Going to Santo Domingo for Mommy Makeover with BBL Mar 2016

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Finally going to write my review about the reason...

Finally going to write my review about the reason I found myself on Realself in the first place.

Although, I've wanted a Breast augmentation since I was 20, advised against until my family life was completed. 15yrs later it's time to do an overhaul. I've since decided I want to do something about my tummy, the breasts and why not the booty since discovering the Brazilian butt lift procedure.

I've been stalking a lot of ladies reviews in the UK and in US regarding the outcome of their surgeries and pending procedures. There are way too many to list. But to those ladies ‘Thank You’.

Initially I was looking to get this procedure done in the UK, I first went to MYA as it is a free consultation and the sales co-ordinator informed me the surgeon wouldn’t be able to perform a TT and a BL and augmentation in 1 operation which means no discounts for multiple procedures (say what!!!!) oh and they wanted £11k ($17000) for TT and 6 months later BL w/BA. So I continued to look and found 2 very good and reputable surgeons, however, the more I carried out my research the more I felt that my UK surgeons won't be able to give me the look I wanted without it costing me more over $23000.00 (£15k) and I could not justify this expense (even though, I think I'm worth it lol). One of my UK surgeons stated if you are going to go abroad, make sure they are an International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) member. I started to consider the US and Spain but the results were not as exciting as those coming out of Dominican Republic.

So then it was time to find a surgeon in DR, the most popular surgeons Almonte, Medina, Yily, Cabral, Robles, Baez, Duran, Diaz. I thought WOW!!, then when I went on to check the ISAPS website to check they are members http://www.isaps.org/ - They are the world's leading professional organization for board certified aesthetic plastic surgeons, ISAPS is dedicated to promoting excellence in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. They go on to say when you choose an ISAPS member surgeon, you can be confident that your surgeon:
Is qualified and experienced
Has a record of safety
Has demonstrated a commitment to ethical practice
Is trained in the safest, most up-to-date techniques and treatments

The above information alone gave me confidence, can you believe that the Drs I named above are not members...sooo that definitely ruled them out. Anyway back to the ISAPS members, there are only 9 surgeons in the DR that are ISAPS members the list is below.


I researched each of these surgeons on Realself for personal reviews, before and after pictures and thankfully I found some. From the 9 I started with Dr Goico and Dr Estevez. After going through each review regarding these Drs, then Google and every good bad or ugly review, I picked Dr Goico. My husband was not too happy with me wanting to go to DR (on my own) and only researching mainly 1 surgeon. He then asked I check out other countries closer to home (he is worried about things going wrong, our 2 kids and me being so far away and not being able to express myself thoroughly (if shit hits fan) as I don't speak Spanish. I did as he said (reluctantly), however, the other Drs I found (also ISAPS members) the reviews on Realself did not fill me with confidence or peace of mind. You have to trust your research and listen to your gut. Thank goodness for Realself and Google.

So after much talk with my hubby, and him checking out the reviews I’ve been stalking, he was slowly coming round. He contacts a friend’s sister who lives in DR, she is a Doctor over there and she confirmed Dr Goico is a good Dr and he is one of the best surgeons over there HALLELUJAH!!! he’s now on board....


About me and quotes

I'm breaking up my review as it will end up being a book for the first bit.

I guess I should give a little info about me.

I’m 35, I have 2 children, married, I’m a psychiatric nurse, I weigh 10 ½ stones (147lbs), size 12-14 in clothes dependent on the cut.

My second child is currently 16 weeks old so I’m still breast feeding until he is 5 months so I can start weaning.

So I should add I received a quote from Dr Estevez (he appears to be a nice man too) anyway I honestly thought his quote was good for everything you received. If he had been my final choice, he'd have had my deposit that day. For the researcher in me I wanted to check they were the best out there. He replied with ‘I usually work with Motiva Implants, but also available are Silimed, Donassis and Aec. Motiva has lifetime warranty. Check their website. I do usually just one case a day, 2 at most. So I have as much time as needed to work my cases’ I was impressed.

So I finally and excitedly reached out to Dr Goico for a quote. I already planned to do this trip on my own as it was cheaper for us. Anyway, in the meantime whilst I’m waiting for a response, I desperately keep checking my email at every ding. I keeping talking to my husband about the ladies I’ve been following and checking out the post op reviews and pictures and just generally admiring how good Dr Goico is. So I start to mention ‘why not have liposculpture hun, and why not a BBL’. My husband has no butt (bless him), he is a lot on the flat side and he always complained about this. Anyway, I think I planted a seed.

Because now.....wait for it.....YES, he wants to have surgery with me. I’m very excited.

PROS of hubby coming along:
We’ll be suffering together
He speaks Spanish
I won’t have to find a surgery buddy
15% discount (who doesn’t like a discount)
He’ll also feel good about himself
And most importantly he’s got my back!

CONS of hubby coming along
It’s costing us more money overall (surgery, flights, accommodation etc)

Now we have decided best time to go is in October 2016, enough time to save those pennies.

He is going to write his own review, and he’s called loma beanz (show him some love Realselfers :), he’s a little shy).

Response from Dr Goico

Thanks for contacting us.

I have to be very honest with you: there is no use of me doing your evaluation now, as your body will drastically change in the next few months. Your breasts will change, your abdomen may change as well, so I believe the best thing to do is for you to get back to us near the month of December/January in order to have a more objective approach. Photographic evaluation is already pretty subjective, so I don't want to give you an opinion and be very different in the future.

Hope you understand that I am making this for your own good.

Congratulations on your newborn.

Let me know any medical doubt you may have.

Take good care


Damn you. Damn your effects on my body.

The plan is to stop breast feeding in November anyway, but now I'll have to wait til Jan/Feb 2016 once my boobies and tummy settles to request another evaluation. Whatever it is, i'll be nipping and tucking it in Oct 2016 with my hubby.

Recovery Houses dilemma

I'm basically looking to lock down everything except my quote God willing by end of year, then all I have to do is sit back and relax til October :)

So I reached out to Arelis on 10th Oct due to a number of very good reviews. wanted more information on what she offers as there is absolutely no information on her Facebook page (I sent her a message on there also a few weeks before my message via Whatsapp). To this date, I have received no response. I'm not going to lie, I am very disappointed.

I liked the look of Serenity Recovery House, my next favourite. Although the mixed reviews has been getting me nervous as initially I was going alone. So I've basically been a voyeur on there website and Instagram account. Something has been stopping me from getting in touch (instincts maybe)

The other day, I read a review about Relax Recovery House. I was intrigued and now hubby is coming so I asked that he message her for more information. He got in touch with the owner Soraya as she doesn't speak English. We got information on rates, $85 per patient, number of rooms, it has hospital beds and transportation is included which I thought was a bonus. The fact it is a smaller apartment I feel quite happy that even if there are other patients we would get very good 1:1 care. And not having to worry about too many people's bad habits. So unless I come across any other reviews (good, bad or ugly) between now and when I lock in our dates in October, Relax Recovery House is where we are heading.

A question about tipping

Hi all,

Over in UK we are not accustomed to tipping for the sake of tipping. Yes, if we receive good-exceptional service we will always tip. But I noticed in America, I was informed to tip people even though the service was poor.

So can you help me identify what is the etiquette of tipping in DR.

The reason I ask is, I had originally planned to tip all the people who helped to look after us at the end of our stay in DR everyone gets their own envelope you know.

Or should I expect to tip the nurse/maid/cook at every interaction (I'm not feeling that to be honest) if we didn't, does that potentially mean the care is then reduced/delayed?? So many questions.

