Mommy Makeover by Disla was a fail. Revision with Almonte

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I finally committed! Made my deposit today. It's...

I finally committed! Made my deposit today. It's feeling real now. I already started purchasing my supplies. So far I have a boppy pillow Nursit brand, arnica pills, pomade, & gel, bromelain pills, rosa mosqueta oil & bath bar, which is making my skin feel so soft, geratol w/ B complex, emergenC, folic acid, gloves, gauze & tape, anti-bacteria wipes, wash cloths, & go girl to stand & pee. If you ladies have any other suggestions on supplies please let me know. Thanks

My Procedures & Stats

I am a wife & mother of three beautiful daughters. I was a young mother, having my first daughter at the age of seventeen. I was a 124pds & by the end of that pregnancy I was pushing 180pds. I did not over eat or change my regular habits,but for some reason i just get huge when I'm pregnant. After I went down within 6 months, but as you can imagine I was left with stretch marks & loose skin. Every pregnancy after was pretty much the same. Start out small & end up huge. Each pregnancy left a couple pounds on me ranging from 5-10 pds. I am currently 150 pds 5"7. With clothes on I look pretty good, but without not so much!! I knew I needed a tummy tuck after my first daughter but never thought I would be able to afford one. Recently a good friend of mine went to DR for surgery. She came back looking great & it gave me the reassurance & confidence to have my surgery too. I went for a quote at a local PS his price was. $7000 just for TT. I saw some pics of his work but was not impressed as his shapes were more boxy than womanly. Then I was looking into Cardenas in Mexico, but there were some infectious issues with a couple women. I just kept on searching & I came across super girl & domini RS profile on Disla. I really liked there results & knew I would like similar outcomes because of how natural Disla shaped them. I have been in contact with Disla through email & FB & she is very responsive. I appreciate that, especially, being as though I can be a little anal about details & could just imagine after surgery. I need to know that I will b ok & looked after properly. I was quoted $5650 for tummy tuck, lipo, breast lift w/ implant, & butt lift. I'm still debating on a recovery house. My friend has someone who took care of her & she ok'd for me to stay there for a minimal cost. I am just getting quotes of RH just to see if it would just be better for me if there is a 24 hr nurse. & all- inclusive. We will see.

Feeling like a

Went to my Dr appt today & I weighed 163pds. I was 153 a couple of months ago. I never gained weight before this fast. I've been at the 150 mark for about 4 yrs now. What's the hell is going on? It may be the fact that I know I'm having surgery & have been indulging lately. You know, some chocolate here & piece of cake or ice cream Now I have to get serious about losing this extra 10 by 3-24. I am getting a BBL, but I want to be as small as possible after. I want a tiny waist with a flat stomach, perky boobs, a fat booty! I get my blood work back tomorrow, so I'll give an update then with my hemo levels & so forth. Will be faxing those to Disla ASAP.

BloodWork Update

Got my results back from my PCP today. Hemoglobin is a 13.5 and I haven't even started my geritol yet. My cholesterol is a bit high, what a bummer, but I've gained weight and think thats the reason. I faxed a copy to Disla right away & i'm waiting for her response. Ive contacted several recovery houses and they are as follows:
Recovery Armonia- $75 a night
Healing Haven-$104

Pre-op Photos... What A Mess :-(

Ok, finally got the nerve to put a pre-op photo. Here it is letting it all hang out!!

FB for Disla

I contacted Disla to see if she a surgery group for post & pre-op dolls to get info & support. She said she needed one if I could help her with that. So ladies desiring to have surgery with Disla can now be added to the secret group by friending Vinita Muneca. Don't worry about your privacy because no friends can see posts, pics, or updates. It will be a great place to share experiences, find buddies, & gain support. Hope to find u all there.. Toodles????

Feeling Confused

I don't know if I want to get my boobs done now. I don't want to screw my breast up. I know they r saggy, but with the right bra they look fabulous ;-) I'm not too impressed with the last couple of boobs I saw. I love domini & super girls boobs, but a couple recents haven't looked that great to me. I wonder why the difference? I'm getting nervous now. I know Disla can do great work! I just pray I get the results I want. I don't have unrealistic expectations, I just want everything even & right. U know?

