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Soo I've been doing heavy research on this site. ...

Soo I've been doing heavy research on this site. I have read many reviews and experiences. they all seem to be very informative and helpful. So I decided to finally make an account. I am 25 years old and I live in New York. I do not have any kids . of course the most logical things to do is to wait until you have children to even consider surgery but wouldn't it be better to enjoy your youth with the body anyways imagined yourself with? my daily struggles with my weight have affected me tremendously. It's almost as if I became obsessed with looking good. I am not at all lazy and I am NOT speaking to the easy way out. Generally I go to the gym about 5 days a week. I have gotten used to this lifestyle and I actually enjoy it. I feel that if I would eat better my results will be more noticeable. Weight loss for Me is a very slow process. however that isn't going to fix the unevenness of my boobs, and that my waistline isn't as SNATCHED as I wanted to be, and that my bUtt doesn't seem as full as I would like it to be. I understand that nobody's perfect and I'm not trying to be. I just want to be happy with the way I look and feel that confidence that I've never felt before but always imagined. I'm currently looking into surgery in Dominican Republic. I have ran into 2 surgeons that I'm mostly interested in Which are Duran & Yily. I am looking to have liposuction, brazillian buttlift, and a breast augmentation. However, I am Seeking to have a flat stomach and I don't know if liposuction will do the trick. if not then maybe I will consider getting a tummy tuck even though that's mostly recommended for a person that had children already. for now I will just continue doing my research and read your stories as well as experiences to see if this is an option for me.

25yrs no kids - 5'6 180lbs - lil wgt loss +BA & BBL = perfection!

Sooo excited! Its going to really happen!

JFK to SDQ - Jet Blue only :)
thinking around June or August (July flights are more pricey)

Requested quotes from Duran, Yily, Robles & Baez.

BA (BL - implants) BBL WITH LIPO
Duran quoted me 6000
Baez quoted me 4500
*Patiently waiting for response from Yily & Robles.

Yily & Duran are my top picks for the obvious reasons.... SKILLS!

Robles has amazing skills with the BAs and nice body work but less dramatic. Really like that she offers a vip package recovery house included.

Baez last choice good wrk but her wrk is definitely on the conservative side. Unfortunately, I cant see otherwise bc I havent since an abundant amt of b4 & after pics

Recovery Houses in mind:
Angies RH (silhouette) 65$ per night with partner or 85$ solo plus 80$ airport pick up and drop off, 50$ nurse for one day cipla stay.

Any suggestions of cheaper recovery houses?

Open to any comments or suggests ladies? ! :)

DRs finest ?

Their work and my wish pics ?

Research Research Research!

just want to help some ladies out with their choices of Recovery Homes. I am not sure which I plan to stay at but I'm just weighing out my options. Open to suggestion or any recommendations.


Daisy’s Recovery House

Package I – Taking Care of You.
In this package, bedrooms are big and comfortable, queen size bed, air conditioner, TV with cable. The following services will be provided as needed:
Transportation from and to airport, recovery home, medical offices, appointments and pharmacy
Light and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Unlimited Internet WIFI
Local call access
Clean sheets and towels
Bathing or shower assistance
Assistance with wearing of garments or clothing
Assistance in getting to and from the restroom
Assistance with walking and movement
Assistance in feeding or purchasing of desired food
Ensure medication is taken on time
Friendly and caring assistance
General care and concern for your health and well being.
Nurse (On call 24hrs)
Surveillance 24hrs
Wash and dry garments
Hot water

Price: USD$85 per night
Sharing Occupation: 2 person USD$75 pp
Companion Occupation: USD$50 per night (breakfast included)

Package II – Come to US
In this package, bedrooms are comfortable, full size bed, air conditioner, TV with cable. The following services will be provided as needed:
Transportation from and to airport US$80.00
Transportation from and to medical offices, appointments and pharmacy
Light and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Unlimited Internet WIFI
Local call access
Clean sheets and towels
Shower Assistance
Assistance with wearing of garments or clothing
Assistance in purchasing of desired food
Friendly and caring assistance
Surveillance 24hrs
Hot water

Price: USD$70 per night
Sharing Occupation: 2 person USD$60 pp
Companion Occupation: USD$50 per night (breakfast included)

Angies (Silhouette) RH
The recovery home fee is $85 a day per person and this includes:

24hr care
3 meals a day
Fresh fruit juices
Cable, WiFi, international long distance calls
Hot water

If you bring a companion the rate is of $65 per person.

We fill your prescription for you, pharmacy delivers to the house.

Backup power generators in case of power outage

Transportation to all pre and post office visits

Help with all your needs while recovering like bathing, getting in and out of bed, getting medication on time, putting on faja etc...

Washing of your garment

This is on a 7th floor and you get a full panoramic view of the whole city!!! Elevator included!

Airport transportation is an additional fee of $40 each way

A$100 deposit is required to reserve a room. Deposit is nonrefundable but is transferable. And will be deducted from the total which is due upon arrival. Cash only.

Luxury rh luxury.rh@hotmail.com
• General Medical,
• specialists in plastic surgery,
• medical evaluation ( blood pressure, temperature more )
• 24 hours cures
• Nurse 24 hours
• Nutritional Breakfast
• lunch
• dinner
• 2 snacks
• Ultra sound massage treatment for tummy tuck and liposuction (extra)
• Pain Management Services
• pharmacy
• anti- stress massage.
• WiFi
• 24-hour security
• Transportation to medical appointments
• Airport transportation (round trip)

The rooms each with its own bathroom
Plasma TV with Cable
24 Hour Reception
Air Conditioning A / C
Hot water
High Speed Internet (WIFI)
24 hours Emergency Generator
Daily housekeeping (at no charge)
The private rooms , doubles and triples.