I have also read that in some recovery houses the workers were hustling / waiting for their tips (not feeling that either)

Any advice on how to handle this situation would be really helpful.
TIA Juju x

Recovery House provided by Cosmicare

As I'm trying to organise everything for next year we have now paid our $250 deposit (x 2) for our recovery house in Santo Domingo.

Honestly, when I received the first quote for 14 days.

PLATINUM All-Inclusive Package $2,520 $2,520
14 Nightly Accommodations
Daily Certified Nursing Care
3 Meals per day
3 Snacks per day
Transportation: Airport Pick-Up & Drop Off, All Dr. Visits and 2 Errands
10 Lymphatic Massages
TOTAL $2,520

*Non-patient guests are permitted to stay in private rooms at no additional fee* - This makes it affordable if you plan to go with someone to support you and cheaper than other recovery homes IMHO.

I love the look of the home (very pretty), I loved that everything was included, I loved the fact that there staff would be bilingual. However, the price was too much for my pocket (even though I'm worth it).

So when my husband decided he would come with me and have lipo with bbl, I reached out to them again for another quote. They have recently ended a deal of Buy One Get One half price but as I inquired for just myself before that deal originally ended they informed me they would extend the offer to myself and Eric.

The new price would be $3,780 for both, in our opinion it was too good to say no. Especially as our quote includes 10 massages each and each of us get to have a Cosmikit each.

This is what is included in the Cosmikit. The KIT is composed of three mini kits:

Vitamin N' Things

Inside is a unique combination of vitamins & supplements needed to restore your body with important nutrients.

What’s Inside?

? SSS Tonic
? Vitamin C
? Vitamin B Complex
? Calcium w/ Vitamin D
? Copper/Zinc
? L-Arginine
? L-Glutamine
? Quercetin w/Bromelain
? Folic Acid
? Arnica Tablets
? Stool Softner
? Laxative
? Extra Strength Pain Reliever
? Bio-Oil
? Neosporin Ointment
? Benadryl Anti-Itch Cream
? Arnica Gel

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is extremely important in healthy recovery practices. A clean and sanitary body is the foundation to eliminating the opportunity for infection.

What’s Inside?

? Pre-Op Body Scrub
? Anti-Bacterial Soap/Wash
? Hibiclens Antimicrobial Soap
? Firming Body Lotion
? Neosporin
? Chapstick
? Toothbrush
? Toothpaste
? Mouth Wash
? Deodorant

Recovery Supplies

Besides soaps and vitamins, there are few additional MUST HAVE supplies. You will definitely appreciate these items.

What’s Inside?

? Go Girl Female Urinal
? Bobby Pillow
? Pill Organizer
? Lipo Foam
? Chux Pads
? Gauze Pads
? Medical Tape
? Q-Tips
? Compression Stockings

We we decided we would go with Cosmicare, I asked a few questions based on reviews coming out of DR.

Hi Juju,

We love Q&A!! Please see our responses below:

Q: In which district is the house located?
A: The house is located in "El Cacique", a quiet central zone that is just a short distance from the city centre. You can walk from the house to the well-known "Central Park of Santo Domingo", Parque Mirador Sur in 10 minutes. You'll find a supermarket and several minimarkets right on the next street corner, and it's only a 10 minute drive to major shopping malls like the Blue Mall, Plaza Central and the Acropolis Centre. Just a few blocks in the opposite direction and you'll come to the main street, Winston Churchill where you'll find many stylish cafes and restaurants, banks and other hot spots!

The house is also just 800 meters from the ocean drive, the famous "El Malecon". The fascinating colonial district of Santo Domingo "Zona Colonial" with its historic buildings and monuments can be reached in 15 minutes, and you will also find that many of the hot spot restaurants and lively bars are located in this fascinating part of the city.

Q: How many guests can you accommodate at one time?
A: We can accommodate up to 6 guests at a time. The house has 4 private bedrooms. Each with 1 Luxury King Size Bed, 32“ flat TV with premium TV channels, Modern Air Conditioning, Ceiling fan, Double closet with hangers and Stylish decor

Q: Is the nurse or house keeper going to advise us about how to use some of the Cosmikit?
A: Absolutely. Our nursing team will assist you every step of the way. We follow a daily schedule that includes showers, dressing, meals, exercise, massage and more! Trust you are in good hands!

Q: Will the nurse on shift be able to aid with our drains and blockages, in and out of our fajas, help to get in and out of shower when appropriate?
A: Absolutely! As mentioned above we assist you every step of the way.

Q: When we are taken to our Doctors appointment will someone stay with us or will we just be dropped off and picked up later?
A: Our nurse will be right there with you for the duration and will monitor you progress from start to finish.

Q: Where can we read reviews on your company and recovery houses.
COSMICARE is a brand new organization. We are actually set for our "Official Launch" in January 2016. However, we are accepting reservations now. By October, we hope to have a few of our satisfied customers shared their experience with you guys. Nonetheless, we have complete confidence in our services and can assure you we will meet your expectations.

Just realised, I haven't mentioned Wifi. I'm currently awaiting a response (but i'm sure it does)

I hope this helps you guys who are looking at a recovery home. If there is anything else you would like to know that I may not have mentioned please ask and i'll update accordingly.

Their website: http://www.cosmicarerecovery.com/


Finally stopped breast feeding on the 9th. Boobs already 90% empty of milk. The way things are looking I doubt I'll need to wait til January for my quote.

MORE good news. We will need to bring forward our surgery date as the price of flights during the time we want it triple what it is in September. So September 2016 or roughly 308 days to go....but whose counting?? Not me ????

Awaiting for that elusive evaluation

Hi all,
So my boobies have since deflated to what they were pre second baby, so I sent my photos to Dr Goico, I waited impatiently for a week to get a response and nothing, so I messaged him again to ask about it. He advised he would be getting on it ASAP (I quote) and 6 days later still no evaluation.

Don’t get me wrong I know Dr Goico is a busy man, I see the influx of new reviewers every other day but DAMNNN!! I want to know already. Did I mention previously I’m impatient!!!! LOL

Wooooohoooooo!!! My evaluation has been received.

Hi all,

The first steps to a new me has finally begun.

So last night, I had a dream. I dreamt I met Dr Goico in London, for some reason he was meeting a friend of mine for a business opportunity and he thought whilst he was there he’ll see me to give me my evaluation in person.

I didn’t realise how my waiting for his evaluation was stuck in my subconscious but I was soooo happy. He was telling me what he felt I needed and then I woke up (just typical).

When I woke up, I grabbed my phone to check the time, and there was a message, I checked that (as you do) and BAMMMM! A message from Dr Goico about my evaluation, SAY WHATTT!! I was in shock and very surprised.

I’m now thinking about the lottery and hoping I dream about next week’s numbers (you never know right :P )

The below is Dr Goico’s evaluation of what I have requested:

Hello Charysma.

If that is you on the photos, I do believe you are good enough to have surgery.

Let me detail each area:

- Breasts: when it comes to breasts you are a very good candidate for an enlargement along with a lift (without a lift the implant will weight too much and increase the fallen aspect). You also have a mild asymmetry which is also addressed with this surgery. The implant would enhance mainly the roundness of your breasts, and fill up more the upper pole (aka cleavage). I'll ask a weird task of you: look up on the internet for images of breasts that you consider nice, and send them to me. The idea is not to imitate them, but to have an idea of what volume and format you consider ideal and make sure we're on the same page.

