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Hi Guys! I'm new here ! Been doing a lot of...

Hi Guys! I'm new here ! Been doing a lot of research and reAding the reviews on here .. You guys are inspiring me to start my own journey with your amazing results !!
But a little snout myself .... I'm 23 married and a mother of 2 beautiful babies.
My major problem always been my backside :( there's nothing there ! And I always felt a certain way but now It just hit me ... I can do something about it ! Duh lol. But anyway I'm looking into going to back lipo to abd and and bbl already received my quote but that's about it .no more replies not even on how to send in the deposit. I want to have it done aug6 so maybe it's too early idk
So if any of you ladies want to share additional info I'll be more than happy ;)


Hey rs fam ! I know I've been Mia for a min but I'm here ,doing my research and gathering my supplies. But quick update I changed my date to July 9 leaving on the 8th, in exactly 3 months ! Omg ! lol but yea I have most of my supplies just need like the dresses and stuff . My Rh is payed for, sent in my deposit to Yily . Haven't booked my flight yet still waiting for the prices to drop a little if even. It needs to be July already smh !
But right now what really worries me is my hemo last time I checked I was barely a 10 :/( but I've been working on that ever since.
Taken my 3 iron a day with vit c
Folic acid and a b12 I think that should do it . I've read reviews about pur absorb but I don't want to add it to my cocktail as of yet lol It would be too much right ? But anyway that's my biggest thing right now !
I don't wanna get turned down ! I would just die !!!!! ????
Was thinking juicing should help 2 ! Never cared about my lab values until now smh

Hemo level

Soo I finally went to my pcp to check on my lab results from January because I was wayy to anxious ! Got the results and it was 13.7 !! When he said that I had to look for my self lol I was like let me see!
But I was here worrying for nothing ! Smh but I'm going to continue taking my meds just the iron once a day instead of 3 times a day . But DR here I come !

Flight booked !

I purchased my ticket last night ! And I'm almost done with my packing ... Leave in 56 days ! Let the count down begin!
My vacay also got approved ... This is happening y'all !!! Ttyl

Show time !

I leave tonight y'all ! It's just so surreal ! Idk how to feel about leaving million babies behind tho :/ they'll be in good hands ... That I know ! Gotta do last mins preps so I'll update once I'm on the plane !

I'm alive!

Hi rs fam! I wrote a whole review the other day post surgery when I was still at cipla but I didn't post but surgery went well pain wasn't too bad just my butt was hurting because I was in it and they wouldn't let me lay any other way. Don't have much to complain about cipla since I wasn't there for long. But I'm currently staying at upscale now and let me tell you this is not the place to be ..yes I said it. Y'all can pass that message along too just like y'all did with my sister's to the staff. I don't give to shits !
They are already barely feeding us but I cant it speak for me and my sis . They don't pay you no mind and when u need something u have to beg for it and maybe just maybe u might get it. When I say no Mind I mean like u didn't pay to be here they Doing u a favor ! For since the day before I've ben draining my own drain , taking my own meds ...mind u they have you in a schedule but they always seen to forget me especially last night
Management is crap. Not once have I been asked by "management if everything was ok ". The most she said to me and I've been here 4 day's other then when I had to pay was "why was the pillow on the floor" like are y kidding me.
But anyway enough for today. ( now somebody please run along and pass it on ) and in fed up and I don't speak Spanish ! I would very much appreciate it ! Thanks


For some readin they are not uploading but I guess I'll post them once I get back to the state.
Btw don't get me wrong some of the staff does try but it's takes way more than a few ppl to run a successful business !
U don't understand how bad I want somebody to say something to me !

Taking it day by day

Hello rs fam
Am kind of bored to I decided to update since I haven't been here in a while. Today Marks a month post op. Swelling mostly guone the massages helps a lot Along with This new Salome faja I bought. My Can't spend to long in it since its soooo tight ! have some tender areas on my back and sides but my upper back is all soft now
I went back to work. It's not too bad just can't bend like I used to not yet anyway . I know in rushing things but I need to fluff ready ! Lol I mean u can see the difference but Got booty greed ...expected way more but she did tell me I didn't have enough fat to begin with right of the bat. But I'm posting some pics


I'm not tyre if it's realseaf or my phone but the pictures wing load ! :/ I'll keep trying
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dra YIly because her work is amazing ! And you get exactly what u ask for !!!!

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