Your stay with us includes 3 main meals and 2 snacks.

Private room -------------------------- 95 dollars
Twin ------------------------------ 85 dollars
Triple room ------------------------------ 75 dollars
Semi -private room patient --------------------- 85 and 50 companion
Companion ----------------------------------- 50 dollars

Upscale rh

All options subject to availability.
For every 7 nights you book, the 7th night is free.

Single Room
Patient Rate $100 per night
• Single bed with firm supportive mattress
• Private bathroom with shower
• Full length mirror
• Lock Box with key
• Night Stand
• Flat screen TV
Double Room
Patient Rate $85 per night per patient
Guest Rate $75 per night per guest
• Two Single beds with firm supportive mattress
• Private bathroom with shower
• Full length mirror
• Lock Box with Key
• Two Night Stands
• Flat screen TV
Triple Room
Patient Rate $75 per night per patient
Guest Rate $65 per night per guest
• Three Single beds with firm supportive mattress
• Private bathroom with shower
• Full length mirror
• Lock Box with key
• Three Night Stands
• Flat screen TV
Ample towels, wash clothes, pillow and blankets are available at all times. We can accommondate most diertay needs with advance notice.

All prices quoted are in usd. We accept visa, master card, american express, ACH and cash deposits into our bank account. Bed reservations are not guaranteed until your initial $100 deposit is received.




BAEZ, DISLA, ROBLES ?? in your option who does the best work??

MINUS YILY bc she still hasn't responded to my emails for a quote.

Why I choose Disla - sx May 26 2014

I am looking to send my deposit to her today or tomorrow for May 26, 2014. She has answered all my concerns and she is so good with emails! I feel comfortable with her and her work is great.

she has 11 years of experience. Graduate studied General Surgery at the Military Hospital Dr. Ramón de Lara, Dominican Air Force as Chief Resident developing and obtaining the title of General Surgeon.

In 2003 entered the Dr. Carlos Arvelo Military Hospital, Caracas - Venezuela, supported by the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) where he did Graduate specialization obtaining the title of Plastic Surgeon, Aesthetic, Reconstructive and Maxillofacial achieving Honorable Mention by the Central University of Venezuela (UCV).

She exercises her private practice at the International Center of Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA) located in one of the most prestigious and safe city of Santo Domingo.

Her Credentials are PERFECT. Honestly, this is was the deciding factor for me. I mean all these DR surgeons are good at what they do but you cant find her experience level to often.

Not to mention her quote was really good too. I originally requested a BBL BA and lipo-structure. She responded immediately and refused to do just lipo and strongly suggested a TT. I'm open minded and I really want the best results possible. she quoted me $5,500 for BA (BL- with implants), TT, BBL, with lipo. Now that's is a great price!

LOOKING for SX buddy May 26,2014

I am 25yrs old, I have no kids, and I live in New York. I am Dominican, Puerto Rican and Cuban. I do understand Spanish but I don't like to speak it.

I plan to have my surgery May 26, 2014 with Disla. I am looking to share this experience and expenses of the RH with a buddy. Disla advised that my minimum stay in D.R is 12days.

My top RH as of now as the cheapest ones lOl - Yasmins RH, Daisy & Dominga Diaz RH but I also liked Serenity RH, Real Recovery Armonia, Upscale RH, & Angies RH. I am waiting on quotes back from most of these recovery houses. As of right now I am getting quotes for private room but I really would love to cut the cost and share the experience with a buddy. I you are interested please inbox me or email me xxx@aol.com so we can get to know one another better and proceed with making arrangement together.

sx buddy wanted starting June 1st 2014!

Yayy not only do I have a sx buddy but I have 2! ?? YESSS ! misery lovessss company lOl*

We are staying at Domingas Recovery House! She is super responsive, sweet and helpful.

If anyone is having surgery June 1st 2014 and want 2 sx buddies... hit me up! One of my buddies is only staying one week. So there will be a spot available in our room... we will be with you until Jun 7th and then Dominga will move you to a solo room for the remainder of your days. You would Pay US $450 dollars for the first week and $80 dollars per extra day.
With All included service:

• Airport pickup and return
• Private bedroom with A/C, TV, Cable, ceiling Fan, daily cleaning with change of linen, clean towels every three days, 24/hour Internet wireless at high speed (Wi-Fi) with two twin beds
• A nurse for daily personal care, injections, laundry and change and washing of surgical clothes
• Breakfast special with freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, lunch and dinner served in room, balcony or dining-room
• Delivery and pick up from the doctor's office
• Daily Massage. The first sections lymphatic massage from 4 days after surgery
• Transportation for shopping or sightseeing in Santo Domingo

Trust me its a good deal and the place is nice. LET ME KNOWWWW

The Preparation Process!

Count down begins... 57 days left! I got my buddies for surgery and I must say they are pretty awesome!

I managed to lose 9pounds already but I wanna make sure I have enough fat for my donk (bbl). I read is good to be 20 to 30 pounds over your ideal weight. I currently weigh 180 at 5'6ish. 155lbs is the healthy weight for my height... so im thinking ill go down to 170 or 165. Afterall, I already have a lil butt already... im just being greedy :-p

Ordered my supplies FYI at walmart.com see attach photos for whats on my supply list ?