- Abdomen: this is clearly the area that needs more work. You have an evident muscle separation, along with a skin excess and fat accumulation that makes you an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck. The tummy tuck not only eliminates fat and skin, but it defines the waist line more, giving the patient a curvier body because of the "corset" effect created by the abdominal rectus muscle. Another good point in your favour is the fact that you have enough skin to have a very low positioned scar, meaning, this surgery should allow you to use a very low bikini bottom or panties if you feel like it. I also do not recommend having more children if you are having this procedure.
- Body and butt: Liposuction is also highly indicated in your case, and it complements the tummy tuck really well. Now, the amount of fat that we'd be able to remove would depend on your blood levels. I've never had the need to do a blood transfusion because I simply do not take risks (and it seriously doesn't make sense to risk a patient's life for a "better body" in a surgery that is scheduled). The areas that I would mainly recommend treating would be the back (upper and lower) and flanks (waist).

- Butt: here is where you have me a little confused. You already have a nice butt projection. For what I understand you’re aiming to filling the hollowness on the sides, but I would not recommend increasing the size. Another good thing besides injecting fat in your butt is that only by doing liposuction in the lower back and flanks, the transition from lower back to your butt is accentuated or pronounced, creating a visual effect as if your butt has been lifted and enlarged. I would mainly aim to complement the hips and enhance your body contour by grafting fat in the outer areas of your butt.

I have to say I did giggle regarding this comment (If that is you on the photos) I was thinking who else would it be LOL. Do people request evaluations for random people??? Anyway, that was my laugh for the day.

Now I just have to wait to see what the damage (cost) will be from his assistant Karel.


I have received the written quote from Karel, the quote states $6800 -10% =$6120. I'm going to give her a break as it is supposed to be 15% discount as i'm going with my husband. I'll remind her before my deposit is sent. And now thanks to this portal, we have another surgery buddy YAY!!!! I

It is incredible the friendships you can build from this journey. I'm so happy. And if everything goes as I'm hoping maybe We can takeover DR for 2 weeks.

I'm getting frustrated again with these blooming airlines and there prices, but I am going to be positive. As soon as our third surgery buddy has her quote we will be cementing our date. Also, as there is now 3 my dates are again flexible but we are almost there. We have agreed anytime between Sept-Oct. We are hoping it's far enough in the future to get our pick.

Some changes unfortunately

So there have been some changes since I last updated.

I have been getting some serious booty greed, This is not good. Thankfully the boobie greed is currently been kept under control. I think I’m spending too much time on Realself and Instagram and because of it my head is being turned. From the new year year just hours away, i’m hoping to slow the hell down, pay my deposit and confirm my date.

This journey that my husband was going to join me on, we think it will be best if he does not have surgery in DR after all due to his health and recent dental issues, it is too hazardous for us to book recovery house and for him to be refused surgery as we are going to Cosmicare, Most of the cost has to be paid in advance and we can’t risk that kind of money if he is refused. My husband is still coming with me but he’ll be having his surgery either in UK or Europe as he’s finally opted for just lipo as it seems it'l be his safest option.

With that dilemma, I found a Realself doll who we have gotten on famously and she has decided she is going for Round 2 and she will be happy to be my surgery buddy. Thank you DLFLYGRL. In the last 2 weeks we thought there might be 4 of us taking over DR, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened. But never mind.

DLFLYGRL and I have decided that October 2016 is the best time for both of us as she’ll be over 8 months post surgery from her TT. We are both so excited.

I did have thoughts about going in Spring as I honesty cannot wait that long and Autumn but I soon changed my mind when Karel sent me a spilt quote (lol). I thinkI am just going a little cuckoo!! I do need to stop harassing her with my whims, thankfully she says its normal (yay!!)

As 2016 draws near Realself dolls, I’d like to wish you a future of tiny waists, big and perky tatas and phat donkey boots
Charisma xx

It's Official, I'm going to be an FG Doll

Hi everyone,

I would like to wish each of you a happy new year.

I have sent my deposit to Dr Goico and I have since received confirmation of receipt of funds and Pre-op Guidelines, Medical History Form and Account Balance documentation.

I haven't brought my flight tickets yet as but it looks like I'll be flying into Punta Cana. There is someone flying there end of the month and is going to update me on the travel. As I'm hoping for MMO, I want to make sure I am in very little discomfort.

I'm hoping to get my blood levels checked also, the last time I did so in September time (i think) it was 13. And that was with my normal eating habits, Dr Goico advises of taking supplements, but I'm trying to just do so with food at the moment. I'm looking to add Liver to my diet and beetroot smoothies. See if that helps to raise its levels naturally. I am not a fan of taking tablets so let the experiment begin, if it doesn't work, I will add the tablets also.

I am now playing the waiting game until October.

Beetroot smoothie recipes to try (found through Google

Beet-Berry Smoothie

1 small beet root, peeled and chopped
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup strawberries
1 small orange, peeled and deseeded
8 ounces homemade almond milk

Beet-Apple Smoothie

1 medium banana, peeled
1 large apple, cored and peeled
4 ounces fresh beet juice

Red Beet Smoothie
1 red beetroot
1 small apple including core
½ naval orange peeled
handful frozen berries
handful kale
¼ cup frozen pineapple (optional)
½ cup ice
½ cup iced water

What I'll be doing is trying each of these recipes and mixing it up to find what suits me best. I'll update on this in a couple of weeks/months about how i'm getting on. I'm away for a couple of weeks so I won't be starting until I return and home life is stable lol.


My journey has taken an unexpected turn. It started with my Recovery House changing location :( this lead my surgery buddy to decline the new home (basically not the same standard, you will see in the pictures). I was in a BOGO half price deal. So the owner has since offered me an amendment to my quotation and a free faja, as compensation for the change in location.

As I could no longer go with my sweetheart, I decided to change my surgery date. I was checking out flight dates for the cheapest return deal and found I could fly to DR economy one way and First Class return with one change direct to Santo Domingo 11-12 hours in March.

I fly into DR on 21st March Karel Dr Goico’s assistant has booked me in for surgery on 23rd March. I am very excited that I am now 47 days, 20 hours away from surgery and a better version of Me. I am now also on the Hemo Train to raise my levels to as close as possible to 15. I’ll be on a hemo boosting and then get myself tested to see if it is working.

So far this week, I’ve been eating liver with lemon juice and garlic, hummus made with parsley, drinking beetroot juice made with apple and raspberry as my smoothie maker only turned up today. Orange juice and I am taking Folic Acid.

If not I will still have time to amend my regime and add more pills.

To steal what someone once said:


30 days to a Better version of ME :)

Hi everyone, I feel as if I have kind of abandoned this review.

I promise I have not; life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of the fun stuff. I've also gone back to work, children, you get the picture.

Anyway, updates on what I have been up to.

Firstly, I have been on a diet of mainly Beef Liver (we didn’t manage to get Veal) and Steaks. My husband is our chef so he has been getting very creative with my meals. And they have been delicious, I wasn’t too fond of eating Liver but you gotta do what you gotta do right! I have been eating quinoa, lentils, chick peas and lots of Iron rich and vitamin C reach veggies. I have cut out my daily drink of a glass of milk with my breakfast (this one was really hard, I love milk) and also except when I’m at work tea and coffee. I have to stop the caffeine at work.

I have not been taking ANY Iron supplements.

I have also been full throttle on the beets smoothies/juices. And OMG they are pretty damn good. I tried to follow the recipes I posted and I only used half of the ingredients.

What I decided to do was throw into the smoothie what I have. This was usually, green apples, strawberries, raspberries, spinach, blue berries, pineapple, oranges and a whole beetroot, sometimes Greek yoghurt and carrots. Not all of these ingredients went in all together.

