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Hello dolls, past present and future. It is an...

Hello dolls, past present and future. It is an understatement to say we are all aware of the power of a beautiful behind, and we are all seeking that gratification. Like you, I have spent years contemplating this procedure for reason of costs, lack of demonstration for desired results, and uncertainty. I have made my decision- Birds of a feather.

I have loved so many of yily's after pictures. She definitely snatches the waist. I am torn between her and duran for the same reason's everyone else is. I was raised in poverty, and I am no stranger to "less than perfect" conditions, but when neglect or possible abuse are factors I have to make a well informed decision. I received my quote from yily about 3 days after visiting her website. It was detailed and straight to the point. It did not, however. answer some of the questions I had such as- "do you use saline or silicone", "should I gain weight or work out?"... maybe I'm just paranoid. Like the rest of you, I want to be sculpted by a surgeon who really does care, not only about the quality of work but the well being of the client. I have seen several others posting asking these same questions and RS is full of information, but I figure I will narrow if down by speaking out personally.

To those who have been clients of either or, I have see AMAZING results! Watching your journeys have given me the motivation I needed to feel this was ever possible.

To those who have experienced complications, my heart goes out to you.

Birds of a feather-

This fall you will see geese headed south, flying in "V" formation. Science has discovered they fly this way because as each bird flaps it creates an uplift for the bird immediately following. By flying in "V" formation the whole flock adds at least 71% greater flying range than if each bird flew on its own> When one falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of trying to go at it alone and quickly returns to formation. When the leading goose is tired, it rotates back in the wing and another bird takes the lead. Geese honk from behind to encourage those up front to keep up their speed. When one is sick or wounded and falls out of formation, two other geese fly down with that goose to lend help and protection. They stay with the fallen goose until it is able to fly again or the latter...

It is a beautiful thing to see so many ladies lifting each other up and holding each other down. You have truly inspired me.

I want my booty by March 2014!!!

Hello ladies. I am truly learning the importance of updating our reviews. I have learned so much from you guys and if I haven't replied promptly I do apologize. I am still waiting to hear from Duran... no quote yet. I have decided to possibly eliminate the BA BL portion of my surgery, but I am not sure. I haven't been too impressed with the boobs from DR, don't really like the application. Looking to possible go through the armpit... Does anyone know if they use silicone or saline? Also has anyone heard anything new in regards to the latest cabral death? I want to do this so bad, but I must admit I am terrified. I definitely cannot do this alone. Any ladies looking to schedule sx in early march message me for sure if you are serious. I am ready to put down a deposit but I'd also like to get a quote from Duran. Have you chosen a doctor yet? If so how did you decided between the two? I love Yilys waists... I don't really have a butt now (or at least I don't think so). I guess I do but a real small version of Kinda wide in the sholders....not linebacker but not proportionate to hips. I already have a heart shape, just want it to be bigger. As far as my waist, if it weren't for the back fat and inches of loose skin Id be in pretty good shape. I have 2 children, 13 & 9, so its time to get back to m. I work hard, Im a single mother, and at this point I just want to feel sexy in a bikini. I no longer want to be noticed as the girl with the pretty face... Ive always said, you cant have it all, but after years of living in this box shape I feel like I've been humbled and now I am finally ready to manage some serious curves without letting it get to my this is what I tell myself so that life seems fair). I'm joking but I'm not. Enough about me, I'm sure im not the only one trolling this page early this morning... How is everyone today?

Im losing my mind waiting for quotes!!!!

OMG Im gonna go crazy if I don't hear from Duran! I got a quote from yily but I want to change some of my procedures... I guess I'll feel better when I secure a date because right now it doesn't feel official. Everyday Im wanting to schedule sooner and sooner... looking at all the beautiful results you ladies have produced...Yes, you... they way you have taken care of yourself pre and post is why your results are thriving. I have only shared my feelings about getting this procedure on sure a vulnerable level on RS... I don't feel anyone else could understand. I dream about this, like most of you have and do... I am thinking of all the things I will do once I get my new body... not like I don't feel im one of the baddest (flat assed) chick in the nation ;) Im tryna maximize my potential. I look past the loose skin and I see what "I" look attitude is positive and I am prepared to take this journey...I JUST NEED MY DAMN QUOTES!!!lol


I am pretty small... My weight fluctuates between 127- 135 most of the time. My legs are small but shapely, I was once a D before nursing my kids but now I am more like a deflated C. I have a loose skin flapAs much as I know that implants would just literally put the icing on the cake(s), Im afraid because I read the implants being used by Yily and Duran aren't FDA approved... Does anyone know about this? Any experience with complications or information on the brand? Also which DR doc does the best boobies? I want them to be pretty...

Yily it is

So after reading 100's of reviews and staring at 100's of waists and asses I am officially going through ass overdose. Yily is who I've wanted from the very beginning. She responded first, although I am still waiting for a quote adjustment. I am going to send my deposit by the end of this week even if I don't hear back from here so I can secure a date and buy myself some relief. Man, this is draining. I don't even wanna think how much energy im going to put into shopping for this. Well, Im ready...

Good morning small crack does not mean you're broken... It means you were put to the test and didn't fall apart...

Yily no accepting deposit...?!

So a few ladies have to me that Yily is not accepting deposits anymore... Does this mean we can fully secure an sx date? How does that change the first come first serve rule? has anyone had sx with her without putting down a deposit? Im coming from the NW on a 9hr flight and the last thing I need is to get there and have a bunch of delays... I know things happen but damn

Is time moving slower?

I turned 30 this year... and all year long it seemed as is time was flying by. Like I never had enough hours in the day to do what I wanted to do. Now I seem to be a little extra efficient due to my new God bless all the girl who have just underwent sx and those in healing. There are so many of you right now and very quickly I felt connected through your experiences. Thank you for sharing, the good, the bad, and the ugly and I pray for everyone's safety throughout the course of this journey.

Heres some more wish pics... I cant seem to figure out what type of booty would be best for me... Don't want too much of a shelf, definitely a heart shape... but hips will be a must Im sure of it...hmmmmm

Date switched....

Got an email from Yily.... March 10th instead!

Good evening dolls...

So I have been spending most of my time doing the usual except it in the back of my mind the thought of my sx is always looming...Its becoming a distraction. Not that I haven't always longed to be curvy and full, its just that now that I know its coming it doesn't seem to be coming fast Whats a girl to do? The only fat I have is in my torso and my weight fluctuates so much that I do want to work out and waste all the fat I have worked so hard to store...I am 150 now but I really LOOK like I'm 125. I fit a size 7 jeans and small or medium top. I had my first child at 17... I went from 115 in my 6th month to 189 in my 9th... The size of my daughter also caused me to break a rib...I cant image being any other way its been so long. The other women in my family (mother, sisters, aunts) are all wide hipped and round assed... I always felt lie I was missing out, especially because my mom was known for having one helluva shape. My sister, as square as a box of applejacks and would never dare do dress sexy. I know this will make me happy, I don't want to seem ungrateful, and I pray that I come out of this victorious. But I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'm scared. Ive had two C-sections, both via epidural, both awake. That part of it I am fine with. I keep trying to put myself in the shoes of the girls who have had complications. How would I feel? How much is this worth to me? The fact that it means so much to is what I am afraid of. I Love me, right now- both on the other hand, I would LOVE my dream body. I always thought this was outta reach because how expensive it would be here in the states. I am going for it regardless. You only live once-