Flight Booked!

Last night I booked my flight. I paid $400 nonstop. It was the lowest it's been since the fall. I also thinking about booking my RH stay with Dominga. I got a really good quote from her that includes 8 nights & 4 post op massages. Not to mention she is 300 ft from the beach! I am feeling overall good about my decision to have surgery & pray everything goes perfectly, especially after. I made a decision to go through with the boobs. I'm scared to be so immobile, but if I don't I know I'll regret it later.

5wks! The Count Down Begins????

I'm so excited about my upcoming sx. It seems to be all I think about. I've been having dreams about the procedure & my new body. All have been good so my vibe is positive. Everything is coming together with my arrangements when I get back home. My mom will be coming up to my place to drive the grls to school & give me a hand around the house with dinner & taking care of me. It's gonna be hard relinquishing all that control. I was talking to my hubby the other day & the subject of me getting implants came up. He is not to thrilled about the implants, but I told about the 30% tissue lost after a lift & how I'll be an A cup without them. He said whatever I want to do. He is just concerned that he won't be able to grab & squeeze me like he does, but since they will be behind the muscle I don't see why not. I hope they feel real & squishy. I'm also getting areola reduction with the lift to get the look I want. My nipples got huge during pregnancy. I just worry about losing sensitivity. I'm gonna talk to Disla about that when I get there. I have list of questions for my consult. Until next time beauty & blessings ????

Booked My RH

I finally booked my RH. I will be staying with Gianna Colombo & I must say I am really excited to stay with her. The cost is $55 per night plus $40 for massages, which are optional. She wraps ur body to prep your skin SX. She is also licensed lymphatic masseuse as well. I am really excited to go to DR & know everything is going to be fine. I've been really prayerful & know The Lord is gonna use this SX to bring me closer to him. I will miss my girls & hubby like crazy, but I know I will be coming back home to them. I will be taking a lot of photos of my pre-op body so I can compare it to my post results. I will also give a detailed review on the RH as I know how important this information can be to others. I will have Disla take pre & post measurements too because I want to know everything about everything. Well ladies the next update from me will be next wk when I'm boarding my flight. Until then, may your days be filled with beauty & blessings!


Swell hell

No garment because of swelling

Tiny waist

My Experience

On arrival to Santo Domingo I was greeted by Gianna and her husband, Nelson. I immediately felt at ease and knew I was in good hands. We took a short tour of the city and saw the house were Christopher Colombus lived when he discovered Santo Domingo. Driving along the beautiful ocean only provided a tease into the needed vaca I was sacraficing this year for my new body. Gianna's house was perfectly located close cipla and was in a nice and developed area. I felt very safe. The food and nursing staff were amazingly helpful and I could not have made it through this without them. After having a delicious lunch, I called Disla to alert of my arrival. She immediately said to meet her at cipla within the hour (mind you this is a sunday). Gianna and I went and I had my consultation with Disla. she was so warm and welcoming and I knew right away she would take care of me. I stripped down in all my glory and she told what would be necessary for me to achieve my desired look. We agreed on TT,BBL,LIPO, BL w Implant. 375CC high profile non-textured silicone. She gave me pre-op instructions and I was on my way. The following morning Gianna went with me to cipla. We did all the testing together and she never left my side. Once all test were completed I went to tell Disla and she said to go to the 5th floor to get my room. I checked in with Gianna still by my side and the nurse put the blue gown on. Within 5 minutes Disla came in and marked me up. She gave the blue pill and reassured me that everything would be ok. 2min later they came to take me back into the operating room and I started to cry because I did not feel the lie pill yet. Gianna held my hand and coached me through it. Once in the operating room they held me down and gave me the epidural. I screamed like a baby. It hurt so bad. Then they put the catheter, which didn't hurt at all compared to the epidural. After that I was out. I woke up when she was doing my left and last breast and started crying to hurry up, but didn't feel any pain. I was just freaked out by the whole idea. After surgery i was freezing and shaking. I had to have my vitals taken and was rolled to my room. Minutes later Disla came in and made sure I was ok. She called my husband for me and let me speak the few words I could. I had a nurse with me all night. Disla requires her patients to pay an additional $50 for a private nurse for 12hrs and it was money well spent. After the 12hrs Gianna sent one of her nurses to stay until I was discharged. I would see Disla every 2 days to have my bandages changed and to ck my progress. She was very responsive to my questions and concerns. She even called Gianna to ck on me. I was having an issue with swelling and she nipped it in butt right away with a steroid. My stay was short 10 days, but she made sure that my drain was out and my wounds were ok before my departure. She even suggested a scar therapy of silicone steps that I paid $60 for 4, when in the US its $100 for one. Overall, my experience with Disla has been excellent. She is a professional and skilled surgeon and I'm so glad that she has been a part of my transformation. My body keeps changing everyday and I have to patient as this SX is a process. Just started my massages today and they are brutal but Im sure they will be worth all the pain in a few weeks.