How many cc's do I want?! :-/

so after surfing this site like a crazy person, I decided that I would like at least 1000cc's per buttock. Since 80% percent of it remains permanent i will at least have 800cc's left to work with. I mean you pay all this money... don't you want the result to be long term and worth it?! I'm Hoping Disla can make this happen! I definitely got a good amt of fat to work with. as for my implants size-- ahh since up in the air with that... I am thinking 400cc's or 450cc's but I guess I wont know until I get to D.R. I'm looking forward to my surgery date :-) and praying when it coming everything works out perfectly.

FLIGHT IS BOOKED! Red Eye from JFK arriving to SDQ at 4am May 26th, 2014! I will be leaving June 7th, 2014. I will be staying at Dominga's Recovery House. She's very responsive and sweet. Only two things I am iffy on is there no lock box provided and I read reviews that the nurse wasn't always there and available. I made sure that I ask her and she ensured me that a nurse would be available in the RH at all times. Last thing I want is a clogged drain causing an infection or something. The purpose of a recovery home is so they can take care of you when you cant take care of you! I will let you know how it is when I get there! I think this experience is indeed going to be painful but with my roomies I think we will get through it together! Plus DID i mention my grandmother is coming with me too?! yup, Idk if i am to feel relieved or not. She is older and nervous about the idea but she managed to accept that I understand the risk involved and I am "Ok" with it. However, of course not without adding a subliminal here and there. I think "Univision 41" is polluting her mind... she is not able to see the positives but only the negatives. I mean other then KAYNE'S mom, how much deaths are due to cosmetic surgery in the US?! WE DONT KNOW lol bc they never announce it! But media makes sure that we know someone died in D.R. I just feel all surgery is risky not matter were you go. Ultimately, it should work to my benefit that my grandmother comes with me. Shes family and born/raised in Dominican Republic and only has my best interest at heart.

what 1000cc per buttock looks like <3

I wouldn't mind this at all!


So random reading... I found out that it is best to STOP using birth control a month prior to surgery bc it increases the chance blood clogging during surgery.

I am not taking no chance... ill be putting good old fashion condoms to use. :-)

wishhhhhh pic


YEss!! 1000 cc per cheek 200cc in each hip! Exactly what I want


Now for the dreadful waiting game... :-/ 52 days left!

recovery house ishh messing with my head :-/

so yet again another bad review about Domingas RH. AY yi yi its like a hit or miss with this lady. I'm sleepless thinking what to do next. UGh everything is so screwed up and complicated now :-/ #annoyed #frustrated #JesusTAKEtheWHEEL !! lOl* Ill leave it to one my roomies to look into things... Anybody stay at ZARA Recover house?? according to the secret group on fb... Girls say its good.

Raysa Recovery House!

Ok Dominga sent me back my deposit. She is a nice lady and her place is nice and in a great location but she might have had a nurse issue... like not having one. She ensured me she did but I read a couple times that she didnt. I just wasnt willing to gamble on my health so to be safe I found another place. HOWEVER, I would and plan to stay with her if and when i go back to D.R. for vacation. As for my stay after surgery, I found Raysa Recovery Home. She is super sweet young lady. My package with her is all inclusive for 12 days. I will be getting all the massages that my doctor recommends by Zara and the price includes sight seeing and tourist stuff :) I am very content with my decision. Ive read only good reviews about her. One of her 1st questions to me was what do I like to eat and what I dont. What recovery house caters to you like that?! I will get her a review after my stay. I have a great feeling about it. I originally started with 2 sx buddies but 1 of them decided to go her separate way. I wish her nothing but the best.

any nurse recommendation?

I would like to hire a nurse for my 1night stay at cipla. Does any one have any recommendations?

OMG! 42more days!

Gesh time is flying!

I have been taking my iron, B complex(which has Biotin, folic acid), Vitamin C, & magnesium. Only complaint I have is I normally take the Iron and Vitamin C together bc Vitamin C helps iron absorb better. However, Iron ready makes me constipated, little uncomfortable, my lower stomach feels heavy and my mood changes. IDK if thats the normal side effect. I recently stopped taking the iron supplements and just been making sure to intake my iron through my food. I am thinking that perhaps my HEMO is up there already and that I don't have to take that high dose in the Iron Supplement. Either way I wont know until I get checked out. I plan to go the doctor 1st week of May. I very hoping that my HEMO levels being high is the case! Last thing I want to hear is that my levels aren't high enough or that my period was coming down. UGH, i know that you shouldnt wear birth control during surgery but that's the only way I can control my cycle. I will speak to my doctor about this and see what she recommends.

Loving the communication!

I am so loving the communication and relationship that I've built with Raysa. She is super helpful and informative. She seems to really care about the girls that stay with her

Birth control and Surgery! NO BUENO

So this is a concern of mines for sometimes. My thoughts was to remain on the Nuvaring so I can have more control of when my menstrual cycle comes. After conducting research I read that it is recommended by doctors to stop using it 1 month before surgery. Any hormone similar to this can increase your chance for DVT (blood clot). It was best to decrease the risk during surgery.

Therefore, I will be stop using the Nuvaring and pray my period does not come right before surgery or the day of surgery bc last thing I want to hear is that my Hemo Levels dropped or are too low.

PreOp prepped!