whats shakin ladies

Nothin but ass cause I been havin my eye on you guys and its lookin real round out there! New bootys, you guys are makin the booty greed even realer for me, happy healing! SO I been doing yoga again- I must say I miss how far I used to be able to go. Im strong but I'm so damn outta shape, lol. Compared to what I'm used to, but then again I was in the gym twice a day back then and I was a stay at home mom so I had all day to take advantage of periods of "free" time. Now my days are no less than 10hrs and I'm exhausted after standing all day. I think I really got discouraged when I knoticed huge results everywhere but was never satisfied with my tummy. At some point I wasn't even complaining about the size of my booty, but eventually it clashed so much with my stomach that my ass slowly seemed to faded away like a jump shot, I felt helpless...LOL I know its not as bad as it sounds but that is how I feel- I've never been able to wear a bikini, I've always been fit everywhere else. After I had my son I noticed my back had gotten fat- wow, really, not a good match for arms with defined muscle. The worst part about it is everyone else thinks im overreacting. They think I look fine, what they don't understand is they only see me with clothes on and I LIVE in my skin. I know it could be worse, and I truly am grateful, but I also know what I have the potential to be- JUICY :) My daughter thinks its hilarious... She been in school with a bunch of 12 year olds who are on diets...? Its crazy. She thinks kim kardashians butt is gross and way too big, lol My ex is actually being supportive, hes know how long I wanted this and we have remained good friends the entire time so one thing I know for sure is my kids are straight while I'm away. Feels good to have a reliable Now back to the grind- I been scrapin up cash wherever I can, trying my damnedest not to spend a dime. Its hard, I must admit, I like to pay myself first. I know I am doing this for me and I need to have discipline in all areas of my life for this to go smoothly, therefore I ignore the mall that's two blocks away from my job that I pass to and from work everyday like its a sizzler. I think my daughters a little annoyed by all the ass pictures on my laptop. My son doesn't complain


Wishes hopes and dreams


Hello dolls barbies and all those aspiring to be- Last night was halloween and more than ever I was wishing I had my tight stomach and round cheeks to show off in a costume. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I see so many sexy costumes that I can only dream of wearing due to the fact they bare the ENTIRE middrift- Oh, well... next year they will be lucky if I show up wearing anything at all-LOL J/K. Ladies, time is flying. I wish it would go faster so my sx would get here sooner, but I also have the fear of not being prepared. Im not sure if I should purchase a faja pre sx or if I should wait. I hear many girls say that they have gotten the wrong size garment from their docs and I dont want that to be an issue. I used to tightlace- so I no stranger to compression, but I worry about using a corset. Do the bones leave indentations? Is it a bad Idea to wear a corset because it "sinches"? You know, pullng the laces also can cause the skin to buckle up... Hmmmm I wonder. At one point it had me down to a 20' waist, 22 without the corset. I decided to start working out... mainly legs abs and back. The cindy whitmarsh deadly seven also helped with the 22" waist and I wasnt even dieting.

Its hard to update my review being so far from my sx... I dont want to spend all my time posting play by plays of my everyday affairs, I really want whoever to read this to feel like they have an inside look to the entire process. i see many reviews that dont get posted til after sx, I think even before is important. I havent been juicing, but I have been drinking naked juice green maching, eating lots of kale and spinach, taking my blood builders and vitamin c... Whats a girl to do? Its pretty difficult knowing your on your way to your dream body but you have to wait. I've even been giving the cold shoulder to my team cause I'm fully focused. i am normally an advocate for retain therapy- but I dont even want to shop! I wanna make sure that ass fits nice in any new gear so I guess no malls for me til post doesnt help that I literally work directly behind the mall and can see it from my window at work. It also doesnt help that everything wants to be on sale when I'm not trying to spend money. Maybe I should stop those text alerts. lol Anyway- this is only one stop along the way in my journey- after a 12 years relationship fail I moved out on my own (without a man I mean,lol) for the first time. Me and my ex had been together since high school. I made sure I decorated most of my house in Hot pink so its obvious a man doesnt live here.LOL. Now, planning my sx lets me know I'm on the right track cause I'm finally reaching for the things I've always wanted...My ex is even being supportive... he puts $10 everyday in my piggy bank surgery I think hes hoping he can sample the new booty when it comes...YEAH RIGHT!!!!

Still want a quote from duran

Oh yeah, I STILL havent been able to get in contact with Duran... not through whatsapp, gmail, or facebook!!!! I want that quote :(

Finally- The Duran quote...

So I finally got my quote from Duran and I a super pumped... Knowing I have the option of going to my top 2 surgeons in DR makes my heart race. Which one do I choose? Duran has truly been showin out lately but I'm sure Yilys gonna come back strong...What do you guys think for my body type?

Keeping me up all night

Wow I spent all this team just knowing I would never hear back from Duran and just when I gave up she hit me with a quote. Im so torn. I love yilys durans asses. Either way I know they would both put it down... Im truly leaning towards Duran cause her FB is outta control...So undecided!

shot outs!

Shot outs to Mamacita1987, JamDollyfiReal, #Bossbooty and all the dolls that just crossed over into the afterlife, KILLIN EM!!! Every time I see a transformation it makes it realer for me. I appreciate everyone who has shared their journey and all the intimate details that go with it. bklynbeauty- your heart is pure and it will all work out in your favor I truly believe that. I'm a "live out loud" sort of person- I work in the hair industry and people share the most intimate details of their life with me. It takes strength to subject yourself to both the negative and positive feedback. You are heroic. All of you are really. It is not an easy transition but you are all very positive thinkers and were built to last. Kudos to the new Kulos...LOL


Hey ladies...I was going through my phone lookin at pics and I realized "'I have officially mastered the art of takin pics that make me "look" like I got a booty...lmao...I mean damn to the untrained bbl seeker you might think I got a pretty nice being silly-

Great Idea!!!!

Ok so this whole sleep thing has had me pretty worried... Ive had 2 C-sections, 1 tubal, so total 3 abdominal surgeries. I know the pain of getting out of bed and going to the restroom, but in those cases I could always depend on resting on my ass. I've been mowing over some ideas- high pressure foam is pretty expensive (I know because I make furniture) so me making a revised mattress is a pretty pricey idea. I decided to slightly revise bootyforevers chair and go with a chaise instead.... found one on amazon for $25 and if I'm really tryna change the game I can add a oam cushion for an additional dub... Im ordering really soo just in case I have to make some revisions. I plan on obviously cutting an area for my new addition in the cushion and the chaise. It also has an adjustable recline so you can drop your legs or raise your head in 5 or 6 position... What do you think?

Flight booked!

One step closer! I decided to get it outta the way. Next is supplies and RH. Vets would you suggest buying a faja pre op??? If so how did you determine the size?Im trying not to get ahead of myself but I cant wait til March! Also does anyone know if yilys staff is still answering emails?

Congrats new booties!!! Lookin mighty bubbly! I know you are healing but please feel free to bombard me with any tips- do's, don't, wish I would haves, and anything that will help. Once again I appreciate the transparency in your reviews. Ill be on that side real soon!!!

Shots out to Upgrdme!

I love astrology... it may seem corny to some but I believe that if the water we drink and the air we breathe affects our health, mental, and physical well being that so do the moon stars and planets. I just so happened to be lurking on RS (you know) and came across her profile. A while into her review I notice she was offering readings, not a price, but for a donation. I sent my info and she responded promptly. I have paid for several readings- many that were very insightful. I read her interpretation of my birthchart and was immediately drawn in. So many details that's were too specific to just be a coincidence. I wanted to publically thank her for sharing her gift and giving me some clarity in a time where I feel overwhelmed overworked and assless! Thanks momma you have a true gift and I know it is only going to cultivate into something being than even you can imagine! Thanks again

oh yeah

Oh yeah- My coworkers read it and requested readings too! Show her some love!

