Soon to be Duran Doll

So I've been back and forth with Dra Duran...

So I've been back and forth with Dra Duran surgical coordinator via email. The problem is I have to wait days to get a reply to my email. I haven't paid for her yet so I hoping that is the lag. Does anyone have this problem when the finally pay? I want to book my surgery in March and want to make sure I have everything paid for so everything goes smoothly

Wish pic

I'm hoping for something close to this!!!!!!! I definitely have the hips and thighs for it!!! I just can't wait and I hope I can schedule soon. I already have my quote so I guess I've gotten more than some. I wish I can actually speak with the surgical coordinator since I am Spanish and can speak it. Hopefully soon.

Finally spoke with surgical coordinator

I actually spoke with one of her receptionist and surgical coordinator. I went and scheduled with the sc cause I feel it will be much smoother. She's very nice and we'll spoke btw. Very clear english. Any who... I'm scheduled for 4/27/17. I paid my deposit via PayPal. I was hesitant but I said like if I don't do it now I'm gonna make it longer. So I did it. Waiting for receipt confirmation email. And ya it's happening. I was hoping it would be sooner than April but it ok. It gives me more time to prepare mental and financially. I'm so freaking excited!!!!

Jazmines recovery house review

Has anyone stayed at Jazmines recovery house? If so what was your experience?

Need a reputable recovery house!

My surgery is scheduled 4/26/17. I'm gonna keep calling to find an opening for February or March. I really don't wanna wait 6 months. Anyways, I'm most nervous about choosing the right recovery house. I was thinking about Serenity, Paradise or armonia. Any suggestions please. I want a good one with attentive caring staff. I want to recover with as least stress as possible. I'm also looking for a surgery buddy :)
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Dra Duran

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