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So I have been contemplating getting this...

So I have been contemplating getting this procedure done. Dr Diaz said I could wait 3 mos after bbl but I decided to wait 6 mos. So I here I go again boarding my plane to see the Dr Diaz! I'm nervous about the healing process but I am prayerful that all will go well. See u on the other side... Again :)

Fresh out of surgery

Dr Diaz said the surgery went well and I didn't need a blood transfusion. THANK GOODNESS!! Last night was hell. Trying to get comfortable was not happening. My night nurse helped me out a great deal. I tipped her very good because I was having hot flashes or something. One moment I was hot and the next I was cold so she had to adjust the temperature all night. My boo brunhilda gave me my first massage this morning. She was gentle but I know it will get rough as the days continue. Doc came in to change my gauges and I got a sneak peak of my breast.. OMG THEY LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I'm so happy even tho I'm swollen and in pain. I'll try to take pics soon.

A few pictures

I haven't seen my breast yet... I'll see them at my next visit with dr Diaz. I'll take photos. Also to clarify I had to get a lift with implants to maintain size. If not for the implants I would have been an A cup because of all the yrs of breast feeding. My boobs were nothing but skin.

Today was a good day

Today my massage was actually enjoyable and relaxing. Brunhilda is the truth! She is the best masseuse. I'm able t to use my arms more and resting is helping a lot! I love what I see so far and I'm still swollen! :)

I forgot this pic

And when planning to have surgery.. A travel cane is essential!!! :)

Well the day has come...

I saw Friday I'll see them for the first and wow am I happy! They are beautiful!! Gotta name them because I love this so much and I'm still swollen so I can only imagine when the swelling goes down.

Armonia Recovery House

I've been here a few times and I don't know why I am just finding out that Pedro (Armonia RH DRIVER) has wifi in his taxi van!!! I leave tomorrow.. I'm all late! Lmaoooo

Last massage in DR

Well I just got my final massage. I will be flying home tomorrow morning. Glad it's almost over. I missed my babies so much! Can't wait to see them.

At the beach

So yesterday I went to the beach. I didn't wear a sports bra. I just placed a large bandage on each areola. The swelling has gone down a lot and they have dropped at bit. I'm happy with how they are coming along. Not much discomfort any more. I can toss and turn in my sleep with no problem.. Still cant sleep on my stomach so I sleep on my side.

Sorry I know it's been a while

I have been busy!!!!!! My breast is now in the healing phase.. The photos I will attach to this update are from sept 3rd.. 1 month after surgery... I will post a video of them later. They look waaaaay better now. And scars are healing so well.

Video is not uploading

Almost 7 weeks post op: I do not feel any pain. I have resumed regular exercise including push ups. I sleep on my stomach with no problem. They now move and bounce and most of all.. NO KELOIDS thank you God!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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