Ready for my blue pill!!!

Its kinda crazy but in a way, I long to jump head first into that gruesome recovery. I am impatiently awaiting the day when a faja becomes my second skin in which I eat, sleep, and pee in. The blue pill- I am officially choosing to be trapped in the matrix where people can project their ideal self image for the rest of the world to see. My dream body- The more I research, the more I can picture the situation. In my dreams, I can picture my rh room- me lying on the bed, looking out of a window, in pain, but smirking. The sleepless nights, the stiffness. I am looking forward to all of it like its some dark twisted fantasy- the pleasure in the pain, knowing I have been officially reborn. I love RS because it put me in a position to be exposed to so many testimonies. So many that I am willing to leave this country, travel to a land of foreign tounge with thousands cash on hand, and trust a surgeon I cant even communicate with verbally to not only take my life in her hands but facilitate a life changing transformation that so far has only been a dream to me. But I guess that's why its my dream body. Its not a dream if your not willing to do what it takes...
The difference between a dream and an idea is depth. A dream is almost like an idea that haunts you... comes to mind when it wants to. It is powered by a force. An idea can disappear or even fade away, but a dream leaves a long lasting impression , even when you don't know it. Dreams love vulnerability- they can inspire hope in your darkest hour, provide a sense of comfort and will even catch u while you sleep. A dream is an idea that is attached to the heart and the psyche, its cultivated by your thoughts. All of our journeys here were built on a dream- one many around us still refuse to see. All of our dreams are different but driven by the same force. Thanks to all the ladies who helped me realize I am not alone in this, even in my dreams- Ready for my blue pill ;)

Hello dolls

Time is flying by just like you guys said. I've been chiseling away at my supply list, and I pretty much have all of the smaller items. Questions for vets- Did you purchase a garment pre op and if so how did you select a size? Would you suggest me waiting? If not what is the best brand? I hear many girl refer to taking a women's multi vitamin- Every one I've found contains vitamin E... isn't that a no no? Did you stopping taking them pre sx? So far I am taking purabsorb, vitamin code healthy blood, vitamin c, b12, and I have recently started taking chlorophyll triple strength from GNC as a cleanse for the next 3 weeks. I have also purchased pineapple bromelain, and probiotics. I'm considering getting some dental work done as well but not to sure. Don't want to add any extra pain!

Butt in or Out???

That is the question. I have noticed and also have seen some girls comment on how some bbl results leave cheeks looking smashed together. To me, not only is the lower back slope and projection important, but so does having that slight pull apart effect. Is this the result of a garment squeezing the booty too tightly or swelling? I am not getting any thigh lipo, and I already have a thigh gap and despit that fact that I am currently at 153, I still fit into 5/7 due to my body mainly storing fat in the abdominal area. Current measurements- 30-33-39... mmmm mmm mmmm. The unholy with corset waits is 27. Im hoping my experience with tight lacing makes this garment thing a little easier to handle. Right now I am currently rockin a 26 steel boned corset from I believe its the ambrosia. I believe it is better to get an underbust so you can use your own bra. Sometimes the cups can be shaped weird. This corset was pretty pricey- I got it when I first started tightlacing because I thought I needed to spend a bunch of cash to get a well made one- sometimes that is true but not always. I was not ready for it at that time. It truly has NO give. Part of the reason I stopped tightlacing was because even though is made my waist disappear it made my bra roll look even more pronounced cause it just pushed the fat out through the top. I know there is also corset vests and ones with high back but I said FORGET IT! I wanna look good butt naked so off to DR! I will however start tightlacing again as I know it decreases the flair of the rib cage. If you are thinking about tightlacing please be sure to do the following...

1. Watch an instructional video to see the PROPER way to lace your corset. This is one of the most important factors. Tightlacing in dangerous and you should not be wearing a corset if you cannot lace it yourself
2. You cannot MAKE a corset fit. All of your measurements matter. Including the length of your torso. There are many different shapes- some even mold the hips. I think a waspie or similar cut is best. Low on the belly with unrestricted hips.
3. just like your CG make sure you wear a shirt underneath. If you think a faja is tight wait til you wrap yourself in a steel fence!!! without a proper buffer the cinching can cause skin to buckle, burn, or bunch up... bad news.
4. follow proper fitting instructions. Like I said earlier. The corset I am in now was the most expensive so far, one of the first I purchased, and was too extreme for me at the time and I was smaller and weighed 20lbs less- yes 20. Every company has different specs and some say order it 3-4 inches smaller, some say up to 6.
5. Don't get yourself into a situation you cant get out of. The first month of me tightlacting I went to a white party in a size 3 dress I just had to have from BEBE. Squeezed the living ish out of myself- got into it. headed to the party. Almost blacked out on the freeway from lack of air and ended up heading home in just my drawls... yes it got crucial.
6. Start out with something moderate. Corsetboulevard has an excellent starter corset for 60.00 (was 29.99) and I must admit, this was the one I wore the most. Never failed. Replaced it after a year cause a bone came out. could have easily got it repaired. Only downfall was only came in basic sizes but it worked for me at the time, and still works now.

I think this'll do the trick...

A few possibilities for getting comfortable and keepin the booty free of pressure

Christmas shopping

The hardest thing to do right now. I have been telling myself not to shop. I have avoided every womens clothing section- including online. My favorites list that was once filled with countless online stores and shopping carts hold nothing more than a list of faja dealers, vitamin shops and juice recipes. I went in the mall today- for the first time in months. EVERYTHING was on sale... mmm mmm mmm. I swear, usually I cant find too many things I like but temptation was calling me! I managed to escape but I did end up purchasing a $15 sweater... it would have been a crime to leave it behind. Finished the shopping and now I'm moving on! For some reason, even the things I can easily walk in a store and purchase for sx I prefer to buy online. Down to the bandages. I guess I get some satisfaction out of having packages arrive at my front door. My second closet is slowly building up a collection on packages. I open them, check the contents, and close them away for later. I love it! I would like to know what any of the vets feel was a waste of money cause I'm building up quite a list ;)

Supplies coming in

SO... Got some amazon stuff in this past week... I love ordering supplies
Lioton Heparin Antithrombotic Gel, Arnica Warming Relief Massage Oil, Ezy Dose 4 a Day Weekly Med-control Tray, InterDesign PowerLock Suction Hook Combo of 6, (Chux), Large Size 23 x 36, Pk/25, 2 of Prima Wipes Adult Washcloths, 64 Extra-large Wipes Per Pack, 2 of Roberts Research Labs Arnica Gel, Arnica Salve Ointment,Arnica Montana by Hyland's Homeopathic - 250 tablets, 30X, Homedics Thera-P HHP-230-THP Dual Handheld Massager, Nelson Bach - Spatone purAbsorb Iron 28 pkts (Pack of 3), Leachco Snoogle Loop Contoured Fit Body Pillow, Ivory, 2 of Alacer Emergen-C Immune Plus System Support with Vitamin D, Blueberry Acai, 30 Count, Life Extension Folic Acid + B12 Capsules, 200-Count, P Ez Travel Urinal, Chewable Pineapple Bromelain - Natural Digestive Enzyme, 100 tabs, Folding Helping Hand Long-Reach Pick-Up Gripper - 26" Aluminum. I still have about 150-200 worth of things I need and want. I think during this process you can never be too comfortable. I was considering a robe and slippers, a few deflatable devices, pillow wedges, anti cellulite crème and possibly a handheld ultrasonic machine (seen one on ebay for $21.00). I know I need to stop so I don't spend a bunch of unnecessary money on things I'm not gonna use. This sx has already had a significant impact on my life. I ready!!! The suspense is adding to the stress and I just want to start that new chapter... Does anyone know how many dolls be going to Yily the week of March 10? Would like to network with as many of you as possible. Im sure it would be great to have others going through the same thing around for comfort and support. I'll bring the dominoes ;)

All I want for Christmas...

