1 Month Post Op Very pleased with my Surgery w/Contreras -Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi ladies.... im finally writing my review im not...

hi ladies.... im finally writing my review im not gonna write a lot because I was in the process of writing a long as review and the shit cut off on me ughh lol anywho im having Brazilian butt lift surgery with Dra Yily on 04/24/2013 I was gonna get a tummy tuck and breast lift but I might have to save that for another time... I have to get right back to work cant be down too too long after surgery. My expectations are too pretty much have yily sculpt my fat ass to a nice curvy body WITH clothes on...without ughhh im gonna need the tummy tuck and breast lift and fairy dust to look the way I would like to lol but I just need some self esteem when I go outside.. thankfully I have a husband that's been loving me and all of me for years and he loves me no matter what but I want to feel the way I felt before the kids and c sections.. im very much on the heavy side 200+ lbs but im am 5'9 so I carry it ok. I would love my results to come out like Redonkulous or MzJuicyfruit87 they look so gorg! if yily can do large volume lipo on my tummy the way she did it for ms redonk I would be pleased.. I have a few questions tto some of u ladies
1. did u buy prescriptions in D.r. an if so how much were they?
2. has anyone stayed in D.R. 6days or less
3. how long were your drains in for
Thank you ladies for reading I am so excited.... 2 more weeks till take off!!

Hey ladies...please if anyone purchased their...

hey ladies...please if anyone purchased their prescriptions in Dominican republic please let me know how much they were because I don't have insurance and I don't think I can afford to pay for them here thanks. I just ordered my birth certificate yesterday because all of a sudden I coulnt find it so I will be going to the passport agency out here next week to get my passport done the same day then I should be all set ...ughhh I just wish this would be over already!!!

Ok so Im not going to get the tummy tuck after...

Ok so Im not going to get the tummy tuck after speaking with my mom she felt as if I should just pay the few extra hundred dollars to get it done now as oppose to taking another trip to dr and paying another $4000+ and being in pain all over again. I have seen a few breast lift patients yily has done on here and im not sure I am exactly a fan of her lifts.. I think I will be doing research on a few doctors here in the states and will have my breast lift done next year. I absolutely love yily's tummy tucks! ok later girls.

CORRECTION!!! I AM going to get the tummy tuck sorry

CORRECTION!!! I AM going to get the tummy tuck sorry

Ok lol so I changed my mind again... hubby feels...

ok lol so I changed my mind again... hubby feels like the tummy tuck can weight because my face and arms have gotten really fat over the years and we decided that it would be better for my appearance for my arms and chin be a lot smaller and I agree 100% and because we bought a new car last month my money just doesn't allow me to get everything done as once. I want to know... does yily provide a chin garment after lipo?

Omg olny 5 more days...nervousssssss

omg olny 5 more days...nervousssssss

Lol ok corny I know. Well still havent gotten my...

Lol ok corny I know. Well still havent gotten my Passport but will have it monday got an appointment at my same day passport office. Just have to get a few more things and then im all set... I am so excited and super nervous at the same time. I just want this to be over with so I can get my brain back lol until Im ready for my tuck n lift lol Still very unsure at where im staying lol I have reservations all over the place lol I guess I will decide for sure tomorrow once and for all....any other girls having sx with yily on the 24th?

Added one before pic and thats all ya gonna get...

Added one before pic and thats all ya gonna get lol its horrible I know. Yily got her work cut out for her on this body

Ladies everything work out great yesterday got my...

Ladies everything work out great yesterday got my passport same day with no problems at all...everything is packed and now I getting dressed to go n get me just a few things before my flight nothing major. My flight leaves at 10:34am omg tomorrow is the day I finally I have my bbl I am sooo excited!! Please kerp me in your prayers ladies and I will try to keep you all updates as possible!

Next stop Puerto Rico after that I'll be in Santo...

Next stop Puerto Rico after that I'll be in Santo Domingo yay!

Soooo ladies I am hereeee in Santo Domingo. I am...

Soooo ladies I am hereeee in Santo Domingo. I am staying in the aparthotel residence city for the night which is down the block from the hotel plaza de sol the taxi driver Maximos was the best very nice guy but BABYyyy these dominicanos drive like bats omg I literally almost died 3 times ugh my least favorite part of the trip so far... my hotel is a lil run down but its not bad especially for 41$ and it being close to the cipla and the guys here are really nice. Made me feel really welcomed and they have cable tv and wifi...well im relaxing watching the game on bet and will be off to sleep after tomorrow I will take a taxi to the cilla where I will be made ova hunny!! Talk to u ladies later

Good morning boos...im omw to Cipla now...im...

