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May 4, 1013: (I noticed the first post doesn't...

May 4, 1013: (I noticed the first post doesn't save the date) I wrote a new review because I cannot edit/choose a doctor now (I was looking at Yily and Duran). We (Blitzgirl & me) went with Yily because she got in quicker. My beginning stats are:

Weight: Idk, approximately 150ish

Weight: Idk, approximately 130ish

BBL with lipo to arms, back, abdomen, thighs and knees

So I added a few wish pics. I don't want a donk. I...

So I added a few wish pics. I don't want a donk. I want a heart shaped booty-full one the bottom. Nice curves, but not excessive.

My friend switched up + changed to Duran (which...

My friend switched up + changed to Duran (which was her first choice) :-)

and I cant post pics for some reason... tried so many times, i give up

Okay, so far: Surgery - Paid Yily the deposit...

Okay, so far:
Surgery - Paid Yily the deposit ($200) on 4/27/13 -she still hasn't accepted it. I called and spoke to Yira at the office on Saturday and she said to send verifiation through email (done-need to follow up). Need to pay balance. Not near her bank and NOT carrying cash, so either PayPal or somehow mailing the payment to her bank - need a deposit ticket for her bank or someone that is near one that wouldn't mind depositing the check for me.

Flight - RT nonstop ($465) JetBlue which includes $40 for extra space seat on the (4 hour) ride back

Stay - We are staying for 2 weeks - 1 week recovery B&B house, the other at a hotel (see below)

Recovery House - Booked a B&B type RH (for a week) to be shared with my buddy blitzgirl ($75 per night total, so we are splitting it); includes 3 meals a day and all transportation: to/from airport and doctors visits, as well as grocery store for anything beyond the 3 meals.

Hotel - Booked a 3* beach from resort (for week 2) to be shared with by bud, of course ($260ish total) - its about the same distance as CIPLA from the airport only the othe direction. We plan on being done with all visits by then, if not, we can get our last visit in before we go (and we are not that far away anyway).

Ordered 2nd fajate - $98 (with sleeves) from ebay. I got it 2 sizes smaller than my current measurements (ordered a XS-I'm a M now).

Ordered a marble rolling pin - $20 from ebay. Yes, the kind for rolling dough. I read that it is good to help the fat stay even (I read a long time ago that it was good for cellulite, especially when heated first-by dipping in hot water). -worth a shot

Vitamins - I have only been taking iron, vit C + B12 so far. Starting a multi today and will make a list and order the other stuff I need today (I'm 3 weeks away, so I want to be on all I need by 2 weeks away).

Local doctor - going to call doctors office this week and make an appointment (I want to see what is covered under my insurance for pre-tests; I'm financially challenged right now and will only pay for what is covered and what is necessary/affordable); I will be getting pre-op test down there the day I get in - June 3rd

Insurance - getting my medical (and maybe trip) insurance through -

Passport - I need to get mine renewed - I have to call and go in person and do the expedited thing. I really did NOT have the money to do it earlier. (that is the last major thing I need other than confirming a ride to and from the airport)

Supplements: I am making a list of supplements I...

Supplements: I am making a list of supplements I need and will be getting them at the best cheapest place (where I get all my health stuff). I can send you an invite and you will save $10 on your first order. PM me your email if you want me to send you an invite.

If anyone has ways that they saved $ getting anything: supplies, meds, etc. feel free to post here.

Fajate sleeves - ($35) ebay - they are $80 if you...

Fajate sleeves - ($35) ebay - they are $80 if you buy them through Yily.

Pstyle - ($12) ebay/Amazon - about the same price either way (must have ladies)

Payments: I had such a hard time with payments...

Payments: I had such a hard time with payments (think it is resolved but will confirm).Yily sent her Chase bank info, but I could not find a Chase bank without taking an 8 hr trip. I could not contact her, so I found info here from when she was accepting PayPal. I tried to send it using her hotmail account, but it didn't work. Then I tried her gmail and it went through (4/2), but she still hasn't accepted it. I talked to Yira Saturday, so she said to forward the receipt to her, so I did and we will see.