Is my big booty and tiny waist! After shopping for my kids I went shopping for myself... and I don't mean clothes... More supplies. I swear I been using amazon for about 10 years, neverhad a bad experienced. To me its the most trusted marketplace online. So I ordered- Outsunny Deluxe Folding Adjustable Sun Lounger / Camping Cot, Essential Medical Supply Hourglass Knee Separator (I got this because I have a hard time getting comfortable at night anyway, and I am mainly a side sleeper, and this tends to make the hips ache and messes with the alignment. I know I should have had it sooner ;) ), 2 x GT 6" Cotton Elastic Bandage with Velcro Closure on both ends, 6 inches wide x (13 to 15 ft. when stretched) for binding and extra compression, 2 x Defense Body Soap (used by fighters and athletes to avoid infections the cuts or wounds, has excellent reviews), Ultra Soft Plush Travel Neck Pillow (for my 10 hour flight), and Big Banjee (runners wallet, looks like a wristband so I can keep phone, passport, money, and anything precious on me). Go all my vitamins now I'm just counting the days.


forgive me now and in advance for any misspelled I hate the fact that we cannot edit our reviews "(

Miracle scar cream???

Has anyone heard on wound be gone?



ladies, Ladies, LADIES!!!!

Good morning all. I have noticed there is a bunch of negativity surrounding a few girls who are either not happy with their results or were the victims of poor surgical technique. I appreciate you all for sharing your stories. I think the issue here is that these ladies are trying to spread the word and warn many ladies of the possible complications. The thing is this- I believe we have all been warned in some way, I believe we are all scared, but I also believe that most of us have made up our minds knowing the risks. To enter someones page and tell them not to go to ANY ps isn't cool. RS is here to be a platform for us to tell our stories. If someone asks for help with that decision then be my guest, but how would you feel if you told someone to go to your doc and things by chance went wrong? We all have our reasons for choosing our PS. No guarantees. Many girls have went to the same docs as their friends and family and had issues with their results although their loved ones did not. Asking girls not to vent about the tragedy they have suffered because your experience went well, NOT COOL> I understand that unless is has happened to you you will never truly understand. With that being said- if you are on the other side of the fence don't expect the girls on my side to be able to relate, only sympathize. Also expecting to change everyones mind is just not going to happen because we have all gotten to the point of being willing to go to the extreme for bodies we are satisfied with and some of us feel disfigured already. Its not fair for anyone to pass judgment because of that. Lets encourage and support each other and hopefully none of us will have another tragic story to tell. Ladies who feel that staying in the states protects you from complications and gives you legal protection, that is not always true. Miami Docs rarely have Malpratice insurance, hence the low price for Dr Salama. I have seen excellent results from him, but I have also read about a girl who was badly burned. Very sad. Just know if you choose him you are just as protected as you would be if you left the country...

My confessions

After all the research, the good and bad stories, the promise of pain and an emotional roller coaster I have come to realize that the hardest part of this journey (FOR ME) so far has been giving up my best friend- Mary Jane. That's right, her and I go back since 8th grade and she even met my parents and they approved of us hanging out. LOL. We kicked it EVERYDAY, and it got to the point where I couldn't sleep without her. She has definitely been my crutch. When I walked away I was not only confused but lonely, how could I make it without her? She had been there through everything with me- even when there was literally nothing to do. LOL. Although I know shes not what I need, especially right now, everytime I think of her I can hear her whisper "you'll be back... you always come back" but I really feel its truly over. She doesn't "fit" into that new chapter of my life when there once was a time when if she couldn't come, I wasn't going(LOL). Yes we were tight like that. So this time- she knows thing is no new years resolution with the possibility of a falling through. Its a lifestyle change, and I can no longer slow down for her to get on my level. It may sound funny to some but this has been a comfort zone for me for many years and so far only pregnancy and this sx have been the only reasons in my life that I have had to stop. All in which are life altering changes I am grateful for. Leaving her was hard and it doesn't get easier for me personally. I miss her. She had that extra something nothing else has, but just like any other relationship that becomes toxic our time is up, LOL...seriously tho. I never hear girls talk about this. Can anyone relate?

Pre Op... The soon to be

Transformed me at my most vulnerable. Going all the way!!!


Yes I am calling you to duty. I need all the advice I can get, sooooo...

Should I buy a faja before I get sx? If so what size?
Compression socks with no leg lipo?- does everyone need them? Should I get them from my ps or buy them before? If so what kind? What strength?
Compression sleeves with no arm lipo?
What to expect from underarm lipo-
Must have items?
Items you felt were a waste of money?
Did you use heparin and arnica? if not which one? why?
Best scar cream
When did you start using silicon strips on scars?
Did they work? Which worked best?
Which supplies didn't you like?
If you had to do it over what would you do differently? What would have improved your results?
How would you change your pre/post op?
Pre op Post op red flags...

I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to help me and so many other girls!


I have been a bit of a hermit lately. I haven't wanted to go anywhere or be seen with this extra weight I have put on. I don't like the way I look in clothes right now, plus I would have to shop just to be able to fit anything. Is anyone else going through this? Its new years eve and I don't even want to leave my home. Got invited to a Seahawks party tonight but like I said before, I DONT WANNA BE SEEN! Cant wait to be post-op...

MEDIHONEY? Wound savior?

People are raving about this stuff. Dressings and paste... Has anyone heard of it? Its pricey so I only wanna buy it if it works, but if it does what they say it does, SIGN ME UP!


wishes from other bbl sistas that I share ;)

Happy New Years!!!

For some reason I couldn't wait for the year to be over!!!! I just feel like knowing we are officially in 2014 I am so much closer now. 67 days to go... Im just taking it one month at a time cause counting the days is too stressful. I find myself waking up in the morning so happy another day is over and I'm a little bit closer :) I Just want my belly flat and my booty pokin cause it way overdue!


It's officially 2014. I don't know what to do with myself. No matter what I do I feel like the days are passing minute by minute. I'm working 2 jobs, taking clients at home and almost every hour of my day is jam packed, but I still feel like time is moving slow. I decided no more supplies I don't absolutely need and I vowed to stay off of amazon for at least two weeks because I keep finding things that I feel would help in my recovery but don't really need. I'm about 800 in so far- but that also includes post op care comfort and meds. Still waiting for the P EZ, everything else has arrived and all that's left is gauze, tape, robe, slipper, maxi dresses, and snacks. I'm sure I will have to pay for oversized check in luggage cause their is no way I will be able to pack everything alone with Gatorade, snacks, and supplies as stay under 50 lbs. Mentally, I feel like I have too much time to think about all of the possible pitfalls and complications that COULD arise. The months of lipo recovery, not knowing how long it will be before I feel like myself again. Maybe I never will. I'm so used to having a saggy belly I don't know how I'd feel without it. Definitely the way I've felt for the last 14 years. Hopefully, I will feel revitalized and reborn. Typing on my phone is not cool... To be continued...