The main one has been: 1 green apple, 3-6 strawberries dependent on size, 2 handfuls of raspberries, orange (or orange juice if no oranges around) 1 whole beetroot, also some water as it can get really thick. This is my favourite one, but you’ll find which you prefer when you start. The bottle can last me a whole day or two. My husband thinks it’s too sweet to drink for the whole day.

The last few days I’ve eased off a bit as we’ve not been home and eating out a lot.

I went for my blood test today, result probably Wed/Thurs. My fingers and toes are crossed for a good result. If not, I will continue with my diet and then I will start with the tablets, and also Pur-absorb liquid iron (I brought this mainly for the flight over to maintain my hemo levels).

Recovery House and other general stuff

My recovery house wants £175 per night for additional nights; IMO I think this is too excessive especially as I haven’t had surgery yet, but I guess the flip side is I’ll be taking up a bed someone could be paying full price for (but I am selfish and only thinking of myself lol). So I have booked myself into a hotel Aparta Hotel Turey on the corner of Dr Goico’s office, it is around a 1 minute walk door to door and it only cost me $100. So I am pleased with this.

The owner has confirmed, the driver will collect me from airport and bring with him my Cosmit kit, The next day the nurse will escort me to the clinic for my pre-op appointment and on surgery day the first nurse will stay with me until I go into surgery and the overnight nurse will arrive around 7pm to be with me over night. Remember all this is included in my all inclusive package. I am extremely happy with this (they also advise their nurses are fully bi – lingual, we shall see). And of course the next day they take me to the recovery house. I will surely be providing a review on their services and my experience.

Although, I am really nervous to take cash with me, I have decided to do just that. I have exchanged half my money and now I see the exchange rate is dropping and its not in my favour, I only have another $2000 to change but if you need to exchange your money please keep an eye on the rates, doesn't look so good at the moment. I have brought this to carry my money in it's called Hajj safe and once I get through security It'll be hidden under my clothes. If i can help it, no sucker is getting to this cash without a fight lol.

I have also purchased, some maxi dresses, some tops for under my faja locks for my suitcase etc. I am ready to go. I will start packing slowly in about another week or so.

It's almost my time YAY!!!

20 days, 21 hours, 24 minutes and counting.

I've had an interesting week. Last week I received my blood results I was happy and sad within 10 seconds. First my Hemo is 13.9 based on only my diet and the beetroot smoothies which i am still taking. Then results also showed I am (query) hypothyroidism. I was so PISSED OFF. As i thought my health was pretty good, no issues. Anyway I sent Dr FG the results and at the time he stated if it wasn't controlled I could not have surgery. You can guess where I was emotionally at this point. Anyway, I say my Dr on Friday, he reassured me and told me not to panic, he also advised the results is only showing that I am borderline hypothyroidism. In his opinion it should not prevent me from having surgery or affect me in the recovery stage. He added he would write to Dr FG regarding my results and overall health status and he clarified again that I do not have a diagnosis . I told him Dr FG is unlikely to do my surgery based on the results. I went back to Dr FG and he clarified that as my Dr is saying it is borderline my surgery will/could go ahead. He just wanted me to get it checked out.

I keep freaking myself out.

Anyway, I took another blood test on Monday I called the Dr earlier today and the results was still not in, I will be checking again tomorrow morning and book another appt with the Dr.

I don't know if it's stress, but now my cycle has not yet arrived, it should have been here a few days ago and currently it is late even though I have an irregular cycle, i have managed to calculate it is around 40-45 days long, today is day 43 and nothing. I really hope it comes and goes before surgery, knowing my luck it'll be on the day of surgery in 20 days :( and they will plummet my hemo levels.

I am going to remain positive. Positive Mental Attitude.

I have started packing my bags, I am so worried about things going missing from my property (read on instagram about property going missing in recovery houses) i have brought a bunch of these numbered tags for my luggage. You have to break them to get into my suitcase (I trust no one) So if it's broken I know some thieving ba*T*rd has attempted to get in. Padlocks on everything on the inside also lol. I'm probably going overboard right?

Til next time dolls x

Diagnosis: Hypothyroidism

Hi dolls,

So I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism yesterday and placed on Levothyroxine medication. It destroyed me. I was in a right panic. I found out about 5am DR time, I waited as long as I could which was not about 45 mins, before I started blowing up Dr Goico’s phone.

Probably too early right??

Anyway after a good couple of hours agonising, Dr Goico got back in touch, he stated I can still proceed as I also texted over my results. Hypothyroidism can slow down you healing, so I though Dr FG would cancel.

If there is anything you take away from this review ladies, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get a full and thorough health check before you book your surgery date and most definitely before booking your flight.

Also, Aunt Flow decided to visit yesterday during my chaos (maybe I should thank the chaos). So if everything goes well, she should be gone by 11th or no longer than 13th March. Then I’ll have 9 full days to get hemo back hopefully over 13.5 for surgery.

I am back to being chilled and waiting for the days to go by until my surgery. I have everything I need.

As of now, I am 17 days 13 hours 40

My countdown

6 days til my surgery

Hi all,

I'm packed and i'm ready to go. I received my tourist card yesterday its so tiny lol.
I've got my train tickets, my hotel is booked for Sunday night, my flight is early Monday morning.

I'm going to wash my hair and i think i'm going to get 2 strand twists as i don't want to bother with hair whilst i am over there.

I'm excited and just waiting now.

I plan on giving a thorough review of everything especially my recovery house as I know there isn't any online to help other dolls. I will however give my first impressions and photos but anything more than that I will post once I am back home. I just feel more comfortable that way. So please don't message me asking because I won't be providing one of my experience until I am home. Thank you for your understanding.

Today I fly

I'm currently sitting on a plane waiting to depart. I was supposed to have left 2 hours ago. Due to France air control strikes. I am going to miss my connecting flight. Waiting to hear from Dr Goico regarding my options if i was told from yesterday I would have flown to Madrid yesterday .

Anyway wish me luck.

Hi everbody

I just wanted to let you all know that I am safe and well after my surgery. I HD the mmo with a bbl as my hemo was 13.9.

I had a terrible start and yesterday my surgery almost didn't go ahead. Thankfully it did. Will post my markings post up and give you all a full run down.

I know most of you really want to know if Cosmicare is real, it is REAL, it's not a SCAM but for 30 waiting at the airport I was starting to think the latter. A full explanation will follow. I've just had some thing to eat after 30 and a half hours. Food never tasted so good. Thank you to those who have been wishing me luck and praying forme. I really appreciate it. More to follow... please watch this space

Post photos for you to enjoy

Not yet in a good state to write anything. No pain just discomfort. The front or the back is the only painful thing. But it is ok I will :)

I got 460cc over the muscle and 1000 CC's in each butt cheek


Post op day 3

With my drain friends José, Juan and Javier.

This pic is without my faja as it was getting washed and this is apparently swelling.

I am feeling too damn good I am wondering did Dr Goico really do a muscles repair on me. I guess he did a tt as I have the scars but I'm feeling good. A lot better than what I thought I would be experiencing. I am not knocking it but I am surprised. Maybe my hellish start to this journey was my low and now I'm cooking on gas and living the highs

Day 5 post op pics

Had my boobie drain taken out. Got to see the lollipop lift. Looks good. Had a massage at my RH and felt better. Placed on the last hook. It seems I had a pocket of fluid sitting in the bottom right hand side of my belly and when he is was getting the massage or being put in my faja. It truly felt as if my skin was being burned. I'm hoping it gets sorted as it's horrible.

