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Hi, my God Sister and I are seeking a mommy...

Hi, my God Sister and I are seeking a mommy makeover. The only difference is she wants everything and the BBL. I in turn want a breast lift and whatever else that comes with the mommy make over. I think I have enough butt but it does need some tightness to it. My photo is the result of a happy marriage and three adult kids. I have decided that it is time to alter my features and to let my light shine.

Counting down my days

So today I looked at my calendar which has my list of things to do. I became really excited. Since setting my date, things have changed. My God Sister who was getting surgery too, is closing on a home this month. Yeah for her. Sooo she is rescheduling her TT for later this year. However, she has promised to still come with me. So I definitely consider myself blessed. I will still stay in the RH and we are debating on whether or not she should get herself a nice hotel room. I started taking my pills last month. I am just looking for advice and following everyone's journey. This experience with all of you has been amazing. Some of us would not have done it without all the kind words, well wishes and prayers. Take Care

Counting the days

Things are starting to get clear. I have less than 50 days before I am converted. I am really anxious and just waiting. I almost got too excited. I contacted Dr. Mallol to see if he had any openings for the month of June. The funny thing is that he did. But I decided to just stick with the date that I had chosen because I have arranged so much around those dates.

Made some decisions

So I decided to stay at a nice hotel, hire a driver and I have hired a doctor to come stay with me for three days post surgery. I thought I was blowing my budget but I am bringing my younger sister along to take care of me too. So my cost for the recovery home increased. I worried about some things for instance, the cost of food. Then I thought about it. For the first two or three days, I am not going to eat much of anything besides fruit, soups and drink juices. I also thought about the fact that I am a picky eater. So my sister who is a chef, will go grocery shopping and spend less than $100 for her and I some food. To make a long story short, I am spending about the same thing but in the comfort of my own private room at a hotel. My doctor whom I have hired is a general practice doctor who use to work in the Recovery Houses. She has promised to be on call if I needed her. Besides, I found out that the nurses at the clinics are not really nurses by the definitions that we have in the United States. My driver is the famous Jose Brito. And he has given me some great recommendations for hotels to stay at. So everything will be finaled by the end of next week and I will simply have six weeks to wait. I am soooo happy.

Just Thinking and Wondering.....

So lately, there has been a few women who have had a bad experience with their surgery. I am waiting on one in particular to feel better before I draw any conclusions. While talking to my younger sister who has gone through this process, she informed me that it is important that I take all of my own stuff, particularly water. She also told me to take an extra or buy an extra garment because they get dirty and they should be washed alone. She just had a few tips that I will keep in mind. Im just thinking right now....

Count Down

So my count down begins. And I haven't purchased anything yet. . I will purchase everything this week. I am waiting until I get there to purchase a second Faja. But I will still purchase it online while I am there so it can be delivered to my home while I am away. I am just watching all of my coins. I am in a dilemma. I don't know if I want to bring my husband or my sister. I do not want my husband to really see the grossness of this and be more negative. But I am use to him being there and taking care of me. My sister has seen me from inside and out but I don't want her to get bored either. I am buying plane tickets next week so I have to decide.

The 30 day countdown begins.

30 days ago my hemo was 13.1. I have not taken vitamins or iron pills. I had my CDC done this week and hemo is 13.3. I am going to start a strick diet, vitamin and iron regimen tomorrow just to see if it boost it a bit. Other than that, my bags are packed, Im a frequent traveler so I already had my passport, all my people are booked, my apartment and plan tickets are taken care of. I am just waiting and praying for a successful surgery and recovery.
By the way I even have hotten my husband a little bit of on board. So I am in a happy place. If anything comes up, I will update you.

Would you believe that I just booked my plane tickets

I have been watching the price of the plane tickets for sometime. I am leaving from Chicago. Well, the fares have not been cheap especially considering I did not want to fly back home on a economical airline. Ok Ok, I am referring to Spirit Airlines. Eventhough, I must admit that they have managed to get me to my destinations when I have flown them. They just charge you for everything and ultimately you could have flown on a bigger airline. Well even after all the research and waiting, I am still flying Spirit going to Santo Domingo. The funny thing is they only take 6 hours whereas the other airlines are much longer. However, I am taking Delta Airlines coming home. Even with insurance on my ticket, I still managed to stay $2 short of $500 per ticket (my sister is coming with me). So now the wait game continues. I wish so very much that this could be over. I contiplated on getting it done earlier but my heart told me to stick with the date that I already have. Keep me in your prayers and God Bless you all.

My friend had a Tummy Tuck and Lipo here in Chicago

So a friend of mine went and had a Tummy Tuck and Lipo here in Chicago. She did not tell a soul and she just went in there last Friday at 11 am and came home at 6:30 pm. It was just in a regular clinic that you would go to to get a Wellness Checkup. She told me that she paid really close to $10,000.00. I went to visit her Monday in the hospital. She was swollen really bad and in a lot of pain in her back. She was checked out and did not have any infection or anything. But her doctor did not give her an post operative instructions. She knew nothing about massages, arnica, not taking showers for a little while, or etc.... She knows now because I gave her a boat load of information..
It is weird how everyone brags about the doctors here in the United States being better because they are regulated by laws. In this instance, the doctor was not concerned about his patient. Any little bit of information would have helped. But then again, I do not know how the conversation went. She has a follow-up appointment tomorrow and he could very well give her all she needs to know tomorrow. She looks good and so does her scar. That counts for something.

Supplies and Recliner

I have purchased everything except my Pe-EZ and a recliner. I think I may rent a recliner because it does not match my furniture style. Your thoughts on this. Anyone ever rent a recliner? I hear it is better to sleep in those instead of a bed after surgery.