In the meantime, I did research on Chase bank. You can open a "QuickPay" account even if you do not have an account. You set up an account (from another bank using routing and account numbers) for the bank from which the fees will come out of. Then you choose to send money and just list Yily's name "Yily Loramny De Los Santos" is what I used and her hotmail account "" + I chose $200 (the first time you can't go over $300 until the account is confirmed). When it goes through, you get a screen with a confirmation number. Take a snap shot of the screen (print screen which you can paste into the paint program and save as a jpg) and send to her.

Insurance -- Yily's price does NOT include...

Insurance -- Yily's price does NOT include insurance (Duran's does). It is $250 extra. However, maybe it is best that is is not included because you can get it cheaper at: (approximately $60).

I want to find out what is included in this insurance, so if you know, post it below (thanks). Either way, this site can beat the cost and coverage at a fraction of the price.

Payments (continued) - once you set up your...

Payments (continued) - once you set up your account, Chase bank will send 2 small deposits to your account (and then they will deduct the total of the 2 deposits). You will have to verify these two amounts. You will receive a notification and when you log in and click on it, there will be a pop up window where you enter the amounts. (Note: chase will then deduct the entire amount from your account).

Boppy Pillow

So I decided to get a boppy pillow as I don't want to sit on my butt without some extra cushioning. I'm going to try to not sit on it at all (except driving) for 3 months. Anyway, I got my boppy pillow (just won it) on ebay. I cost me: ($7.64) $1.04 plus $6.60 shipping. I was watching a few and missed a good deal and then found a better one.

There are other cheaper pillow options as well, such as:

Search on "round pillow" and you will get other options.

Recovery house.

I chose to stay at a recovery home. It is the home of a woman who provides care for people after surgery. She lives with her husband, child and mother. She speaks english (she used to live in NY). She has 4 beds and 3 rooms (there is 1 room with 2 beds and 2 small single rooms); only one of the small rooms has AC. Transportation (airport & doctors) is included if you stay a week (if you stay less, there is a fee for airport pick-up/drop-off). Three meals are included and she will take you shopping for snacks, etc if you need it. The rates are cheaper than most RHs. PM me if you want more info.

Doctors visit(s)

I went to the doctor today for a minor issue and got my slip for my blood panel. I will go tomorrow and have blood drawn. It is only a couple of days for the results (which I can get myself online). I did not discuss the surgery with my PCP. I am calling my PS tomorrow. I will be bring the list of meds Yily suggests and ask his opinion, get his advice and get some prescriptions from him. I know he is probably going to give me crap about doing this, but I'm in, I'm going and that's it.

I weigh 147 (was 126 about 2 years ago and probably 135 the end of last year before the weight gain). My goal weight (or comfortable weight) is 130ish, so the extra for the booty is fine (even if it stays, so long as it stays there Idc what the scale says, which is why I had to find out from the doctor how much I weigh).

Fajate information:

A few people have PM'd me asking for what type of faja I got. I bought the fajate brand of faja with sleeves and I also bought sleeves separately (because the one Yily gives does not have sleeves). Here are the links showing what I got:

Here is the link for the fajate with sleeves for $98:

Here are the compression sleeves for $33:

Blood work: (from PC) Done

Got my blood work done. My numbers are good. Although I would still like to get the hemoglobin up a little more. Currently:
Hgb - 13.2 (scale 11.5 - 16.0)

A few of the tests that Yily said is included in her preOp were not on my results, but I know I don't have any of the conditions.

The tests she does for preOp are: TTP, HIV, Hb, HCV, fasting glucose, glucose, urea, serum creatinine, complete blood count, VDRL, AND RH BLOOD TYPE.
TTP - thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) - is a rare blood disorder. In TTP, blood clots form in small blood vessels throughout the body. The clots can limit or block the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the body's organs, such as the brain, kidneys, and heart. As a result, serious health problems can develop
HIV - uman immunodeficiency virus
Hb - hemoglobin (iron levels in blood)
HCV - Hepatitis C
fasting glucose - glucose level after 12 hrs of no eating
glucose - i don't know why this would ever be tested NOT in a fasted state
urea - for pregnancy (and possible blood in urine)
serum creatinine - tests for renal (kidney) function
CBC - complete blood count - gives important information about the kinds and numbers of cells in the blood, especially red blood cells camera, white blood cells camera, and platelets.
VDRL - test for syphilis
RH BLOOD TYPE - is just your "O" "positive" etc.

