Duran Doll Post Op BBL - Dominican Republic, DR

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Well, I located this site while doing a search on...

Well, I located this site while doing a search on surgery, so glad I did!!! A little about me, I'm 32, 2 kids, and a husband. Had a TT in 2007(wasn't planning on more pregnancies) but was wrong. Anyway, fast forward to now,I want a BR soo bad, I'm a 38DD or 36 DDD. I hate em, so big, I'm 5'2. Oh and I my weight is btwn 168-170. Never been this heavy EVER. But while researching I located this site and Dr.Duran. And I also discovered the BBL, so I was quoted with and without it, and will ultimately make up my decision once I'm there and she gives me her recommendation. I was originally scheduled for Dec 6th but moved it up to Sept 20th. I'm excited and nervous, but now I have to fast track to making all my purchases and booking my flight. Will more than likely pay for my tickets on Tuesday, heard that was the best time to book flights. Because of this site I've put together a list of things that I need to purchase and have made several online purchases today. I'm going on and on but I'm excited. Comment if you want, feel free to follow my journey if you want, but ill document my journey because after reading so many it's helped me lots!!! Ttyl, will post soon


I know that I said I was nervous, but I had to put on my big girl panties and get to ordering and purchasing things as my surgery is around the corner!!!

Ok so I purchased the following things:
Thigh high embolism compression garment
Arnica gel 2 tubes
Pads so far 2 plus of 45, will probably purchase one more
Chucks or chuks for the bed
Bacitracin 2 tubes
Female urinal ( not sure if ill need it or not. Got the go girl brand)
Gauze pads
Alcohol wipes
Surgical tape
Tape measure
Clorox wipes
Lysol spray
Arnica pills (4 bruising )
Bromelain pills (4 swelling)
Ducolax 25ct for stool softener
Iron w/ bit c,b12, folic acid & copper from vitamin shoppe
Iron pills for post op
Diurex to decrease edema

Still need to order lipo foam
Arm compression sleeves
Need script for pain meds

Can't decided whether I want to order the Descansa breast pillow for my reduction....idk. If there's anything that I didn't list that you think I would need please comment... Thanks.... ExcitedDee....

Plane tickets purchased for me and my mama!!!

Ok so I purchased my plane tickets!!! hotel prices are muchhhhh cheaper in September than in December so that's a great thing.... I'm still undecided if I want to stay at a recovery house, I don't want my mom to be uncomfortable you know, she's coming to help me out, then I booked 1/2 my stay at Barcelo hotel, but not sure if I should stay the entire time there and just hire a nurse.... Decisions decisions.... I think I'm just going to book the hotel and I can always change later. I've also found an apartment that is 20 mins away from Cipla but was recommended to me by CrayCray so I may stay at hotel 1/2 my stay then condo apt 1/2 my stay

Go Girl....NOT.....

I received my order from Amazon including this go girl female urinal.... IMO soooo not worth it, save your $9.... I could have used a damn solo cup. Idk what I expected but it wasn't this.

Anyway, I booked my hotel for part of my stay 6 nights at the Barcelo- booked the Club Premium room so my mom can enjoy a little extra while I'm laid up in the room. Lol. I also booked the remaining 5 nights at a 2bdrm condo!! Can't wait. I officially have 32 days til I leave, and 33 days til my surgery... Wow

Venting and a whole lot of other stuff... Spoke to Duran so that makes me EXCITED!!!

So I'm not ashamed that I'm getting surgery, I'm just keeping it to my close family and friends... I leave in about a month and just don't want to hear the are u sures, and ok just be careful s... Love my family BUT of course I'm sure,
plane ticket bought - check
Surgery scheduled - check
Hotels booked - check
Surgery shopping list purchased - check

I'm pretty much readyyy lol, I just had to vent

Oh I do still need
- arm compression garment
- V/S Pink black hoodie for plane ride home
I still need to pack my luggage... I also purchased a couple of loose dresses and button down pj's for the breast reduction.

One of my FAV Duran transformations

I love this and ill add some wish pics too

No Insurance

Well let me first state I have 32 days left.... Oooooooomyyyyyyygoddddd

Well I don't have insurance and I'm contemplating having blood work and an office visit and paying out of pocket. Hmmm don't know, I had my hemoglobin tested in June and at that point it was 13.6 so I'm figuring that I'm good, plus I've been taking my iron pills for the last week and will continue until my surgery date. I also need to get an RX for antibiotics and narcotic pain meds.