Trying to send a deposit...

But the info I received was super confusing. This is what she sent me
Office: Sans Souci address based Naval 27 February in Spain Av. esq Av. Boulevard del Faro, Los Mameyes Postal code: 11603 phone 809-788-9696 Yily Loramny of the Holy Rosary. It has number xxx-xx-xxx-xxxxxx-x code Swift xxxxxxxx Bank of reserves of the Dominican Republic

If anyone has the transfer info please inbox it to me


Soooooo, I have been emailing Yily for about a week now (and whatsapp) no reply. I understand that money talks and I am trying to start sending her money only there are 3 or 4 different accounts or methods circulating and I don't play when it comes to money. Until now I haven't experienced a lack of communication and I have also noticed more than one email going around as well. KNOWING I am not the only girl to address this, I do think its ridiculous not being able to communicate with our surgeon (to be). It is their jobs to give us a sense of security and even though this is a foreign country and the order of operations is a little more unstable I feel they should be more responsive, after all- we are making them rich. I sent the same message to every form of contact I could find today- WhatsApp, Facebook (both pages), a few email addresses said to belong to Yily along with the one I originally made contact with and now I'm playing the waiting game. I've notice girls changing docs for this reason. I have intentions of doing that, but damn, I'm taking a month off of both jobs, spending major doe, and all I want is a piece of mind and your making it hard to spend money with you? Who does that? Apparently that's how it goes down in the DR. I also think the translation apps make us look slightly dumb cause when I translate her messages they look extremely broken so I could imagine what mine look like. I tried my best to dumb it down. If anyone has a direct line to Yily, let me know cause this is for the birds.


After basically throwing a fit and getting so frustrated at the thought of making all these plans and them falling through because these docs have let their demand get to their heads I got a response, and an apology. I didn't hesitate to go in about how ALL OF US are on the edge and many have chosen to walk away. No deposits ladies...not to paypal or through wire. I'm not sure whats going on exactly so I made at date with Contreras as well just to cover my ass. I was just speaking to another bbl sister about securing two dates and now I can say I understand where she is coming from but this is not about not knowing who I want its about me traveling half way around the world and avoiding disappointment and the possibility of wasting lots of money. eh eh, cant do that there... so all I can do at this point is pray and when I get a little closer I'll know for sure if I need to switch. If not then that's cool too.

Shot outs!!!

To Dukes217 and Victoria316... from jump you guys had that super genuine love and concern and you guys wont ever know what that means to me. Since I decided to have sx, my so called best friend has gradually stopped coming around (someone who I couldn't get rid of in the past even if I wanted to), I have become more reclused and focused, and I have completely altered my life- eating habits, partying, smoking :( (lol). All sacrifices for the greater good and if it weren't for RS I don't think anyone would ever understand. I have always made jokes in the past about wanting to put my stomach in my butt and never thought it would ever happen. LOOK AT ME in route to the butt gut switch up. I think no matter how much emphasis we put on how emotional or difficult this process is it has to hit home before we really know the dynamics of the "booty coaster"- I was once asked in art class to draw a picture of love. To me, no picture could describe that. I thought of warm colors and bright ones to display bursts of energy but even when it was done I still felt the need to explain that even though the picture "looked" loving, it could never express the burn, the thrill, the butterflies, or the heartbreak "feeling" love could provide. I think just as important as the info you ladies share to help prepare us for this journey is the comfort of knowing that we are not alone and that your guys (vets) actually relate through experience. I'm grateful. While the rest of the world thinks I'm crazy for doing this because they think I "look" fine, only my RS sisters know how I "feel". We all have an ideal self image and it feels good to know I have support in achieving mine. Thank you all for sharing and caring. Now back to the booty!

Oh yeah- I have decided not to give up on Yily. Throughout my review I have had my heart set on sx with her and god willing that will happen. I wont be shat on or neglected either so I'm going to chalk this up to the language barrier and messy staff which I know can happen anywhere, including the US. But truthfully- only time will tell and anything can change.


Don't be shy

Hello fam... Hopefully everyone is doing fine. In another week we will be halfway through January and since February is a short month it's gonna fly. I just wanted to encourage some of the ladies I've been seeing or communicating with to start their own reviews. You will be surprised how much it will help you along the way. Venting, sharing and receiving information is why we are all here and if it wasn't for sisters being open enough to share their experiences they may have never paved the way for so many of us. Prior to joining RS NO ONE was willing to openly talk about the process of this sx. It was so hush hush... Breast implants used to be this way and I get it... It's personal. But we are here with a collective mentality and even tho there is an occasional crazy hater/stalker I feel RS is a pretty safe place. Now I'm not about to post my address or ssn but I feel I can share with you ladies without expecting things to go bad. Thanks for being a part of the circle!!!


Only a few last minute things left. Ordering maxi dresses tank tops today...

This is in fact her paypal. She must accept your deposit this way or it will be returned. FINALLY I have a piece of mind knowing she has gotten my deposit and I can now start paying down my balance. Ordered the last of my supplies last night and I'm happy about that cause every time I get on amazon I order 3 or 4 things I didn't intend to, I think that's my way of making up for my lack of shopping these past few months. Still waiting on 5 lipo foams, robe, maxi dresses, ouchless gauze, tank tops, socks, nightgown, flip flops ( cause I will be showering in them)and a few more items. Also bought a few pairs of leggings I could not pass up. I am not going to buy any more clothes until post sx... just so I have something to do when I'm off for a month. Got my FMLA stuff filled out and hopefully it will be approved. If not I am just going to take an unpaid leave which I was already prepared for. Nothing is going to keep me from my dream body, I will not postpone this sx, and I have been so blessed along the way with resources and information that other than the actual pain and discomfort, I feel I have done this already. Thank you ladies for that. My biggest worry is this- I had my birthcontrol implant removed. Had my first period in 6 months starting December 20, 2013... I bs you not it started AGAIN on the 11!!!! I am hoping this is just a fluke and my sx comes before the one in March.... fingers crossed. I though I timed it perfectly. My concern is that my periods are usually like clockwork... consistent every month with a 2 or 3 day difference. This period was SUPER heavy with cramps that have had me laid up for two days. I haven't had cramps like these for years. I am hoping things will stabilize. I know I have at least 3 more days left judging from the heaviness of this one but I'm hoping to back to my 4 days cycle of 2 heavy days 2 light ones. Since February is a short month I am hoping to arrive in DR on the last day of my period. I don't know how this will effect my Hemo, but I know it will be a helluva lot better that if it were just starting. Anyone who has either just started or just ended prior to sx, how was it for you? I could really use the advice. Should I up my iron? Avoid certain things? Please help- just when I though I had everything under control, smh... preciatecha!!!!

just a thought

I decided to say screw the maxi dress and traditional sweatsuit for the flight home and go with the adult onesie enstead... More my swag anyway...

Deposit refunded

Okay so just got an email from Yily stating there is an issue with paypal so she had to refund my deposit. She says I am still confirmed so I wont make a big deal outta this. My only worry is that this is just going to allow me to do more shopping....LOL. BUT I WONT, I promise. Finished the list FOR REAL THIS TIME- under tees, panties, pads, blood builder, onesie, and flip flops... Lipo foam came in yesterday. YAY!!!! Team #KILLIN EM" is suiting up and ready!

To boob or not to boob?

