the surgery. I'll keep you all updated.

Date Set

So yesterday Yily confirmed my date for the 2nd of April and I'm soooooo excited. I decided to spend 7 days in DR and 4 in Haiti so that I can see all of my family while in Hispaniola. I've booked my recovery house with Dominga. The crazy part about this is that no one knew about the first round and I've still only told two or three people about this round. I still need to pick up some more things for the trip, but thus far I have; pads, laxatives, Arnica cream, vitamins, wife beaters and some meds....need to make a list * le' sigh

befores and wishes

Travel days

So I wonder how Yily is going to react once I inform her that I have to cut my time from 10 to 7 days as I have to be in Haiti for a wedding for 4 days. Ugh I hope that she doesn't feel some type of way.

TT or No TT that is the question

I've been in thought about whether or not I should add on this Tummy tuck. I'm pretty toned for a big girl so Idk. Plus, as prior stated I'll be in Haiti for the 4 remaining days of my vacation so I know like hell I don't want to be there with a TT scar. I have no real issue paying the extra 1k. I think I may stick with just the lipo....

need to lose this weight

I'm legit 30 days always from being on the table and I need to drop 40 by then..... Time to exercise double time and cut my portions down to snack size. Other than going hard on this diet; I've spent way too much money buying thing for this damn trip. All I need now is a few med but hell I think I might just get them from yily as I only need 3 off the list. Thinking about going to handle this blood work sometime during them week.


So, I've been MIA for a few days, just getting things together. I have all of my vitamins, lipo foam, a urinal, new robe, memory foam seat cushion ( not feeling the bobby), alcohol wipes, chux, baby wipes, ensure, gloves, Band-Aids, arnica massage oil, bath salt/ lotion, maderma(sp), acid reflux pills, laxatives, gauze, med tape, and a few other things that I can't possibly think of. On another note, I've lost 6 lbs and 4 inches so yay me :-). I've been working really hard and count calories. Even though I don't want to be extremely small I still don't want too much lose skin from lipo. Well, I'll post more later as I have a 530 workout before work. Wish me luck.

3 pounds down!!!

So since my last update I've lost 3 lbs and my stomach has shrunk. I've given up bread and bacon for Lent; which since working in a kitchen will be one hell of a triumph. Working in a kitchen help some too; I'm always running around like a mad man, I lift 50-60lbs regularly by myself, and its hot a hell. I've been working out for about two hours a day after work and cut more calories out of my diet. I mostly snack, drink water, and eat a salad for dinner. By the end of the month I hopefully will have lost my goal weight plus some. Oan: I've been thinking about adding thigh and arm lipo to the mix. My only hesitation is that I don't want my thighs too small and as prior stated I'm always lifting boxes and heavy ass pots. Ugh annnnnd my passport still hasn't come yet and Im worried it might not be here in time...gotta call them after work tomorrow.


Within just a few short days ish has really gotten real. I'm legit two weeks always from being a Yily doll and I'm so excited as this will be my last round. I'm also sad a s my little friend will be going back to Jamaica and won't be back until next year. As we all know fwb never last as either you get together or find another. In this case I didn't know I'd miss him so( especially since the fwb thing was my idea). Ugh I was expecting him to be back sooner so I could dunk it on with the new donk.

Lol oan: I'm stuck at 245 as I haven't been to the gym since Wednesday and gained 2-3lbs back.… it fluctuates as I'm always going down and coming up. Most people don't know that I weigh as much as I do( thank god for holding up). I'm going to pray that in the next two weeks I can drop 10lbs which is possible. I'm also thinking about taking an extra grand just in case Yily is all like you need a TT. I'll keep it 100, I had one prior which resulted to me landing in someone's OR. I didn't want one then either but the doctor I went to did one anyways while I was under. I was 20 and even though children were never really on the mind set I'd still might want 1 or 2. Granted I looked amazing, I had gained an infection as his after was slim to none and he was out of country right after my surgery so I was left in the dark. I almost died, I was having a fever but only at night when the temp dropped. I would wake in sweat and delirious … the doctor was out and his assistant was far from helpful. Mind you that during the day I was quite fine; my temp dropped back to normal, I was walking around joking and playing around with the other girls in the recovery house, and more. The nurse was very sweet and was always good to me. She would was my faja every other day and was me, which possibly where it started. Because there are different bacteria in the water it needs to be boiled first to kill them off. It primarily affects those who are foreign to it as in Mexico. I didn't think much of the water before as I'm from Haiti and Santo Domingo is like my second home. I don't know for sure but there could be a possibly of being contaminated.