Prescriptions: My doctor(s) is dead set against Heparin

Hi All, I went to my PS yesterday to get prescriptions for the few drugs Yily had on the list. He gave me everything EXCEPT Heparin and said he has not and never would prescribe it. He said if he did, he could be setting himself up for malpractice (his partner, who knew all the medications off the top of his head, agreed). I will follow-up with exactly what I got (because there was a change in one of them). I have not filled them yet.


If you need up update your passport or get a new one, I recommend doing it as soon as possible to avoid the additional $60 fee. I it will cost $135 if you do it on time. It will cost $195 if you require expedited service. In addition, although you can get the passport the same day, you (more than likely) will have to go back twice in one day (so plan on returning at the end of the day for pick-up). In Boston, there is a SHORT 1/2 hour window to pick it up. I recommend getting it 6-8 weeks before you leave.


Make sure you print a copy of your passport, license, birth certificate, and any credit cards you will be taking with you (and have the numbers just in case you need to cancel them). Leave your passport and ID somewhere safe (with copies of cc's etc) and use the paper for when you travel. Do not talk/text when out in the public in the city (unless you are with someone who is actively looking out for you). Be cautious of where you place your bags: walking, sitting-even in cabs (there have been several thefts that grab your bag even from an open cab window). Do NOT shake hands or take anything from anyone (like the people who hand out notices of some sort in the big cities), you can set yourself up. Read this link:

Communication: to all Doctors in the DR

I recommed you use google translate (or some other translator) and send the message in spanish AND then directly below put it in English (this way you know what you wrote when you refer back to it).

Information from the US Dept of State: (not to scare, just to be aware)

from the link provided above ^^

The U.S. Embassy calls attention to certain criminal techniques that have surprised U.S. citizens and other victims in recent years:
•Several individuals reported robberies perpetrated by criminals on mopeds (often coasting with the engine turned off so as not to draw attention). The driver approaches a pedestrian, grabs his or her cell phone, purse or backpack, and then speeds away. This type of robbery is particularly dangerous because the motorcyclist reaches the intended victim at 15–20 miles per hour and often knocks the victim to the ground.
•The Embassy has received reports of crime involving apparent police collaboration. A seemingly-friendly stranger shakes hands with a tourist, who then finds that the stranger has placed a small baggie of cocaine or other substance into the tourist’s hand. The tourist is then immediately apprehended by a police officer, and pays a “fine” to the police to be set free.
•U.S. citizens have been victimized at the airports in Santo Domingo and Punta Cana as they checked in their luggage and prepared to leave the country. Smugglers obtained an authentic airline baggage tag in a U.S. citizen’s name and placed it on baggage that contained drugs, presumably to be retrieved by an accomplice at the other end of the flight.
•Criminals may also misrepresent themselves in an effort to gain access to your residence or hotel room. In one case, Dominican police arrested a building’s maintenance man and an accomplice for a violent crime against a U.S. citizen. There have been instances when U.S. citizens were robbed of large amounts of cash immediately prior to a scheduled financial transaction by thieves with apparent inside knowledge of the transaction. In one case, a U.S. citizen was robbed just outside his attorney’s office, and in another case a U.S. citizen reported he was victimized by two police officers.


So we got in early early in the am-4ish, went to Yasmin's Recovery Home. It's been great. The home is clean and spacious and everyone is soooo wonderful and helpful. We have the double room there with our own private bathroom and large closet and locked draw for our valuables. The room is air conditioned and has a lock on the bedroom door as well. Totday, after an amazing lunch, she took us to the CIPLA to get our preops done and we stopped at the grocery store for a few snacks and supplies (and you get get your money exchanged there too-the bank is open til 7-the rate was good. 41.1).

Sorry I haven't updated-I've had an epidural headache.

If you don't know what an epidural headache is, here is a good place to read about it:

Basicially, "The average sized adult human has roughly 150ml (a little less than 8 oz or 1 cup) of a clear watery fluid, called cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the central nervous system, surrounding the spinal cord and brain. One of the functions of the CSF is to provide a protective layer, essentially to act as a cushion to shield the brain from the hard bony skull and to provide a soft environment for the blood vessels to supply and drain blood from the brain. There is a thin membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord called the "dura". When there is loss of CSF for whatever reason, usually as a result of a hole in the dura, the brain tends to sag, due to loss of this protective fluid cushion. This brain sagging causes stretching in the connective tissues in the cranium, this stretching is sensed as pain, and hence the headache. Also, the loss of some CSF causes blood vessels in the brain to dilate, which can also be perceived as a painful sensation."