Butt getting rounder

Stomach still has extra skin

Clothing is a chore

Non of my clothes fit. Had these jeans from after I had my daughter. I feel like my hips are too high. I hope they drop & go down dramatically. I don't look natural like I wanted. I look like a doll. Definitely not the look I was going for. I hope it changes. I know I'm only 14 days, but this whole process is depressing. I also have to large lumps on my outer thighs. I was doing some research & it said with fat transfer if too much is added to a place with poor flow fat can die & migrate. I've been getting massages everyday to try & rid if it. It's a little sore too. Ahhh the stress of the SX is real. Please ladies make sure you express your wants clearly. I said small & natural. Idk I hope it's just swelling. I know I'm super swollen but I want to be small already & flat tummy. I love my boobs & Butt is better but so not loving these hips!!! I'm just praying that everything turns out the way I wanted & goes down at least so I can fit some of my old clothes.

Took these today!

I see some improvements with my hips they are going down but they are still too big. I just pray I am happy with the end result. I like everything else though. I guess I'm a little depressed. I feel embarrassed about this new body. I didn't want to be so obvious I had SX. I think I look like Betty


After first shower

These ridges ugghh!!!

These ridges are so hard & the creases are deep. In doing massages everyday hoping they go down. My weight is at 150pds now. I lost 9pds in four days. My diet has been really restricted because of my swelling. I can't have no salt. Just fruit, veggies chicken breast, & tilapia. I've been drinking a ton of water too. Too all who are considering SX or have a date coming up I suggest u limit ur sodium intake now to prevent excessive swelling after. I'm still not happy with my hips & I been sleeping on my sides hoping they go down. Only time will tell.

Bathing suits

I emailed Disla about the lumps & hips & she said for me not to worry. If I don't line it, she will fix later. I just don't know if I could go through all this again. That epidorul & the dependency & strain in my family. I just pray they go down. These are my bathing suits from last summer vacation. My hips look huge & wide. I really hate them!!! I don't even think I will like them when the swelling goes down. I just like to be small like b4. Hips make me look like a fat curvy girl.

Bathing suits

Sry hit wrong button

Without faja it's a mess

Loose skin getting worst

Incisions opening up

Incisions healing & dents on ASS!!

3 days post & 5 wks post ASS pic

Swelling is down but shape is still the same. Long, wide, & flat. What a mess this whole SX has been for me. I'm gonna wait my 3 months until I give my whole review because every1 say wait three months to c final result but from what I c my shape is my shape I'm just getting smaller. Weight still 150!

Scar is high & these HIPS!! Disgusting!!!

Loose skin, high scar, huge hips!! I hate this! Can't wait to get a revision to fix this MESS!!!

Revision with Almonte

Just did my revision with Almonte & she fixed everything properly. I am very pleased and can see my shape right away. Last time I knew right away my surgery was not right. Next I will fix my crooked nipples & put smaller implants.

Almonte revision

Almonte's work is amazing

I love Almonte

7 days post-op. Simply amazing

3wks post Almonte!!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I basically had to have all my procedures redone. I thank the lord for directing me towards Almonte. She has transformed the mess left from Disla!!

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