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Hi all.. let me tell you a lil bout me... I am a...

Hi all.. let me tell you a lil bout me... I am a mother and a wife... I have always wanted a tummy tuck after my third child which was ten years ago... I was always small framed and barely weighing over 100lbs soak n wet 130 at the most with pregnacy.. I had to have a c section with the third pregnancy which i still was small but now I have this flap which in pants looks like a second stomach... I have always had a butt never thought about a bbl until now.. my butt is starting to look like (what I call) a grandma bootie!!! thats when for some reason its starts to flaten out and its big at the top and isnt so round anymore lol.. yea you know what im talking about... so I got in touch with Dr. Yily beacuse I am seeking a TT, lipo of the waist back upper back arm and yes a bbl.... with my butt I have dimples.. pump ya breaks not the dimples in the back right above ya butt but I have dimples in my butt the part i sit on and I want her to even all that out if possible and like I said I have a rump I just need it reshaped.. I am going to upload some befores today so you get an idea about my outcome... I am 5ft 162lbs in which im tryna lose @ least 20 pounds before surgery.. my quote is 3800 dollars.. I have heard the last "omg are you pregnant?... Oh i'm sorry" mistake for the last time.. I have exactly 57 days to lose weight and stock up on all the I need for my new journey... so far I have made my surgery date and put down a deposit I started taking my vitamins I have made an appt. with my doc for all the needed blood tests Im purchasing my plane ticket tomorrow.. I have got my maxi dressed pain meds hibiclens etc.. just a couple odds and ins and now I have to get my nerves cause im all over the place with em.. so any suggestions questions or anything im opened and gd luck to everyone

Ok girls first I want to send prayers to one of...

ok girls first I want to send prayers to one of the Yily dolls FebruaryLove and hope that her journey goes smoother from here on out.. I have added my before pics... yeah yeah I know uuuugggghhhhh!!!! and a picture of some of my supplies which are:
face cloths hibiclen clorox wipes gauze
maxi dressx2 antibacterial soap flipflop houseshoes gloves
wife beaters wet wipes chap stick plane ticket
laptop neosporin surgical tape passport
cell phone pullups (shhhh!!) benedryl stool softener
deodorant prilosec

I still have a couple of odds & ends to get but if you noticed something thats not there please dont be a stranger or any suggestions... and one more question.. have you girls ever heard of air hunger.. me either until I just start suffering from it I believe it to be some kind of anxiety I guess cuse i'm getting to anxious any remedies on how to get more quality air?.. well thats all for now until nest time.. (singing) I got one ticket to paradise pack ur bags itll be so nice I got one ticket to paradise (fading) pack ur bags.... xoxoxo MMMWAHHHH!!

Hi ladies I am now 44 days away from my new...

Hi ladies I am now 44 days away from my new bod!!!! I just wanted to update with a couple of things I left out last time.. for one my airline ticket was 332. return trip through spirit airline my goals have not been accomplished yet far as my weight goes.. I have been eating healthy changed my food intake completely for @ least a month now and exercise @ least every other day and to no avail.. nothing "HELP" I need to lose twenty pounds in 44 days so that equates to almost 1/2 pound a day.. IKR!! how hard can that be? :( ok enough with that for right now.. a lot of girls havent really researched Yily patients so I will put a couple on my page that you can look up urself and see if she is someone you would want to continue ur journey with:
and here are a couple of more that is either in surgery now or just coming out so you can follow them as well:
and oh my measurements are
yes you may notice I have two measurements for my mid section that is because up under my flap is my waist which is about 6 inches smaller than my biggest point around my belly.. my appointment with my doc is March 15th thats for all the needed labs ekg cbc etc etc... I take my vitamins 2x day iron folic acid b complex and vitamin c.. now a lil about the trip I am staying there for a total of 13 days we will leave on the 16th for surgery on the 17th the first nite we (my tt and bbl crew) are staying at a hotel or a bnb oh and its a total of 4 of us that is booked for the 17th... I have also met a couple of more girls that is going on the 16th and the 18th as well so that week is pretty much booked.. so if I can help with any further questions or if some ladies can suggest some things for me that will be great.. I still havent got a couple of odds & ends but thats jsut what they are so I will be 100% ready in no time.. ok Chicas til nex time!!!! oh lol and one more thing I will post better pics of my bod because I am covering a lot of my stomach up and I really want you all to see the difference with the tummy tuck.. Later

Hi dolls!!!! i'm so excited I have 30 days before...

