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Hello Dolls.. At first I was skeptical about...

Hello Dolls.. At first I was skeptical about writing a review because people have nothing better to do other than talking crap but honestly I don't care! I wanted to share my experience with everyone & hopefully help other girls choose a Doctor! I'm 21, with no kids & I've been insecure about my body for as long as I can remember Because my weight is always fluctuating it's pretty annoying but right now I weigh 155 and I'm 5'1.. Over the years I've struggled with my weight but I'm at the point in my life where I look and feel good but I want more.

I've been doing my research for a while now and my decision has been between Yily and Duran, both do amazing work! I tried getting through to Duran and it's almost nearly impossible unless you do your stalking I wrote to her on every social network & emailed her every day Finally got my Quote for 5,000 but she didn't have anything available till July & honestly I don't want to wait that long. Yily quoted me $4,500 and an additional $300 for Lipo of the inner thighs. I booked my flight for March 12 & I'm going to finally be a Yily doll March 14!!! I'm super nervous and excited at the same time.. I was initially going to stay with my grandmother but unfortunately she comes to NYC the day of my surgery (just my luck).. Anyway if you ladies know of any good places please let me know. I will be going to DR with my father, he will be driving me around and taking care of me for the most part.

Will be posting pics soon!


These are some pics of my body now.. I had to draw over the tattoo Lol.. I'm a little wide I can't wait to see the miracle Yily does to my body! Will keep everyone posted.

Wish pics

I want to be super small on the top and stay thick on the bottom.. I'll probably get C cups I don't want anything too crazy, besides people tell me Big boobs don't go with me. Lol :-)

What should I bring??

I know I need wife beaters (white t shirts) to wear under my faja but I'm pretty lost as to what other pills I need to bring with me.. Help?!! :-(


So I've been reading some reviews and I'm having some doubts about getting my breasts done by Dr. Yily. She may be great at sculpting but I don't want a scar I'm going to regret for the rest of my life. What do you ladies think??

So far...

I've been taking these.

6 Weeks left..

Not only am I excited but I've been going to the gym 6 days a week, resting on Sundays. I'm trying to get to 140-145 lbs before I leave so I can have some great results. I don't really care about the amount of fat injected into my buttock because I already have a booty Lol I care more about the shape and projection.. Anyway hope everyone is having a great day & thank you girls for your positive words!

Cleaning day..

I picked today to clean out my closet and get rid of most of my old clothes!! I'm donating my clothes and hopefully in a few months I'll be a new size! Lol anyway, Happy February!

Good news!!!

Just received some great news.. Remember how I said my grandmother will be coming to NYC the day of my surgery? Well.. she is lending me her apartment until I come back. My father will be with me but do you ladies know of any nurses, I'll most likely need one the first couple of days! If you ladies know of any good nurses please message me their info! Thank you.

34 more days!!

I've been so busy working I haven't had time to update but I also haven't been getting any advice about getting a nurse if you ladies have any info please let me know, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks xo

Losing weight...

So instead of losing weight I've gained for some reason I've been eating like crazy lately idk if it's my hormones or what but I'm 164 anyway I'm not even stressing or rushing anything besides all I wanna do is hibernate in the winter Lol 33 more days!!! Yaay!

27 days!

Till I'm in the sun!!!!!!!!! I'm over this cold weather and snow. If you're in NYC be safe because it's crazy out here!

Feeling a little sick..

So my wisdom tooth is growing & one side of my face is completely swollen & my throat is starting to hurt!! So annoying I hope I don't get sick now ughhh! On the bright side I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning to get a letter for work Yay!! That means the day is almost here. :-) good luck to the girls scheduled for sx soon! Xo

The Countdown begins (15 More days!!)

This Saturday I had the right side top and bottom of my Wisdom teeth taken out and they want me to do the left side next weekend.. I DON'T THINK SO! That shit hurts so much I think it's gonna have to wait. Besides, I don't wanna walk up in DR with a swollen face LOL I'm all fucked up in the game. Only two more weeks till I'm off to my beautiful country! :-D So far I've bought a few maxi dresses and wife beaters to wear down there, everything else I'll buy in the pharmacy in DR I don't want to travel heavy & my aunt said half of the things you bring with you you won't even need. Thanks A lot for the support ladies at this point in my life I really need it!!

New Wish Pics!!

Ummmm am I CRAZY???

For wanting to switch doctors with only dayssssss left??? Lol omg if I get a similar quote and the same date I'm going to switch!!!!

Still waiting

on Dr. Cabral's response.. I am so impatient Ughh!!! For the most part I'm looking forward to leaving soon I need this break from work I'm so over it! Lol maybe I'm complaining a little bit too much.. I must chill.

Quote from Cabral!