Good morning boos...im omw to Cipla now...im having the guys at the hotwl call me a taxi...I will update u all as much as possible ...muahz sistas havr me in your prayers!!!

Ok got here safely after gettin a taxi with a 10...

Ok got here safely after gettin a taxi with a 10 year old driving me ughh....but thankfullly we didnt have far to go.. waiting to have test done

All I gotta say for now...that attitude on yily.....

All I gotta say for now...that attitude on yily...nastyyyyyy omg.. but anywho im alive pain on scale of 1-10 ..3. Yep. Will update u guys more wen I wake up

Im doing ok not really in pain just felt very weak...

Im doing ok not really in pain just felt very weak since I didnt eat since 2pm the day before surgery but once I got sum soup vitamins and water in me I felt much better....my results I cant really see too much of a difference yet but I couldnt get my arms done yily feels like I would need an arm lift so wen I go back home I will be excersising to get my arms toned a bit I wil give a detailed review later on my ups in down up until today...the good the bad and u gly lol yes it gets ugly lol pain 1-10 still about a 2-3

Never let a doctor who doesnt listen to their...

Never let a doctor who doesnt listen to their patients, has a nasty attitude, and walks around holding a purse on her forearm in scrubs operate on u...it is not worth that woman is evil and let the fame and popularity get to her head....full review coming in a few days hang tight

Ok since I can't sleep because I have a lil...

