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I'm going to Dra Duran in the Dominican Republic...

I'm going to Dra Duran in the Dominican Republic for a Brazilian butt lift, breast implants(600 cc or more I hope), a tummy tuck, and liposculpture. She quoted me $5100 and I can't wait!!! December can't get here fast enough. Dra Duran has the magic touch. I booked a hotel, now I just gotta get my passport and book my flight. ???????? I'm so happy to be finally doing this.

Some wish pics :)

Wish pics :)

Dra Durans work

This is another one of her patients who I think has a similar body shape and size as me, I hope I have similar results because this is just fantastic.

Question to bbl veterans

Hey ladies, just to recap, I'm getting a bbl, tt, ba, and lipo sculpture in December from Dra Duran. I obviously want to have enough fat for my booty, what do you think would be a good weight to be at before surgery? I'm 5'5" and 160 currently but would like to be closer to 140, do you ladies think I would still have enough fat at that weight? Will dr Duran take as much fat as she can? It seems like Dominican Republic Drs are willing to take more fat. Ladies that have gone to dr Duran, after the swelling went away, had y'all lost a significant amount of weight? I want to be thinner but don't want to miss out on getting the booty I want, but if I try to lose weight after I'm worried I'll lose it from my butt first.

So excited!!!

I sent my deposit today, can't wait until December!!!! My current measurements are 38-31-40 I'm getting a bbl, tt, ba, and some liposculpture. What should I be doing 7 months in advance? Lol. I currently take a multivitamin, iron, and extra vit c and I'm hoping that since I live at a high altitude that I don't have to worry about my hemoglobin being low. I am hoping to lose around 15 more pounds, I'm 156 right now but I don't want to try to lose weight after the procedures and have it all go from my ass but I hope I still have enough fat to be transferred to my booty. With less fat overall hopefully she'll have to take more from my arms, back, and thighs lol. I'm sure Dra Duran will work her magic and give me a much better shape which to me is much more important than the size of my booty. I could ramble on about this all day long, I'm so excited lol

More before pics

I've lost about 7 lbs. I'm currently 5'5" 156lbs and my measurement the last time I checked were 38-31-40. I have a decent amount of tits and ass but the shape isn't right at all. Can't wait for Dra Duran to work her magic on me And make me sexy

the shape I want

Some of my favs from dr Durand Instagram. I'm absolutely head over heels in love with the shape she can give. I'm about 156lbs, 5'5", and 38-31-40. I can't wait to get big ass and titties.

Dr Durans work

These pics are being stubborn and not wanting to upload

So ready for this

I've been starting to realize that I actually have a decent amount of butt on me. My problem is mostly too much fat in my flanks and thighs, it ruins my shape. I hope I'm a good candidate for a bbl and I'm just dying to see how everything turns out. I currently have somewhere between a heart and square shaped booty and would like my booty to end up somewhere between a heart and round booty, a fuller heart shaped butt with more projection. I used to have a small waist before I had babies and I'm really hoping the tummy tuck will help the bbl look more dramatic, I love curves.

Another wish pic.

I love the fullness here. From behind at least. I do wish Dra Duran had a more organized gallery of before and after pics because I would love to see more before pics and to see her ass from different angles.

Bare necessities

What are the necessities after ba, bbl, tt, and lipo? I really don't want to pack too much

So frustrated. Quote changing after sx scheduled and deposit paid. ????

When I got my quote from Dra Durans office I was initially quoted $7100 for a ba, bl, tt, bbl, and additional lipo. I messaged back and told them that I wanted everything except the breast lift and asked if that would change the quote, Laura replied and told me it would be $2000 less.

So I paid my deposit got scheduled, and when they sent me the schedule confirmation it included the breast lift and said the higher quote.

I got in contact with them and now they're telling me that it's the same price with or without the lift ????????. I absolutely love Dr Durans work, she has magic hands, but I really wish her office was better at communicating.

I can't wait. I just need Dra Duran to work her magic on me ????????????????

More of her amazing work. I'm so ready for her to change my life.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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