So prepping for surgery is not joke. I recently stopped taking the Iron supplements due to the horrible side effects. However, I dont have time to waste if in fact my iron levels are not up to PAR. So i have continued to take in the the pur absorb (lower dosage - no side effects).

only concern is I got my period today the 21st and it normally last 5days. since i stopped the birth control i have no control over it. I am scheduled for surgery MAY26. I am wondering what I can do to prevent or avoid a severe drop in my iron levels. I read something about orange juice but they didn't explains why. PLEASEEE HELPP!

33days pre- OP

so looking forward to my surgery! *does the tootsie roll* its getting closer... all arrangements are made- just waiting. I've been dieting and continuing exercising. I really not stressing the wgt loss goal thing as much bc I know after surgery the pounds will melt off. thanks to my period I am 185lbs today but thats mostly water weight and the extra cravings I've been having lately but that should come off easy by the end of my menstrual cycle. I would love to get down to 170lbs before surgery which is soo possible before surgery 33 days away but 175lbs is my goal. I plan to do a detox for the 2 weeks before surgery to make sure I am all cleaned out. I dont want to be pooping day 1 post op lmao.... no no no


$5,500 (SX - Lipo, BA (BL w/ implants), TT, & BBL)
$110 (Bloodwork)
$150 (Meds)
$150 (2nd Faja)
$200 (Supplies)
$135 (passport)
$430 (Flight - round trip)
$825 (recovery home for 12 days - includes transportation and massages)
$50 (nurse - night of surgery at CIPLA)

TOTAL: $7550

Not bad right? I mean considering the amt this surgery would go for in the US.

why I am willing to go through with surgery...

I made this decision for me! I have been so unhappy with my body. I use to be 220lbs and Ive always had this stomach. I always wondered what it would be like to just throw on anything and go. I have never had it easy. I have always been extremely self conscious. It would take a girdle and trying on ten outfits to find one I was please to go out with. NOW, i am not a lazy person! I decided to do something about it. I joined a gym and have been fully committed since 2009. Of course constantly is key but like for anybody with holidays, winter or going out on dates you may lapse. I always re-motivate myself and get back to it. I just feel no matter how much wgt I lose I will always have the same shape with less fat.

In regards to my breast, I always knew I was different from all the other girls. One was bigger then the other and I am not talking about by a little bit. I talking about by a noticeable cup size and they are asymmetrical. I have gone to doctor and asked whats wrong with them and the doctor just told me that one breast developed more fatty tissue then the other and that it was normal even though in my case it was more noticeable. However, I always had that insecurity about them. It effected my sex life with my bf's over the years. I just never wanted to have sex without a shirt. Of course you all can see how that can become a problem. :-/ It wasnt until I reached out for a quote from DISLA that someone finally told me what was wrong with my breast. She told me that I have a tubular breast deficiency. AT LAST I AM NOT CRAZY! She gave me a breakdown of what procedure and surgical methods she would use to correct the problem. At that moment I instantly knew the she was the right doctor from me. I mean she really knew her stuff.

about the BBL lOl* ahh I got an average size booty but in D.R. you get a "buy 2 get one free" with these procedures. SOOO why not get my butt more rounded, fat, and full! :-) #buttGREED

I looked up if having these procedure together is safe... and it is! Its not commonly done in the US due to the value of surgery. PPl just don't got it like that. lOl* I no I sure don't!


"Hello Ladies, this group is intended for patients who are inquiring to have, or will be having surgery with Dra. Cynthia Disla. This a secret group! Although you may see updates and posts on your home screen, none of your friends, except those in this group can view your posts, pics, & updates. Please feel free to ask away & share willingly as we are all new to this group."

Friend Request - "Vinita Muneca" and they will add you!

2am & im up stalking realSelf

Omg 29 day preop! Kill myself! Im literally loosing my mind haha twirling fingers! Not mention the dreams lol sx buddy came out and said shes going through it too! So im not crazy! Anxiety is a bitch! Haha that's fine... im embracing my gut and square waist bc this is the last time I see it! :) I got post op pics that I refuse to post without a after pic or in a collage. I need people to focus on how great I look and not how bad I needed surgery lmaoo feel me?! #thestruggle

Ladies I think its important to have a sx buddy or other ladies who are preop that u can communicate with! Its great to beable to express ur excitement &/ concerns to someone that knows what your going through. We be reminding each other what we need to be doing to prepare for the big day. Overall the purpose of this site is that you dont need to do this alone! Always good to have someone to talk too. Don't get me wrong I have great support system at home but it can annoying hearing me talk about the same stuff over and over again! I mean they dont know what this process it like. I dont know what I would do without the support of my sx buddy and former patients of Dra. Disla I communicate with on fb daily lOl* #teamplastic lol and they aint even no :)

On another note, my menstrual cycle is gone! Im back down and now 179lbs. This cycle really did a number on me as far as cravings and water wgt gain (185#s). I must say I drank alot of oj and my flow was surprising lighter then usual! So thats the plan of attack for next mth! :)

Lol I got my Obama care!! Effective May1st lOl* #dontjudgemystruggle ! Therefore, I will make an appointment with the doctor to get chkd out. See how that hemo is doing. I will update rs with my results! I know yall reading but aint writing... you aint low! Lol

Well time to go stalk my secret fb groups lol and doctors before/afters on ig. Omg im obsessed! FML :-*

register with STEP - U.S. Embassy

I thought this was a good idea in the unlikely event of an emergency! ? Sharing this info

About STEP

The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free service for U.S. citizens and nationals who are traveling or living abroad. STEP allows you to enter information about trips abroad so that the Department of State, via our embassies and consulates, can better assist you in an emergency. You can also subscribe to receive email updates with travel alerts and other information for a particular country.

