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Hello ladies! I've been obsessing over this site...

Hello ladies! I've been obsessing over this site for weeks now. I am 26 years old, 210 pounds and 5'6-5'7. I have one 5 year old daughter and I don't think I'll be having any more kids and if I do, it'll be more than a few years down the road. So i'm ready to enjoy life NOW rather than later! I am Puerto Rican and Italian and unfortunately was cursed with NO HIPS and NO ASS. I'm always being complimented by men and women on how beautiful I am, but I just don't feel that WOMANLY confidence since i'm really not curvy at all. I am also overweight so that's obviously another issue. I've been dieting on my own and so far i'm down about 10 pounds but I need to exercise to speed up the process. So I start boot camp this Friday and I am hoping to be about 165 pounds when I start the procedure.

Originally I was going to go with Dra Robles. I have a friend who went to her and stood in Victoria's recovery house and she had a pleasant experience with good results, however that was when I was looking for a more modest, small change in my curves. I was just hoping for a tummy tuck with fat transfer to ass and hips but nothing too serious. Dra Robles response was very fast, she has a nice staff and she is honest with you. When she saw my photos she said that it would be $5200 for TT, lip in the arms, fat transfer to butt and hips. She did say however, that if I lost weight, I would get much better results. So the same day that I was going to confirm my appointment with Dra Robles, I kept seeing these posts about these "Duran Dolls" so I said, let me just take a peek and see what the hype is about. Whoa! What a difference! I searched for Dr Duran on instagram and twitter for more photos and her results are amazing. Don't get me wrong, Dr. Robles is amazing aswell but I think she has a different vision for her girls where as Dra Duran wants to give you that WOW effect. Some people may not want that, but after seeing Dr Duran's results, I realized that if I am going to pay all this money to make a dream of mine come true, I rather go hard and get that WOW effect that Duran gives to her girls. She gives massive ass, a small waist and HIPS for days. She has actually worked on a video girls who are now video vixens. Curves curves curves. I will post some before and after pictures of her work that her close to my body type.

So my journey started a few days ago. I emailed Duran a few times and so far no answer (I know she gets tons of emails so i'm trying to be patient but persistent) I sent her a message on facebook and she answered me the next day saying that she would try to find my email but nothing yet. I heard that you have to leave a $500 deposit to set a date with her for the surgery and that she get's booked up weeks in advance. My next step will be to buy a calling card and call her office.

DR Duran on Instagram: search her by: drahilarioduran

For you ladies who have had this procedure, so far I just have a few questions for you:

1. For smokers, does Dra Duran or other doctors tell you how long before surgery you have to have stopped smoking?
2. For my height (5'6-5'7) is 165lbs a good weight to do the surgery? Or should I be closer to 150?
3. Which recovery houses does Dra Duran use?

I KNOW I have more questions so I will add them in as I remember. Happy journeys! OH and I want to schedule my surgery for March 25, 2014 so if anyone is going around that time, let's journey together! I'm flying to DR from JKF or Laguardia Airport.

Should I go during school year?

Soooo I'm in college and we have a week off for spring break and I can take an extra few days off. Is that enough time to heal? Or should I just wait until the semester is over?

Got in contact with Duran!! Finally!

Hiii guys!! Okay, so I finally got in contact with Dr. Duran’s secretary and she is going to send me my quote soon. I know a lot of you guys have had trouble getting in contact with her so this is how I did it. Very simple: call her office 809-331-5050 and dial ext 212. One of her assistants will pick up the phone and just simply tell them that you need a quote from Duran. If she tells you to send her an email, explain that you did that already and got no answer. She will take your info and look for your email. I also made my appointment for surgery right then and there on the phone with her. I spoke to her in Spanish but maybe she speaks English. She responded to my email and asked for exact details on height, weight, age and date of last pregnancy.

I didn’t find a buddy on here, but luckily I told my friend about it and we’re going together! Our date in April 14, 2014 for anyone who is interested. We’re flying from NY. But don’t know yet what recovery house we’re staying in, so some suggestions from you guys would help!! Thank you! And as soon as I get my quote, I will update.

