Did my surgery with a different doctor. Dr. JULIO MOLINA - Dominican Republic, DO

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I've been wanting to do surgery for a very long...

I've been wanting to do surgery for a very long time! I am now 24 years old and I am ready more than every. I have finally found the perfect doctor for my procedures, not to mention i have two friends who have already gone to Dra Yily and done an amazing job on their body!

I am a little scared because i have no Idea on how much things can someone really buy and get to be prepared but I know that with the help of most of the forums here and reviews I have pretty much made a long list of everything to get!!
I emailed Dra Yily on Tuesday May 7th and she emailed me back today Thursday May 9th 2013 !! She emailed me the estimate for my procedures everything i will need to do before getting the surgery done and most of what i will need after the surgery, all her information to make the payments which she stated she needs to receive $500US with minimum being $200 of a deposit to confirm and reserve the operating date. I will not be confirming anything because I will wait for when i go to my country next week May 16th to go for a in person consultation and discuss certain things she mention in my email of doing which I'm not interested in doing. I am basically going with the flow which is why i'm a little scared, I am going to Santiago which is where my family lives, during my stay in my family house I will go visit Dra. Yily and consult with her in person although we spoken through emails. After I consult with her in person i will scheduling our date for the surgery which can be the next day right after i speak with her. This is a little more nerve recking because It will happen one day to the next!
My mother isn't very approved with all of this she told me I already look great and doesn't think i need anything of what I will get done! But this is what i want and I'm tired of people for years telling me that i shouldn't do it because i look good already. I don't feel great and thats what i'm aiming for! My mother will be flying out with me and hopefully visiting Dra Yily with me. If not i will be going through with this alone.. which is why I decided to write my experience here hoping that i will get the SUPPORT and STRENGTH i'll need while i go through with this!

I will keep everyone posted on everything!

I am 5'2'' weight 130 pounds
My measurements are Cup 34B , Waist 26 , Hips 39
I am going to do Breast Augmentation/ Implant , Arm Lipo, and BBL ( Butt lift)

She mentioned in my email Fat grafting to Buttock, BBL, Liposuction of Abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist , breast augmentation with implants.
I don't think i need liposuction of Abdomen or waist if she needs fat to grafting my buttock i think I would do back and flank and from my arms but as i mentioned earlier she added things to do that i didn't mention or want. What do you guys thinking ? I posted so pictures of myself and this is literally right now that i took the pics.

I am now 27 Years Old, and have finally set my surgical procedures WITH DR. JULIO MOLINA

Hello Everyone,

Its about 3 years since my first and last post , but here is an update on what has occurred for the last years and what I'm doing now!
As you all know I been interested in doing surgical procedures for over 3years now. I have jumped from doctor to doctor, literally with 4-5 doctors which I have considered, consulted and got quotes from. I have finally found the perfect doctor for ME! I will be going in for surgery this month on Nov 11th for Tear Drop Breast Implant, Lipo in arms and Waist, and a minor BBL to only give me shape not to make bigger (still considering this). I am super excited, I will also be going with a good friend of mine who will be doing procedures as well, so this makes everything less nervous. We are going to Dr. Julio Molina Suarez located in Santo Domingo , he is Board Certified in the Dominican Society for Plastic Surgeons. We will be staying at PRINCESS RECOVERY HOUSE, also in Santo Domingo, double room for $75 a night, includes a lot of stuff such as Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, 2 snacks,Wifi , TV, Airport transport as well as transportation to clinic, errands help (extra charge), nurses ect.
I love DR. MOLINA work because he doesn't exaggerate with the body fat transfer, graft and contouring. My desires are to look completely natural, and from the results I have seen he fulfills those needs. Ladies, I know when I last posted here I was going to Dr. Lily, and my body was in better shape. Many of you commented on my nice body and how I shouldn't do anything , wait for kids, wait for 30-40. I understand everything told, but I also understand that my body can be better and working out isn't going to help with the look and shape I want especially with my boobs. Since I have gained and lost weight through out my body my breasts are saggy, and with stretch marks. The gym won't help me get the Full & perky look I want. I am now 27 years old and have gained 20-30 pounds where i am now 153. Even though I have gained weight I still have a nice body and shape ( as most of you commented) but I still feel and want to do minor fixes. Its all about how we feel ladies! I've developed more into my women body now being at 27 so I am actually glad I didn't go ahead at 24yrs old and waited to develop more! I know some of you comment not to great experiences with what you went through but we also have to keep in mind that everybody is different, including the doctor who works on our bodies. I feel confident and secure with who I have chosen, and just because someone is unhappy with what they did to themselves, don't mean it will be the same for me. However, I appreciate every comments because just as the positive ones help I can also learn and know what can go wrong with the advice given from those who had a negative procedure.