Today is my 1 week post.
Mentally I am fine, a little fed up but I'm not sad. The lower backache from bending over is horrible. I'm a less mobile than I was so I'm just feeling blah.

Physically my strength was not great. Maybe if I had stronger back muscles I'd be coping better. Dr Goico says the bent position for at least 10 days so novae at least another 3 more days of it ugh. I have an appointment today with Dr Goico so hopefully I can take more shots so you can see my progress.

Cosmicare Recovery House in DR, so far very poor service

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to hold my tongue until I leave Cosmicare Recovery House in DR. But from day 1 the service provided has been substandard.

The medical basics are not available, we're running out of basic food items and there was no water so for one day until we could get more I was on rations of water in a supposedly luxury recovery house. And today I was left alone in the house because there is only one staff working 24/7. I contacted the owner and 7 hours later I am still waiting to receive a response regarding my experience and what she is going to do about it. I'm so upset I couldn't hold this to myself anymore. If you are considering Cosmicare, I hope they get things right for you on your journey.

Unfortunately I have even more to tell and I will do a thorough review to be specific about everything that I have experienced. I am 8 days post op, I hope things get better. My next step is a formal complaint to the owner. This cannot go on. Watch this space.

Cosmicare Recovery House in Dominican Republic

It burdens me to write this review for my future fellow dolls. I feel that I cannot let my experience with Cosmicare Recovery House in Dominican Republic be left unknown anymore. I have given the owner an opportunity to rectify things and she has still failed to address my issues in what I feel is a timely manner.

In this review I will demonstrate to you Cosmicare in DR is not what it is being advertised on their website. I will take every commercial arguments they use to sell they services and reveal to you how every one of them is bogus and amateurish. I will describe you chronologically what I’ve been through under the mismanagement of the entrepreneur of Cosmicare, Lakesha Stuldivant (Kesha).

“COSMICARE has a foundation based on three key priniciples:

Quality Care, Luxurious Comfort and Superior Customer Service. All while branding the company as one of a kind.” COSMICARE

My husband and I choose Cosmicare after visiting the old Cosmicare website and seen the apartment we thought we would be in for our recovery in Dominican Republic. The flat was luxurious splendid (picture attached), with solarium and a swimming pool, with great living room, apparently high speed internet like this my husband could work from there. They include also the Cosmikit with different items in to help you in your recovering. It is one of the main reasons that make me go for this specific Recovery House. I discussed the cost of $3780 for 2 (in a BOGO half price deal) it with my husband and we agreed to go with them even if it was the most expensive Recovery House in DR We paid our $500 non-refundable deposit to reduce the total bill. We would have a luxurious time recovering… why not ... we loved the place and what they offered and promised. For health reasons and child care, my husband could not go for his surgery in DR (that is another story), which meant I would be going alone.

Cosmicare Recovery House in DR - Awful customer service

During the Launch of Cosmicare in Jan and 3 months before flying to DR

Kesha announced to us on Monday 18th Jan 16 that the luxurious apartment we saw and fell for was no longer available because of the stairs (my friend raised her eyebrows when she read this and said to me Kesha is full if sh!t not to go to her, I didn’t listen to my detriment) and she would be going to be looking to relocate to another apartment with no stairs. She added she would be able to give a firm confirmation of the new apartment on Friday 22nd Jan. This raised red flags to us, but we felt we could Trust Kesha. So whilst we wait I was looking at her new website on 20th Jan. You can be sure it was a surprise to see a different apartment on her website for DR. I message her on the 22nd as I was trying to give her a chance to get in touch first. But of course she did not. I then impatiently waited til the 22nd to message her to find out what was going on.

I sent her a message, requesting my $500 deposit back as she was doing false advertising. In my opinion at the time she used the first house to lure clients to her to with having no intention of using that house. She made a deal to appease me; she stated my husband’s deposit was forfeited. So my new deal would be the following:

New quote $1750 – this price would now include a Faja. She also wrote I quote “I know you have been very supportive of Cosmicare (which I had) and she would hate to lose our business, furthermore with a sour taste”.

I went back to my husband we talked it over, he even said are you sure you want to go to her. I said Yes, she seems to be genuine (how wrong was I).

Cosmicare have failed in so many ways. Please think before you book there services

Tomorrow I will post about each day of my stay so far. This is very long so bare with me. After I expose the shambles that is Cosmicare Recovery SpecialistSpecialist. I shall then provide information and pictures or my process to date and of course the Dr and his staff.

My final quote and payment

My ordeal from day 1 dealing with Kesha from Cosmicare Recovery Specialists

22/03/16 - Day 1,

“We will provide you with unparalleled professionalism, support and guidance”. COSMICARE

After my plane my delays on 21st March, I took a plane on the 22nd March and I sent message to Kesha to advise of my flight was arriving early. I later find out that her mobile was off with no access to her and not knowingly what was going on. I felt Abandoned, I was so upset, and you can only imagine what was going through my mind. Whilst I waited I got more and more upset, I was close to tears, I was so emotional, stressed I had an head ache before but this got worse with how I was and feeling abandoned in a foreign country with a different language after my 8.5hour flight.

At exactly 30 minutes of waiting her driver arrived. This made me sick. I was so sick that my doctor was considering postponing my surgery until the week after which I was literally begging him not to. He was making it clear my presentation was not good, he was going to see me tomorrow and if I hadn’t changed he would be postponing it.

In my distress and the fact my hotel reservation was messed up due to my delays. I looked up to Cosmicare and Kesha for help. Her solution was that she would charge me $160 for 1 night in her home, knowing that I only needed a bed for the night and I would be nil by mouth as I would hopefully be having surgery and leaving at 10am. She provided no other solutions. Like bring my reservation forward and at the end of my time seeing what options I had. I later learn that she knew there was a hotel nearby that I could have stayed at for HALF THE PRICE she was charging me. I feel Kesha took advantage of me in my vulnerable state, especially when she contributed to me feeling the way I was.

I found my cosmikit was missing my Go Girl and I informed Kesha about it, she paid the cost of this item. I thought this was a fair resolution. However, my balance was paid in full and I was expecting all my items to be present.

Cosmicare owner responds to complaint by relying to my review instead of writing me back

Please read for yourself.

Didn't I tell you this woman is unprofessional?

I am now home so i will complete my review. 24/03/16 – Day 3

“Outstanding service and quality care stand at the forefront of everything we do”. COSMICARE

I return from surgery and the evening meal which should have been high in protein and nutrition was plate of mashed potatoes, with a sprinkle of tinned string beans and tinned peas oh and a smoked salty pork chop. I advised Kesha the pork chop was way to salty for my taste. I couldn’t eat it. So I continued to the mash. I thought they would offer me something else, but No. Kesha and her staff appeared to think the mash was an appropriate meal until I made it clear I was not happy to just eat mashed potatoes. They then offered me an alternative which was 2 fried eggs.

So my first meal was mashed potatoes and 2 fried eggs with the sprinkle of string beans and peas.

This is not acceptable for someone recovering from major surgery. Later this day for someone who just came out of surgery and requires a low sodium and salt diet, lots of protein and vegetables for their nutrients.

Kesha then adviced me the smallest size faja she brought for my stage 2 faja was a medium she also had a large and an extra large. I felt this was shocking management on her behalf as she should have brought a faja in every size to make sure she met my expectation.

