BBL + Lipo with Dr. Fatima Almonte, Looking for Surgery Buddy! March 2015 - Dominican Republic

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28 y.o. from the east coast, headed to Dominican...

28 y.o. from the east coast, headed to Dominican Republic for BBL & Lipo with Yily. Need a surgery partner for April 2015 (either the first or third weekend in April). I'm still flexible with my date so if you're already going let me know! Planning to fly out of NY, NJ or PHL (depending on what's cheapest; currently LaGuardia is). Can't wait!

Decided On Dra. Fatima Almonte Instead

I love Yily's results but her butts are almost too big for me. Dr. Fatima is a very conservative surgeon. Her butts are nicely sized for regular women who have no aspirations of being strippers and video models and, I like that. Her price was also better and her assistant was easier to talk to/get in touch with. By all accounts, she has better customer service. Thus, I am scheduled for BBL and Lipo with her in 25 days! Wish me luck!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Decided to go with Dr. Almonte.

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