Speed up: I'm now back in Miami( my then home) and all seems well... My hair dresser came that very day I was back to flip my wig as the meds and sweat had a shorty looking crayz! I was looking right as the ex was in awe. I noticed after looking changing my dressing and my belly button was black and to me it was either bruising or necrosis so I went to the hospital the next day to get it checked out, sat in the waiting room for 12hours. They looked and sat me down and stuck an iv with antibiotics. Well let's just say that it was a waste of 128 dollars. A week later my skin was pretty much melting away. I had no energy to eat to go out I had to call the ambulance as after just a shower I was done. So once again I'm there for hours though I had an infection and seroma out the ass. To make a long story a little shorter... They pumped or rather cut and sucked all of the infection from my body and I had to let the hole close on its own.

Many might ask why in Sam hell I would do it again after all of this and I prayed about and cried about it. Its scary to think about but its like riding a horse or getting hurt by an ex. All I know is that in two weeks I'll be in a new body TT or not. Lol me and my randomness

Really -_- x20

So why did Yily have someone damn near a month later email me about confirming my date via my other email.....unorganization is a mother boy I tell you. Anyways I'm less than two weeks away from being a doll. I decided to add my TT. I know I know aggressive lipo is the way but I want to be that it chick lol. So I'm also going to add before and after of the first round

one week away

Soooo, I'm one week away from becoming a tummy tucked waist snatched big booty doll. My man is going back to Jamaica so I'm free to do as I please( not as though I wasn't b4) and boy what a summer it will be. I'm slightly nervous even though its my second round. Im also excited about going back to Haiti for a few days as its been three log years since I've had good ole griot Jon Jon and riri. I miss my roots and family.

wish pics


So I'm scare of these infection stories floating around and may change doctors. Even if I do I'm going to grab some of this umf28 manuka honey from my health food store. A shorty does not have the time to sit once again in someone's trauma ward for 2 weeks.

The honey: so for those of you who don't know what it is that I'm talking about, manuka honey is a honey from New Zealand that has antibacterial properties. It has been tested on multiple strains of Staph infections and with grand results. Manuka honey is sold by the umf grade which tells you how active the antibodies are(10 being the lowest and less active). For most wounds you want to get between 10-18+. Also if you have a allergic reaction to bees this would not be for you. They also have a !medical grade that has been processed precisely for wound care; dressings, topicals, and salines. All of which can be used for infections and burns.


So I'm like nervous Nd excited all in the same swing. Off topic but, I decided since the boo was going back to JA and won't be back til next year I was going to make dinner and give him the business. This bastard had me playing the waiting game so I called him and he decided to go to the bar. So long story short I'm so ready for this new bod as I plan to make his ass sick with it. As I will be Champange fine with that s curve action. Anyyyyways, I got the honey plus another antibiotic cream which I will blend together as well as taking. Teaspoon of honey before and after surgery. I'm still going to go to Yily as I contacted her yesterday and decided to pray on it. Oan: I'm concerned about thievery at cpla as I don't have the time nor the capacity to remain compose if my stuff ends up missing.

Ay dio mio!!!!!

So I missed my flight this morning which I'm all types of vexed about. I would have just arrived to the airport yet I'm just leaving NYC. Hopefully I have enough time once I'm there to go do my paper work so I won't have to do it in the morning. Pray for me chicas as anything that could go wrong thus far kind of already has.

Robles mañana!