I'm sort of addicted to this site, btw. lOL.

Trying to decide IF I'm going o add before pics. If I get more traffic through here, maybe.

Dr. Duran Contact Info

Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran
The International Center of Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA)
137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
(809) 565-5348 | Cell: (809) 707-7163 | (809) 331-5050 ext. 212,
Elizabeth speaks English. I've spoken with Elizabeth and Dr.Duran both using her cell number. I've read that she responds to some people via the whatsapp app but she didn't with me.

Anyone going to Duran in September???

I'll be going from the 19th - 30th, I'd like to meet some dolls if possible and also leave any extra things I may have with a new or future doll, don't want to carry many things back on the way home. :)

To BBL or not to BBL, that is my question

Ughhhhhh idk if I'm going to go through with it. See I initially only wanted a BR and lil lipo but after finding this site, I've been kind of addicted to the big juicy booties, lol... I have a lil something already but to have a fuller rounder one would be a plus, ahhhhh idk????

Some post op liposuction aftercare instructions I located on line

• Going Home: You must have someone drive you home after your surgery. It is strongly rec- ommended that you have someone spend the first 24 hours with you. Resume your usual diet and drink plenty of water and juices.
• Pain: You may experience some soreness after your procedure but should not have any significant pain. You can take extra strength Tylenol, 2 every 4-6 hours as needed. For a more restful sleep, you can take Benadryl 50mg.
• Activities: Quiet rest is recommended immediately after surgery. After surgery, do not drive or operate hazardous machinery the rest of the day. Do not make any important personal decisions for 24 hours after surgery. Later in the day or evening you are welcome to take a short walk if desired. The day after liposuction you should feel well enough to drive your car and engage in light to moderate physical activities. You may carefully resume exercise and vigorous physical activity 2 to 4 days after surgery. It is suggested that you begin with 25% of your normal workout and then increase your activity daily as tolerated. Most people can return to a desk job within one to two days after surgery, although one must expect to be sore and easily fatigued for several days.
• Garment: After liposuction, a garment is worn to hold the absorbent pads in place and to provide mild compression that encourages the drainage of the blood-tinged anesthetic solu- tion. Do not remove the garment until the morning after surgery to take a shower. When the garment is first removed, you may experience a brief sensation of dizziness. Feeling lightheaded is similar to what you might experience when standing up too quickly. Should dizziness occur, simply sit or lie down until it passes. Dizziness may be prevented by remov- ing the garment slowly.
• Beginning the day after surgery, the garment should be removed daily to permit you to shower and to wash the garment. The garment and binders should be worn day and night plus an additional 2 to 3 weeks after the drainage has stopped. This is usually about three days. Discontinuing the use of the garment and binders early may result in more prolonged drainage. Because of the comfort it provides, many patients will wear their elastic garment longer than 2-3 weeks. Wearing the post-op garment for more than the minimal number of days is of no significant advantage in terms of the ultimate cosmetic results, however, some patients wear the garment for additional days or weeks because of the comfort the support provides.
• You should expect a large volume of blood-tinged anesthetic solution to drain from the small incisions during the first 24 to 48 hours. In general, the more drainage there is, the less bruising and swelling there will be. For the first 24 to 36 hours, bulky absorbent dressings are worn under the garment. After most of the drainage has stopped, you need only place thin absorbent gauze dressings over the incision sites that continue to drain.
Wound Care and Bathing: Keep your dressings and incisions clean. You may remove the dressings 24 hours after surgery to shower unless you have been instructed not to do so. Shower once or twice daily. First wash your hands, then wash incisions gently with soap and water. Afterwards, gently pat incisions dry with a clean towel and apply a dollop of vaseline to each incision. Apply new absorbent dressings until incisions have stopped draining.
DO NOT apply ice-packs or a heating pad to skin over the treated areas. DO NOT apply hydrogen peroxide or plastic Band-Aids to incision sites. DO NOT soak in a bath tub or take a sit down bath for 10 days.
DO NOT get in a Jacuzzi, swimming pool, lake or ocean for 10 days.
• Do not expose the skin incisions to sun or tanning beds for 1 month. Wear a SPF 30 on the incision sites after they have healed.
• Bruising: Bruising is minimal with the tumescent technique but some is to be expected. It will resolve with time. More serious bleeding may result in hematoma formation that will cause pain greater than usual. Small hematomas will be absorbed. Large ones may have to be aspirated or drained.
• Swelling and lumpiness: Swelling due to the inflammatory reaction that occurs with all types of surgery will most likely occur and will take several weeks to fully resolve. Small lumps and bulges will improve with time and massaging these areas will help.
• Numbness and itching: You will likely experience sensations of pin pricking, crawling, itching and numbness that usually disappears after a few weeks. Itching of the treated areas for several days after surgery is common. To help relieve this, you may try taking Benadryl.
• Slight temperature elevation during the first 48 hours after surgery is a natural consequence of the body’s reaction to surgery.
• Scars: Incisions will be red, pink, or reddish purple for 3 to 12 months but will generally fade out. Some people, for genetic or inherited reasons, may develop thick, wide, depressed or elevated scars. Your previous experience with scars should be an indication of how you will heal.
• Post-operative asymmetry: Some asymmetry and small bulges may occur from edema or swelling. It usually improves after 3 months. If it doesn’t, small areas may be treated under local anesthesia in the office.
• Washed-out feeling or fatigue: This can occur from loss or shift of large quantities of body fluid containing salt and other electrolytes that is the result of fat removal, surgical stress, and anesthesia. Drinking a large quantity of fluids before and after your surgery will help avoid this.
• Pigmentation: The skin may appear darkened from blood pigmentation. It will usually lighten in six months to one year. Avoid sun exposure without sun block.
• Skin Changes: With improved techniques and instruments, sagging, wrinkles, waviness, and dimpling of the skin have become mush less common. Skin that is tight and firm before surgery, will probably remain about the same. Loose, sagging skin before surgery may tighten up a bit, but often remains loose. Indentation due to excess fat removal is a possibility, but extreme care is taken to try and avoid removing too much fat. If this occurs, it may require fat transfer.
• Be careful to not wear really tight clothing or belts around the waist if this area was liposuctioned until most of the swelling has resolved and the area is near healed.
• Psychological response: You may experience some post-operative depression or “let down” which can occur after many types of operations and this is a natural phase for some peo- ple. Remember the healing phase may take several months. Feel free to discuss your sur- gery openly with your family and friends, who often don’t understand the benefits of lipo- suction and the necessary healing time. They may make uninformed comments, which can create emotional conflicts and put doubts in your mind about the surgery. Reassure them that you alone elected to have the surgery to improve your self-image and well being. Rely on Dr. Bigelow and her staff to tell you how you are progressing.
• It is important to keep all of your planned post-operative office appointments.