Ok since I can't sleep because I have a lil headache.I just want to first say this is my review..not anyone elses....my experience... not yours this shouldnt change your view if Yily or anything else this is only to tell my story. I want tp be extremely clear that I will answer as many questions or concerns but I will not entertain any childish bickering or bitching on my blog its very classless and unlady like. Now as of right now pain wise I feel great my buddy gave me a massage earlier which hurts at first but has done wonders. My drain was clogged so we took the tubbing apart and pulled the clogs out.. gross... then she started massaging my back in the fluid came rushing out.I felt so much relief after. So let me back track to my arrival to santo domingo....I must say everything went so smoothe and dominicans are such beautiful people. I came out of the airport and Maximos was standing there with sign in his hand with my name on it... he was so so nice. Now although we almost got into a number of car accidents on the way to my hotel I still was very excited to be in the Dominican Republic.. my first night I stayed in thr aparthotel residence city.. itws nothing fancy but it was clean safe affordable and the guys there were very pleasent. The next day I woke up early for my surgery the guy at the hotel called me a cab that cost me $3.00 usd and the cab driver looked not a day older than 12 lol buy we got to the cipla in about 5mins and we got there safe so I was happy when I got there I met yilys medical assistant I believe..very nice girl and I met a girl who was having surgery that day as well..a sweet heart we spent a lot of time with each other she made the day go by. So I have all my test done my buddy shows up and a few girls from jacquelines....thier results were good but I wasnt in awe. We were then taken upstairs where we waited for so long we go there a lil before 7am and then at about 12pm Yily arrives finally looking like a beauy queen. She was tall and stunning wearing a green two piece suit with pumps and a purse to match. She greeted us with a hug and kiss and I was like wow shes a sweet lady. So then by like 2 we're still waiting no surgeries done yet and yily and yira were still upstairs laughing and giggling so by then we were getting a lil impatient because why wasnt she in scrubs yet why havent we paid yet what is the hold up..very unprofessional. So I went upstairs to the lady who did my medical history and asked her do she know when yily will come down because we've been waiying quite sometime so she said ok...called yily and told me yily would be down in 2 mins and sure enough she was with a lot of attitude scrubs on and her polo purse on her forearn smh she kept saying to us are ya ok are ya ok in s nasty tone and we were like yeaaa lol clueless as hell. So then she talked to the first girl and marked her up we then started hearing of how there was a girl there who was suppose to have sx first but didnt have any money so im assuming thats where all the attitude was coming from but still it is very important to remain ptofessional. So then they wheeled off the first girl at about 3 sumthing and then yily came back in swinging the door open angry and she said somethings in spanish and was saying this is the process this is how I do things again clu eless we just nodded and said yes. She then said whos next so I said me with a smile like a lil kid.. she then said take everything off so I did and she screwed up her face like she was in disgust n made me feel so embarrased she was like u are too big how many kids u have so then I told her n she said u need a tummy tuck now we have already discussed over the email that I wasnt getting a tummy tuck or breast lift till the end of the year..so then she started sucking her teeth and rolling her eyes n called yira on the phone...yira comes in the room and she translates for yily by then she was going off so yira says she needs u to get a tummy tuck because your gonna have loose skin and then your gonna tell everybody she did a bad job so then I assured her mu expectations wers realistic and I dont expect to look like a video model. So then she says shes not gonna operate unless I do a tummy tuck n I told her I wouldnt have enough money for my hotel if I did that unless she would do a payment plan I was short about $400....she flipped out!!! So yira translated that she is not gonna do that because a girl tolday didnt pay and now yily has to pay the bill and she dont trust us so I said okkkkkk then lets just go with the original plan. So then yily said in a really loud voice...turn around!! She marked me up so hard I was like wtf I noticed she didnt mark my arms which was included in my quote she said my hemoglobin was too low so then I saif didnt u tell me my hemo was a 12.6 then she said no im not gonna do it ur gonna have hanginh skin so at thia point im getting a lil annoyed and shes like dont get mad dont get mad and im like im fine. So then she says I have to talk to my anesthesiologist then she storms out...so my buddy was like wtf was that yira comes back i pay and I tell her please make sure shes not upset I just cant get the tt right now its not the end of the world and yira was just like im sorry everything will be fine. Fast forward I got the blue pill its not after 5 and they take me to surgery all im gonna say is I felt like I was in a horror movie I was awake most of the time and I felt the pai I was crying n beggin the anesthesiologist to put me out and I heard laughter...her rubbed my head and said calm down baby and I only remember waking up in my room after...the nurses at the cipla were very kind and the language barrier wasnt an issue they came whenever we called.my buddy was crying because she didnt like her results ....I noticed yily put lil to no fat in my ass because it felt the same and didnt hurt at all...my back and stomach was pretty good.n my chin looked the same.they told us yily would see us before we lefy and we waited and waited and although she was in the building she never came ...we were pissed we just left....now although I dont hate my results I just havr never dealth with a doctor with such an attitude like hers.... and it has absolutely nothing to do with culture and its not excuse for hertto behave the way she did I believe because of her having a bad day she did a half ass job on me n my buddy which is not ok. I dont care if her work is good or not bedside manner is still a big deal in a doctors practice ...she needs to have respect for her patients and listen to them as well and not do wateva the hell she wanna do.. sure we all have bad days but wen u have someones life and image in your hands ....babyyyy u betta snap the f#$$k out of it. Greed will get you no where..if she dont straighten up and humble herself shes gonna be her onw downfall....I will be coming to d.r. again later in the year for my round 2 and othrr procedure s but I will be going to duran shes very sweet and she treated her girls very well and their bodies were banging out of control...I wasnt a believer in her until I saw it myself...so there u have it.

Everyone knows duran did yilys butt so everyone is...

Everyone knows duran did yilys butt so everyone is running to duran thats why theyre beefing yily dont want any girls staying at the jmspa who had work done by duran.....there was not one yily girl I saw where I was like damn she hooked u up ....two if duran girls came to visit me yesterday and they are shaped like nicki minaj big difference

One last time before I recover in peace cuz ya not...

One last time before I recover in peace cuz ya not bout to drive me crazy lol...I will be coming soon to post post op pics...again I dont think my results are bad they were rushed because of Yily having a bad day...yes I had a girl in my room cry all 5 days I was there about her results. I also feel like wen u pay ur money u should have a say so on ur procedure....yily doesnt agree with that obviously well the day we had surgery she wasnt tryna hear nothing we had to say. I dont hate this lady but I wish I chose a different doctor thats just me wtf can a woman have her own feelings...some of ya be yily soilders lol for real tho. I'm judging my overall experience with yily....and yes I too ignored a lot of the negative reviews about her cuz I had my heart so set on going to her cuz I loved the skills. I even let this woman operate on me after disrespecting me...that was my bad. I should have took my money n bounced. Please dolls babies do your own reasearch, form your own opinons, and dont come charging at someone with sticks n stones because your ps or future ps didnt meet thier expectations...this is why bitches be running from realself cuz ya gotta chill this is a support group sitenI thanked all the ladies who have been supportive...but ttyl I gotta catch up with my kids n my man I miss them so much .later

First I must say I'm glad I turned my email...

