35 Yr Old Getting BBL, BA in DR by Dr. Duran. Dominican Republic, DO

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So I've been stalking real self forever in search...

So I've been stalking real self forever in search of a tried and true doctor who can give me a snatched waist (after wasting my money on tickle lipo), a breast lift and slight reduction (from my 36DD/DDD's, and a more shapely bum. A friend of mine recently went to the DR and had a breast lift, tummy tuck and slight shaping of her buttocks and hips and I was salivating over her results!! Not to mention the price she paid was 1/3 of what doctors here in the US charge - for sub par results (in my opinion). So here I am!!! Less than four weeks away from my surgery and felt that I should pay it forward by writing a review since the sx sisters on RS have been soooooooo helpful to me and me decision to do something I've wanted for such a long time.

Better safe than sorry

Hi there real selfers. Following the reading of a lot of reviews, it's apparent that hemoglobin levels can cause your surgery to be a no go so in addition to getting them done one day prior to my surgery when I arrive, I decided to get my labs done here before I go to the DR. Fingers crossed and prayers going up. Better safe than sorry. Oh, here's a pic of my current body. I really don't have much body fat but very athletic and straight looking. Dying for more curves! My stats are 5' 10.5"/179lbs (now 190 - gained 10 for surgery).

Supplies List

Here's a list of supplies that I have been slowly gathering to pack (gathered from reviews and a friend who recently had surgery by same doctor in DR).

Hemo Woes

So I got my lab results and wig less than 3 weeks to go, my hemo is below 11 - 10.8 to be exact. Just my luck huh? Time to get busy on building it up. Keep you posted on my method and results. Fingers crossed and prayers going up.

Help with hemo

A friend suggested I begin taking pur absorb to boost my hemoglobin levels (didn't taste bad at all) and I couldn't order it fast enough. I am also reaching out to my pcp to see if I can start iron injections or iv.

Overnight guest at CIPLA and Recovery House

So I contacted Laura at Surgicoordinator and inquired as to whether overnight guest are allowed to stay at CIPLA during and after surgery overnight and was confirmed for a yes! My recovery house (Betty's Family Reocvoery House) is also allowing my guest to stay the entire 8 days with me. Won't he do it! I for one am very grateful for the allowance at CIPLA in particular as I get cold very fast and all the time due to anemia. Hearing so many dolls report that they wake up for surgery freezing and get extremely cold during the night, I takes my guest with making sure I was warm and bringing my fleece blanket. I'm also bring thigh high compression socks to keep my legs covered (and compressed). Just thought I'd share in case anyone was wondering.

Betty's Family Recovery House

Hi RS Sisterhood. So I've been in constant contact with Betty (and staff) via what's app at Betty's Family Recovery house and have to honestly say that they have completely eased my fears about the care and attention I will receive while staying there. They appear to be the kindest and sweetest people in the world and willing to provide everything you need to make your stay comfortable. I asked them to get back to me and confirm whether my boyfriend could stay in a private room with me the entire time and they did the next day. His stay includes his meals and transportation to my surgery/appts as well. Very confronting when I'm going to be so far away from home. He jokingly asked if they could get him a massage too. I think that they would, lol.

A blocky shaped girls wish pics

So, I've always wanted some hips and a nice shaped bum (not huge, just hot from behind). I've always had a solid body with meat on my bones (and never wanted to be too thin) but have craved curves my entire life. As I've gotten older and got my grown woman weight, my straight lines and wide waist seem to have become more apparent. These are a few wish pics of the shape that I desire and make me believe that it's possible ????????

Made it to the DR!!!

Just got picked up by two of the gentlemen here at Betty's Family Recovery House (Narcisco and I can't remember the other guys name) and they made me feel safe and I was in good hands. They sent me their pictures and a picture of the sign they would be holding through what app so they were really easy to spot when I got through customs. The room is super clean and very comfortable. Had a salmon and vegetable dinner at the house and it was absolutely amazing!!! Posting a pic of my lover comfy surgery survival shoes and how I set my drawer cart up that is next to my bed.

Vitamin and Herb Prep

Since I arrived two days early (for direct flight) I intentionally saved this project to complete while here. Packaged/sorted my vitamins & herbs for each day so that I wouldn't have to wrestle with packaging and bottles while recovering. I started the bromelain and arnica two weeks in advance. Had a procedure in the past and I believe they significantly reduced brushing and swelling for me. One more day!!

Here at CIPLA!!

i made it to CIPLA this morning with no problems. The staff at Betty's rushed me out of bed and helped me pack my bag do that we could leave at 6:10am. I had a physical exam where they checked my vitals, had blood drawn for lab work and a chest X-ray. I then saw the beautiful Dr. Duran and got marked up after discussing what I wanted and did not want, as well as answered some questiond. Awaiting confirmation on labs being okay and then I'm off to SX!!

A few notes: language isn't too much of an issue if you speak English and don't elect a CIPLA to look anything like doctors offices in the U.S. (although Dr. Durans office itself is very nice and clean).

Blood type woes

Following her consultation and follow up appts, Dr. Duran only had two surgeries scheduled today and no approved walk ins, which means I could be getting prepped do surgery with the other beauty I met. However, I have an AB- blood type (extremely rare) and they didn't have any in stock so I am still here at CIPLA waiting for them to receive a delivery. Fingers crossed. Know your blood type before you go ladies, and it's rare, let Durans staff know ahead of time.

Made it to the flat side

made it to the flat side and back at Betty's Recovery house. I honestly do not know what I would do without such attentive care right now. I got a breast lift, lipo and fat added to hips. I pooped (she would not continue and risk infection - I super love her) during surgery do Dr. Duran didn't do too much to my butt which I asked her not to anyway. But I did get my hips! Yaaaaaay. Outside of the anesthesia having me pass out everything I try and stand I'm not in too much pain but serious swelling and soreness. My advice is too stay ahead of brushing swelling and pain by continuing herbs and a schedule - you will thank me later. Keep you dolls updated on my progress.

Drain placed in my back

Here's a picture of the drain That's in my back. Doesn't stick out my and not painful at all. Just a little bit annoying. Drains like crazy!

2 days post-op

2 days post op with lots of swelling but still cannot believe this is MY body

Feeling bootylicious today!!!!

Day 10 and I'm slowly but surely progressing. Butt looked great today so I thought I'd share this cute pic.

18 days post op

18 days post op. Still lots of swelling but this body looks better every day! Waist measured at 31"!!

4 weeks post op today

So, I'm 4 weeks post op today and despite the challenges and have absolutely no regrets. These are pics from this weekend. (Still had on a boy short style faja and only took of post op bra for two hours during event). I live in them!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far so good.

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