Please keep these instructions on hand for reference until you are completely healed from your procedure.

FB Drama and BS

So I became part of a couple of groups on FB to talk surgery and there has been small spats btwn member and admins but nothing serious or too much worth mentioning but today we learn that some browser of the group took someone's nude pics and put them on Instagram, a damn shame. I'm ashamed that "woman" behave this way and are disrespectful to do some b*llshit like that. Pitiful

Need Helpppppp

For post op lipo abdomen dolls, did use the lipo foam? Is it necessary?

Shout out to DuranDoll Review. Dominican Republic

Ok so I was still on the fence about whether I wanted the BBL or not wellllll honeyyyyy I NEED it, lol. Her shape and ass is crazy!!! I've already let her know but thanks @DuranDoll now I will be a BR/BBL Duran Doll come next month!!!

Ok and since I'm like 4 weeks away (!!!!!!!!!!!) guess ill post up these befores.

Correction - Duran's email


Post Op Med's

So I need to purchase these..

From Dr.Duran......After surgery You'll need:

-fraxiparina o mexaprin -I'm thinking this is heparin which ill get in DR
-amoxicilina con ácido clavulanico -ill try to get a script from pcp
-hierro (Iron). -purchased
Vitamina C, B12 - Purchased.
Omeprazol - Prilosec. Need to pick this up
Proteína (ensure). -I already packed 8 ensures
Lioton gel (heparin gel)
Arnica (tab y crema). - have this already

I need to try to get some pain meds too.