I have been taking medication and finally found something that worked. I'm getting checked today, so I man need the dural patch, which is taking blood and releasing it into the area outside the dural membrance and the blood clots and repairs the leak. I just don't know if I want to do that here or not (or wait til I get home). :-?

CIPLA - Pre-Op tests

Okay, so my first day in (6/3) we went to CIPLA from pre-op tests (surgery 6/4). Had my blood drawn and exrays done. Pretty uneventful, but it was really weird being alone in a dark room (xray) with a young DR man who speaks minimal English telling me to take off my bra (he was cute, so whatever haha). He had me type my own name in the computer to bring up my info. He had to take several Xrays of me (I guess I was breathing wrong or he just wanted more pics hahah), but he said I was fine. The cardiologist was not there, so I would have to have that done the next day before surgery. Oh well.

CIPLA - More about CIPLA - the rooms & services

The CIPLA is a small clinic done mostly in marble (which is abundant in the south) and decorated with cheap IKEA like furniture. The offices that I've seen are tiny (and I mean tiny). Yily's initial office is probably about 4' x 10' - maybe even 3.5' x 11. The room on side of that (where you go for EKG and have your drains checked & removed) consists of a room about 6' x 10' but cut in thirds will a glass door (the back 1/3 is for EKG and drain removal with a tiny examination room/bed) the other 2/3rds has a desk & 2 chairs for consults and waiting to be examined. It is always pretty packed.

The recovery rooms are aweful!!! Many of the antiquated beds are broken (mine, the head part could go up/down, but the legs could not, the nurse button did not work, neigher did the lights or anything else). The railings on these old beds are filthy! I NEVER saw anywone even wipe them down. I went into 4 rooms, they were all dirty! Mine had some sort of splatter on it. I thought it was just a stain, but I scratched it and some came off, I was like "ewe." I later threw up in my bed twice and I'd put money down that they never even wiped those rails since (and I'm NOT a gambling woman).

The put the AC on high and it is sooo damn cold in there. When you come out of surgery you are already cold, so it is AWFUL. I asked for a blanket 4 times and NEVER got one. All I got was "one momento" which really means, let me go so I can NEVER come back. And if they do come back - 4 hrs later, it is NOT with your blanket. They did give me pain medication when I asked (and once when I didn't).

Some nurses are fabulous others shouldn't be nurses. The nurse that draws your blood is awful. I'm yet to meet one person who didn't say she hurt them (my blood is easy to draw-my veins stick out). She was digging in there like she was mining for gold. I told her she had to stop twice. Luckily she listed after the 2nd time.

Food? HA! you won't really get much. After I threw up, I asked for some water. At first they said no, but I insisted I needed to wash the damn acid out of my mouth. I finally got some. I asked for a bin/bowl in case I got sick again and NEVER got one. The first time, they ended up giving me a bed pan (yes the one you poop in) and after seeing everything I've seen sthere I doubt is was even ever cleaned-maybe rinsed if I was lucky. When I threw up again, I had no bowl, I ended up throwing up on my gown, so as I kept throwing up, I kept pulling it up and turning it so it wouldn't get all over me and the bed. It was sooo damn hard, and gross!!!! and because the IV went through the gown I couldn't completely get if off me. Then I got yelled at for being on my stomach!!!! What the heck, I just threw up (again). I was twisted in the sheet and was a mess and they still NEVER gave me a bin to throw up in. (my lunch is here, so more later).

Positive: I had to throw in a positive because there was so much negative...

I really, really LOVE my lips! both sets! ;-)

CIPLA - Okay back to CIPLA

I met with Yily and had a 5-page color printout with text in Spanish and English showing and telling her all the things I wanted and a few concerns I had. She took photos, marked me up, gave me a blue pill and blue paper robe and yellow paper slippers and and left. Within minutes I was being wheeled out of the room, into the elevator and down to the bottom floor. I was a little relaxed because of the blue pill, but I was having 2nd, 3rd and 4th thoughts about backing out. It was dark and dingy and was painted an upleasant green. Everything seemed old and dingy. It felt like I was back 20-40 years ago in a back alley abortion clinich (sorry for the metaphor, but that was what was in my head). The men that brought me in were nice, although couldn't speak more than a few words in English. It is scary when you cannot communicate to people you know are going to perform major surgery on you and yes, the standards in every way are NOT the same as the US. There is NO comparison. This is a third world country. The men were very nice, but it was still very unsettling to say the least.

