Luis A. Fernandez Goico Breast Tubular and All over Lipo April 2016 - Dominican Republic

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So i am ready to be the women i have always wanted...

so i am ready to be the women i have always wanted cant wait to feel normal and have normal breasts i feel so happy that i have found dr Fernandez Goico he seems very nice and cares about you and i will be staying at arelis recovery house i spoke to her and she seems so nice and her house looks really nice and clean

Nurse in uk

Hi girls I was wondering if any body no of a nurse in the uk who you can go to just incase you need anything when you return to the uk

Befor pics and wish pic

Do you think I could look similar to this women after lipo


Had me hemo levels done and I am 12.5 doc said I need it to be 13 for good lipo I am on iron pills now and eating lots of high iron food and on a very strict diet I am hoping to lose 14lb before my op but not sure if I will be able to I go to the gym 3 times a week and just going to join a poll dancing fitness class I hope I can do it any ladys going to see my doctor at the same time as me?

Have I made the right choice

I love my doc he seems sooo nice he seems to know a lot his Breast look amzing but I can't find much on his lipo I can just find tummy tucks and now worried his lipo may not be as good as some others like Duren or yilly the reson I went with him as I felt his place was really safe unlike some other ones or am I just being stupid

3 weeks till I fly

I can't believe I only have 3 weeks till I fly and am excited and really worried I hope I look good after I have lost 8lb since I last sent him pics and hopeing to lose at least another 5lb anybody else going to be there around the same time?


So my hemo was 12.5 now it is 12.7 my I was on my period both times and will be on when I have my op need to get it up to 13 have been juicing taking vits the lot

Do I need injection

Do I need injection to go to the D Republic?

3 more sleeps

So I have 3 more sleeps how do I feel? Well I am so excited and soooooo worried at the same time I am worried my hemo won't be as high as i want it I am due on any day now I am usealy late by a few days so i hope I won't come on till after my pre op I am worried that my op won't go to plan and also worried I won't like the way I look but I am excited that everything my go how I want and I may look amazing I have lost just over a stone since I sent him them pics so hopefully I will have a better result

At the recovery house

I feel I have won the lottery this recovery house is amazing I feel like I am a princess if u want something they will get it the food is amazing I am so fussy and I am a vegetarian and I was really worried about the food but you can tell everything they give u is fresh now on to the people the lady who ownes asrelis is lovely speaks almost perfect English as soon as I walked in she gave me a hug and a kiss she asked wanted I wanted as it was 7pm when I arrived I said some toast will do 30mins later I was sitting down to a banquet to start a freshly made soup then this Beautiful rice with sweet corn Olive and balsamic vinegar freshly prepared salad the most amazing green beans I have ever tasted in my life!!! Also when my plane landed another 9 landed at the same time which meant when you had to get your tourist card so did another 400 people and there was only one person given out these cards so It made me late by a hr and a half I was very stressed until I met her daughter her who picked me up she is super sweet and lovely she speaks fluent English is a very funny girl made made me laugh a lot soon as soon as I was with her for about 20mins I felt she was a friend I had a X-ray done witch was fine the house itself is amzing big clean and very posh it is all gated around so very safe then there is a lock to get in then a lift then another door what Takes you to the house my room is very big with own bathroom and walk in wardrobe flat screen TV and really good wifi a man is coming to take my blood at 9:00 am then I go see The cardiologist about 12 then my doc about 2ish I think I am very excited will up date when I get back

Pain omg

So gird I am high on drugs still but this pain have is about side of golf ball and it buring so much I never cry overt tummy tuck c sation but this is making me cry big time

Thanks girl

I am feeling a bit better the pain was on one side near the train I have never ever felt pain like it as I have had a tummy tuck c section the lot my breasts are a bi lt sore but apart from that they are ok I never had inner thigh Lipo has he could only remove 5 litres as hemo was 12.5

Lipo hurts

So Lipo hurts my back drain is the worst pain my Breast fill heavy and a bit sore but I can cope in the end he put 420 in so should be nice size and removed 6 litre as he said I didn't bleed a lot

Feeling better

So today is day 3 and feeling so much better back still very sore by my arms and belly are fine my Breast don't hurt at all just feel very heavy very happy I did the Lipo now

Befor one day post op

Love my house

I can not express how much I loveeeee my recovery house so the ladys that owns it is lovely and I have to say I love her lol her daughter is a beautiful girl and she is so sweet and we laughe at lot the house is spotless the bed is so comfortable they take me every day for my massage and if I want to go to the shops or toy shop for Your kids they will take u they are the kindest caring people I have ever met the recovery house is a bit more expensive then other places but when u work it out they are technically the same as they don't charge for pic up or drop of to the airport or any were else but they only take in certain patience with good doctors because of infection

More food lol

Will post some pics of me in the next few day


Pre of and 2 weeks and 4 days taken at night so more swollen

The good the bad the ugly

So my Lipo is healing fine and so is my right Breast my left on the other hand needs more time I am leeking a bit of fluid from my underneath scar and when I took my take of today I am leeking from the top but I have spoke to Dr f g and he said it's ok its not infected but keep putting cream on it

Feeling better

So my breast seem to be a lot better I was your this powder used it for about 2 days then stopped as felt it made my breasts a bit red but really helped with heeling I am also take anitbotics just in case as my incision was open I still fill very swollen after Lipo I am a bit sore but not that much I haven't taking any pain meds since day 6

A bit about the morning of my surgery

So I got to the hospital about 6 then waited for about 25 mins then was seen by doc as he made sure I was 1st in he made sure I hadn't had anything to eat ect then started to mark me he then gave me the blue pill witch didn't do much for me then about 10mins later a lady came in she didn't talk English and I don't talk Spanish so doc came back in a went over the question with me witch was nice she was a very nice lady tho she then put a drip in my hand and then next thing I know I was awake and wasn't really in any pain so I was just drifting in and out of sleep I remember he came to see me but I don't remember what he said lol the ladys from my recovery house kept popping in to see me bless them the 1st night was the worst I was in so much pain the night seemed to go on forever and as I went on my own I think I just missed somone being there that I loved I would say the 1st 2 3 days are the worst and I felt very sorry for my self but my recover house helped me so mum they used to call me baby as I am younger then most lol but if I had to do it all again I would even the liposuction
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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