Ladies this is it! Everything is all set for NOV 11th , 2015! PRAY FOR ME! XO

22 Days Post Op - surgery by Dr. Julio Molina

Hello dolls! I am sorry I haven't posted anything during my process. My recovery wasn't as good as I thought and expected it would have gone. I am now finally starting to begin to feel great about a week ago. Don't panic or get worried my recovery wasn't well not because of my doctor but because of the type of body and person I am. I have anemia and my body retains a lot of fluids on top of it all 2 days post op. I got my menstrual which caused me more inflammation, swolleness, and fluids. I also got a migraine that Friday, Oct 13th, that lasted me until Tuesday after I went to my first doctors appointment checkup where I was prescribed medications. I had a migraine consistent for 3-4 days straight, stomach pain, nauseousness, vomit, constipation and so much fluids I barely could walk for 10 mins without getting tired. Due to this I couldn't also eat because I would be so nauseous, every time I tried the food would hurt my stomach and at times throw up. I recommend if you are having these symptoms drink a lot fluids such as water , natural juices , green juice ( celery , cucumbers, pineapple and green apple) , also most importantly a protein shake that can replace a meal. I drank "ENSURE" vanilla flavored. This I was able to retain.

Also because my body procedured and retain so much liquids after my 5th day post op on my first day of check up I had to begin my draining and massages.
FYI for those who have to get drained manually it is very painful. He prefers manually because he likes the body to heal naturally, when it's done this way the results are better. I did not get any drainage bag or machine to help me as my doctor doesn't like to use any of those unless you are having a tummy tuck or TT w/ plastic surgery. As for me, I had just lipo and my back kept retaining and building over 250cc of fluids due to this everyday I had to go in for an appointment to get my back drained. As for any liquids in the front they don't drain that, the massages are done to help you pee the front liquids.
My back fluids was done by me sitting (on a wee-wee pad) & reopening my lower back incision which is right between the top of my two butt cheeks. Once they reopen the incision the doctor would push all my fluids with hands. As you feel the fluids come down your back its very painful, it's like a burning sensation rolling down the back. Once it comes out the incision you can feel it instantly because the liquid is very warm/ hot, I mean it is coming out of your body! After almost two weeks of draining me the fluids didn't hurt much.

So everyone, if you are a person like me who has to get drained just know that if your not in your country and you have a flight date to go back home your fluids must be under 100cc to fly back home.

Ok I will be writing more posts on my recovery and for the days I didn't get to post!

My surgery procedures was more then just Breast implants.

I been trying to update my post. I want to change my doctors and its review. As some are aware I was suppose to go my surgery back in 2013 with Dr. YILY de los santos. However, I didn't go with the procedure until now being 27 years old and wanting different things for the best natural results I decided to go with Dr. Julio Molina and I am very happy with my choice. RealSelf I guess doesn't allow some changes on posts once they are made like the doctor information, & the procedures getting done.

So this is my actual information.

Doctor Julio Molina - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Surgery Date: Nov. 11, 2015
Procedures : liposuction in stomach , entire back, arms and a little in the back/ inner thighs W/ a breast Lift and Gummy bear silicone tear drop Implants. I didn't do a Bbl my butt was already big although in the pictures doesn't really show. However I did transfer fat into & he gave me laterals to show more curves and rounder butt.

My doctor information- Board certified surgeon.

Going in 2 years

Hello everyone ,

I haven't wrote any updates in a long time. My body results have improved so much. I have lost a total of 22 pounds and pushing for 6 more. I have been super healthy and working out 5-6 times a week !

However , I am NOT HAPPY with my breast results. A few things I didn't mention before or maybe I did. When I went to Dr. Molina i had told him I wanted full B or C Breast. I also mention to him that I wanted it under the muscle. However, when I had my in person consultation he had convinced me that over the muscle was the best procedure for the natural feel and look I wanted and that I will still be able to breast feed. As a professional in his field I took his advice and did it over the muscle. Well Dr. Molina actually ended up giving me DOUBLE D breast implants. And the actual best result is under the muscle especially for breast feeding which I told him was very important to me because I yet have had any children and i want to breast feed them when I do have.

I didn't want it over the muscle in the first place but Molina convinced me as a professional in his career I trusted him and went with his advice that "over the muscle will give me the best results and that I can still breast feed" even though it isn't the BEST option for it.

•I shown him pictures of how I wanted my breast and told him I wanted a FULL B OR C cup. He gave me implants size due to his liking. Giving me much bigger breast then I asked, Full DD / DDD! That's a huge difference.
•Improper breast lift causing sagging IF HE EVEN LIFTED AT ALL.
•bigger implants causing stretched out excessive skin.
• improper areola placement.
•having an infection in my incisions which ya had said I didn't have but I did and it caused me some of my keloid scaring.
• my arms- I also mention how My arms were, that they were left really big because he took out a little bit of fat.



Photos of horrible breast result.


I have to redo my breast adding extra incisions to get rid of excessive skin which was caused by the bigger implants he put. Areola has to be smaller and 5 centimeters higher. I need and want smaller implants. To redo my breast with someone else I have to pay 7500 which is a certified specialist breast surgeon.

Dr. Molina still hasn't discussed what will be done except breast placement correction because he thinks I have a shift. Which I don't. And only mentions doing a lift. Smh.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

This wasn't my doctor. My surgeon was Dr. Julio Molina

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