First I must say I'm glad I turned my email notifications off because some of ya arguing on my blog have absolutely no class and ya act like lil girld grow the hell up plz its embarassing...anywho I'm doing fine I'm getting massages everyday my back is very sore and type still dony see any big changes my butt is the same I only have one inscision on my butt n its at the the top of my crack non on the bottom of my cheeks not surprised....do I feel like I wasted my money....yes..am I bitter about it....no...just gonna research some other doctors for my round 2.. so happy for u ladies are pleased with your results and are healthy...hapoy healing to u all.

What I asked her to do was not done she did...

What I asked her to do was not done she did absolutely no fat grafting to my ass fucking bitch got me pissed off nothing was wrong with my hemoglobin I am healthy no family history of anything andI ddon't drink nor do I smoke so what's the reason the bitch couldn't put fat in my ass like letd be real...fucking thief that'd why she didn't wanna see me or my buddy before we left cuz she knew she aint do shit to our bodies

Can anyone give me contact info for duran I want...

Can anyone give me contact info for duran I want to have my surgery done over by the end of the year so can someone please give me her info thanks

I put a pic up smfh

I put a pic up smfh

Ok so to clear a few things I came to yily to have...

Ok so to clear a few things I came to yily to have fat injected into my ass...fat injected into my ass....fat injected into my ass yes there's a minor difference in my back yes there's a minor difference in my back no there are no inscions in my ass no there are no inscisions in my ass yes she only lipo my back n stomach yes she only lipoed my back in stomach....I am mostly not happy with my ass being the same ok please cuz idk some of u just don't get it I went for a bigger ass lol the tummy tuck I was gonna get when I had more time off from work in the winter yes I had the money until I decided to wait so it wasn't like I was carrying an extra $700 to get a tummy tuck done okkkkkkkkkkkk please ladies this forum is from Brazilian BUTT lift not lipo I am refering to MY ASS thanks happy sunday to all

I'm back at work doing ok not even focusing on my...

I'm back at work doing ok not even focusing on my sx anymore I'm n little to no pain just a stiff back at times spoke to yily that didn't go the greatest but whateva she explained why she didn't do a huge amount of lipo which I understood but still didn't really explain why she did add ne fat to my cakes welp who cares anymore I'm coolin. And please for the birds like Mrz. ALSTON and other yily no limit soilders...my notifications are off so please rant on as u can already see I gives no fucks I'm going on with my life get urs. Kisses to the rest of my sweeties here.

Scheduled for a round 2 with DRA BAEZ in december (still debating)

hello ladies im back....just a quick update I am doing fine still un happy with my results from yily so guess what im back at it again only this time going with Dra Baez.. I requested a quote from her months ago and I really was feeling her prices and all that it included. I am getting a breast lift, tummy tuck and bbl If all goes well with my hemo and everything else ofcourse. I may be going in December I was suppose to be having surgery with my mother but I think she chickend out so who knows... I may just wait till sometime in February or march... I think I will stay at yasmines recovery house again despite all the rumors and hearsay I really felt comfortable at her place and it was extremely affordable. Right now I am on a weight loss journey I have loss 20lbs since my surgery on april 24th, 2013 I am hoping to lose about 25-30 more lbs before my surgery. I am very excited and I believe this time I made the right decision. I am also looking into reduced priced tummy tucks in the Atlanta area at the Emory hospital so I may do that first then go to d.r. for my bbl and breast lift in februaury... ok that's all for now ladies ;)

updated wish pics

wish pics

my new tit wish pic lol

I think I am now going with Dr Edgar Contreras

Soo ladies I got my quote from dr contreras and I am soooo excited his quotes make it easy for me to have all 3 of my procedures don't at 2 separate times buts still have a significantly cheaper price. Now I just have to figure out which surgeries will I have done first and when. I think I will be going with him because I an completely in love with PAinLA breast reduction and if he can my breast look like hers I would be the happiest woman alive lol I just want to see more of his tummy tucks so if their are any tummy tuck pics out there for him please let me know oh yea quote for tummy tuck and bbl $3000 and breast lift alone $2000 yes it's more than Baez together but def cheaper done separately I just can't see me self getting this all done at once... Ok till next time ladies

Excuse the typos

I was writing and getting to excited lol

Curvy Contreras Cutie March 3RD, 2014 !!!