I have a pic of the script Duran gave one of her patients ill post it. This is someone's translation from FB...

1.) Amoxicillin 1 tab every 12 hours for 7 days. 2.) Lovenox 20mg subq injection 1 syringe daily for 7 days. 3.) Ferritin(iron) 1tab every 12 hours for 10 days.4.) 1 Ensure every 8 hours for 10 days. 5.) Oxaforte(codeine) 1 tab every 8 hours for 8 days. 6.) Omeprazole(Prilosec) 40mg once daily for 10 days.

So sad, Cipla death

So I'm apart of several FB groups because as I was deciding on which surgeon to select, Cabral was one of them. A girl by the name of Erika Hernandez died 15 days after her surgery. Now this entire situation saddens me, I feel for the lady her children, she had seven of them, and her entire family. Not sure what exactly happened but after watching this video it appears that she shouldn't have ever had the surgery. She had a complicated delivery in jan of this year. After surgery she developed a fever and leg pain, continued to call Cipla/Cabral and couldn't really get a hold of the dr... I'm sad, not bashing so if you're a cabral Barbie don't comment no nonsense on my blog, just putting the info out there that I KNOW I'd love to know....


Meeting Dr. Duran in 16 days.. Surgery in 17

Wow, this sure did go fast, I only have 17 days to go...

First I'd like to say ladies please remember to take your heparin injections for how ever long they're prescribed to you and WALK, WALK, & more WALK!!!! That's to prevent any type of blood clots...been reading about it, one of the girls I was following developed a pulmonary embolism...

Ok, so now that I got that out, I'd just like to post my expenses for this trip, turned out to cost more than I wanted to, lol butttt I couldn't get the surgeries that I'm getting for the price:
Grand Total - $ 8,049.02 ( so far )

Dr.Durans fee - $5,800 + $130 ( insurance ) = $ 5,930
Flight - $1,047 ($523.50 each w/ extra more space on the return flight) JetBlue
Hotel - $576.21 (from 9-19- 9-25 not including taxes/fees ) Barcelo Superior Club Premium Room, free wifi & breakfast
Condo - $364 (from 9-25 - 9-30 ) The Perfect Stay on airbnb.com
Pre& Post op meds and supplies - $131.81

Only thing I'm missing is antibiotics & pain meds, have an appt with my pcp this week. Heparin injections I will purchase from pharmacy in Santo Domingo

During my stay, here are a couple of expenses ill probably incur:
Nurse $35 *5 visits = $175
Massage therapist -$25*10 = $250
Taxi's - I've already communicated with my driver, Jose Brito contacted him on whatsapp $40 pickup from airport and he'll charge $15/hr wherever else I need him to drive me, grocery store, etc

Can't think of anything else, right now

In the single digits baby!!!! Less than 10 days I'll be a #Duran Doll

Ok so in 8 days I will be on that plane, and my surgery is in 9!!!!!

Alright so I'll start with the start of my week, on Monday I had an appointment with my pcp, who happens to be fab btw!!!! Ok so I brought in my emails from Dr.Duran and she reviewed them, she was impressed that duran prescribed us lovenox injections, she said this dr isn't only bout the money!!!! She seems like she cares about patients after care!!!! Made me sooo much more comfortable. Anyway, Im healthy, so everything is all good. Just have to go and see my pcp 2 weeks after I return from DR to f/u with her. She gave me my scripts and I got most of them filled at Sam's Club, here's what I paid:
Augmentin - $ 16.62 for 28 tablets, would have been $50+ had I not had a Plus membership...thank goodness for that
Percocet - $4.01 for 10 tablets ( I told her that I didn't want to become dependent on them so I have these and then Tylenol w/codeine)
Lovenox - I left this at the pharmacy they had to place an order, will be in tomorrow, this will be around $60+ for 5 injections
Tylenol #3 - my dr told me not to fill this to Monday or else the pharmacist would think that both she and I were crazy!!!! Lol, love her she gave me 30 pills

She also gave me a script to go to LabCorp to get my levels, so I have an appointment for that tomorrow. Oh yeah, I don't have insurance so this is all it of pocket expenses... I called the lab and the test is less than $30, ill have the results in 2 days so I'm thinking Monday.