SURGERY - It's time - no backing out now.

So now I'm in the ER, the older man (mid to late 60- maybe early 70s) prepared me for the IV, he kept tapping my wrist, then he put the needle in. Then I felt some slight burning and they told (and motioned to) me to sit up. I sat up and then they had me turn to my left. The young (and handsome) guy on my right patted his hands on my chest and said something (I knew this mean to put my head in his chest because someone else told me she did that and that was the last thing she remembered), well not for me. I remembered it all. I was awake through the whole thing. I could feel the canula in my back (putting the fluids in). I talked to them (probably the whole time) and asked if I was supposed to be awake, if it was normal to still hear them and feel things. At one point I said, "will you please just answer me? yes or no?" but they probably did not understand me. Most of the surgery did not hurt, but I was aware of everything that was happening (my body probably did not let myself fully go under because I couldn't relax and just trust, idk). The only thing that hurt is when they deposited the fat in my lips. It was the last thing she did and I opened my eyes when she was done. I could have opened them at any time (at least I felt I could), but didn't want to see (I hate watching when they draw blood). Then they wheeled be back upstairs to my room (where I was awake right away and stayed that way with the exception of maybe a brief 20 minute nap). I was freezing (yup, just like everyone says). Teeth chattering chilling to the bones cold (even with a blanket). I asked for another (4 times) and never got one. It lasted several hours and your body probably uses a ton of energy just trying to warm up, but I NEVER did get warm (or even close) the entire stay there.

Recovery House Info - Several people asked, so I got her permission to share her info

Yasmin Sotomayer
Oloff Palmer #2, Los Prados
Santo Domingo

I stayed there 8 days with Blitzgirl. (anothe RS memeber was also there for a week and another girl not on RS there a week too). She was amazing to all of us. She went above and beyond helping us out, brought us shopping for food before surgery, got all the meds we needed, fed us 3 meals a day, cleaned our rooms and changed our drains, had her nurse come in to clean us and our faja's. She speaks fluent English (lived in NY and has her BA degree). Blitzgirl has had several complications and Yasmin is still checkin on us (we left her RH days ago), she is still calling CIPLA for us, pharmacies, talking to our taxi driver, interpreting, etc. ect. She is such a godsend. I love her and her family. I am so glad we chose her. Her house is nice and clean and her family is so very sweet.

She was dealing with our stuff for the entire week after we left! She is still checking on us. I truly cannot speak high enough of this woman and her family.

RH - more info

Current rates: (4 beds - two each)
$45 each for the double room
$55 each for the single rooms


CIPLA - closed

The CIPLA clinic has been closed due to violation of sanitary codes.

The doctors are taking their patients elsewhere for the time being.

That reminds me. I didn't tell you the story about when I went to visit my friend at CIPLA and they changed her full drain right on the sofa on side of me. They put the bin ON the sofa and just started squirting the blood into it. Ewe! Then they never even wiped down the sofa!!! (They are supposed to remove the drain & empty the contents in the bathroom.)

I'm curious as to how many violations they failed. :-/

CIPLA closed - continued

This may be a good thing. They HAVE to clean up their act.

In the meantime, if your surgery is soon, find out what this means to you - where will you be going and how this may affect fees. Don't let them charge you more. If anything, you may have leverage to negotiate a reduced fee or discounted add on.

If you were on the fence about going it, it'd be prime time to get your money back.

Faja - more info - recommendations (what I wish I knew)

I made a mistake on the faja I bought. There is no zipper/hooks or anything from the waist down, so you have to squeeze it over your hips - not good! And the sleeves end right at the elbows, they drift up and make it uncomfortable, but it is actually a good quality faja. I just ordered the hook and eye tape and I'm bringing it to a seamstress to have her re-do the front closure (going real tight). I am also going to have my current faja (from Yily) taken in instead of buying an XS. I do not need or want the legs, hips or butt smaller, just the waist.