So he quoted me for 5,200.. I will call the office tomorrow to see if there's anything available for the same date if not I'm sticking with Yily :-)

Lucky me!

Called Cabral's office and luckily he has something available for the same day with 3 Other non confirmed patient's I believe! I told her to put me down for that day now all I have to do is speak with my father and if agrees then I will be cancelling with Yily! LOL welllll here goes nothing!

All set!

So Everything is all set with Cabral!! Yaay

More wish pics

And more..

9 days till I'm in my homeland

Started packing my bags and I can't front I'm starting to get nervous every time I think about it.. It's actually all I'm thinking about now! This week is going to be a LONG week at work lol. Happy Sunday ladies! Xo

Now I can..

Sleep in peace :-) goodnight


..Today has been the worst day ever at work and it's not even 5pm yet & I need to vent. I painted my room last night and I slept in my room so I've been feeling shitty all day! (Smart move huh Lol) Spoke with Dr. Cabral last night and told him my current weight is 165 and he said to stay like that! Yaay one less thing I have to stress about is going back to the 150's. I'm tired and just hanging in there I feel like the closer the date is the LONGER my days drag at work. Good luck if you're having surgery soon & if you've already had it, happy healing, I will keep you all in my prayers. Have a great day ladies!

5 more days and I'm outta here!

1st Stop is Miami then finally DR.. can't wait to be in the sun and get this over with!


So I got approved for FMLA at work today (Leave of absence) Meaning I still get paid and if I need to extend my time & all my sick days are used up it would be with no pay but that's okay because I don't plan on extending it as long as it doesn't interfere with my Vacation days I'm good!! Yaay I'm so excited only days away! ;-)

Done packing!! :-) 2 more days!

Did I go overboard with the maxi pads? Hahaha I got so many adult wipes too!


Just gotta laugh at myself

Flying out tomorrow!!

Flying out to Miami tomorrow morning! My flight leaves at 5am and I am soooo excited because I get one day to relax and be on the beach. I'll be in DR the 13th. The day is getting closer yaay!!!


Going to rest & relax today I need it DR tomorrow!!

Good morning dolls!

So I got an earlier flight to come to DR sooner and as soon as I arrived I went straight to the clinic to get my blood work.. Got here around 7AM waited about 15 minutes now I'm here at CIPLA waiting for my consultation with Cabral.. The girl at the reception desk is very nice her name is Maria. She told me that the doctor only has 2 surgeries scheduled for today and he might want me to do it today so if my labs and EKG come back good then today is the day my friends!! Will keep everyone posted.. See you on the other side! ;-)


Had to wait till today because there was too many surgeries yesterday so I just relaxed at the beach got a little tan & here I am today.. I'm next! Keep me all in your prayers!! Later dolls xoxo

Everything is good Thank God & Cabral

A little shaky from the anesthesia so I'm going to get some rest but I'm SAFE & I'm good! Thanks for all the support! I'm cold and hungryyy! Lol

Can't sleep!

A little update because I can't sleep.. First of all I'd like to thank God for always being by my side & all of you ladies who supported me from the start you are all truly special and I have not one single regret about making this blog. The doctor came to see me but I was sleeping. He told my grandmother that my boobs came out really nice and that I was a very good patient. This afternoon I was really cold from the anesthesia but I got so many blankets and now I'm a little hot good thing it wore off! Was in a little bit of pain but nothing intolerable. My father fed me some soup then the nurse came to put some meds in my IV! Waiting for everything to kick in so that I can fall asleep. I have to lay on my back because of my boobs those of you who sleep on your stomach would understand how uncomfortable it is to sleep on your back, but with prayers and God I should be back to normal very soon! Happy healing everyone!! Xo

Boobs yaay lol


So I ended up doing boobs, lipo front and back, fat grafting to butt & under chin lipo.. I almost fainted taking this pic of my boobs but I just wanted to show you guys how much I loveeeee them.. I'll take pics of everything else once I'm feeling better


So here's an update.. Today I'm finally feeling much better these past few days have felt like an eternity, each day is a struggle, not only physically but emotionally. I prepped myself but of course there are some days where I get frustrated.. Surgery went well I was the second patient to get surgery of the day they took me down around 12 afternoon.. After surgery I stayed in the clinic overnight then I came home.. Everything was good but the living room in my grandmothers house does not have AC only a fan.. For some reason I favored a recliner in the living room & I would occasionally fall asleep on it ( Bad idea ) went to CIPLA that Thursday to get drained and she discovered burn marks.. I knew those would go away so I wasn't too worried. She made me take off my faja so I've been without a faja since last Thursday & let me tell you how swollen you get without the faja it's crazy!! I would have emotional roller coasters it wouldn't want to stare at myself in the mirror it was horrible. This morning I went to CIPLA to get drained again and I've been putting this cream called PURPURA on my burns and it's working wonders and fast! After I got drained this morning she told me I was ready for massages but I still can't wear my faja. I got my first massage at the CIPLA clinic & it hurt like hell, the girl was just horrible.. I couldn't. A few days before I met a pleasant woman at the clinic who specializes in draining and lymphatic massages.. Her name is Gianna Colombo and I booked my first massage with her today (I will not return to CIPLA for a massage) she is aaaaamazing! She just recently opened up her own recovery house called Barbie recovery house & ladies you get what you pay for!!! I'm not staying there but I can tell that she just cares about each and every one of her patients.. Today she helped me and I feel soooooo much better. I feel amazinggggg! I do not want to take pics yet but I will soon. Thanks everyone! xo