Alright now let me also say that about 2 weeks ago I started having anxiety, I think... A I've never had it before, but I was so anxious about this surgery, eat, sleep, and dreamt about this surgery, from leaving my money home when I arriv in DR to getting there and just waiting waiting waiting at Cipla.... It's all over!!! I'm no longer nervous, I'm excited, I can't wait til next Friday to arrive at Cipla and hopefully be taken in first for surgery. Hopefully she doesn't have many patients, and she can do everything that I asked for with a breeze!!! I found some girls who will also be out there while I'm there, I don't have a buddy but I want us all to hook up for lunch or something, so ladiessss if you're there from 9/19-9/30 let me know, I wanna meet up...

Oh, one more thing before I go, I know that Duran doesn't want us taking anything before surgery oer than our vitamins, but I started to get allergies, so I emailed her and she told me to take the allergy pills so that its cured before I come out there. I've also been od'ing on pineapple juice so hopefully swelling will be at a minimum...
Bromelain Pills & Pineapple Juice for swelling
Arnica Pills - for bruising, I've read several times not to take Arnica and heparin/lovenox injections at the same time, so don't do it...

Playing around with plastic surgery app, lets see, lol

More in my head pics


In 4 days I'll be on Duran's table!!!! 3 days til Cipla!!!!

Officially a Duran Doll

I just wanted to come on very quickly to thanks everyone for all the prayers and to anyone who left me a comment. I'm ok!!! I landed her on Thursday 19th, flight was also Cray lol they took 2 people off came with a dog and 3 agents, flight was delayed like 40 minutes, smh. Anyway I came straight to Cipla did BW, chest X-ray, had EKG and met with Durans cardiologist, very petite woman who smelled good, lol. Labs indicated that my hemo was 12.5, mind u I had them taken 7 days prior and it was 13.4, anyway she said I was good to go. Met with duran Friday morning got marked up had surgery. From a one to ten, I'd say my pain is minimal just no strength, my ass though hmmm feels like I've been sitting on a chair all night that has no cushion and it just hurts!!! Ill explain more when I get to my hotel and everything but I'm good y'all, thanks again for the prayers. If u have questions please leave them below and ill answer when I get to my hotel and relax a little.

In DR Pain

So where do I start, ok so some ladies want to know if I woke up during surgery...YES... I did