And her email is


Hey ladies! So KIND of bad news. Fania (Duran’s assistant) wrote me back saying that in order to get a quote from Duran I would have to lose 30 lbs first. Not a problem really since I’m already in the process of losing the weight. However, my friend whos coming with me will be getting her quote real soon. She’s 5’5 and 120 lbs so she’s good.

***so please note that if you are above 180lbs, Dr. Duran will most likely not perform the surgery on you. I’m sure it’s because the results wont be as good. And honestly I wouldn’t have this procedure done if I was losing weight because I have a large midsection with a small bottom and you cant have a huge ass without a small waist!

I will update about my friend soon! xoxo

Pre op pre weight loss photo

Here's a current photo of me 5'7 at 208 pounds. I have a girdle on so you can't see my giant mid section but it's huge

A little update.

I'm down to 198.5lbs as of this morning. Before I started real self, I was 220. I haven't started exercising yet but that will increase my weight loss so I can't wait til I start bootcamp. We got a quote from Duran for my friend. She is 5'5 and 120lbs. Duran suggested TT, lipo and bbl for $4700 or just lipo and bbl for $3700. We will update soon!

The new year has started and so has the planning!!!!

Okay so I have a question for you ladies. I’ve read that some of you flew back first class that had flat beds where you can lay completely flat on your stomach or back. I am looking to book something like that but I am having no luck finding a company that flies out of Santo Domingo that offers the flat beds. Can anyone tell me which airline I should be looking at? I tried Delta but they said they only have flat beds on longer flights. I’ll be heading from Santo Domingo to NYC. Help!

Also, how much money should I bring with me on the trip?? And which recovery house is the best? My main priorities are: nice people, air conditioning and wifi.

Any help would be great! thank you!

Weight loss almost complete

Soooo I am down from 220lbs to 185 lbs as of this morning. I am soooo excited!!! And I still have more to go. I know I said I was going to work out and stuff but this New York weather is disgusting so I lost all the weight without working out. How I did it: I followed the HCG diet. HCG is an appetite suppressant that you can find in GNC. The diet tells you what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's designed to help you lose about a pound a day. It took me a little longer (about 3 months to lose it because I cheated on the weekends). Basically the diet is coffee or tea for breakfast, veggies and chicken or fish for dinner and the same for lunch. I did not eat any carbs or anything with sugar. Drank lemon water all day long and nothing else. Coffee for breakfast, veggies and chicken for lunch, veggies and fish for dinner. That's it. Look it up, Dr. Simeon's hcg diet. Many ppl don't support it so I don't promote it, I'm just telling you what worked for me. And it worked and I'm happy! Now that I'm ready to contact Duran, I can't reach her, obviously because this is her busy part of the year. So I will keep trying! I need to set my date. I'm gonna keep losing weight until I get to about 150-160 for surgery.

Getting slim!


I will post better pics tomorrow

I will post better pics tomorrow that show my actual shape in the front and back.


Hey ladies, sooo it’s been a while. I will keep it short and sweet and add a few pics. When I started this journey back in late November 2013, I was 5’7 and 220lbs. Now I am 5’7 and 180lbs. I am using the GNC LEAN shakes to replace my meals twice a day. or I just eat meat/fish and veggies. No sugar/no carbs. Just straight discipline, that’s all. Back in November it was easy for me to get in contact with Duran’s assistants as I would just call them directly at her office. She didn’t give me my quote because I was too heavy. Now that I lost the weight, I couldn’t get in contact with her (busy season). So as time was nearing, I didn’t know what to do so I took my chances on this consultant that I heard about on some of you girls posts. Her name is Jazmine and the company is called Bella Vita Consultants-you can google them. She was awesome, she answered me right away..we went through the process and she got me my quote. All in all it took about a month to get a quote. Maybe it’s faster for other people but that’s how long the process took for me working with them. I paid them a fee of $150 via paypal online. So I just booked my flight a few days ago and I’m out on April 8th. Words cannot express how excited I am but of course nervous because god forbid something happens to me. I leave you ladies with a few pics. That’s me at my current 180lbs…No hips, no ass. . I am having lipo, BBL, chin and hopefully BOOBS if Duran allows. She quote me $6000 for all of these surgeries. Anyway…that is all for now. See you ladies on the other side!!
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Great results on previous patients. Good reviews but so far no answer to my email, so let's see!

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