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I'll start by saying HELLO BEAUTIES.... I've been...

I'll start by saying HELLO BEAUTIES.... I've been lurking this sight 4 ovr 2yrs. & in July I decided that the time has come 4 me 2 get Yily-fied... I wasn't planning on sharing my story on here, but I hav been through so much this passed month that i figured i should. Also my BEAUTIFUL SOUL SISTAH 4rm another mistah said i should LOL...She's been so good 2 me i just LUV HER 2 PIECES... Since I stumbled on to this page I was hooked on DR. YILY'S work & belive me I have done my homework between her & a few other Dr.s that cought my att. But I kept going back 2 Yily so I e-mailed her assistant 4 a quote. My $5,200 include TUMMY TUCK, LIPO & BBL. My e-mailing experience has NOT been all that great they can & should improve that. But my ? conversations have been AWESOME.. I just LOVE how sweet, attentive & patient they have been with me????. Thank goodness I speak SPANISH lol... Even when I have called out there on BEAST MODE I just can't help myself & can't find it in me 2 be mean... It's not their fault... Anyways in d e-mail's it says 2 start taking ur IRON, FOLIC ACID & VITAMINS a month prior to the surgery date so i did, actually I started mines 1month & 2 wks. B4 my surgery date (date i started taking meds 8/11)..My surgery date is 9/26 It also tells u 2 get blood work done by ur reg. physician.. I made my 1st app. with my Dr. for August 25th exactly 1 month & 1 day till surgery date. My Dr. is the best not only was she excited for me she also made sure she performed every test in d book 2 make sure i was free & cleared 4 surgery... Luckly i was fasting that day so i was able 2 do my blood work that same day.. 2 my shocking surprise a couple of d results came back with red flag warnings.. So i started doing my research & come 2 find out that sum people hav sufficient iron in their system that they dont need 2 take d pills.. & I also found out that taking these ????'s can actually mess up ur LIVER.. so i stoped taking d IRON pills & went back 4 more blood work 2 wks. later on 9/8.. Thinking all would b good this time around.. Well wasn't i wrong not only did d #'s NOT go down, they actually went up evn higher 2 d point were my dr. got CONCERNED so she asked me 2 go see a GI SPECIALIST because she believed it could hav been a FATTY LIVER or an INFLAMED GASTROINTESTINAL ISSUE... Well at this point I chose 2 STOP d folic acid ????'s as well....(i just knew these meds. had sumthing 2 do with these #'s being so high)... So now by this time i'm starting 2 get nervous I'm only 2 wks. away 4rm surgery & everything felt like it was going downhill fast. Well I started making ? call's 2 every GI dr. that i could find around my area well everybody was booked passed my surgery date & thats when my dr. 1st mentioned that she thought it would b SAFER if I just cancelled my surgery 4 d time being untill we can get 2 d problem... Luckly i decided 2 make 1 last call 2 another dr. & luckily there was an opening for 9/13 BELIVE ME WHEN I SAY THAT I WOULD HAV WENT 2 D MOON IF NEED BE.. IS CUZ I WOULD LOL.. so i go see this dr. & automatically when he saw my test results he said absolutely NO SURGERY for now... My ???? was broken I just wanted 2 cry but I sucked it up 4 d moment... He just like my dr. sent me 4 more blood work & an ultrasound of d liver & again i was fasting so it work out very good cuz i was able 2 do both d blood work & d ultrasound that same day.. THANK GOD 4 HEALTH PORTALS cuz you can view all ur test results as soon as posible... I was expecting more bad news WELL 1 more time i was SURPRISED...d #'s were down 2 see that d #'s were starting 2 go back down was such a relief. So I hav chosen 2 continue with my SURGERY... The #'s r still on d red flagged side but much lower so now i hav 2 go back this Thursday d 22nd 2 re-do sum not all of d blood work just 2 make sure d #'s continue 2 go down... So which me luck ladies & lets hope 4 d best... I made copies of ALL MY TEST RESULTS 2 take with me just in case... So please take all these things serious cuz it would b sad 2 go way out there just 2 b disappointed... At 1st I was upset about all it has cost me so THANK GOODNESS 4 MY AMERI-FLEX that covers my mexical expenses LOL.. But now I'm just glad it was all cought ahead of time & i can continue on my journey 2 a WHOLE NEW ME!!!

Oh also i hav chosen 2 add chin lipo & a breast lift with implants... Will try 2 keep ya'll up 2 date with my progress... B safe ladies & hope 2 see y'all on d skinny side....

Scared shit-less lol

Almost ready for my life changing experience.... Im so scared i feel constipated LOL... This wknd is gona b d longest wknd of my life lol.. First of I'll b traveling by my self... Not only did i hav 2 find sum were 2 leave my car since i will b driving my self back home.. thank god my job is not evn 5 min. from d train station so my boss said it was OK to leave it there... Even though my soul sista did offer her home but she lives further away.. D closer d better since i wont b getn 2 my car till after 12 midnight... So Sat. I get on d train 4 about 6 hrs. B4 it makes it 2 NEWARK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.. Then i gotta sit at d airport till Sunday since my flight doesnt leave till 8 am... HOW NOT EXCITING LOL.... Will b in DR by 12 or 1.. I havnt evn printed out my boarding pass, i'l do it in d airport... But lougage is ready, train tickets r ready I'M NOT READY LOL... Gonna do my last blood work 2day so hoping 4 d best... Then after that it is wat it is... just knowing im traveling by myself & im not a BIG fan of being up in d skies is wat makes me more nervous lol... Will post sum b4 & afters soon by ladies hav a beautiful day & stay blessed.... Oh is anyone else scheduled for Monday d 26, just curious...

Time is ticking


i've been here since 6:45 am & still waitn on my blood work everything else is cleared... Saw Dr. Yily she is so nice we joked around a bit & then it got serious.. She asked me wat all i was getn done, so as i was telling her she took alot of pics & evn a short video then she started marking me & answered all my questions eve though i speak spanish her ass. was still in d room with us & thank god 4 that cuz i was so excited i almost 4got 2 tell her about my chin so d assistant mentioned it 4 me lol.... So far it has been a nice experience from office personnel to all d drs. You hav 2 see... I'v seen a few girls that had surgery last week & they look amazing... I CAN'T WAIT TILL MY TURN COMES UP.... YYYEEEYYYY
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