Hi dolls!!!! i'm so excited I have 30 days before my new transformation..... I still havent lost any pounds but my shirts and jackets arent so tight anymore in the back and shoulder region.. I felt like I was the incredible hulk and if I arched my back I would just burst right through the seams..so I believe i've only lost inches I am going to fast only drinking water and probably a lil something to put on my stomach when I take my vitamins.. for anyone whose wondering drinking orange juice and taking your vitamin c pills will help the iron absorb into your system.. far as my iron and other blood test I will find out Monday. oh and I want to buy water pills to lose any water weight I may gain before surgery only for like two weeks... I just went yesterday for all my labs so hopefully my iron will be on the higher side so I wont have to worry about that.. but we will have to see considering I am anemic.. I believe this is crunch time I have to get rigorous with a work out routine or something even if its just 20 minutes a day just to get my heart rate up.. I am so proud of myself and all of my accomplishments over the last three years the biggest one so far is that I stopped smoking cold turkey its been 3 years 2 months and 4 days.. I started smoking at the age of 18 and I smoked for 15 years and one day I decided I wanted something better for my kids which is a healthier mother they at least deserve that... not getting off the subject but my mother passed in 2008 due to complications of her surgery (which was cancer related) and she always knew I wanted to have a tt and she supported me even though I believe deep down inside she didnt want me to have it done due to all the risk and complications.. and she knew no matter what I was gonna go through with it if given the chance.. so mama I hope you watching over me because IT"S A GO!!! I have also changed my eating habits to healthy as I can get it for me.. and believe me this is healthy coming from someone who ate red meat pizza salt butter sugar in every and any thing pop everyday all day I never drank any water at all at no time during the day the only time water would hit my mouth is when I brushed my teeth.. so for over three months I drink nothing but water @ least 4, 16.9 oz a day I changed my eating habits completely.. to just chicken turkey and fish none of it fried just grilled bake or boiled and no pastas no salts at all or bread unless its pita but not too often and if you must use oil to fry something use olive or canola or something thats way better than vegetable oil.. I eat a lot of salads like spinach salad with little to no fat free dressing.. I just made chilli turkey the other night and it was better than my regular chilli with all that unhealthy stuff in it.. I was exercising 30 minutes a day but I hit a depression block for about 2 weeks and that slowed me down.. I was also not feeling to well I had a lot of dizzy spells and headaches.. but that could of been a sudden change of eating habits to the vitamins and even to the stress of this surgery planning thing because there were some ups and downs for a minute.. well thats all for now girls and next time you here from me it will be more upbeat because I will be on my way out the door!!! im going to add almost nude body shots within two weeks of surgery well goodbye for now

Ok im @ the 10 day mark u might as well say... I...

ok im @ the 10 day mark u might as well say... I just wanted to give a price break down of what I spent or expect to spend for a grand total:
Recovery house:500-750 depending
airfare Rt:332
supplies:250-275 (estimate)
unexpected extras:500
baggage fee bw:70
which gives me a grand total of (drum roll please) *5727
and what exactly am I suppose to take to surgery?? I know maxi pads, socks, but I have seen some girls say maxi dress but I think I am going to bring like the button up or zip up granny dress..is there anything else im missing for surgery.. also a week before surgery I will be posting new pics..so stay tuned ladies and gd nite

Hi Ladies this is it.. lol I am leaving for the...

Hi Ladies this is it.. lol I am leaving for the airport at 3 am in the morning.. right now i'm jst making sure all my ducks are in a row.... and I know its crazy but the reality of it all has not hit me yet... so til later xoxo

Just a quick update we re here waitn for sx any...

just a quick update we re here waitn for sx any min.. in my rm waitn for the ok to take blue pill.. and thanks for the love girls

Im here with brickhouse, blkchnagrl, necole, and...

im here with brickhouse, blkchnagrl, necole, and bbl.. I have a lot to say but i will do it @ a later time.. but the first day here was loco..lol but yes keep us in your prayers next time you here from me ill be on the flat side... tee hee!

Made it to the flat side xoxo

made it to the flat side xoxo

Hi girls the wifi here has not been so great but i...

hi girls the wifi here has not been so great but i am feeling way better.. 4days later.. I have so much to say and I dnt know where to start.. but I do know God is good!!! and everything happens for a reason.. ok the first day here was loco.. we didnt settle down til about?...... mmmm still not sure but when we arrived we went to Plaza de sol then to Cipla about 5:30 which was pretty late for a consult with Dr. Yily... there was a girl there waiting to be seen by yily and then two more girls came in and their waist were super small with nice donks very very petite.. every time the door opened we like its Yily.. finally she came in and yes she is gorgeous with nice curves.. (i might get to finish all im having burning pain)she called us in two @ a time but first she asked Yira how many Yira said 5 Yily said no thats too many thats too many!! so she sent us all to get blood work done asap to see who she can weed out by the morning.. we drove around the whole D.R well it seemed like we did from one place to another... and yes the driving was worst than a roller coaster so all nite we clinching and wooing jumping.. u name it and did I mention we havent ate since the nite before Yira was with us the whole time and its pretty darn late because we were in Yilys office laughing having a ball with Yira, Theresa and some others for a couple of hours and yes it was cramped..so when we finally got to a clinic that would do us they only did two of us then Yira stopped them because they said it wont be ready til 11 the next day.. but I was shocked at how they practice universal precautions.. They took our blood with gloves and once they are done with the needle they just dont chuck it in the sharps container they actually shock the needles (with electricity) then throw them in the sharps container and yes I was shocked from all the horror stories I heard and I have never saw the united states do that... but anywho we all leave and Yira takrs us to get a bite to eat.. poor Yira she has been at work all day and now its like 11pm and she has to run around with us..we all sat and ate we tried each other food which either was just plain delicious or delicious cause we were starving... we got dropped back off at the hotel and set our alarms for the morning.. oh mind you for some reason I was very sick fever and stomach..
April 17
we all arrived at the clinic and the waiting game began.. Yilly moves very fast and she also has assistants with her the whole time... I was awake like 70% of the surgery and i didnt mind it wasnt scary.. I could talk Yily even lifted up over the blue curtain and she had on face sheild mask hair cover gown and gloves she was sitting down and then she lifted up with her hand on the drape to tell me she was almost done and something else but i cant remember...but surgery was good with no complications.. the next morning the nurses came in cleaned me up and squeezes me in the faja I went back to bed only to awake to a knock at the door and a voice saying "good moring goodmoring" I couldnt do nothing but give a real big cheese smile it was Yily ans she said I made you flat then she looked behind me and said i gave you a big butt.. huh it didnt feel like it. but baaaaby Yily gave me too much butt I need to know how to get rid of it.. lol.. well im starting to hurt i will upload pics as soon as i can and continue the rest of my update tomorrow.. God bless