So things always happens for a reason, so I made it to CIPLA clinic around 230 and when I say hot mess I mean mess. As I stated prior I had to get a later flight as I miss my 6am one. I must say Dominga is the sweetest. She gave me hugs and kisses upon my arrival and her English is great. Her son drove us to the clinic, where Dominga took charge and was my momma bird. She went to pick up my check list, walked with me everywhere I needed to go, and translated everything that I didn't full comprehend. So this is when things went left, my bmi is 40.6. I wasn't hurt about not getting my surgery with Yily as I didn't even get to meet her let alone see her and I was there until 430. So her assistant call Robles as they're friends and any girl that Yily can't do surgery on, she refers them to her. They gave me two choices; lose the weight or have surgery with Robles tomorrow. Now I was planning on going to Robles after the news of the latest death but at that time she didnt have space. So God knew what I wanted and needed. Her price is suppose to be cheaper than Yily and Dominga told me that her bed side manner and after care is awesome. Well I'm about to go to bed as tomorrow is the big day! Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers plz and Ty.

In God's hands

So everything went to caca once I landed in DR. So as prior stated I misses my 6 am flight and had to catch the 940 plane out. All of that was fine as I made it in safely and Dominga was there to greet me.( the recovery house is another story). She took me to Cipla to get my test done the day before so that I could be first the next day. Everything was good until it came to !y bmi, as those who've been rocking with me know I was trying to get it down before the surgery. I contacted Yily before it was time for me to leave and she said that due to the muscle mass compared to actual fat that I should be ok. I get there and the script is flipped and Yily is nowhere in site so her assistants took charge. They said I had two options; lose the weight or go to Dra Robles. I chose the second options as Robles was my plan b after the infection scare at Cipla. Mind you that there were 3 other chicks who were also sent to Robles and two of which were very capable of being worked on by Yily. So they called the other doctor to set everything up, they said that they wouldmsen my paperwork over the the other clinic to bypass all the extra bullshit, assuring me that my surgery would happen the next day. So Wednesdays rolls around and I'm up at the ass crack of dawn in excitement and preparing my bag and setting up !my room for my return. I get to the clinic at 715 and they didn't have any of my paperwork and had no idea that I was suppose to be in the rotation.

So I do the test and everything is great; blood work, cardio, etc. Now it the waiting game as I have yet to see Robles and its going on 11. So finally her assistant Laura comes to get me and sit me right outside the office and says that she'll be right back to explain what's going on. By the time 3PM rolls through Laura still had yet to say anything. One of the other nurses put me in a room and I slept on and off for about an hour until Laura FINALLY shows face at about 5 til. Keep in mind that by that time it had been 24hours since I've eaten or had anything to drink. Vexed at the point was beyond an understatement. She remembered me from the pictures I sent from before and that's when it went to hell. She suggested that I get a tummy hell no as it was the same rough ass clinic I had my prior TT in and I refused to be cut open again there after the last time. Ladies when are tired and starving, you emtionsngo off the top. I was hurt, angry, and betrayed as I told this woman on many occasions via email that I didn't want a TT nor did I need one. This heffa got beside herself with her little boxy self. ladies don't allow anyone to try to bully you into getting something you don't want or need as every girl I saw in that office no matter their size was suggested a TT. Then when I was almost willing to go for this heffa tells me that I can't have my bbl....oh hell no. My initial quote from this woman was 4350 for full abdomen lipo, TT, and bbl. My body mass didn't change nor did the shape of my body as I sent them a month prior to leaving.....lord hold me as I was going to tell her something wicked. I decided that I no longer wanted to converse with her as she was driving my pressure up. I decided that if anyone was going to tell me so ish it was going to be my doctor so I waited. When I finally met this woman, she was very nice and sweet, but when she asked me why I didn't go back to the doctor that botched my surgery before that shit was out the window. I had to ask her to repeat what she said as though I was the one who didn't understand English. Before she could complete the sentence I snapped back with" would you go back to a man who gave you no after care and showed no concern after you became sick?" She looked stunned as she could probably see the hurt in my eyes from such cold question as Laura told her what happens prior to speaking with me. She rebuddled and told me that she would do my TT and lipo and that there was a 50/50 chance of me not having a belly button after. I could only imagine the look on my face as she was like you need sleep and should call and talk to me about it the next day. I bet Martha Betty Sue I didn't and won't. Lord that was I'll update about Dominga's later.
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