OMG 28 days pre- OP!!

Time is flying but not fast enough! :-) super duper excited about my surgery! I am sooo confident that the doctor that i have chosen will be able to provide me with the best possible results - REALISTICALLY speaking :-)

May 26 2014 I will be getting - a Full Tummy Tuck, Brazilian Butt lift(including hips) & Lipo-structure (these 2 procedure lipo from abdomen, waist, back, flanks, inner thighs). I will also be getting a Breast reconstruction with implants and Lift.

with all that said I really need to get my Hemo up... Doctor said I have to be at least 12.5 which is like 13 here in America. She advised me that I would have to pay $200 extra prior to surgery in the event I need a blood transfusion. If I don't need a blood transfusion in a week than I will not need it for the remainder of my stay and she will refund my money full (makes sense). She confirmed that she will be able to inject my requested amt of cc's (which was 1000-1200ccs in each buttocks & 100-200cc's in each hip) but only depending on the amt of good fat that shes extracts from my body. She advised that she has extracted 5000cc's from a previous patient and was only able to reuse 2000cc's bc the other fat was full of blood which is no good.

I really love that she was able to break everything down for me. Also, I read a previous review of a patient of hers who went to D.R. and her hemo was too low and had to get a iron treatment to only find out that her blood clogging rate is to high. Dra. Disla refused to do her surgery bc it would have jeopardize her health and possibility her life. Patient was heartbroken but thankful to the doctor. I will make sure I get a thorough examination prior to going to Dominican Republic to make sure I don't waste time or money!


So I made my appointment to get checked out prior to going to D.R. for May1st. I wrote my doctor to ask what examinations need to be conducted in ensure I am ok to get surgery.

she advised:

-Red Blood Cell Count
-TyPe of Blood
-ALT , AST , TP TPT HIV VDRL , HVC. URINE TEST urea creatinine ratio.


She also informed me that she does not allow her patients to use pain killers from the states due too previous issues and possible complications. She does allow you to take "tramadol with paracetamol" to help manage pain. She told me that she prescribes an antibiotic called "Ciprofloxacin of 1 grams 10 tablets." I am going to see if my doctor is understanding of my decision and prescribe me the meds I need. I would like to go through insurance so I don't pay the full amount overseas. Dra. Disla advised I should bring Neosporin or Bacitracine at least 3 or 4 tubes. I have like 2... I think I will buy 2 more or one big one today :-)

words can not express my excitement ! :-) 27days pre-op baby! I pray everything goes well for me!


So ladies I downloaded "Pinger text Free with voice" on my smartphone. This app connects to wifi and allows you to text and receive calls for free. However, you can have the person you plan to be in communication with download the app and get a number... you'll be able to call&text each other for free! Perfect! :-* #winning Oh yeah to avoid roaming charges you can take your sim card out or put your phone on airplane mode. WIFI is all you need for this to work!

OMG 25 more days!!!! LETSSSS GET IT!

SUPER EXCITED! I never been so excited to feel the pain! like they say no pain no gain. Girls think this is a short cut and beauty that wasn't earned. Let me tell you something! I worked hard for my money ... it was EARNED! and the amt of pain/time of the recovery process there is nooo way that this is the easy way out. I really don't care what ppl think! I am doing this for me :-) 25 more days!


Did you ladies get you boppy/nursing pillow yet?!

I ordered mine from nursingpillow.com
using promo code turkey13
Pillow was free only had to pay $12.95 for shipping and handling!

FYI- it takes time to get delivered. Took 2weeks to receive mine.

Info credit goes to my sx buddy and OUR sleepless nights of anxiety reading other ppls RS blog ?

Yeah, yeah, yeah... Your welcome ladies!

Recovery House Help / Find A Roomie / Get Advice

on FB - friend request Cate DeJour ask her to add you to the secret recovery House group. Trust me ITS SO HELPFUL.


wish pics ?

21 days pre op!!!


21 preOP

Words cant explain how excited I am! Does the *toostie roll *


My 1st choice doctor was Yily but after her lack of organization and late reponse I was no longer interested. I live in the U.S & if I can reach u before surgery what make me think ull be available for me after sx or if something goes wrong.... NO THANK YOU! look at the amt of time she took to write me smh

20 days left baby!

Waiting on my lab work... I get my results May 14th. Im pretty confident that my health will be up to par. Of course I havent stopped taking my liquid iron. However, I really dont want to wait to c my results u start the iron supplement again. Im going to start taking it again only thing im dreading is the constipation iron gives me. We have a love hate relationship. I am also awaiting my geritol liquid which is highly recommended and to my understanding extremely effective. Im not playing games I want Dra. DISLA to do the aggressive lipo lOl and give me that hourglass rounded booty and even breast. :)

Dont only rely on RS... you need FB in your life! 19 pre-op (jumping for joy)

these FB groups are the best! There is so much support from so many girls. I love it! I am currently in 11 active surgery secret groups! Browsing and getting involved in some of these girls post is def. making time go by a lot faster bc waiting for your date especially when its sooo close.... man it can be brutal! Technically - 19 days pre-op bc its midnight!! WHOOP WHOOP ! welcome to the teens :-) SCORE

15days pre op! !

