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Hola , estoy muy contenta , ya falta poco ...

Hola , estoy muy contenta , ya falta poco para mi Cirugía. Ya tengo mi boleto de avion comprado y mi madre esperandome con ancias , casi no puedo dormir pensando en ese dia , si kieren saber algo pueden preguntarme con confianza estare escribiendo mas adelante mi experiencia.

Hellooo ladyssss

I'm 15 days away from my trip to D.R. , i have to say I'm nervous and desperate, i know this feeling is normal but still , i just pray for myself , and put my body in god hans, i will post son pic of me before and after, and i'll explain every one my journy . I'm getting breast augmentation ,tummy tuck ,lipo, and Bbl , i have to said that i am very exited about it , and by the way i made some test and my cholesterol its a bit hight , and now i'm working with my diet trying to putting down , am taking all my vitamins, my blood level are perfet 13.5 , (yeahh) .

I forgat

Can some one tell me about any help cuz i can sleep , all the time im here cheking all review, lol, i guess has to be this way

merry christmaassss

Helloo ladys , i'm ten more days away , i leave january 4 ,if everything it's ok my surgery day it's the 6 ,am very nervous but happy at the same time lol.

7 more daysss

I got my result from my doctor here , everything it's perfect (yeah ) in just 7 more days I will be a new person , lol, anyways I know some people don't like surgery but that doesn't mint that need to ask me if I'm complete sure about my surgery , I jus hope and pray I believe in God and I know everything it will be fine .

Hellooo ladyssss

I just want to make this little update cuz I will not be posting anything tilltill my surgery so then, I will post all my journey , thank you everyone for the support and happy new year .

Happy New Year everyone on RS!!!!!!!!

Lady's I'm leaving Sunday I can't believe it yayyyyyyyyy

this can't be happening!!!!!!!!

This can't be happening to me now ,I when to my doctor my hemo Is 12.7 was 12.9 , by the way my bad cholesterol levels are 244 ,on top of this I feel like I'm getting cold ,I'm praying to recover fast ,I need this surgery.

hellooooo lady's ssssss

I'm already finished packing, I have my hair done, (nails too of course) lol, my hubby coming with me we decide, come together what is good for me he support my journey and be with him by my side is the best thing ever, he's crazy waiting for my result lol, so far everything is okay now thank God I know he will be with me during the process. So this is all for today I can't way to star posting pics jijijij

Quick update

Hello lovely people on rs, today I went to cipla I have all my test done and everything was fine thank God, just my hemoglobin went down from 12.7 to 12.3 but still I'm good for surgery so tomorrow I have to be there at 6:30 in the morning I'm the first. This is real ladies, so I will try post but , I don't know how , if I feel well I can post but if is not tomorrow don't worry I will post all my journey since I got here and my before and after pics pray for Me ladies..


OK. I got my surgery yesterday lady's im

just a little bit paipainful

I'm fine thank God , I will be posting more details but now I don't feel good be writing so this is real.

Hello ladies I'm still here........

Helloooo hellooooo, I'm still here in Dominican Republic, sorry for my late update, I'm fine healing well with the prprocess , I'll be back to new york next Thursday, I still have my drain ,I can't post my pic cuz The internet here is bad and I can't do much , since I get back to new york I will post everything.

I'm 16 days post op.......

HI ladies, I'm back in New York ,I feel so much better now , Waring my second garment, I'm using a small size, but I will change to xs soon, ok let's talk about surgery, I have my surgery Jan 7 was supposed to be The 6 , but I couldn' that day , I have my test done (day before surgery) so after yira told me that I have to be at 6:30 in the morning (she's the secretary of Yily). Day of surgery, I went straight to cipla early ,I have my room and everything done before ,I was a little bit nerves, about 8:30 Yily came to my room and mark my body, at this moment everything was getting real, after she gave me the famous blue pill, I remember taking a pic of me in the with my sister and lay down at the bed after that I was out, I do not remember anything us lol , my sister told me they came for me around 10:15 and took me to sr, they have me there for like 6 hours, when I wake up , I thought didn't get surgery yet but everything was already finished, lol, I open my eyes and I saw Yily's face and she ask how I feel, I smile and say I'm perfectly fine you're the best ,and ladies she's the best for me she's the queen of beauty, after that she left, my hubby and my mom were there for me , the next day after surgery the nurse came about 7:30 morning, clean my drain and gave me the medication, put on my faja ,Yily came and check me and I was ready to go home, my mother cares for me best care, lvu mami. all my body was swollen, even where I don't have lipo, my face was Very swollen but they say it was normal, Mi first night of surgery I sleep well with not complain, but the second night I was little bit uncomfortable my body feel's weard, may cuz I have done many things at the same time, 5 days after went back to cipla for my first follow with Yily ,and I started my massage this day, the massage are a little bit painful but ladies this is the best for you to recover and feel better, after my first massage the pain was less , I have like 9 massage every day I went to the spa at cipla and my girl yoeliza took care of my body she's the best, the massage help me drain a lot, I went with Yily for second follow ,and I have my tapes removed from breast and tummy ,what can I say , I was impressed by my scars everything looks better than I was expecting my tummy tuck look amazing and Yily made a very low scar ,OH Dios I'm so happy, lol, Dra. Ana and the nurse are the best ,my truth is I don't have any complaints at all, Yily and her staff are very professional ,I feel happy for my decision to go with Yily for me they're the best and of course professional.

next day of surgery

five days after surgery

need to take more pics

I will post more pics after when I have one month, be safe ladies

19 days post op tt scars.......

Here some pic from my tt scar ,I'm very happy wujuuuu!!!!!

New faja......

so today Is my 23rd day post op ,and I'm very excited things going perfect , got my faja xxs OMG I'm crazy about my waist lol , soon I will post more pictures

already one month

It's been a month already and I'm feeling great

3 months post op

Yes baby I'm 3 months Post Op already I'm so happy than ever ????????????????????

My next surgery.....

Well ladies after August 15 I'm back to Yily for a second round yay I'm so happy and excited.

Second round done yayyyyyyy

Well I have my second round with yily August 10 as soon as I can I'll be posting some pic of my process. All I can say is I'm very very happy with my results I love Dr yily for me she's the best.

One month !!!!!!!!

Well I'm about a month and two weeks post op everything is going well so far all I can say is that I'm so happyyyyyyyy with my results this second round.


Here's a little more I'm just so happy this is what I was looking for and just one month and two weeks I already love what I see.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Ya he conversado todo con la doctora yily de los santos , su secretaria yira es muy atenta ya hasta me conoce cuando llamo es super amable y responde todas mis inquietudes.

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