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Hey everyone, I have intentions on going to DR to...

Hey everyone, I have intentions on going to DR to get the bbl. I have decided on Yily, as her results are beautiful.
However, I have contacted her numerous times without hearing a reply. Does anybody have any hints or clues on how to get her to respond?

Ps. Can anyone pm me some post opp pictures?

Is she sanitary down there? Any horrible results?

I really want to set my date for Maybut she isn't responding!

How do you girls gain weight for the procedure?...

How do you girls gain weight for the procedure? What is the recipe for a shake with about 2600 calories that I can take daily?

Hey guys, girls, women., future and past bbl-ers....

Hey guys, girls, women., future and past bbl-ers. I have searched for a few months now to find a dctor who would give me my ideal results. Honestly, the only few dr's in the USA that give the results I crave are a bit too expensive for this college girls budget.
So, initially I was with Yily... But after finding out about her insensitivity and after-care, I decided to seek elsewhere. Now, we all knwo Yilly had a bbl, DUH. So why not go with the DR that did her bbl? DURAN. Duran and Yilly are friends, but behave entirely differently when it comes to their work.
I haven't solidified my date as yet, but I know it is for the end of May. May 22. or May 23.
She quoted me $3600.
But i still have to consider the price of airfare and room& board.

I will be posting updates throughout my journey!

So I confirmed for May 24. I bought my suitcase...

So I confirmed for May 24. I bought my suitcase and a few dresses for the trip. I'm ready.
I wish I had a surgery buddy, but everyone is going later.

It's frustrating that no one is uploading actual...

It's frustrating that no one is uploading actual pictures, only wish pics. I want to see actual women who have had the surgery from the doctors I am interested in.
Wish pics are okay, but they don't really help.
Just a little annoyed, after I have been on so many profiles and only seeing wish pics or no pics at all. =[

I'm having trouble forcing myself to eat. Smh.

I'm having trouble forcing myself to eat. Smh.

Now I need too worry about recovery houses. I...

Now I need too worry about recovery houses.
I was actually thinking of just renting a room in a hotel nearby. It wouldn't make a difference to go to a recovery house because the nurses don't help anyway. And it would be cheaper.
Hopefully, I get to buddy up with somebody.

I am having difficulty sending the deposit through...

I am having difficulty sending the deposit through western union.

Okay, so I spoke with Duran and she told me that...

Okay, so I spoke with Duran and she told me that I'm confirmed for May 24 and I think I'll have a sx buddy. We have the same date and were communicating to get acquainted with one another.
Duran does have an issue with her Western Union so she told me to come without the deposit.

My suitcase is packed and I can't stop checking real self.

So the date is extremely close. I have been taking...

So the date is extremely close. I have been taking my iron and supplements and I am ready.
For a little, I was reconsidering Yily because she's so great with slim women...
But I remember why I switched in the first place.
I'm excited to go to Duran... :-)

Read to go...

I'm ready to go... Well, kinda. I'm still packing.

post op...

Durans work


I am staying at Angelas Recovery House...

I still feel sore. Mind everyone that these pictures are only about 30 hours post op.
I have been in a lot of pain, but after taking tylenol or intravenous pain killers, I've been able to at least sleep. I haven't had any major complications, so im feeling positive.

more about my trip...

I've been staying at Angela's Recovery House, she genuinely makes you feel comfortable, she always asks me if I need something or if I'm hungry, she's genuinely sweet.
And I had my surgery on May 24th at around 2PM, so I'm not even a full two days post op. The pain after surgery is crazy, you feel VERY sore and at CIPLA, your told you can't get up. The nurses can be a bit rude, b but they do respond better to polite people, so use your sweet voice. I was sitting on my butt for the first 12 hours after surgery.
I.did see Duran for bit, she asked me if I was okay. ANTICIPATE the pain so it won't be a shock.
The day after surgery, Saturday morning, I saw Duran again, asked me if I was okay and she gave me the prescriptions. Around noon I was taken back to Angela's house. I could barely walk btw. I was taken in a wheelchair to the car and when I reached the house, Angela and her assistant Carmen had to help me to my bed.
And I know it hasn't been working for everyone else, but the pain medicine placed in my IV left me sore, but I felt better enough to sleep. I have vicodin, but it's too strong for me, Tylenol has been my friend.

Duran not responding...

Duran literally has like FIVE HUNDRED emails that she needs to sort through. I emailed her way back in March, before that many people knew about her, before she was even on real self.
You have to be patient, she'll try to get to you. It's a LOT of women requesting her services.

another pic

answers to some questions

Angela's recovery house is $65 per night, and $150 for round trip transportation... It includes meals and after care. They treat me beautifully... Absolutely love it.here.
I have absolutely no.idea how many.CCs she put in. To be frank, I don't care. Lol. She sucked fat out my arms, back and stomach. She said I had more fat than what she thought when she first looked at me. I am 5 4" and I weigh 155LBS.
Any more questions?

A lot of the questions you guys are asking...

A lot of the questions being asked have already been answered in my review. I don't mind answering questions, but it's annoying to have to repeat myself because you fail to read my review. Whats the name of the recovery house I was at? Really?

After about day two I could walk by myself.. Not straight up, but I could walk. I still kinda arch a bit when I walk now... But it gets better after that 2nd day, really it does.

How much was everything? You could calculate that on your own based on the information given. My surgery was $3500, I stayed at Angela for $65 per night + $150 RT transportation, post op medication was $150 and insurance was $150.

I didn't pack a crazy suitcase. But I had
hibiclens soap
baby wipes
loose tennis shorts (2)
wife beaters
maxi dresses
sneakers... etc
I didn't need too worry much about anything at Angela's, she on top of everything... I also got two massages for $20 each by her friend that does massages.
I had extra spending money but I barely used it... I was good.

Oh, and my flight...

My flight was with JetBlue, RT about $500.. I purchased "Even More Space" on my return flight... It makes a difference. You have more legroom and you're right at front, so you get on quick and leave the airplane quick too.

Two months post opp

I'm am fully functional. I have to admit, my stomach is still a bit hard.

booty gone down..

I will admit that my booty has gone down a lot since the first weeks after surgery. I mean I guess it's fine because my stomach also flattened out and isn't swollen anymore.
I definitely look more shapely now .
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

This woman is sweet, no exaggeration. She visited me twice after surgery and it wasn't even a full 24hrs. She knows what she's doing, so I trust her too. I'm glad I chose this woman, her surgery skills and after care professionalism is great. Amazing.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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