Getting closer! Still workin on my hemo... taking geritol liquid... omg that stuff is nasty BUT I heard it wrks... I'm hoping bc I really want to get the most of out of my rd1 to avoid a rd2...

btw this anxiety is driving me mad! LOl

No nail polish or acrylic nails in surgery! FYI

You can't wear nail polish during an operation because the doctors and nurses need to be able to see your natural finger nail to check your circulation. Nail polish may also get in the way of the pulse monitor, which is a small machine that gently clips onto your finger to keep track of your pulse.

12days away from my new body!

Can't wait!


So I went to the doctor yesterday. Doctor cleared me for surgery! only thing is my cholesterol is high. He said he cant prescribe me meds to lower my cholesterol now but after sx we will monitor it and it see then. He said most likely it will go down after the sx though.

my HEMO is at 14 !!! so excited! and that not to mention that I started taking Geritol after my blood work was taken... so by the time I get to D.R. it should be higher!!

DAMN 10 days left!!!

I am not really nervous but more so anxious and excited! I do have a couple thing I don't want happening to me like:

I don't want to be up during surgery
I don't want to feel the epidural shot in my back
I don't want to be told my iron is to low or that I am pregnant lmao
I don't want to be ripped off by the locals
I don't want to be told I cant get all the procedures I want
I don't want to be sitting all day waiting for my sx starving

I will keep you guys posted!

8dayyss awayy!

Have my period bleeding like a crazy person but I def doubled up on my blood builders. Gotta keep that hemo up !

7 daysssss away!

super excited! I cant wait to say buh bye to this body! :-)



5 days away from my dream body!

I realize that this is an effective surgery. I am very positive about my decision. I suppose I am willing to take this risk bc of the hatred I have toward my body. I have never had a flatt tummy, even breast, or no stretch marks. I am grateful for the ppl who have supported my decision and understand why I want this done so bad! I am so excited! Words cant explain. I am going to D.R. with no high expectations... I am trying to be realistic and not ungrateful. If it comes out better then I imagined thats wonderful..

Hey ladies Dra. Disla includes arm and thigh lipo in her lipo quotes. I asked her if it would be okay to not get arm lipo and get chin lipo instead. My arms are already thin wereas I have always hated the fat under my chin. I barely have a chin to start with. So the fat is def. Overpowering it. I would rather not take the chance of depending of wgt loss to change it bc if it doesnt then I will be bummed. Its sooo hard to workout your chin/neck muscles. I am actually very excited about getting this included in my procedure ?

4 days pre-Op

I am seriously getting tired of taking all these supplements. I have been doubling up on my blood builders, stool softener, taking geritol liquid, packs of PurAbsorb in all my juices, complex B (includes folic acid & biotin), & now my Arnica pills. UGH I feel sick! ?#?4moreDays?.... I SWEAR my iron is gonna be so high that in the airport ima set off metal detectors lmao ?

I am hearing mix things about take the arnica pill prior to sx.... I heard it helps and then heard it doesn't help... does anybody know?

3 days -_- (insomnia)

So the excitement is bananas! I have managed to lose so much sleep in this pass week. Rather then sleeping.. I've been up thinking about what it going to be like with my new body. I also been heavy on the secret FB groups which may I add is a great source of entertainment. :-)

I am just impatiently waiting for my day! :-)

2 days left

So with two days left I managed to pack and unpack about 10 times lol. I am very excited and confident that I choose the right doctor. I pray that god blesses her hands and watches over me. I am not nervous yet... a little sad about being away from home for 2 weeks. I am definitely dreading the idea of being in pain and bored.

1 day left

I am realistic and of course I know I wont be a super model nor do I want to be... I just want to be a better me. I really love the way some of the girls results are coming out. I always been happy with my decision choosing Disla as my Doctor. I just want to walk out saying that I am happy with my results.

? Nice waist to hip ratio... a bigger booty 1000cc in each buttock & 450/500cc implants ? & hopefully thighs and chin :)

Communication is key. Dra. Disla will address any of your concerns.

Im packed and all set to go... confirm with Raysa my Flight info. She is sooo nice! I met some girls that will be staying with raysa at the same time as me. :) and of course me and my buddy decided to try to get the same room together at CIPLA. Figure we can be in pain together. Nurses will be 35$ each if we share rooms.

umm yeah.... lol

So I officially declare that im nervous 5 hours from departure to Dominican Republic!

made it to the flat side!