Right out of surgery. I love the doctor and my results. I will update later.

I'm snatched.

The beginning of my update

My younger sister came with me. She is really a people person. So we did all the airport stuff which went smoothly. However they lost my sister luggage. Our driver was waiting for us and off we went to see the great Mallol Cotes. He is indeed a sweetheart. Blood was drawn my time was set for 11am but ne there at 7. We went to the hotel which was in the downtown area. It was dirty in the surrou ding area but the hotel was nice. Ate dinner and wenttosleep. Woke up and left with driver. There were banging bodies at the clinic that early in the morning. Got my blood work tesults, hemo was 13.7. I ended up going into surgery at 9:30.

Update continues

I am use to Chicago and really nice surgery room. This was not that. It was small. I did not get a blue pill, i got eperdermic and light anastasia. I did wake up becuz I was too excited and my body did not want to stay asleep. I peeked under the sheet they had for blocking my view and saw him busy at work. I did not feel anything. My butt was done first and I was sleep for that. While being awake I was patiently waiting to feel him cut me for my Tummy Tuck. I must have dosed off again because when I woke up, I was being transported to recovery room.

Update 3

This is her sister Kendra she looks wonderful i will be back cause she is thin in the waist cute in the face big in the butt now want a taste :)

It continues

I could not go to sleep for anything after surgery. I came out about 1:30 and they gave me something in my IV to rest and stop my itching. I did have a catheter but I had to get up to go to the toilet for a bowel movement. Thats when I realized the pain from my sensitive lipo was real. I had to take off my faja and the bed was sook and wet and full of blood. I had to put that faja back on becuz my stag 2 was really tight. It was rough dleeping becuz I was uncomfortable and I did not want nothing touching my skin. My sister used the arnica and I felt a little better.

I kind of spoke to quick or moved to quick

My sister and I walked two blocks or so and back. We also had to walk down this long hallway to our apartment. I found myself in unbearable pain. To add to it, I am catching a cold. I was eating M&M peanuts and one got stuck and I had to cough. Ooh weee it hurt. I took vicodine and some thera flu and slept for 5 good hours.


I could not wait to leave there and go to my apartment. Not because they treated me bad but because I thought I would be able to rest. I must say that my sister worked the entire staff nerves. She told them that she was coming to find them every time I moaned. They gave me pain and sleep meds. Lol
Our driver arrived at 10 because he had called the doctors office to see what time I got discharged. I got discharged at 11, nothing special, "your labs after surgery was low but no transfusion, her is your prescription and take your iron pills." He checked me out a little and kissed us goodbye.
The streets here suck, so the ride home was not pleasant.
Since surgery I have had three follow up appointments and another scheduled for tomorrow.
I have to say that Dr. Mallol responds to me quickly. My sister panics about everything. My first follow up was scheduled. My second follow up was because I got a blister on my back from the Faja and I refused to wear it or let the massage therapist touch me and she called me. My third follow up was because he was checking on the healing of the blister and because I broke my drain. I dropped it once too many and it stop sucking the fluids out of me. I swore up like a pig in a blanket. Lol. I could not sleep that night because I was scared despite the fact that he called me at 11 at night to say not to worry.
On my third follow up (today) he tried to drain me with a needle and nothing came out. He said it was just swelling from not wearing Faja. Since leaving the doctor today at 4 pm, I have emptied my drain five times. I put my Faja back on today because Mrs. Erma, the massage therapist treated my blister with an aloe Vera plant concoction..

Let me know if you have any more questions. Photos will come soon.

Apartment vs. Recovery Home

While I was in DR at my surgery appointments and follow-ups, I would talk to the girls. We would talk about the Doctor and most of them would talk about their recovery homes. All of them said they loved the food but the services were not so great. It made me proud that I made the decision to rent an apartment. I must say that I could not have had such a successful journey without my sister there. Yeah we had a doctor to stay with me, our own driver and even our own massage therapist, which by the way I did not use. Our apartment also had bellboy assistants who would run all kinds of errands for us for a little bit of money. All the restaurants, I.e. Dominos Pizza, Chinese, etc... delivered for $2 and that made it an easier trip for my sister. When I think about the $800 dollars plus that you spend for a recovery home, I am glad that I chose the route that I chose.


My flight was scheduled to take 7 hours but it took me 16 hours because Delta Airlines cancelled our flight that morning and they had to find alternative flights for everyone to return home. My entire body was swollen. I felt like a pig in a blanket. Two lessons were learned, do not get surgery and have to ride on a plane. Also big airlines are just as bad as the smaller airlines. Heck Spirit Airline would have gotten me home sooner.

One month after surgery.

I am getting there slowly but surely. But.....Dr. Mallol did a great job.

Ok here's the picture

The before


As I post these pictures of my before a and after, I have to say that I must have really been in denial or just didn't give a damn. I took my body for granted. I always had a butt but I never thought a about how deformed it was, with its dimples and flat spots. But a passport and a stack of money can create hope. All three of my young adult sons, girlfriends want an Azz like mine. Lol. Then there is my waist. I am so happy to be able to say that I am no longer in the "Big Mama" club. I have made a promise to myself to work on never loosing this waistline again. I know that in a couple of months it will be so must better than now. But I must say that if today's results were the final results, I would be ok. I no longer have to worry about my panties rolling under my belly. Yeah!!!!
Ladies trust your gut feeling. Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes was my gut feeling and at the end of the day, he worked his magic.

Happy Healing Ladies!

Seven slow weeks post surgery

I can not wait to get in the gym. The curves are turning heads but I want to tone everything else down a tab bit. Just to get it all in shape.
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