That is the question. Im super torn. Maybe its the greed kicking in. Im not a huge fan of tits, but I would LOVE to go back to having the freedom of wearing a backless dress. Prior to kids I have nice full D's and I guess I took them for granted because they made me top heavy. I wasn't exactly excited about them deflating, but other than the inconvenience of wearing a bra all the time it didn't make much of a difference to me. My tummy, that was once a six pack had been destroyed beyond my control and that to me was like the worst thing I could have endured. I was thin, lean, and I had been cursed to live the rest of my days with the stomach of someone who was not only outta shape, but stretched outta shape. Now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel I just want to put myself back together. I don't want to get a lift it my boobs wont end up perfectly symmetrical. I don't want them bigger cause I don't want to go back to having a dominate top half. I don't know ladies. I feel like I should do something about them while I have the chance. I planned on getting them done later but after talking to my sis Victoria316 I'm considering making a move. You guys know I haven't been too impressed with DR boobs, but some have turned out pretty nice- so what do you think? I've had two consultations with docs that say I don't need a lift, just volume. HMMMMM what to do...

Hemo one point lower in DR?

Was reading this on one of my RS sisters page... is this true? do they measure on a different scale or how does it work...? Now im officially freaking out!!!!!

Even crazier!!!

I have read that smoking actually causes your hemoglobin to raise and when you quit it causes it to drop...That's is crazy and I was always told that smoking decreases the oxygen in your blood. Wow.. I need to get tested again cause I cant take any chances!!!!

Watchin the clock

Okay... If I don't get one of my own asap Imma go crazy. I know we all can relate. I am starting to spend more and more time daydreaming about my dream body and less time living in the present. I dont know if that's a good or bad thing. All I know is its been so long since I have been satisfied with myself, I dont think I've ever been able to look in the mirror and appreciate myself as a whole. There is no turning back now. I feel like if for any reason this opportunity was taken from me I would go completely numb. I'm trying my best to be patient, to be open to the fact that this may not turn out exactly how I want but no matter what I feel that anything is better than what I'm working with now. This whole process has me feeling so ungrateful for what I have naturally. From this point until sx it will never be enough, and I pray I am satisfied after. I look at so many pics that have what I "want" and how empowered I would feel to have it. I read reviews from other ladies and I can relate to so many of you- hating the way our clothes fit, holding in our bellies, poking out booty that's not there. We all deserve what we are striving for. Each morning I wake up and hope the day goes by as quick as possible so my time can finally arrive. I shopped like crazy because I needed to feel and see progress- planning alone was not enough for me. For too long I have carried the burden of my insecurities. It amazes me how the medical industry doesn't acknowledge how ones physical appearance effects ones quality of life. It can truly make or break a persons happiness. I do believe deciding to have this sx makes a person even more unsatisfied because we can finally see a way out of the skin we all felt would plague us forever and I dont think there could ever be a greater change. Its exhausting. I thank god for my RS sisters, who else could I turn to about these feelings? Everyone else thinks I'm crazy. No one else can appreciate the drasticness (is that a word?) of this change and nobody else shares the same dreams. Months ago I felt this was miles away- I still feel that way. I long for the adrenaline rush of knowing its finally "real". the flight, the RH, arriving at CIPLA, the BLUE PILL... I have dreams of the initial reveal of my new body. Will I cry? Most likely. A beautiful sunset has that effect on me so I'm sure being reborn will grab my heart from my chest. I want this so badly. We all do... And every time one of us crosses over its a reminder that this is not just a dream. Thanks for sharing, thanks for listening, luv u guys...

Make sure you sign up for points with your airline!!!

Even if you went through a broker. You will be able to use your points for trips in the future and trust me they add up!!!Even if they don't mean much to you, you can gift them to a future doll!!!

More packages

So the last of my supplies are finally rolling in- Onesie, robe, muscle milk oatmeal, new whey protein ( especially good for travel... 3.8 oz valves packing 47 grams of protein!!!!!), and my xs squeem- I was so shocked at how small it was but even more shocked when I tried it on and could actually close it. NOW IM JUICED!!!!! At least I know I have an excellent chance of being snatched like a hoodrat ponytail. But I am wondering if it will be tight enough post op sx...hmmm.


So I'm super excited!!! I finally found a male Yily doll and he is so adorable!!! Show him some love ladies, he's sweet, southern, and shares the same dreams we do... I aint made at him one bit!!! Cant wait to see his turn out- TURN UP!!!!!@ MALE YILY BOOTY IN JULY !


Hey everyone. I haven't really been spending time on RS lately. Frankly I have been trying to stay distracted. I get my hemo tested on Monday so I'm looking forward to where I stand with that. Still scared shytless about being on my period or worse- starting the day on sx... Been going ham on the OJ but gotta be careful cause they are hard on my kidneys. I've been a lot more tired lately. Running on empty. Just trying not to focus on the calendar, truly I am ready so now I just gotta hurry up and wait. Gonna wait on the boobs. Even though I have seen some decent ones I am not gonna force the issue cause I cannot afford the disappointment. Still missing Mary Jane... I have gotten so tempted but I never gave in. Some days I just want to puff a cigarette once to take the edge off but I know that is the worst thing I could do. Hoping my doc signs my FMLA paperwork, gotta turn that in by the 14th. Been eating like CRAZY. Seems like its finally going to the places I always wanted it to (butt and thighs). I don't think its going to go to my back anymore. Although I wanted to get to 160, I'm good here. I don't plan on getting arm lipo and its starting to spread there. I think all of the vitamins I am taking is starting to come out in my skin, I heard that happens sometimes so I been scrubbing like a mad woman. FINALLY I can say there is NOTHING left to buy. Wondering what I should take and leave behind. Not really feeling like myself so I'm sorry guys- don't really have anything captivating to say... just trying to be patient.


Earlier I stated I had my paperwork filled out, I actually had gotten a letter but my job want the ACTUAL paperwork signed and delivered. SMH just when I thought I had everything prepared.

Hemo and iron facts

Did you know....

The more water u drink the more hydrated u are and the lower your hemo levels go- hmmmm

Smokers have higher hemo levels

Hiving blood lowers your hemo levels

Chitosan- found in the shells of crabs shrimp and other sea animals with exoskeleton will spike hemo levels. Supplements available.

Working out lowers hemo levels

People with kidney issue are at risk of low hemo levels

Testosterone raises hemo levels

Calcium makes it harder for your body to absorb iron....

Just a few facts

Might switch it up

I know, I know, I know ladies. I am one month away and I have had some concerns weighing heavily on my mind. I have tried SEVERAL times to contact Yily to no avail. I understand she get busy. I understand she is high in demand. I also know that the majority of her patients are from the US so frankly there is no excuse. I have put so much time, money and energy into planning this sx I don't understand how a clinic that has assistants is unable to respond...even a month later. My main concern is God forbid complications arise. I would have no way of contacting my doctor. I am flying hallway around the world and that is a scary thought. I know I am not the only one who worries about this, and while I am trying to stay positive, I am also trying to look at the situation with my eyes wide open. I know that my sx date will Yily is completely overbooked and I just don't have the time nor the emotional energy to wait all day and night hoping she gets around to doing me. I was also informed that one girls sx started at 7pm and there were two girls after her....WTF? I know shes high in demand but WTF happened to office hours? Ladies we literally sit in suspense all day, starving, and there is a good chance that at least one of us will do it all in vain. The thought makes me cringe. I am trying to keep the faith, but I am with Dukes on this when I say the lack of communication is poor professionalism, regardless of how in demand you are. I work in the industry of hair transplants and replacement and my location receives at least 4000 appointments and consultations a month. We have two administrative assistants, one manager, one supervisor, one sales consultants. Trust and believe it runs like a well oiled machine even when we have clients that don't speak English so with that being said, Yily is making at least 20,000 a day. why the f*** cant she hire people who are efficient and responsible? why dos she treat potential clients like they mean nothing until she finally comes in the room to mark us up greeting us with an empty kiss and a smile? Ladies we all deserve more than that and it makes no sense. After all this time she still hasn't answered my questions and concerns and her staff has time to get sx even though they don't respond to emails? I am seriously looking in a new direction because I am investing in myself and there are WAY too many surgeons that will; listen, answer my questions, and don't treat their establishment like an ass factory tossing girls to the wayside after they have collected their money. Don't get me wrong, she will snatch the hell out of a waist and give nice ass too... but I am traveling to DR for the full package and I don't require much attention. The problem is NO ATTENTION doesn't deserve my money and I'm feeling some type of way about the way she handles business. Needed to vent. Thank for listening again ladies and if anyone has the name of Contreras facebook group please inbox it to me. Until later :/


