Lipo & BBL at 35, No Easy Process - Dominican Republic, DO

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I decided to do this procedure September 2014... I...

I decided to do this procedure September 2014... I got tired of busting my butt in the gym for 3 years straight in order to gain muscle in my booty and get it as big as possible. My butt grew a little but I began to loose my hips. I never obsessed about my ass until I found out the man I love has always liked BIG FAT BOOTY! that is why I decided on this drastic move! and is drastic because it was not an easy procedure for me. It was a lot of pain and sleepless nights. I would recommend this procedure to people who are physically strong, HEALTHY, and emotionally strong as well. It takes a lot of you... time, mental stress, after thoughts, sleep, money, but as they say... time heals all and time has been healing me. I only hope it gets better.

The day of Surgery

The day of surgery was loooong! I slept two hours that night because of anxiety...woke up at 6 to be at the clinic by 7:30, arrived at the clinic, they had all my results, I was cleared for surgery (excitement and anxiety hit), then I waited two hours before seeing a nurse that took my medical history info down. Waited 4 hours! for my recovery room, there were 3 girls in front of me waiting to be done by Yily, I was the 4th one (Yily had a total of 5 girls by what I saw, for surgery that day) then once I got my room I waited two more hours there for them to give me the "blue" pill, finally I knew the moment of truth was coming! The pill made me feel so drugged up! it was like a horse tranquilizer. They came to get me for the surgery and soon I knocked out, then [don't know how long later] I WOKE UP WHILE THEY WERE PERFORMING SURGERY!!!! OMG! something I DID NOT WANT!!! it was horrible! I heard a guy talking while he did my lipo, then I heard Yily at the same time I began to feel pressure on my butt, I was shaking non-stop, it was so cold and the Anesthesia had me doing mini convulsions!. This lasted for two hours. Finally I was taken to my recovery room, where I wouldn't get anything to drink till 3 am because I threatened to get it myself if someone didn't get me any water!, I was SO SO SO SO dehydrated! I didn't drink or eat anything since 9 pm the night before now it's 3AM and I still don't even have a drink of water! WTH! I thought I was going to die, my body was going into shocks. Then about an hour and a half later the nurse that took care of me (you need to pay 50$ for a nurse to take care of you through the night), finally gave me a juice box, I drank 3 bottles of water and 3 juice boxes within an hour! at 7:30 am they fed me soup in a plastic cup with crackers (it was the best thing since sliced bread because it was hours since I had anything to eat). Then I went back to the RH around 10am (after they squeezed me into my faja, like a sausage) I was in a little pain and discomfort... the pain came at night...

The Recovery House

So, if you plan to go away and get this done, this is one of the hardest things to choose, I know it was for me. I searched and searched and saw many mixed reviews... finally I just gave up and decided to go with the RH that Dra. Yily offers, LUXURY RECOVERY HOUSE. One of the good things about going this route is that you won't have to worry about calling the RH and making any reservations or payments or any other arrangements for that matter, Yily's office takes care of all that. In MY opinion, it was not terrible but it was not the best. It wasn't that clean, it didn't have the best food, sometimes the food was bad (i'm Latina, so I have high expectations and know what Dominican food is supposed to taste like), it was not healthy food, except for the natural juices they used to make everyday. Some of the people taking care of you at the RH are not qualified nurses, a couple of them are, I know for sure Maria & Lissette were and they are not there all the time. The first day I got there I had to clean the bathroom myself because it was disgusting! (it could've been the girl that stayed there for only one day THANK GOD, because I heard she was dirty). Def BRING CLOROX WIPES because your going to wanna wipe certain things since your sharing the room with other girls. I ended up with 3 more girls in my room by the second day so a total of 4 of us in a room that was not big, but I will not complain about that because we all because like BFFs! I loved them and they helped me get through this with talk and laughter and company and care. I sometimes miss DR because I miss spending the whole day with them. We all spend all our sleepless nights together asking each other if we were okay and if we needed anything. That's the one good experience from going away, you are with girls going through the same thing. So it helps you mentally. The RH had a mixture of very caring ladies and ladies that just don't care and tired of doing what they're doing. Maria was my favorite, she cared and she listened. They also had a doctor there from 7-3 La Dra. Santana, and she was very nice, caring and beautiful. I loved when she came to take a look at us because she didn't act like we were getting on her nerves. I don't highly recommend this RH, it's not the best but it's not the worse. Do your research and know that you will see some negative and some positive just go with the one that has more positive than negative obviously right. This is a timely process so be patient and I wish you luck.

Almost 3 months post-op

I apologize for being so bad about updating on this thing. I am almost 3 months, June 26th will be my 3 month anniversary and I am still swollen! my abdomen, my back is so swollen and sensitive, not as much as in the beginning but def sensitive. I still wear my faja, though not to sleep : / I wear it all day. I know Yily would have my head if she knew I took it off while I slept. I e-mailed Yily about my bumpy belly and how I had a mini hill and she responded with, "everyone heals differently and at different times, keep wearing your faja at all times". I will try to listen and keep massaging my stomach myself.

158lbs!!! =(

I got weighed at the docs yesterday and I am too heavy for my height I think! I am so depressed over this because I have always been fit and not 157!!! except for when I was prego with my boys! I need to stop the over eating and up the gym visits.

One more pic for today

Not Happy With What's Going On

So! I don't know why, but my butt is beginning to look like what it looked like before AND I AM ANYTHING BUT HAPPY! I am disappointed and it might have been a bad investment. I know that the fluff and the drop are supposed to happen after a while but this is ridiculous because it seems as if I never got anything done.

5 1/2 month update

1 year 2 month update

Been feeling back to normal and my body has set to what it's going to look like. Thought I would never say this, but I am really contemplating round 2! Def not anytime soon because I have so much other things going on. But here it is....

1 year 7 months post op

Am I happy with my results... i've gotten better at thinking so, BUT am I at my goal NO! I wanted hips and a rounder butt. There are a few things that need to be fixed.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I decided to go with Yily because of the passion she seemed to have and the love she seemed to give to her patients. She is in such a high demand that she can only give a couple minutes here and there. I loved her, she was beautiful, hoped she would've spent more time with me but she is constantly on the run. Her office help needs a little re-vamping a little change, except for ANA, I loved her. Yily is a professional at what she does, she has magical hands that will sculpt your body in a curvaceous way if that's what your hoping for. ALWAYS keep in mind that expectation and results are different for everybody! Don't hold YILY accountable. I recommend her if you want a job well done and don't really mind the bedside manner. 8/19/15: My results are not what I expected... I still have fat where I requested it to be taken off and worst of all, if Yily would've done my entire surgery, maybe I would be happy right now.

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