I am soooooo excited!! so everything is set with Dr. Contreras for March 3rd. My hubby and I will be going to the Dominican republic together which will be awesome. I think we're going to stay at an all inclusive resort in Boca Chica. I decided to change my date from December to March because I want to give myself enough time to cut down some weight and to make sure my hemo and everything else is on point... I am also considering having an arm lift but that wont be decided until the day of because im gonna try toning my arms on my own for right now. I still really love Dra Baez work and all but I decided Its either go big or go home and I am revamping my entire body and the look I wanted when I was interested in Baez is no longer the look Im going for... Fuck it I want to look like I stepped out of a juicy j video lmaooooooo . I want the body I used the have times 10. shit I live in Miami for pete sake lol the girls out here are banging I really want that boost of confidence. I am going for the total makeover so I said I mind as well go with someone who is experienced in giving out those sexy vixen bodies we dream of. so ladies with that being said any of you have some really great weight lost tips you can share with me . I need to lose about 40lbs before March

bounce it bounce it lol

Contreras ladies please help

Hey Ive been trying to get a hold of this fb group for Contreras girls please help im scheduled with him for march 2nd

lost 10lbs, 30 more to go!!

Gonna start going to the gym this week and for now on its salads salads salads no more junk. I got about 3 months before my sx to be at my goal weight and I am very determined. I am not tryna be skinny just tryna be at a healthy weight so far i lost 20lbs this year and if I lose 30more that would be a total of 50lbs lost!!! I am so excited. Please any weight lost tips are greatly appreciated and please someone get me to the fb Contreras group

I. want. my body to be deelishissss lol

My new wish pic and wen is someone gonnna give me ssome Contreras results

Thinking about going to D.R. around the 2nd or 3rd week in February

Although my date is confirmed for march I think I want to go a lil earlier because I live in hot ass Miami idk how ima take being in that hot ass faja in the summer out here smh I want to be atleast half way healed by the time the summer gets here. anyway so al still remains the same still looking to get a bbl, tt, and breastlift w/o implants but I think now I need an arm lift as well.... I have a lot of loose skin on my arms and I think an arm lift will cut my arms down a couple of inches. who knows we'll see I think im staying @ a recovery house as well now my husband isn't going anymore.

yesss ladies i am soo excited

soooo I changed doctors again lol I kno I kno lol but I am going with Dr. Lima I saw some of his work and I was very pleased. I am having a breast lift w/ no implants...tummy tuck, and Brazilian butt lift. I was considering an arm lift but I his assistant told me I don't need that ugly scar just workout my arms which is what Im gonna do...ya don't even know how freakin excited I am... I am so ready. I will be staying at Janet's recovery house for a few days then im flying back to Miami. I am going to book my flight tomorrow and start shopping for my supplies. since I have already had a round 1 I kno better this time not to pack so much shit!!1 here is what I am taking:
wife beaters
ensure juice drinks(life saver last time)
maxi pads
big pillow for plane ride to get comfortable
ipad for entertainment
compression socks
if im missing anything ladies please let me know booty dust to u all lol anybody interested in buddying up let me know =)

Flight booked! !

I am so ready flight booked for this Sunday only a few more days....ecstatic! ! Are any of u ladies gonna be in the Dominican Republic next week? ?

my flight leaves tomorrow morning. ...so excited n nervous

Gonna get some last minute stuff today then off to get snatched can't wait

I am here guys in santo domingo

Tomorrow it goes down!! The next time u hear from me tomorrow God willing I will be snatched huntys and even a year later....dominican a still can not.FUCKING DRIVE ughhhhh

I'm at plastica contreras :)

It is so nice at this clinic, I know what u ladies are thinking wth she changed her mind again....YES BiTches, I have changed my mind again....lmao I know I am such a psycho!! Well anyway I stayed at my girl yasmines house .love her, n her mom and santos. We chatted up last night and then I went to bed...we got up really early this morning to come here and now here we are....no contreras yet....it's OK tho. Santos seemed alil pissed lol. I Did Get To See One Of His Patients And boy Was Her Butt Way To big FOR her lil chicken Legs LOL So Ladies If You Wondering. ..yes this man will give u a donk if that's what you want of course. Well hopefully I'll give u girls n update in a couple of hours. ..lata