Okay Ladies

I have started an exclusive facebook group that is completely private for dolls who are looking to meet up, take trips together, party, visit and whatever else... Serious and respectful dolls only. All drama will be blocked removed and deleted!!! If you are interested in being part of the movement inbox me your email address to be invited. No pics or info will be shared. This is invite only and no foolishness will be tolerated. You don't even have to show your face if you don't want to but eventually we will be meeting in person- hopefully. Til later dolls!!!!

Upcoming Events-
Las Vegas, NV
Rio De Janeiro- Feb 2015 Carnival
Atlanta, GA
San Francisco, CA

Nothing is set in stone yet, this is a project in the making!!! Lets come together!

oh yeah

If you do not have a schedule sx date or RS review you will not be excepted into the group. This is exclusively for dolls!!!!


Hemo is 13.1... started taking beef liver pills and chitosan to give it a boost. DR here I come!!!

Happy Valentines Day Dolls!!!!

Wow, this is the first Valentines day since 8th grade that your girl has been single and im not mad at it at all...Still on hermit mode... Still working both jobs up until my last day at work which is the 8th. From job#2 I leave to the airport and its off to DR! Ordered some lipo foam wrap cause I'm pretty sure im getting arm lipo now, after looking at so many ladies who haven't gotten it I decided its a must cause the last thing I want is a tiny waist and big arms!!!!Sticking with Yily, its just too stressful to try to switch now but still got plan b and c on deck just in case. Get another Hemo test on the 3rd, just to make sure nothing crazy is going on. I don't think any of us can determine how much of a difference our hemos will be in DR, it depends on the elevation we started at. To my sisters, sorry I haven't really been visiting any pages, I am just the type of person who likes to overthink things and I can handle anymore tidbits of information right now... Im just hoping these next 3 weeks fly by asap. Love u guys, I'm still here... before you know it it will be MARCH MADNESS!!!!LOL


Today is my girls day everybody- she is reppin team Robles so show her some love. Got you in my prayers Nina baby, its your time, Finally!!!!

my bad

Ms.nina is team almonte!!!!

Hello sisters!!!

Good morning dolls.. I woke up this morning with the sun shinning through my window after days of hardcore rain. Im almost there. For the past few weeks I've been so emotional about this. Any hurdle that has been thrown in my path has caused me to come undone- First- there was a mix up with me and my buddys appointments with Yily, and several other dolls I know. Appointments had been cancelled for no reason at all. That sent me into panic mode. So far, it has been corrected for some of us but I don't know for sure until we get there. Second- just want to be fully prepared, if my sx is delayed it could cause a major problem... my period could start at any time and I will have to stay longer which really isnt an option for me. Ms. Nina made it to the other side lookin super bootylicious!!! Happy healing sis and thanks for letting me know your okay!!! You guys stop by and show her some love...

For now im going to just wait my turn and try to stay as positive as possible. I know God has it all worked out and all I can do is put it in his hands. Thanks to all you guys for helping me through this journey, being supportive, lending me your ears and sholders to metaphorically cry on and opening your hearts at my times of vulnerability. I know it is far from over and I know I couldn't have made it this far without all of you. I look forward to meeting all the March dolls... Man where gonna be super deep out there!!!

Oy yeah

I am officially 156lbs. I started at 132. I don't want to gain anymore weight cause its going to my arms now... I must admit tho the ass has gotten fatter... I'll post new pics later after work... muahxoxoxox


Ladies let me tell you, I went to target before work today to grab the last few items on my lit- gauze, benedryl gel, band aids, wound wash- if you guys could have seen the horror on the faces if the group of guys behind me in line when they say the four packs of extra heavy preening hit pads I had loaded up on-lmao. They were whispering and pointing and they even stepped back a few I just looked at them straight in the eyes and said "my flow is rediculous my heavy" LOL and they went to another line. I explained to the cashier why I was buying them and she laughs until ters rolled down her cheeks :D I wish I could have take a picture of the shock they were in...Lol 13 days til it's my turn!!!!


preening hit is actually overnight... Smh who makes this damn auto correct...?

on a more serious note

I haven't really been updating much lately, or visiting my sitters pages, and for that I do apologize. Been pretty much trying to ignore the clock and the calendar in hopes that ill wake up and ill be in the Wishful thinking. The last the=ing for me to do is pack, and ladies I'll tell you I do not feel like I will be overpacking. I will tip my driver to drag my luggage and same for the guy at the airport. Ms. Nina is recovering nicely, but she has also stressed to me that this journey is definitely hard and extremely uncomfortable. That is what I'm anticipating. Ill be packing dry snacks- cause I'm a picky eater- liquid protein shots and anything I think will make this journey easier on me. Anything I don't eat I will leave to dolls who are arriving. Im packing a few maxis, 1 or 2 gowns, a robe, slippers, a pair of flops and the flats I wear to DR will be the ones I wear home with my onesie. Got my cooler float, inner tube float, hoppy, and lumbar pillow as well. I will be bringing my laptop and headphones, all of my first aide stuff, vitamins, lotion, blanket, lipo foam and foam wrap. This has truly been stressful preparing for this and I know it is going to be a ruff recovery but I am prepared, I know what I signed up for and I am looking forward to the reward of all this prep. Me and my bubbly are ready to go and Im glad I for her cause I can already tell our personalities are compatible. Getting my scripts filled by my PC so that will save me the 250, but I will get heparin shots there.... Have all you ladies (vets) used them? I see some docs don't require them... just a thought. gained all the weight I am willing to gain and for the first time in my life it is truly sticking. Im a little concerned about whether to get arm lipo or not. What are your experiences with it? I am afraid that if I don't get it my weight will start to go to my arms and that is truly a bad See you on the other side ladies ;)



Hurry up and come!!!!

I just wanna get thru sx and get back home. Is that too much to ask???


Is it me or did she loose the thickness she was so loved for? I have seen her on tv quite a few times lately and she is starting to disappear. One thing is for sure... I will not be following the trend of thinner is better... Im not digging how boney her legs are lookin these days... just my opinion.

