June 20th and im still headed to Dr Yily:)- Dominican Republic, DO

As all the other real self ladies, I've been on...

As all the other real self ladies, I've been on this site for months now doing research and learning more about the bbl procedure and experiences, hands down I'm going with Dr Yily. i love her work and prices i just never received a confirmation email from Yily letting me know whether or not my date is avaliable. Desired date is April 2nd, if I'm confirmed for that date i don't mind having a buddy!

Called the office of Dr Yily today got my date,...

Called the office of Dr Yily today got my date, they didn't have anything for April so June was the only time i am available to do surgery. June 20th is my date sending deposit off tomorrow with chase to lock in the date. Crazy thing is i have a date but no quote from Yily herself. I guess I'm good because many of her priced don't exceed 3500. If there's anyone looking to buddy up for surgery or Jaqualines spa hit me up, there's alot of time left to prepare and get things situated, Would love to have a buddy to save a couple of bucks :) Will post pre op pics closer to surgery date.....until next time ......

Procedure is a total of 3100 for lipo on arms,...

Procedure is a total of 3100 for lipo on arms, stomach, back, flanks and inner thighs placed in butt . She gave me the breakdown of how to prepare and things to do after surgery, places i could stay while I'm recovering. Once i handle flight and clearance from my primary Dr i will start on supplies. Anyone out there with info for me on how to prepare myself for this my ears are open....Lata ladies....

Still 3 Months to go, date confirmed and flight...

Still 3 Months to go, date confirmed and flight booked just 2 more very important things to go, set dates with Jacqualine spa and get my clean bill of health :) the packing and supplies should be a piece of cake...My Hubby, family and friends are nervous and concerned about me traveling alone (sb - I'm ready for a new me lol) so to the ladies who's looking to buddy up let me know, that way i could help my concerned family ease their minds...until next time.....

Oh yeah p.s. pictures will get posted closer to surgery data...

My date, flight, stay at jm spa all have been set...

My date, flight, stay at jm spa all have been set and now my passport arrived today...yaaaay...now im just trying to decide on whether I should purchase my faja now or wait until after surgery? Also wondering if I should purchased the Vitamedica Surgery supplements or have my doctor prescribe me meds that help prepare me for surgery? Unsure :/ anyone with advise my ears r open...counting days till the big day...

Exactly one month away from traveling to DR for surgery with YILY

Hope everything is going well for those thats are preparing for an upcoming surgery or recovering from one. Im getting excited about my up coming surgery in exactly 1 month from today. There is a lady by the name of yasmin that has a new recovery house close to cipla if anyone has heard of her and has information on this recovey house, can u please inbox me with more info about it. Thanks in advance

2 weeks and 2 days until I head to D.R to see YILY! super excited

Time sure does fly, im 2 weeks away from flying into Dominican Republic.

Check list/supplies
-Faja -Bra
-Lipo Foam -Stomach board
-Bopoy pillow -Breasr pillow (i may have something done to boobies)
-Scarguard -Tape measure
-Gauze -Compression socks
-Cotton -Pill organizers
-Max pads -Olive oil (for massaging)
-Gloves -Electric Massager
-Wipes, gloves, dial soap, toothpaste and brush, deodorant
-Vitamins: pre iron w/vitamin c, B12, folic acid and copper
-Vitamins: post vitamedica program (arnica montana and bromelain w/qu fjjdjjdj quercetin)

continuation from the last post...

-Dresses -under shirts (under garment)
-Flip flops -Button up shirts
-Robe -Gogo pillow (for tablet and transforms into a neck pillow)
-Big underwear:)

Snacks inbetween meals...
-Water, pinapples and pinapple juice, tea, fruit cups, prunes, cranberries and cranberry juice, peanuts and cheerios

Not sure how Cipla works with giving snacks so I'll bring a little of my own (im a snacker) .Im having my doctor provide my meds to take with me to D.R. Did my pre op tests and everything turned out well. Now the wait super excited.
Shout out to all the ladies on here thats helping out with this research, you guys provided sooooo many details on what to expect when traveling to Dominican republic and resources that are avalible.

Almost there

Almost there in just 3 days there will be a new me

in DR as of yesterday.....super happy :::)

Hey ladys im here in DR. I arrived yesterday morning and headed to jm spa, very nice to me there although they cant speak much english they welcomed me with a lot of love. Did the usual when I arrived got my room and key, ate something and met girls that were recovering. Many good stories and some bad. The bad thing for me was the fact that yily's office was shut down the nurse ann (such a sweet heart) knew the clinic dr yily was at, and confirmed I arrived and I would be ready for surgery in the a.m. Now im here at a surgical clinic having all my tests done and preping for surgery. Will udate as much as I can....., lata ladies


Jacqueline's recovery house

had surgery yesterday

Yily was nice to, as well her assistant I was the only surgery so there was no rushshedid eerything I asked for I forgot to tell tell her inner thighs but I shoul be be good I didnt really need them have before and after pics up when I get a chance leaving clinic today for jm recovery. Can only send emails out there cant surf the web like I want to update here..lata ladies

I forgot to mention

The service I received here at the clinic was good they check on you it seems like every five minutes but im readyfor the r3covery house now all of my things r there

stayed .another day at the clinic

Had to have a blood transfusion yesterday apparently my hemo leveels dropped low now im good the stiffness is crazy try to walkas much as u can . They had me laying down on my butt so u could imagine it felt like I was layong on bricks this whole time
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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