Trying on a bathing suit... Lol uh oh

I'm still really swollen and I haven't worn a faja yet.. So imagine when I do, trouble Lol!


Does anyone know of a good Massage Drain therapist in NYC? Tomorrow is my last visit in the clinic and she says I still have a lot of liquid.. Any recommendations please let me know! Thank you!

Got my hair done today!!

Feeling beautifullll finally Lol sheesh Cabral is the MAN!!!

Back to reality

Got back to NY yesterday morning & I'm back to work this morning.. I'm feeling a lot better I'm just walking a little weird because I'm wearing the faja and the uniform pants wont close so I'm trying to hide it with my blazer.. Lmao! My boobs itch like crazy I know I can't scratch but I'm so tempted to Lol Can't wait for all this swelling to go down! :-(


My butt kind of looks the same but I've been sitting on it from Day 1 the doctor said I'm still really swollen but it's going to get rounder... Either way I'm happy with how everything looks so far!

3 weeks today

Update pic

I haven't worn my faja so my burn can heal faster but it's finally better & starting today I'll be wearing it religiously for 3 months..



Holy shit my ass is hugeeeee

And I'm still swollen omg lol




Faja pics

I use the Fajate DiseƱos De Prada Faja.. This is the best faja because it's so comfortable! Once you have it on it doesn't feel like you have anything on. I'm currently wearing a XS.. Should be XXS soon!


I've gotten a total of 20 massages.. 10 in DR and 10 here in April.. I just bought another package for 10 more sessions and got my first one today!! SHE WAS AMAZING!! Ladies if you are in the NYC area I would highly recommend her. She's located in Washington Heights 181st and Audubon her name is Clari and she has her private massage spa downstairs in a salon called Sugar Wax Center.. She only works by appointments so you can reach her at (646) 460-9940... Her packages run from $400 for 10 sessions ONLY UNTIL JUNE 25!!! So hurry and book your package now (that's only if you've already had surgery, you can not book in advance if your surgery is after June 25) she's really amazing I love her positive attitude & her hands are magical, had me so relaxed.. Good luck & Happy healing!

Shopping :)




When will this swelling ever go down ugh

This morning.. Feeling good



Oops.. Today


Call me crazy but..

I think I want a round 2.. Not happening though unless I win tre lottery tomorrow Lol.. It's crazy the amount of love/ HATE I get from stranger on Instagram.. People really take time out of their day to talk shit.. The block button has become my best friend those who know me know how humble and nice I am & it sucks that people look at you and judge you and instantly label you! But that's a part of surgery I guess there will be haters.. If this happens to you keep your head up ladies and don't let it get to you! Xoxo


Ready for another vacation!!

Headed to DR tomorrow to enjoy my week! Have a great weekend ladies!! :-)

Haven't been on in a while but here's a little update..

I've been at the gym a lotttt recently & eating a lot healthier I have my days where I cheat but these are my results from Cabral + the gym.. LADIES.... ALSO if you find me on Instagram PLEASE do not comment under my pictures asking questions about surgery if you have ANY question DM me & I will gladly respond.. Not that I hide it I just find it rude when people just flat out ask things like "So who did your body".. I don't have a problem telling you but there are other ways to approach me... Thank you! :-)

Ohhh &

I haven't used the faja in like 3 months Lol this is all Cabral!! I can't stand that damn thing so I don't wear it lol

Hey dolls!!!

So it has been brought to my attention that a so called MZNAE is using my pictures saying she's a Yily doll... Not only is this misleading to the ladies of this community but it's also very stupid of her... Like what do you get out of this anyway here is a screen shot of her bullshitting you guys VS the actual pic... Ladies please do not steal pictures that aren't yours saying that's how your body came out... Anyway thank you ladies for your support always. CABRAL all day!! Xoxo

Haven't updated in a while.. Lol

So I'm constantly gaining and losing weight since its summer I've done a bit of both but my birthday is coming up & I lost some.. & this is my updated pic :-) have a great day everyone!
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