Sorry its taken me so long to until. This recovery process is rough. Its not necessarily painful just an extreme discomfort. You become helpless... its like your paralyzed and need help with EVERYTHING. If you get a bbl lipo tt and ba... THE best way to describe it is... it feeling like your laying on bricks ur back and butt have gone numb and you have40pounds on ur stomach after doing 1 million situps and your arms are nonexistent bc you cant use them. Your EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE & HELPLESS. As far as doctor Disla, she is so amazing and I couldnt imagine choosing another doctor. She really cares and her bedtime manner is on point. Her assistant walked me through the entire labs & ekg process. I hardly had to wait. It was like being VIP. I got my room around 10am and thankful Disla was in sx bc I got to take a nap until 1pm. I was exhausted from the plane ride. I got out of sx at 9pm-ish. I was awake for majority of the procedure which was the worst thing ever. I didnt feel pain I just felt ppl wrkin on me. Ladies dont think ur dra does the sx alone... she or he always has help. HOWEVER, Dra Disla was there the entire time wrkin on me with the help of her residents. I would say that the worst part of sx is being up :-/...made it to my room in cipla and just laid there and dealt with the discomfort. I hired a nurse she was amazing helped me with everything. However the nurses as cipla were great too... so helpful and consistently chkn in on me and giving me pain meds. So grateful for them. When coming out of sx you aren't allowed to drink for 4hours or have ac on... which added to my discomfort. My lips and throat were dry... I was thirsty but couldn't drink bc the anesthesia. The water would have filled to my lungs. No a.c bc that can drop ur blood pressure. Good medical explanations but pure torture. Cipla served me soup which I barely ate and gave me water. My nurse hand feed me and rubbed my head. She only spoke Spanish but I understand everything... I spoke wat I could and used body language. She understood me. However, for the girl who don't understand or speak Spanish I can see how that can be an issue. Oh wen leaving the wheel chair guy was great. He knewn what to do to avoid pain. Well trained so grateful for him. Raysa husband took me & my grandmother to the recovery house. It was a smooth ride in a honda accord. He is soo nice. A few minutes later raysa comes in the room with my sx buddy. We both moan with discomfort as raysa helps with are every need. My grandmother helps her with us bc thats the kinda person she Is. Raysa makes the BEST juices to help us with our recovery. Her husband makes us soup and got our prescription. Raysa washed my faja. These ppl are truly great and wrk there butt off. The night nurse comes and she gets it the worst. Between me and my roomie we hit the alarm button like 8 times. She was soooo patient with us. Anywho it postop day 2 its getting easier but the discomfort is there. Will update when I can.. I will post my before pics soon but I figure I get you an after pic as a treat.

Raysa Recovery house ?

Please review pics...

Day 3

I went to my appointment with Dra Disla at 2pm and she recommended a blood transfusion only bc I felt nauseous and my hemo dropped 1pt (bc I was draining alot). It took soo long but Raysa stood with me the entire time. There was a nurse at Cipla who always came to check up on me. She was so sweet and helpful. I wish I would have gotten her name. When I tried to tip her to show my appreciation to her... she refused it. She said that I dont have to pay her for what she does. She just wants to make sure I am ok and shes happy I am feeling better. I started to cry bc here in D.R. ppl are so poor and for her to refuse my money told me that she has a big heart and truly cares. So as time passed by I felt bad for Raysa, i told her she can leave and come back for me but she refused to go. Dra. Disla stood and waited until the blood arrived and made she I was ok. Raysa & I ended up leaving Cipla at 9:30pm. When we got back to the recovery house she served me dinner. Dra. Disla called me twice last night ask me how I was feeling. Today I have an appointment with Dra. Disla at 3pm. Words cant express how grateful I am for these ladies. No price could be put on the level of service I am receiving bc they truly do it from the kindness of their heart ? #grateful #blessed

read pics


raysa recovery house

Food is sooooo good lol I feel right at home.

Zara massages

I got my 1st massage today from Zara. It was not painful at all. It was relieving and felt so good... I would recommend her to anybody. Plus she is very professional and nice

3 days post op


my tt scar is super low

Loving it!!!

6days post op

I cant say that this was a super "painful" experience. Its truly an extreme discomfort and stiffness. I find that a stomach virus or nausea is a worst feeling then this. This is more bareable to me but prehaps I just handle pain well. This entire time I only used the D.R. meds and they worked fine for me. I find the fastest way to recover is to force urself pass the pain to walk around, take ur vitamins, and to drink lots of water. Overall, this is a scarafice worth making for such a life changing event. So far I am very content with my perfectly imperfect results. I am a better me ?

6days po

Super swollen!



loving my fuller bootay

No sleep edition lol ?

day 10 post op

Finally! I got my drain taken out! R.I.P le fcukn Drain lmbo... it really didnt hurt! It felt funny lOl! looking and feeling great! I will post pics later.

Fyi- did I ever mention that the driving in is bananas in d.r. lol I guess yall wont understand until u come and see :)


Feeling GREAT!

day 12

Omg tomorrow morning I leave to go back home! I cant wait! Dueces D.R. but I gotta go.

super content with my result thus far--- but this back lipo tho :-(

so I come to the conclusion that the worst part of the recovery process is the back lipo. I wake up sooo stiff and my back in major pain. I take Tylenol pm to help but that only helps so much. I need to find an affordable massage place in NYC bc im in desperate need :-(

omg how can i forget! WHEEL CHAIR SERVICE!!



Whoo hoo finally home! Ladies dont have nooooo shame in ur game... get wheel chair service! Im here cruising by these longgg custom/immigration lines lOl* everyone is staring at me with the confused face and then it suddenly makes sense when I get to carrousel 4 and its says "Santo Dominigo" lmbo ! Ahhhh Nicki Minaj did it with her 1st chk haha dont hate!

loving my new shape

The picture doesnt reflect how low my scar is but its within my pubic hair line?

24 days post op

Super happy with my results

25 days post op

Definitely life changing :) & worth it


I thought sharing this info would be helpful to all my future dolls. In one b of the fb secret groups a future doll asked a good question. Pease c see imagines for her ? And my response.... Hope this helps :)

35 days po

La la la loveeee.... 1st time wearing low rise laceee panties :)

Having Blues

Typically after surgery you go through many different stages. Its hasn't been an emotional roller coaster for me as much... I mean just the regular stuff such as how much I hate my faja and I don't want to put it on. However, now I feel myself having the blues simply bc I wish I didn't have to undergo another breast surgery to fix the problem I was born with. I don't want to seem ungrateful bc I truly am. Dra. Disla has improved my breast. However, she did advise me that this shouldn't be my last breast surgery bc of the amt of trouble my one breast gave her. I am getting desperate but I really need to be patient. Either way I will be going back to Dra Disla. :-) I will try to remain positive.

