BBL May 31, 2017. Dr. Llorente at New Life. 5'8" 207lbs

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Hello ladies! I emailed Dr. YILY and got a quote...

Hello ladies! I emailed Dr. YILY and got a quote from her in 2 days. The 5400 includes recovery house and transportation. I will be making my deposit as soon as she contacts me again but before May 1st. The price is only good until then. She would also Lipo my arms and inner thighs for an additional $300. Still debating....not a money issue but more of a health concern. I don't want to over do it. I am a very healthy and active female though. I plan to start taking the vitamins 1-2 months prior to surgery. Want to know if any other YILY patients that will be going in September??


So I am applying for my passport as soon as I find my birth certificate. My plans are to do it before the week is out. Making my deposit on Friday. I will also start buying the item I need also. Please add comments on what I should get prior to going to the D.R

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I'm now much different but I want bigger and perky boobs with more hips and butt!!

YILY price includes Recovery House for 10 days!!

Okay so YILY is the only quote I've received them at included the recovery house for 10 days!!! $5400!! I'm talking BA, BL, BBL, AND Recovery house (RH) for 5400!! Duran and Beaz did not include the recovery house. Duran $6100 + price of RH Beaz $5500 + $1400 for RH Should I be cautious about this?? Why is YILY so cheap when I've heard she is one of the best???

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Paid my deposit!!!

Yesterday I paid my deposit so now I'm waiting on my surgery date to be confirmed! Scared and excited! Later this week I will apply for my passport!
July I will purchase my plane ticket! I will be flying from ATL!


Here is my date ladies and gents!!!

26 May is the New date!

I changed my date and it is quickly approaching! I am now skeptical about to BA/BL . I want them to look good!

Deposit paid and my mind is finally made!

I will be doing a BBL at New Life May 31st. Excited and scared.. For $5500 I got the BBL with the RH package. I got it $500 off as part of the DEC special.


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