Sorry santos just told
Mr that that was a guy with the big butt and chicken Legs lmaoooooooooo

omg these girls who are here for post op

Bodies are on SMASH!!! they look like video girls I am toooo excited even after the minor set back I had this morning but surgery is still on...waiting to see the doctor

It's official. I got my contreras curves

Hey girls...surgery went well thanks to the most high! I'm n very lil pain but boy that thigh Lipo is a bitch...THE FUCK!! other that n my mouth being dry as hell lol I'm good n baby that tummy is so flat...I was talking so much trash as they was stiching me up lol I'm like hey ya my arms r hurting n this light is blinding my ass about how much longer lol they was like girl plz shut it loll omw to sleep update in the morning

Today. ..Mucho pain.

Girls I am n some pain. ...I didn't sleep last night because I couldn't get comfortabledo haven't seen my results I did take a peek at my Tummy I am ecstatic it is flat omg n my waist is super small. The nurses here r cool I interrupted my night nurses nap last night try name get of I bed lol she went off on my ass lmaoo won't try that again n oh yeah this negro is so popular n I see why I'm dozing off so after my nap I'll continue

Ok today was shitty

not get out of bed at all today my stomach iS so tight it is ridiculous I managed to take a pic doesn't do justice tho

Why didn't i do the breast lift

I think I didn't go through with it because of the fear of being in excruciating pain...The tummy tuck alone Is freaking painful trying to sleep is the worst

my tummy b4

ladies a must have after lipo

Icy hot spray! !!! Spray that bad boy on your back.... instant relief! Trust

Back in the states....u.s. customs can kiss my ass

Feeling pretty good not too much pain. Fucking customs pissed me off tho questioning me and going through my Shit for a half hour and I'm like here u are harassing my ass n I was born n this damn country wen there are really mutherfuckers out here plotting to blow sum Shit up smfh they can kiss my newly plumped ass and yes its pretty plump I can't really see how big it is but I know it's bigger because I could barely put my pants on that I wore to d.r. lol What's bothering me the most is the fact that I can't really stand too straight or for too long other than that I feel pretty good

I feel 90% back to normal

i must say choosing Contreras was on of the best decisions I've made Iove my ass n my flat tummy all that's left are my boobs n toning my arms. Definitely going back to Contreras for my boob lift. He was so kind and he listens. My tummy tuck scar is low n its pretty good although because my stretch marks are still alil swollen my scar isn't as flat as it could be but its getting there. My belly button seems to be healing really slow though. ...any suggestions?.... now on to my ass...it is so fat and bubble like just how i wanted its not a donk its a nice thick round bubble im loving the attention its getting men and women are checking it out and that's just jin work clothes lol also its not hard at all its extremely soft and feels really natural. ...there was a lil hard knot the first week but its gone now... i haven't taken any pics but I will this week... I am very pleased and can not wait till the final results. ....and sleeping is still a BITCH!! Urggghh

booty pics!!!

Loving my body yesss next update. ..3months post op

Mederma Scar Gel Ladies

ladies i shit u not Mederma scar gel has my tummy tuck scar almost non existent its crazy every day i wake up my scar is less visible than the day before. Got the scar gel from walmart. Pretty pricey it was a lil ove $30 but omg well worth it!!. All you need to do is rub a lil on your scar daily... i like to do it at night... then viola! the recommended use time is 8 weeks so i just started a week ago so i cant wait to see wat my scar will look like on week 8. Ok sisters jus a lil share. Happy heaing everyone!

I personally wouldn't advise anyone to have surgery inDominican Republic

Yes ladies I have had two rounds of work done in the Dominican republic but I must say it is scaring me to hear of all of these young ladies dying out there because of these cheap surgeries. ...I dont mean to put fear in anyone but I want u all to please reconsider if u are going to have surgery done there is having a bigger ass worth your life and your children and families never seeing you again. I have officially decided I am no longer going to be pro medical tourism its just way too dangerous in my opinion anf yes I love my results and thankfully to God I came home alive and I pray everyday that I remain healthy and alive but some ladies werent as lucky... God bless you all
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I went to yily almost a year ago...She sucked!! Then Edgar Contreras for my round 2....he's THE best hands down!!!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
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