She promise high speed internet service in the RH and this was not the case. We were without internet over night from roughly 5pm until the next morning and there was no way to fix it. The internet disruption continued for a number of days.
I asked Kesha about pillows for elevation prior to my arrival. My surgery demanded me be elevated and all she provided was 2 pillows. This was beyond incredible and no apology was given and it was not rectified but I was told I would have to wait until her other client left to have enough pillows.

Cosmicare’s key principles are Quality care, Luxurious Comfort and superior customer service, you finally end in a medium standard flat, you are provided with a poor diet post surgery after I was fasting for over 30 hours. You don’t get the appropriate number of pillows you asked for, and you are provided with the wrong size faja, and there was no internet to stay in touch with your family for support. How does the above meet those ‘key’ principles?

I think I should address Kesha Marie's points in the section

This is to show I am not lying about my experience with this woman. Again all I ask is for you to make up your own minds about this woman and her business practice.

So I will dispute point no. 1, please review my evidence.

She states 'I claim i sent her a message, none were received by her and her phone was not off' - As you can see on the right hand side of the pic from my phone I sent 4. And you can also see I called her 7 times that day. Her phone was not allowing voicemails as it was full so I kept trying. 7 different time.

All I ask is review the evidence and make up your own mind.

PS: I'm glad she used my complaint letter to reply to me it makes it so much easier to dispute each of her points.

25/03/16 - Day 4 Good Friday

“It is our goal to deliver an absolutely stress-free and smooth process to all our patients.” COSMICARE

Cosmicare informed me in writing that a nursing staff would be with me at all of my appointments. On this day Kesha took me to my appointment with Dr Goico. She only had 1 staff at the house to look after 2 patients. Her staff could not leave the house so Kesha stated she was flying back to US and would be dropping me off and leave me there.
This is not what I was promised by her company Cosmicare.

As there was no one to help me, the staff at the Dr’s office helped me to go downstairs and thankfully the driver was there. He took me back to the apartment.

Anabel my assistant then informed me I could not have toilet paper as we had run out, and we could not get anymore til Monday. Please explain how a recovery house runs out of a basic necessity as toilet paper??

The food continues to be of very poor standard, salty, the same tinned vegetables and no fresh vegetables and the same fruit daily.

26/03/16 – Day 5

Today no internet access again. It has been off for the day. Smh.
We had an emergency at the house with one of Cosmicare clients. There was no way of contacting the owner to let her know other than Whatsapp smh. I had been using my internet to contact my husband and I used my internet service to contact Kesha in the evening of the situation, as Anabel, only nurse, carer, cooker and cleaner in the house, working 24/7, was in a situation with a client that was having serious health concerns and things were getting worse. Using my internet as there was no other internet service cost me money. I now have a bill for £40 which is $56.92.

Kesha did not make contact regarding her client til the next day after 5pm, no calls nothing. Anabel was lucky the other client had a family member with her so she escorted her to hospital. Because I honestly don’t know how she would have managed.

At this point I started to thank my lucky stars my recovery was going smoothly.

Day 6 and 7 at Cosmicare Recovery House in Dr

Day 6 - Today we ran out of fruit juice, we were low on water so we were on rations to make it last til 28th.

Of course we had no internet for hours, and the food continues to be of very poor standard.

Day 7 - The food continues to be of very poor standard. Now I'm starting to get frustrated.

Today I realised that my cosmikit was missing another item and incomplete (smh). My arnica cream was missing and we only knew because the masseuse needed it to help me reduce my inflammation and bruising.

Day 8 and 9 at Cosmicare Recovery house

29/03/16 – Day 8

The food continues to be of very poor standard imo.

I informed Kesha of needing my arnica and getting an immediate replacement. I also realise the gauze provided by Kesha is not fit for purpose and there are only 5 single packs. But apparently she only supplies 5 for everyone regardless if they are staying 5 days or 14. I get my dressings changed daily when I get my massages and the gauze supplied is viewed inappropriate for use by her own masseuse.

We attempt to cut the gauze but were advised your recovery home does not have the basic medical items e.g other sized gauze, tape or medical scissors. So we had to cut my gauze with kitchen scissors and this could have caused me an infection.

I soon find out if I didn’t have the basic medical items in my cosmikit then we could not use it as Anabel had nothing other than a box of gloves and extra chux but I would need to buy the chux if I ran out. The worst part of not having the right equipment was, having to ask my Dr if he could provide the appropriate gauze, and tape for Cosmicare to continue to look after me properly. He was so surprised but was gracious and his masseuse provided us with the appropriate size gauze and tape. This was so embarrassing and probably more so for Anabel as she was the representative of Cosmicare. How shameful for a luxurious recovery house.

30/03/16 – Day 9

We still had no fruit juice, this is unacceptable. There is no money available for Anabel to get more; I’m now close to losing my cool.

31/03/16 – Day 10 - The day I was left alone in my Recovery House

My day did not start well, still no access to fruit juice, I also got frustrated at Anabel because of the lack of variety of fruit. I’m now fed up with not eating fresh vegetables, fed up with the poor nutrition being provided and I am on my last nerve.

This is when I informed Anabel she will need to get money and buy these basic necessities.
As you have only employed 1 staff to look after me she needed to go to the bank to collect the money. I was not in good shape to escort Anabel to the bank. This meant that I was left alone in your recovery house until Anabel could get back with the groceries. This was unsafe and unacceptable.
To add to my frustration Anabel returned with no groceries as she was not sure she would have enough money. This was absolutely the hump that broke the camel’s back.
I sent Kesha a message with my concerns letting so she was aware of how I was feeling, expecting her to at least answer me with a courtesy reply and I was ignored. This got me very frustrated and angry. I think it was at this point I decided I was not going to hold my tongue any longer.

Cosmicare Recovery Specialists a company ran by Kesha was a joke and I either speak up for myself and potential future clients of theirs to be aware of what they are about and in hope exposing how badly managed this place was, Kesha would do her best to get it right for future women in my situation. Alone and hoping to get support for someone who promised I would be well taken care off.

Message to Kesha about being left alone

This message was ignored.

Day 11 and 12 - Bad news received from Dr, something needs to be done

01/04/2016 – Day 11
No concerns with food, Anabel goes through a meal plan with me. It is agreed with Kesha. I am pleased and look forward to the changes, the meal plan starts tomorrow with pancakes fro breakfast.
02/04/2016 – Day 12
According to my new meal plan agreed with Kesha and Anabel, I was due to have pancakes. There is no money and no pancake mix smh. I ask for cereal and there was not enough milk. Breakfast was no bad start. I am again left frustrated.

I visit my Doctor to review my swelling and he later informs me he requires his patient to be in there stage 2 faja by this time. Especially as my problem area is my lower stomach. Because of Kesha’s lack of organisation I do not have my faja. I then decide its time to make things formal by writing a 4 page complaint letter as I will not allow Kesha or her Company to jeopardise the outcome of my surgery. I informed Kesha I will be purchasing my stage 2 faja on Monday 4th April and I will expect Anabel to refund me immediately on Monday or for Anabel to pay for it using funds from Cosmicare.

Day 14 and 15

No mention of how I would get my Faja from Anabel the assistant. So I paid for it myself. I am pissed off. No response from Kesha owner of Cosmicare.

This is fine, at this point I felt this woman would wait for me to leave before she replies to my complaint via email.

So I leave the apartment in Dominican Republic, I head to the airport and wave goodbye to Cosmicare and their mediocre service.

To then find that Lakesha Stuldivant (Kesha Marie) has posted a reply to this review.