My recommendation is to get a faja that fits you, but is snug, then take in the waist. Do NOT go two sizes to small. I'm a small in some areas medium in others and got a small. Arms are too tight at first. I would get the arm garment separate. Get the sleeve to be BELOW your elbow. Get it in your actual size (not smaller because it cuts off circulation) you are better off wearing a garment that is compressing not restricting blood flow!!!!

Results: Although it is still early

Although it is still early, I'm satisfied with my results (except I am still really dissapointed that she did NOT do my thighs). ...and when she did the arms, she said she can't get the fat near the elbows because there are too many nerves (she said the same thing about putting fat in the bottom of the butt - too many nerves, but she will do what she can).

My butt really does look like my wish pics - which is not mega booty, but nice curves and meat on the bottom - I hate when most the fat is put on the top (above the midway mark). So she did follow my wishes there.

I have a tiny waist and increadible curves from my waist to my hips! My waist is currently 26" - I think it can go down another inch or two. My butt is like 40" butt it is compressed in the faja, so it may be a 41"; I like it and hope it stays or even fluffs, but the main thing is my shape - it is really nice.

My lips are awesome - both sets. The one below had one lip larger than the other, but they are evening out - I think it was mostly swollen more on one side.

I'm feeling better and quite frankly, ready to exercise - although I know I have to go easy, so walking and stairs to start.

ADVICE -- pre op

No matter who you have surgery with, you should bring in a body diagram (doesn't have to be yours, but can be) and print on it (in spanish & english) and show them what you want. DO NOT let the doctor leave unless he has written something on EVERY body part you want something done to... no matter what they say, have them mark you up.

CIPLA - Has reopened!

Hopefully the standards of care and cleanliness will be followed now that there has been so much focus. Be safe ladies. xoxo


translation of text (via google translate:. Note: I cannot translate the video only the text part of the article and the comments below):

27 year old woman dies in search of beauty

By Paola Ledesma14/06/201311 comments

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic. - A young, 27, died Friday amid plastic surgery at the International Center of Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA), located in the La Esperilla, relatives attributed his death to irresponsibility Dr. acting.

The efforts of the young Altagracia Mejia, to achieve greater physical beauty, clothed in mourning the whole family.

abreu carolina says: 15/06/2013 at 1:25 PM
are 2 cases in this clinic on my sister died aida lunes6 rock came from Atlanta JOINING performed cosmetic surgery malpractice and pierced a lung avoid more pain to other families

anaceli hernandez says: 22/06/2013 at 11:00 AM
Esi s 2s died, she was my Prima rubelin k Pena died there .... As bad Pratica,, But not stay haci Family,, DR,,, you pay for what k k hiso

Sunday Martinez says: 15/06/2013 at 8:31 a.m.
In this institution are happening things do not go to public light, either for fear of what others may think family and friends of those affected or simply do not know how to act in different cases. I say this because my sister last year was met at the center and left with a hole in the navel and is now suffering from breast tumors, please investigate who spent at site where apparently is full of malpractice Medical ...

CIPLA DEATHS - so very sad

From what I have found, I only see two deaths recently. I did read about a third, but the other one must have been a while ago. The two women that died are:

Altagracia Mejia from Switzerland - Dr. Rodriguez - pulmonary problems
Aida Perez from ATL - Dr. Franklin DeJesus - punctured lung

ONE MORE POST - something related (had to share)

Review excerpt from RH (link above): "Well after the Surgery I looked great for about the first 3 hrs. Then I started to feel bad...Very bad... Until eventually I had hives all over my body, temperature of 102, Blood sugar of 200 plus, blood pressure of 208 over 108. I also had shortness of breath. My husband contacted Yily several times. Yily treated me as if I was a DOG... I contracted MRSA and a flesh eating bacteria from the surgery, that per my infectious disease Dr. he thinks the equipment was unsanitary due to the locations of my infection. He said,"Everywhere the scapula touched you have infection". I was in a coma for 5 days,..."

WARNING: I received the below message -

WARNING CIPLA was closed because 3 woman have died there within a month and a hazardous bacteria was found on the premises. It is unfortunate that one of my clients is presently at Maimonedes hospital undergoing a series of operations due to a huge malpractice and internal infection from a liposuction burn made by Dra Duran. Please ladies be careful!!!!

