31 Mother of 3... It's my Time Now!!! YILY BARBIE 2016 - Dominican Republic

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So I have been looking into enhancing my butt for...

So I have been looking into enhancing my butt for as long as I can remember. About 10 yrs ago while living in Atlanta I went and had a consultation with the famous Dr. Jimirson which came out to be over 10,000. Back then being a mother of 1 early 20's of course I didn't have that kind of money. Fast forward yrs go by and a very good friend of mine went to Dr. Holy and got a BBL... needless to say 3 1/2 yrs later she still looks amazing!!! I just had my last baby in October 2015... finally a GIRL!!! It's over for the baby making so I decided now is my time. My surgery is scheduled for Sept 16th 2016. I'm getting a BBQ and breast implants. My deposit is paid and I am super excited. I considered getting a tummy tuck but I dont need it... I was told I have to gain at least 15 pounds for the surgery... I shooting for 30! Wish me luck!!!

Before pics

So I wasn't sure if I was going to post my before pics but F it why not? This is not going to be me for long!!!

Deposit Paid.. Booking flight on Thursday

Ok so my deposit is paid, date is booked now booking my flight on Thursday!!! Passport application on Saturday!!! Whoo hoo!!! Can we say excited!!!


Sooooo I just order some supplies for the big day. I found a black faja which I love.... I love everything black!!!! Surgery like 2 months away!!!


Applied for my passport today!!! 4- 6 weeks..... Yes this ish is getting real!!!!!!

Recovery Tropical Deluxe (RH)

Ok so initially I was going to stay at the Serenity RH TH with the included date from my quote. I recently met a fabulous doll Yily did back in April... Shawty is Badddddd!!!! Her and her sister... anyways she highly recommended Recovery Tropical Deluxe. It's a condo style recovery house... heard nothing but great reviews. I hit them up on FB they hit right back. Went on the site sent for reservation just waiting on them to get back about where I send my deposit.

21 days left

Sooooooooooooooo I have been missing in action... Getting ready for this trip, working, being a wife and mother of 3... Yes life as been BUSY as hell! Anyhoo.... 3 weeks left! I am currently going crazy trying to figure out what to pack.... I have things here and there but I really need to get it together! So I am now getting a TUMMY TUCK, BBL, LIPO AND BREAST IMPLANTS! Its going all the way down! I am so ready its not even funny!

Packing and getting ready...

So I am officially leaving the states in 3 weeks! I started packing my suitcase and now I need a nice carry on for the airplane ride. I am so freaking EXCITED! Nervous too! I need a few more supplies that I need to order BUT I lost my card yesterday and it will take 7-10 bus days for me to receive it. Not to mention some other BS is going on with my child support account and like 600.00 is being held and they are saying it can take 20 business days to release! Im SUPER stressed! Hubby told me not to stress soooooo Im trying not to! Anyhoo off this to call child support and rip them a new asshole!

Hemo 13.7!!!!!!

So for the last 2 weeks I have been on my period! YES!!! I said 2 weeks..... STRAIGHT!!! HEAVY clots and everything! Early this year I took the DEPO for BC so I figures it was from that which is was.... however I was feeling with all this blood lost my hemo MUST be LOW..... I thought too low for surgery.... BUT NOPE!!!!!! 13.7 baby!!!! Bleeding and all..... I am so ready for this sx!!!! 2 more weeks!!!! New hemo goal... 15!!!!

9 days and counting!!!!

So today I am finally in single digit count down!!!! I leave in 9 days!!!! I brought medical insurance today online for 26.00 BUCKS!!!!! Yes 26.00 dollars compared to the $135.00 quoted by Yily! I love saving money!!!! I also saved money on the meds being that my PCP prescribed me my antibiotics and I got the pain meds on the low..... I so can't wait to go and get SNATCHED!!!!!! Hemo is UP so down the only thing to do is continue the count down!!!!

Shit just got REAL!!!!

So I received a confirmation call today from Yily's office! YES!!!! I will be there next week MA girl!!!!!!! Lol!!!!! So Close!
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