Let me start with the day of surgery, I arrived at Cipla t 6:30 with my mom, waited in the lobby for Elizabeth per her instructions. Another Duran Doll met me the about 10 minutes later and at 6:45 in walks Elizabeth with the sniffles, lol. I kept telling her not to get me sick. We all go up to Duran's office and I'm first up in durans office to start completing physical forms and then in walks this petite pretty women, in like 5-6 inch heels skinny jeans and a nice blouse. She says her hellos and walks into her other office. Elizabeth and I go downstairs to administration to gt registered at Cipla, then I go meet the ER Dr. Who takes again another history and physical, better to be safe then sorry I guess. After that I'm walked up to the 4th floor where ill be given my suite number for before and after surgery. They put me in this little bootleg room, #402, which had no wifi and was much smaller than a dolls room thati had visited the day before, I don't know where all these emotions came from but. Told my mom that I was not paying for surgery if they left me in that room, my mom goes out to get me a nurse and the nurse tells her it's ok when I go into surgery my mom can go in the hall to call my husband.... Uhhhhhh I DON'T THINK SO.... So I called another one in the room and explained to her that if they didn't move me I wasn't having surgery, I guess this was apart of my nerves, the nurse says fine they will move me but I have to wait til they clean the rooms, they said they already put me in my surgical outfit so they couldn't move me... They left the room, I burst out crying like a lil punk, smh I mean boo hoo'ing ..... In walks dr. Duran, eyes like whats going on, why are you crying??? She said oh no we can't have my patients crying, I apologized to her told her I was nervous, and they put me in the crappy room, she consoled me, marked me up, then in walks the nurse with a big ol blankets to cover me and move me to another room. Duran and I decided not to do my boobs this time around, she said shed prefer if were here 14 days for post op care for boobs. So she starts marking me up everywhere she thinks I need lipo, she says my stomach wasn't big enough for a TT which is what I thought. Then she says is there anywhere else you'd like me to lipo, I go over with what marks she made and say no, she did good. Lol. Ok so fast forward to surgery, thy bring me my bue pill and dr duran tells me to take it now, this is like 8:45am, Elizabeth stops me and asks me to pay first GeForce taking the pill, I ask her when should I taketheoill who issue doing first, she says she doesn't know yet, and just to take the pill, well I waited like 10 minutes took the pill, and 1/2 hr later in walks the anesthesiologist dr. Rodriguez, very dry...kinda mean no humor, but me being my silly self tried to joke with him. He kept asking me whati was having done I repeated it 3 times, just lipo and bbl, he was like u sure no breast reduction, I said no we decided against it. He confirmed with. duran cause he said he wanted to make sure he didn't give me to little or too much medicine. Ok so Im wheeled in elevator into surgery area, I see a bunch of closed doors, he takes me to my room, looks similar to what I see in tv here, then I see two ladies I guess surgical assistants who I remember holding hands with be of them when I woke up. I went crazy when I woke up, I think she Was lipo'ing my arm I started screaming hysterical in Spanish it hurts it hurts meeeee duellle, (spelling) I think I was more nervous about all the horror stories which made me overreact. Duran reassured me that there was not Ike 15-20 minutes left, I made sure she knew that I didn't care if there was one minute left, I screamed to her and dr, Rodriguez to give me something NOWWwW. Sh, and boy they most of gave me something, mommy said I came back to the room like 12:30 and I didn't wake up til after 4. My mom said duran came to check on me and she told her that I haven't woken up yet, she just told her it was fine let me sleep, lol. She actually told kept mom to to wake me up... Lol,lol. So I wake up and I'm drugged talking rnanzy, I wrote this previous review drugged up, lol. I was in minimal pain but today postop day 2 lotssss of stiffness and pain. Getting in and out of bed, I feel like a baby trying to crawl for the first time, just kicking my legs but to really going anywhere. I've already ad 2 massages and I'm draining so well. I'm not playing, lol. I want this liquid which burns BW in my back to be gone. What I mean by burns is if I'm laying down for more than an hour or so, to then get up come the burning sensation and pain. I wouldn't do this again for nothing in the world. I Pompeii got mostly everything let me know if u have more questions, ill reply individually too but when I'm feeling better, oh and I'm not sleeping more than an hour at a time at night. I'm also not taking pain meds, because duran said she's not comfortable with us taking narcotics. I haven't ad to have a transfusion or anything so far. I did get an IV treatment of iron before I left Cipla because my hemo went from 12.5 to 7.9 so basically I'm anemic. Duran said she didn't think. Wild need a transfusion because I still had my color, I was moving around a little, and she just said I looked good for next day. I do have an appt Tuesday morning so ill see her then. Here's a pic for you guys

Day 6 Post Op

I'm ready to go home!!! Aside from the pain I had been doing well, and was probably in pain because I refused to take narcotics, so withs that being said the night of my 4 day PO I started feeling bad, started having heart palpitations and PO day 5 morning like a bad headache, really bad headache, I went ahead and just went to durans office, sat and wait while she was in surgery but I had the girls order me another hemo level my blood level had dropped again...I already knew what that meant and I knew it meant getting a transfusion, Elizabeth pretty much confirmed it but said we needed to wait for duran to get back from surgery, an 1. 1/2 later duran appeared explained to me I'd have to get a transfusion, of course i was scared, nervous and all of that. but duran reassured me it was safe, said they were also going to be retesting my blood to make sure i didn't have any diseases as well as their blood from the bank..it would be retested before being delivered to me... and I was sent upstairs to the 4th floor again for triage. I was there until almost 9 pm, had to start IV to get hydrated then comes in a guy to get my money for the blood, then more waiting and more testing, I met with their ER dr, then with the head nurse, duran called up to make sure I was ok as she was off to an emergency, she was supposed to be off the rest of the afternoon. The lady is always working!!! Ok so fast forward to them bringing me my blood and me making them wait cause I wanted to eat first, so I ate, got a visit from one of my FB boo's, Allison thanks so much mama I needed that!!! The transfusion started, I fell asleep, was awaken by my driver, Jose Brito who is theeeeeeeee best!!! Anyway he came to check up on me and I got a little visit from our UK doll, Laree, thanks mama!! I feel soo much better today.