^ source/info not confirmed or substantiated

The above info has not fully been confirmed or substantiated. Two of the deaths have (above), but not the third. Also, the statement that one of the past pigments that had an infection was Duran's. I do remember reading it before I left to DR, but couldn't find out who it was it anything that substantiated it. There are probably many things we don't know (more cases of infection. Malpractice, and even death). The most important information is whether there is malpractice. Did any of the deaths happen due to malpractice? Are the infections a result of malpractice? It is difficult to find this information, and sometimes difficult to prove. I do believe no doctor wants their patient to die or get infections. I also believe some care more than others. I also believe the ramifications can influence their level of caring. If the stakes are high and the consequences are as well, they are apt to be far more cautious. If it won't hit the news, can be buried, or consequences are a mere fine, they may not be as vigilant in their practice. Duran strikes me as a women who really cares. If one of her patients did contract an infection, I doubt it was due to her recklessness or lack of caring. Although negligence can happen when protocols are not followed to ensure patient safety - whether from an assumption that things are fine and there is no danger to determining that the protocol is not necessary out of a perceived sense of safety. For example: I don't have to sterilize these instruments, it's my first surgery of the day, they must be clean or lack of follow-up to ensure all instruments are clean. Policy: are all people in the OR supposed to change their scrubs for each new surgery? (I would think so.) my friend, blitzgirl said her anesthesia guy had a blood mark on his scrubs and she was trying to move to make sure she didn't touch it when he got close to her. Shouldn't the doctor say "go scrub up"? Or whatever? Shouldn't there be a limit as to how many hours a doctor can operate in a day/week? Ate there standards and protocols? Are they followed? We just don't know much of this, but know we don't want to be in an OR when someone else's blood is on the people working on us? And that we don't want to lay in a bed someone else was bleeding and throwing up in unless it has been properly cleaned, not change of sheets with stains on it, or go into the bathroom and have blood in there (after a drain change).

*patients, not pigments

Damn autocorrect. We should be able to edit our posts, but suggestions don't seem to be considered. :-/

OPINION - with all that I have said...

I have to say that I think CIPLA was at its worst around the time I was there (probably for some time before) and up until the closing. I think with the closing and the deaths that there is a huge focus on them and they "have" to get it together! They have to be compliant and cautious because they are under the microscope so to speak.

Yily is pregnant and due in December

She was three months when I went down for surgery. I was told, but in confidence, so I couldn't say. I just want to let people know now in case they are not being told and booking flights and hotels, etc.

Also, thank you all for the well wishes. I haven't been on much, but I am healing well. Best of luck to all my RS sisters! Be kind to yourself and each other. xo

Stiches -- I just has a stick pop out of my spine

There was a thread and inch long sticking out. I contacted someone down there and they said it was safe to pull out, but it was too stuck in there, so I just kept it moist with anti-bacterial because it was like a wick or fuse into my body and I didn't want any infection. It has since fallen off. I had another one on my elbow, but that one I clipped off, but there is still more in there. My friend Bliztgirl had one that had several loops and knots in it, it was like 3 inches long. I wish I had saved the pic of it. :-(

At CIPLA they didn't even tell me that I had one in my belly button, I didn't find out until much later.... several days. Make sure you know were all the incisions are and keep them clean and dry.

I will be back to do a 3 month follow-up in a few days...

I just wanted to post a few blogs to look at in the meantime:

lisaandra34 -- burns
solidgold -- Yily not in OR (several people have said this)

I would like to answer some questions

I will be answering questions over the next few weeks and giving a 6+ month update. Questions posted below will be answered here if I think they will help all otherwise I will answer individually below.

Sorry for my delay in getting back on RS.

Lip information

I asked a local doctor about lip options a while ago. I asked about fat grafting as one option. He said fat usually doesn't last in lips due to the frequent movement of the lips. but i tried it because it did not cost anymore to have it injected. He was correct. It didn't last all that long-maybe 3-4 months.

There are a few doctors that are great lip lift doctors and I will post them in a following post. The cost is aoprx. $2,500. It is something I will do in the future.

revision work needed

I have bumps, waves and unevenness ... On my stomach, back and arms. Going for revision work elsewhere.