Ladies it has bn loco loco loco.. why when we were...

Ladies it has bn loco loco loco.. why when we were headed to the airport yesterday the cab driver almost got into a wreck (unsurprisingly) but to make me feel better he takes his fist and hit it in his hand and point to the driver then taps me again and show me a gun sign with his hand so i made a face like wow!!!! then he taps me again and go down in his shirt and pull out a hand gun...I said no no (waving) like put the gun up... he put it right next tp me in the cup holder... then we get a flat why did he drive that mug like 35 miles an hr on the freeway til the tire was flying to pieces riding the rim now.. we finally pull over and some young boy had to cross both sides of the freeway to get to us but thats nothing they do that like we cross a reg. Ave... but this what got me the poor baby didnt even have on shoes his ft looked like he never owned a pair they were cut chapped calloused.... but the driver played that baby so scant after he ran the rim back to the shop crossing this dangerous freeway twice and put the tire on we had to pay for it..(fine) so we didnt have change so it was xtra why the cab driver give it to him then the wind blew it out of his hands then the cab driver gets back out the cab and take some of the pesos back and now the boy is short and he jumps in the car and pulls off as the boy about 16 cries out for help.. that just crushed my heart sooo much I had to fight back tears as we drove off... so yea this is not a place where i would like to visit again my heart is too soft for that.. make sure u get pesos they will try to cheat you any moment they can if they know you dnt know spanish but I do know how to count so umm gd luck on the next person... but on another note I am in swll hll rgt now.... but when i look down i cant evensee my stomach and mind you my main problem was my hernia... after sx we stayed at the rh for three days the girls wanted to stay longer but since we only paid for three days then Jaq already told some other girls they can come so we had to move on..and my first day was my best I was moving and walking like a champ.. that was until my back started to get stiff and hard I only took pain meds maybe three times cause its really not pain its jst very uncomfortable and hard to get up abd down.. I met some vry lovely girl at the rec house some i met previously on rs.. so xoxo to them I really enjoyed their company....but this is where I say be careful who you buddy with. now some girls are jst rats so they dnt care as long as they can get that discount that they really really need.. be careful who you buddy with in the rms.. even a discount isnt worth you sleeping with one eye open all the time.. the very first nite we roomed together my bag was open and my money envelope was hanging out now I didnt notice the main money gone but if it was a twent or fifty missin i didnt notice .. and this was from the girl that i txt or talked to on a daily baisis so please be careful... and the other girl is jst plain bipolar.. one min she talks to u the nex she mad at you then she gets jelous if you talk to other girls but we knew she was like that way before the trip i thought i could handle her being that i deal with a family member who has her same traits.. but let me tell you God is gd!!! hw blessed me with this one girl who was a blessing is disguise we clicked so gd we would jst talk til like 3 am about any and everything.... I really made a tru friend and to bbl hope u made it back home safe you and ur beau... but me I am gd just the swelln... like i said the wifi is iffy and now my cord to my laptop is dead but other than that its all gd.. so thanks ladies for the support and and love... til nex time gd nite

I apologize grls for the ones that was waiting on...

I apologize grls for the ones that was waiting on pics i couldnt get on rs for some reason so I stop trying and I tried today and it let me on I guess because they were re doing the site???.. but I will post the pics I have tomorrow I only have a coulpe of pics my grl got the other ones.. umm again I am pleased with my stomach but I think I am a bit uneven and I know one cheek is bigger than the other but hopefully it is just the swelling and I cant see my belly button at all so with not that much of after care I am a bit confused as to if I will have a navel or not.. Im not bashing Yily cause in all im pleased my main concern is my bb and hopefully everything will work out fine with that.. thanks again with the support and I will post pics tomorrow...xoxoxo
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I chose her thru a lot of research and some girls here also

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