Hey ladies... 51day po

a Little update... I am super content with my results! HOWEVER, like most woman I critic myself way to much. It is such a great feeling to wake in a body you never imagining having. BUT wen you get there... you think mmmm I wonder if I cant get my ultimate dream body. sooo here I am 52days post op thinking about my rd2. I mean since I have to go back anyway to get my 2nd boob sx I might as well get some more lipo. I ask Dra. Disla for a quote.... she advised 1500 for my 2nd boob job and if I wanted that and lipo (bbl- I think) she said 3500. I can say I felt comfortable enough to want to go back to her. I made good decisions rd1... I would go to the same doctor and the same rh (raysa's ) but I still am not up to my 3mth yet to know what my final results are going to look like. I can say that the swelling has gone down a lot and I am now able to fit in the faja that I got when I was in d.r and got it taken in to much. I would say its equivalent to an small or extra small so that's a great thing. Only thing I have a problem with is I would like a smaller waistline... a more dramatic look. obviously something that my doctor wasn't able to do 1st rd bc of the amt of fat and procedures I had done. my measurements are 36-33/34-46inch... I would love a 28or30inch waist so I start waist training... I will update with the outcome later on.




Soo today I am 2mths post op. I feel about 70% to 80% back to normal ! I still wake up a little stiff & sore. I do still get swollen but not as much as before. I have very few lumps left from the lipo. There are only invisible when I stretch my arms upward. As far as my results as concerned... I am super happy thus far. I am more confident and I get more attention then b4. My boyfriend wont admit he loves my new body but I can tell he does. I dont think he was ashamed of me b4 but he certainly likes to flaunt me more ?. I started working out day 29 and I havent stopped since. Unfortunately, I dont have the best diet ever so I havent lost a pound BUT I am more toned and trim. My workout mainly consists of 30 to 40mins cardio and an hour of light resistance training but mostly squats, lunges, & arms. I will admit I hardly wear my faja BUT I do where my corset, chery ann waist cincher, & compression shapers. Since I am super content with my body I am not in a rush to lose weight but I understand that for health reasons it must be done. I will be joining herbalife today to work toward my goals wish me luck! Though I am super content with my results... like many others I am planning for my rd 2 which will include the perfecting of my breast (due to my deformity prior to surgery my breast are completely perfect), lipo to waist, & adding a little butt/hips. I got really close to my wish pics rd 1... but with a rd2 ill be exactly or better then my wish pics Soo why not since I have to go back ANYWAYS. ? this is certainly a life changing procedure and humbling experience.... and I would recommend anybody that isnt happy with themselves as I was before sx to GO FOR IT. Until next time ladies


1st off I would like to say - No I am not a nudist! LOL maybe a little! ??? #SharingIsCaring lol so #iPost :)


Chronicles :)

yes I got my belly pierced

I would recommend not getting it as soon as I did. I am super impulsive. Its a hassle consistently having to clean it.my piercer told me specifically that I have to upkeep with cleaning it to avoid rejection which could cause the body to push out the belly ring leaving larger scar tissue. the only good thing about getting my belly button pierced so soon is the fact that my navel is still numb from the surgery. So I did not feel anything and I still don't.that can be translated into a good thing however I don't know when I'm sore or tender or when I'm possibly infected because I can't feel the soreness.since this is my second time getting my belly button pierced I can see that getting your P navel pierced after a tummy tuck is definitely more time consuming and definitely more prone to infection. I feel that the healing process is a lot longer than it did the first time

planning for my rd2`

SO lately I think the perfection in my butt has backfired. The ppl that are bold enough to ask... ask me if my butt is real... I can only imagine what ppl think. ughh. Though I am super happy with my results my sx was def not a public matter. I was aiming for the natural curvy body and big butt. though I feel I am still a little wide but my butt is pure perfection cause ppl to question it. For my rd 2 I want a bbl touch up that kinda rounds my butt for a more natural look. not that perfect pow I have now. I need my 2nd breast sx to fully correct them and a smaller waist and less upper back fat.

I will keep you posted.

?? bootay

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Disla is an amazing doctor. I had sx with her May 26 2014. I got a tt, ba (bl &implants), and bbl. I will honestly tell you that when I 1st met Disla I felt at ease with doing the procedures. She is very blunt. She immediately told me that this wasnt a magic trick and I am not a barbie. She told me everybody is different and not compare myself with other ppl. She said that I can expect an improvement in my body and to loose alot of wgt during the recovery process. I was very realistic with my expectations and understanding. Dra. Disla is super nice with a rough edge and a pitch of sarcasm... which I found very entertaining and enjoyable to be around. Dra. DISLA truly cares about her patients and will overextend herself to us. Day of sx i was like V.I.P bc her secretary walked me through all my test and by 9am I was cleared for sx and in my room ready to go. Day 1 post op she spent over an hour in my room in Cipla talking and explaining how to speed up the recovery process. As I was laying down she elevated my legs on her shoulders until I started to feel better. She helped me take off and put on my faja. Day 2 she recommended a blood tranfusion and waited until 9pm until she knew I was getting the blood. Once the transfusion was complete, I went to the rh and ate dinner were Dra. Disla called me TWICE that night to make sure I was ok. I am including these events in my review for the readers to interpret the kind of Doctor she is. I feel I made the best decision choosing her all my doctor. Though my results arent perfect bc I am human and not a doll... they are absolutely perfect to me. I would highly recommend Disla to anybody!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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