I think it was petite mama who had the same problem. Maybe it happens frequently, I will research more, but I wish she didn't touch my arms or lower back, ... Or whoever the hell did. :-/

It has been a year now

It has been a year since surgery and it was quite the emotional roller coaster. Looking back I can't believe I did it. I really wish I didn't let Yily touch my arms and in hindsight I wish I would have saved my money for a better surgeon in the states. I am saving to have things fixed - the lumps, bumps and hollows.

I am looking at markman or medietta (so?) so far. I want a smooth sculptor and I'm willing to wait and pay.

Please post any recommendations below.

I am grateful to all of you here. Stay safe ladies.

arms done by different people

As I study my arms (which I no longer wear short sleeves because of the disformity) I am wondering if two different people did my arms. They look so different. After reading all the different reviews I think it is highly possible. I hope it is fixable. I need an expert though.

Going over my body now that I'm a year out and really evaluating everything.

I am debating posting the deformities on my body so you can all see the errors she made. I'm actually glad now that she did not do my thighs. I sooooo wish she forgot my arms too. I am saving to get my thighs done (even if I need a lift for loose skin) and having my arms fixed. In addition, now I know what one girl meant when she said that yily puts hips that are too high sometimes. That is what she did to me. I couldn't put my finger on it before, but I still have indents on my sides she didn't fill, but she put hips too high and makes me look MORE square from the back than I did before. I need that fixed. I have a few real indents in my back. Two of them are deep indent lines about 4 inches long. It looks messed up. My skin on my stomach is uneven. If I stretch it looks okay (like many of the pics I see on here), but when relaxed it is not smooth. I am considering a reverse TT to fix that. I will have the thighs lipoed and fix my hips, fill indents and divots. I am probably going to go to Markman and pay 18-20k or so, but I am not willing to risk getting worst. Maybe Mendietta. I want someone skilled at evening out lipo issues through more lipo as well as filling in with fat where there was too much taken out.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Yily is way too overbooked. The day before my surgery she did surgery on five patients and had 7 post-op patients. Four of the 7 post-op patients had complaints about Yily missing something (arms, thighs, or something). The day of my surgery, which she almost did 7 patients, but ended up only doing 6, she FORFOT my thighs even though I bought a 5-page printout with photos and verbiage in both English and Spanish to to explain all my wishes and concerns. In addition, I had to fill out two sets of papers the day of surgery-on each of these sets of paper, I filled out the procedures being performed: THIGHS were one of the FIRST three words I wrote on each document. When I brought it up to her after surgery. She said I didn't say anything beforehand. I insisted I did and she said, "Don't lie." I kid you not, she said that and I quote her exact words. She did not know that the two women in the attached room were my friends-staying with me at the RH (Blitzgirl and Fabulous Fifty) who will both confirm this is accurate. I did not battle her on it as I was trying to get her to fix it before I left. I later determined I just could not handle another procedure this soon, so I did get my money back. She is a good surgeon. Don't get me wrong. However, she is slipping - big time. She does too many surgeries and is making mistakes, getting lax, and cutting corners IMHO. To give her the credit that she deserves, what she did do for me is fabulous. I do have a great shape. She otherwise followed my wishes/instructions. If I don't lose any of the butt I have right now, I do have exactly what I wanted. So she is good and I did like her, but she was not professional in how she handled the situation and it was a loss for me because now I'm stuck not having my thighs done and it will cost me a lot more now to have them done. She should have on file what I asked for (seeing it was in the first and subsequent emails, it was in the paperwork she requested, as well as the one I brought into consultation AND I paid for it). She shirked responsibility and treated me like I was trying to get away with something and talked to me like you would on the street. I replied with something like, "there was obviously communication issues or misunderstanding, but it is neither here nor there, I would just like it fixed" and I told her I was staying two weeks and asked if she would do it. She said she would see. Normally it is 20 days before you can have surgery again. I do think that she would have done it if I stayed and was fit for it, but I don't like that she said "don't lie." THAT is NOT how you talk to a patient! Period. So that is my final review on Yily. Too much risk, and too much money to fix the errors. It would have been better to save and go to someone who takes their time. Many people need something fixed (uneven lipo, lumps, bumps, unevenness). Given the current state and what is happening and what happened to me even though I knew about the situation and was tring to avoid it, I would also avoid her. :-/

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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