Still swollen, like super swollen but here's some clothes pics

I took my hips-ass ratio and before was 41-42 now it's 48, hope it goes down some

Thanks booshiebabe/ E Doll

Thanks girl for visiting, how could I forget. It was much appreciated!!!

More pics

More booty

So everything is healing fine, my body is less and less sensitive, my arms still hurt more than anything. I can't wait until I'm 1 month post op to give another review with how I'm feeling. I had 6 massages in DR, and tomorrow I will be going for my 4th one here, they help a lot! My swelling is going down and down. Someone asked me if I would do it all over again, I know that days 2-10 I said hell NO, but now with my rounder booty, uhm yup!!! And y'all just so u know, that booty greed is real, lol. I won't be going back for anymore rounds but u do start looking at the booty like damn if only u could be a little bigger, smh.. Overall I'm happy!!!

Pics Duran lipo/BBL 9 wks post op

I know I'm long overdue for an update, but I've just been a little busy. Ok so for my update, my booty did go down it's now a rounder way better version than what I had, post surgery it was 47-48 inches now it's 44-45 inches and before surgery it was like 41-42 inches. My stomach is pretty much flat just have a small lump which I had checked out to see if it was a seroma and it's not so thank goodness!! So now I'm wearing the ab hoard to make sure it flattens completely out!

Someone asked me for my nurses info- her name was Manyoris 809-372-0731, she was a little expensive $40 for 2-3 hrs a day. If you want you can call my driver he told me he could get me someone for same price but 6-7hrs a day.

Driver- Jose Brito. 809-293-1879 the best ever, was like a brother to me man

Brunhilda - massages $25 ea. 809-846-3466. She came to me

Oh, my arms have no fat left and they healed well no lumps or anything.

Jeans- I can still squeeze into my jeans lol, I had a little space in my butt before waist was always big so now it's just bigger and I have thick legs so I wear a 10 still.

I stayed at Barcelo Hotel in the club premium room so I had free wifi and light breakfast was included
I also stayed at a condo look up airbnb. The perfect stay, I paid $65 a night now I see he's charging $80. Here's the link. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1067108

Can't wait for the burning to stop

Ok so for about a month now when I wake up in the mornings my back has this weird burning sensation, ughhh the wore. Can't wait for it to be over. I read the comments, here's some answers
I stayed at Barcelo and condo
My arms were the worst recovery, lasted a while they're still not 100%.... BUT soooooo worth it
I bought my antibiotics, lovenox, pain meds here in the US, bought another antibiotic in DR that Duran prescribed me, so I was taking 2 per her request and I purchased the iron from DR pharmacy. Here's a couple of pics, btw my butt looks bigger in person. When I get to 3 months I'll take more nude pics

New Dress...New Dress!!!

Dr. Duran contact info

Phone(s): (809) 565-5348 | Mobile: (809) 707-7163 | (809) 331-5050 ext. 212, You can also e-mail me: hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com
The 331 number is her office ask for Elizabeth she speaks English
The 707 number is her cell

Duran 9 months po pics!!!

So I know this is long overdue for real and I appreciate all who have followed my journey and commented below. So for the real u guys wanna know my booty still holding at 45 inches some days it's 46 idk and I love my results for he most part but I did develop scar tissue which Duran said she'd correct for me if I got my reduction with her but idk have to see more boob work first. The scar tissue is like a little lump on my stomach I can tell and if I point it out u can tell but other than that I'm good. I would love some inner thigh Lipo but don't want to get addicted to quick fixes so for now it's running and squatting and light weights to define my legs more and keep that booty up!!! Some people asked about my arms overall they are smaller not too much cause I have muscular arms so it was only so much she could take out but that was theeeeee worst pain and I would do it again. I hope this was helpful. I'll try to logon more frequently for any questions. Lots of people are asking for ways to contact her I listed her info in my previous post but to me it was consistency was the key so I would call her cell or office and talk to Elizabeth
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