Conclusion and what I want from Lakesha Stuldivant (Kesha Marie) owner of Cosmicare

It maybe is too early for me to state that Cosmicare is a scam or Lakesha Stuldivant (Kesha Marie) is a crook. Maybe it is incompetence or she is driven by money before patient care. But what I personally think is that Lakesha Stuldivant (Kesha Marie) underestimated her financial investment to run Luxurious Recovery House with outstanding services. I think she realised that and started to save on every little thing, like swapping from a high standard house to an average one to save money (or show I say mislead clients, as the original house she posted costs on a weekly basis $267 a night x14 =3768 for 14 nights, did Lakesha Stuldivant have any intention of using that house except to drum up interest and gain deposits?), then she hired the minimum of staff to take care of her clients, not hiring a cook, saving on food and material for aftercare, not buying enough fajas to make sure her client gets the right size. All those little savings made my experience stressful and unpleasant.

What I want from Cosmicare and the owner is the following:

I want to be compensated for my out of pocket expenses for the faja, my internet bill and NOW because of what she pulled on here I want a letter of apology from her regarding her comments she madefor all to see. If I do not receive those things I have asked for I will be suing this woman in small claims court in US and I will be increasing the compensation figure to cover all my expenses and more for the distress of having to go to court in the first place, I believe I have a very strong case for her to answer especially as she herself admits:
a) She did not follow through when she said she would send the faja and admits to breaching her verbal contract when she said she would ship the correct size faja to me.
b) She also admits that she did not talk to me and addressed my problems, while I was in DR.

So now I let everyone make their own opinion… is it incompetence, is it unprofessionalism, is it greediness or just a downright dishonest owner? We will see.

The reply


So when I met Dr Goico, he was very approachable, he smelt so good (ok I digress). He was worried about me but we spoke about my surgery. He was telling me he did not think is was a good idea to have surgery on the 23rd as he felt I may be at risk, He felt I should postpone to the following Monday. I did not want to do that and expressed I would be find. We spoke about my expectations of surgery and if it was realistic, we reviewed my wish pics which were 2 of his ex patients (in relation to their breast and another boob pic. I used a surgery due to how I was presenting. He told me that he could achieve those looks. We both agreed on a D cup or a big C cup. I went in adamant I wanted unders, he showed me pictures of unders and he gave me his opinion on what he would felt would be good for me and my anatomy.

We later agreed on overs, however, he would alos plan to go under the muscle if I did not have enough tissue as this was my issue I did not want it to look I had implant. He said dependent on my hemo he would do full torso lipo and also under my butt cheeks. He would use this fat to sculpt my butt. I informed him I wanted projection with a wink. He then said he will give me as much as I needed but he wasn’t going to give me a Nicki Minaj booty. As least we agreed on that lol.

He answered all my questions, but we spent the longest period talking about my boobs. The breasts were the most important part of this surgery journey and his breast work is pretty damn amazing.

My blood sample was taken and I went for a chest xray, this was round the corner from the clinic. I would now have to wait anxiously to find out what it was.


Surgery day and the day after

Before I arrived at the clinic I received an email from Dr Goico to inform me the hemo was 13.9 WOOOOHOOO!!!!

This meant I could have everything done.

I then met with the Cardiologist and after a lot longer the Anaesthesiologist. They were all very nice.
The pre op room was very clean, a friend of ours who is from DR said the clinics would be bad and to be careful. But Plastimedic was clean and the nurse during the afternoon shift was lovely. I did not have surgery til around 3pm or so. Because Dr Goico wanted to make sure I was in the country for at least 24 hours, I did and on DR soil at 3.30pm the day before.

I later woke up and I was shouting out for anyone and everyone. I hadn’t eaten in a long time so I was frustrated and hungry. The nurse would not give me any food as she said I would be sick. Obviously you can imagine I didn’t care, I wanted to eat. I was going crazy and pissed off for not eating. I later found out I was given a nibble of a biscuit but I do not remember that. The overnight nurse must have arrived at some time as when I woke up in the middle of the night I had my neck pillow on. She was very sweet. She helped me to the toilet and OMG the bending over ache is soooo real. I hurt so bad and this was going to be my life for the next couple of weeks Ugh, this was going to suck.

The next day Dr Goico came to see me, he explained how things went and told me he thought I lied to him about not have surgery before such as lipo as my fat was tough (I can’t remember the whole story) but he soon realised I did not lie to him. I was thinking and said why anyone would lie to someone that is going to have your life in their hands. But then he advised it is something that does happen unfortunately.

So I took pictures, the binder was taken off and I was stuffed into my 1st stage faja. It felt good. I was happy I made it. Dr Goico advised how to care for my drains, and how I’ll be seeing Edu his masseuse on Friday for a massage. He advised if I have any problems to call or message him immediately any time. Dr Goico is so patient and listens to every little thing you have to say. Karel also is very nice and such a pretty lady. As a team they both wanted to help me in any way they could.

The next day I had my first massage, my first impressions of Edu was not that good I’m ashamed to say. But as my time in her massage chair continued I realised I jumped to conclusions. She is also very nice and very funny. Edu does not speak English, this was tricky as it Appeared Karel mixed up my appointment with someone else, we figured it out using Google translate.

So the massage was by hand at first she stared around the breasts and then to the stomach, at first I was saying to myself, I don’t know what people were talking about this is great. That was until she moved to my abdomen. Lawd Jeez that hurt like hell and I did want to punch her in the face. I just couldn’t handle and then realised what people were saying lol. Now I think about it I can laugh but at the time I just couldn’t. I wanted it to end as soon as it started and that did not change over the 15 days I was in DR.

Day 5 onwards

More photos


I'm back home in UK. My flight was great first class all the way.

I'm going to be taking more photos. But the back ache is real.

Now the real recovery begins

Day 18 and 19 post op

Update on my bbl

Here is a picture comparison.

At first I wasn't seeing a difference but with some help I am. I think I expected/wanted more butt. But as you can see it isn't crazy for my frame. It is rounded but not sure if I've flatted it but I have what I call indents.

I'm not sure if Dr Goico filled them in and I have flattened these areas from getting in nd out of bed or he did not fulfill them in at all. Because they look exactly the same as the indents I had before.

I have to stop looking at women who are bigger than me and wishing for their results. I am grateful for the extra shaping but I'm also finding myself wishing i had a bit more. So far it's not enough to make me want a round 2, but it's at the back of my mind. If I win the lottery I will for sure lol and this time be a little bit more specific in what I want. Also, I realise I am still VERY early in my recovery and in another few weeks things will change and who knows I may be very happy.

This is so relevant to me right now.

Don't let it Comparison ruin your Joy ladies.

5 weeks post op and pics of incisions

Ok ladies,

I am now seeing an improvement on my bum. These were taken a few days ago. Everything is going in the right direction.

I am very happy with my results, I also now have an ab board so I envisage the swelling in my lower belly to be drastically reduced. YES!!

I realise I've been gone a little while

Thanks to those ladies who reached out to me. I'm getting lazy with my updating. I am taking photos weekly, so here we go

Week 6 photos 1 have started using silicone tape at this point for a few days. I am wearing my faja religiously.

Week 7 post op

So at this point i moves into an xsmall faja which i brought from a uk online store. I wear an ab board to flatten the lower tummy, lipo foam, ugh. I still love my faja.

Good news is i was measuring 29in and ive since gone to 28.5in i was so excited i actually started measuring everyday. Became a little obsessed.

The uk website for MariaE fajas and accessories


8 weeks and 5 days post op

When i took these. I had not been wearing my faja for 24hours. I went galavanting and not be arsed.

Bbl before and now

For Leona1


Toothbrush - Necessary
Neck pillow - For flight and in my opinion Necessary
Hand sanitizer - Not required but if you have a thing about
3x maxi dresses - Necessary
Laptop with books and movies - Necessary or bring a tablet
1 pair slides slippers. ( easier to wear with the compression socks) - Necessary
Charger for phone - Necessary
bath robe - Necessary
mosquito spray/repellent - Necessary
1 pack feminine wipes - Necessary
2 x baby wipes - I only used 1
3 x Face towels - Only used 2
Faja extenders - Necessary if you're tall, but once I got home have not used them since
Maxi pads - Necessary
3 tank tops - Necessary
Hair scarf  - Depends, for me necessary
6 x Protein bars - Only ate about 4 (did not like them at all)
4 pairs Granny panties - Just right as I was able to get them washed at the RH.
Safe - Necessary
Padlocks for suitcases - Necessary

My RH provided the following:

Bobby Pillow - Necessary
Pill Organizer - Necessary
Lipo Foam - Necessary
Chux Pads - Necessary
Gauze Pads - Necessary
Medical Tape - Necessary
Q-Tips - Necessary for me but optional
Compression Stockings - Necessary
Pre-Op Body Scrub - Necessary
Anti-Bacterial Soap/Wash - Necessary
Hibiclens Antimicrobial Soap - Necessary
Firming Body Lotion - not used
Neosporin - optional
Chapstick - Necessary
Toothbrush - Necessary
Toothpaste - Necessary
Mouth Wash - Optional, did not use
Deodorant - Necessary

12 weeks post op aka 3 months

Hi guys,

So i'm back with another update. And a load more pictures. So after my last update I was getting impatient an was trying to squeeze the life out of me to shrink down my waist. Well my body did not appreciate this and i bruised myself and particularly around my TT scar I actually removed skin.
Dr told me to stop with too much compression and because it hurt like hell I stopped wearing my faja for 2 weeks. What i noticed was my waist has remained at 28.5in in that 2 weeks period. i have put the faja back on but this time, i either only use the lipo foam or the ab board, as I'm getting smaller my body it not tolerating all the compression.
So i started back on the first hook in my faja and now I'm on the second hook but then I have since had my cycle and i could not cope living in the garment, so again the faja came off and on for about a week. So I am now getting back into being consistent with the faja.
I'm going on a sunny holiday next week so I really doubt I'll be wearing the faja, but I will try to sleep in it but I can see that being a problem in a hot country.

I am still using the silicone strips and some parts of my scars is flat and some parts are not. I am moisturising with rosehip and coconut oil and cocoa butter and shea butter. Honestly whichever one is closest get put on lol

I continue to eat junk food, totally my fault but i have such cravings it feels like i'm pregnant. I currently weigh 11 stones, this is so upsetting to me :( I am hoping to use the holiday to jump start trying to exercise a little more and I'll be more active over there. Well, watch this space I'm a lazy so and so.

BBL, ladies, i think my butt is getting a little bigger, in my leggings its just poking out there. Amen to that, as I have been considering going for a touch up. But this surgery life really is a marathon and not a sprint.

I am very happy with my results, I would recommend this journey and of course my Dr, Dr Goico to anyone thinking and putting it off. Just do it, You deserve it. photos to follow

3 months post op

Cosmicare Recovery Specialists now are Cosmicare Recovery

Don't be fooled ladies, Lakesha Stuldivant is running this business and does not know how to take care of you post op, she is relaunching apparently after 4 clients in DR. You will only regret it from my experience. Repost if you wish to warn other pre op dolls. Her own staff warning against people staying at her house is the second pic.

4 months post up and holiday pics

I'm wearing my faja more regularly and I've started to do waist training to get ny waist down to 26ins. I'm definitely think a round 2 is required as stomach isnt as flat as i would like. Plus I'd like more hips. However if i can use a corset to help shrink my waist i may just stick to lipo only in europe. I'm going to get a quote anyway to see how much it will cost me.

I should say, i am not loving my belly button at all. Dr says it will get bigger but i just see it getting smaller. I'm going to wait til 6 months before i complain about it. I freaked out about my boobs the other day. They looked like they were stuck on and i did not have enough breast tissue for the implant. Dr Goico messaged me immediately regarding my concerns and stated in his opinion it was perfectly normal. Another thing I'm going to wait 6 months for.

Finally my lower belly is still swollen 4 months on. This is why i think i need more lipo and a bbl (well why throw good fat away). S

Take a look at the boobie shots and let me know what you think, please be honest . I have my implants over the muscle

See you guys in a month.

Ughhh in need of a revision or round 2

I'm now 6 months post op. Photos will follow.

I think most of us should resign to the fact a round will be required at some point or a revision to correct a few things.

I was very naive thinking Dr Goico could knock it out the park in 1 round. I am disappointed but it is what it is. I will look forward.

So what has been happening, I've been trying very hard not to bitch about my results because I know i have to be patient. Mommy makeovers is not a quick fix (I'm trying to be balanced here and again not bitch lol)

1st - I know i am a long away from where i started.
2nd - Overall i pretty much got what i asked for "natural" pffff. Piece of advice never ask for natural.


1st - I absolutely hate my belly button. It's literally like a pin hole. It looks very unnatural, I've tried to put a marble to stretch and other things and it won't. Dr Goico said it'll get bigger but my bb hasnt.
Ladies make sure you discuss your desired bb look with your surgeon, I didn't realise how important it would be for me.

On that note I'm looking at a revision or a round 2. Dr Goico advises his patients to be patients as results take 9-12 to finalise so I think i have already told him i don't like but when i check in at 9 months/ 1yr I'm going to let him know i hate it. I hate it so bad it actually makes me feel bad everytime I look at it.

2nd - I have large rolls of fat above and below my belly button. It has the looks really bad to me. However, when i reached out to Dr Goico he said to exercise and to give it time.
I might add i have been exercising and I've actually lost about 3/4lbs before i took the photos with the rolls (yay me). But still those rolls are there, I'm not a bariatric patient so unsure why my stomach looks this way.

Anyway, I'm thinking maybe I'm still swollen as some of the tummy rolls have gone down a bit but it's still there. Part of me actually thinks not enough skin was removed from the lower abdomen as that has always had a pouch. But I'm going to stick with Dr Goico's request for now, exercise and see what happens in the next few months.
I'm thinking my waist could have been a little smaller. My current wait line is 30 - 31 ughhh. 1cm less than my pre op waist :(

3rd - My tummy tuck scar keloid, this happened after i couldn't get those damn silicone strips to stick lol. Anyway I found that elastoplast strips work way better than the other brands i was using and it has actually helped to flatten my keloids so bonus.

So now I'm thinking I need round of lipo and yes y'all I'm going to put that fat to good use in a bbl for more projection and hips. Oh and a tt scar revision. I'll do it right this time (stocking up on elastoplast strips lol)

For now I wait and see what happens.

This update is probably the hardest I have had to do but I've got to be honest with myself and to those ladies that also shared their stories the good and the bad.

Part 2 or my journey

Belly button revision
Tummy tuck scar revision
I had back fat and i have a pouch and rolls on my abdomen still sooo, full torso/body lipo and or if necessary a mini tuck revision. I may get an independent opinion as part of me is thinking its all in my head.
What do you think?
Fat transfer to bum and hips why waste the fat right
I want that 26in waist damn it lol.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I loved his very personalised and thorough evaluation. I loved his work and the results he gives are very natural and feminine. This is what i'm after (although based on the evaluation I'd still love a little more junk in my trunk lol). I respect his opinion and that safety for him is paramount.

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