Come this far

So finally, after so much anticipation and months of preparation, ladies we are close enough to taste it.Ive bee laying super low trying to remain focus, avoid any negative thoughts and tie up any loose ends. After all the stress I find relief in knowing im only days away but I wont truly feel at ease until I'm on the other side and even then I just want to make it back home to my babies. I look at them know, both sleeping in my bed for the past few weeks, Im going to miss them. My daughter, 13, my son, they are both at the age where they are fully aware. I have answered all of their questions. I woke up to my son stroking my face- telling me hes going to miss me and two weeks is too long. I told him I know and that if I didn't have to stay that long I wouldn't. He understands. He also said, "Mom, your butt has gotten big already so why do you still have to go?" I told him cause my belly has gotten bigger too :) They have such good senses of humor I will miss them making me laugh. My coworkers are saying the same. "Your butt is huge now, how much bigger do you want it? " or"im scared it will be too big" I tell them I want it big enough to where it never goes away, no matter how skinny I get and the only thing you need to be scared of is me using it to takeover the world like pinky and the brain, lol. Im ready. Shots out to my girl MYEYEZ, honey that hemo will be up asap and you will be on the flat side. YOU DESERVE IT!!! Ladies keep her in prayer! Also- Dukes, Meec, tradeinahoopty, nikkibunz, kiwidacutie (my buddy), chocolat, cinnamoncandi, blessedx2 and ALL the other March dolls (in my Drake voice) N***A WE MADE IT!!!!LOL Its our time finally!!! LEGOOO! May we all have a smooth transition to the flat side... If I didn't mention your name its cause I'm retarded, j/k... its cause my mind is overwhelmed but hopefully you know I still luvya!!! tomorrow after work its off to the airport and then SD, DO here I come!!!!

oh yeah

My girl BigLucious!!!!


So I'm on ladies... Boarding for the first half of my flight... Wish me luck! Ill keep everyone updated;)

Halfway there

slept all the way from Seattle to JFK now once I get through this layover it's viva santo domingo!!!?


Does anyone know if u can do your labs at Cipla on a Sunday????? Please let a sista know!?!

Daylight savings

I left Seattle at 9:55pm and got to JFK at 7am... Time change and daylight savings time got my ass feeling exhausted. 4hrs difference is just now hitting me but cause I haven't been sleeping well I'd be awake in my bed about now. Imma try to get some sleep on the plane to DR. Stay tuned...

Hey Dolls!!!

Soooo, made it to DR. The airport is crazy. You get off your plane and its pretty quiet. Then you start to see random beautiful people. The men and women alike are gorgeous. Everyone who approached me assumed I spoke Spanish and even when I said I didn't, they continued to speak espaniol. After making it through customs, you walk to the exit and hundreds of eyes are on you. A cluster of men holding signs wait by the door. The others are waiting for relatives and friends. My driver (Pedro) was a sweatheart. He had my named spelled wrong but we figured it out. Two other ladies were waiting for him as well. We got into his van which was pretty nice and very clean. We hit the freeway. I was talking to the other ladies about what I heard about the traffic and shortly after we hit a large dog. Ran him completely over. He pulled over to the side of the road and checked for damages because his check engine light came on. We keep rollin. We got off the freeway and people where everywhere. I see a bus passing us by and a man literally hanging out of the door. He hopped out before it came to a stop. People on the corners, selling water, sodas. The ratio of English speaking people is about the same as Spanish speaking in the US. About 1/12. We get to real recovery. The entire staff is exceptional. We are greeted with kisses and hugs and are immediately brought food and drinks. We are then told that they are overcrowded and we will be staying in a hotel for the night and then relocated to another RH owned by the same people. I got to check on a few ladies I knew would be staying here. One was in a room with 6-7 other girls, separated by dividers. All of the ladies looked amazing. I seen many duran dolls, a few yily dolls, all in different stages of recovery but very fierce. I see another doll I knew who was sectioned off by partions in a corner in the hallway. Although it was done very discretely and tastefully, I still would hate to be in that position. I will be checking on her soon to make sure she has what she needs. It is very obvious that things are crowded but the staff is handling the situation with poise. Everyone seems comfortable, I think the only thing compromised is privacy. As long as the RH we are goin to have the same amenities I have no complaints. A staff member comes to us and tells us exactly what to pack for CIPLA... very little is needed. She suggests we do not bring anything extra because it will not serve any purpose and their is a good chance we wont feel like doing much. I will keep you guys posted on all the details!!! Thanks for all the love!!!

Labs on Sunday

Ok so at 8pm I was told that I would be staying at Cipla for the night and having my labs done when I get there... Yay!!!! Fast forward- at Cipla, staff is great, labs are done, awaiting results. Ill keep u guys posted. Oh yeah here with 3 other girls schedule for sx the next day. Saw boss booty at real recovery and I gotta tell u her body is one of the best I've seen. Ttyl!!!


Tips to make your stay at Cipla better-

BRING A PILLOW- they don't have any or at least none readily available.

BRING A BLANKET! Or u will be cold. None were available to me or the 3 other ladies I'm here with.

TAKE A SHOWER BEFORE U GET HERE!!!! We were taken from our RH because it was overcrowded and sent to stay here for the night. The water smalls like toilet water I swear I just can't do it.

We can't eat because its past 10pm but I'm hungry as a mf. Our TVS aren't working so I'm glad I brought my laptop with tons of pre downloaded movies. Staff was better than I expected but I don't know how accessible they will be post op. u cannot flush toilet paper. Nurse wore gloves when drawing blood. Very few English speaking people but professional. Unless u come on a Sunday night u probably won't need any pajamas. Being whatever u need to keep warm and keep a bottle of water on deck for brushing your teeth. Wouldn't wash my face with this water. Facility is pretty, haven't seen anything horrible but once again ill keep I guys posted. Muah

Guess who's first up!!!!

finally. All marked up and ready to go. It's my time. See u on the other side!!!!!

On the other side!!!!!!!

so I made it to the other side. I promise to do a full update will pic when it Faja time. Muahxoxo


I'd any of u Gus feel like u ribs were comma crack with bandages on? Lord help me

Thing people don't tell u about recovery

The worst part for me is your ribs literally feel crushed. I have had a broken rib before. (From my first pregnancy) so I know how it feels. I have a nurse 24 hrs a day right now and I just came see it any other way. She brought me water, soup, requested pain meds. Very sweet lady it's a shame I don't remember her name. Her replacement arrived a few minutes ago, just a sweet. The tightness of the gauze you are bound indefinitely makes it hard for u to breathe. The nurses at couple WILL NOT let u get up, change positions are walk the first day. They will only recline your bed a few feet. It went from freezing cold, to blazing hot so ac is a major commodity. Pack what u will need to be comfortable at Cipla. Socks, PILLOW ensures. The nurses will not let u eat for at least 4hrs after sx. Even if your starving, no water, no soup, nothing. I've been daring ALOT but not into my bed. Simply into the drain reservoir. When u can get up do so as much as u can. It necessary to heal effectively and as quickly as possible. My but is hard but not hurting anywhere near as much as my ribs. My back feels like period cramps. The IV drugs did not help me, thank got I have Percocet or resulting would be impossible. I would lol e to get up and stretch but until tomorrow it's not gonna happen. Many girl her even on RS so expect alot more girl then u see on the calendar. Try to take your labs early so u get them outta the way it makes a huge difference. I had my blue pill by 7am if I were waiting for results maybe If i didn't get it outta the way be til 9. Not wearing compression socks yet. Oh one last thing. U receive your epidural block in 5 places, not one like with a csection. The blue pill kicked me out or maybe it was the IV in my arm. I woke up towards the last ten minutes shivering from the anesthesia but had no pain. I cold see through a hole in my gauze I was being cleaned up. Yily was very sweet and straight to the point. She's definitely see she takes her job very serious. Thanks sisters, if u have questions don't dont hesitate to ask and I will find answer. I met 3 girl who hadnt research at ALL who does that? One was expecting a luxury car to pick her up and take her to a resort..... Lol no hunny ,welcome to DR!!!!!

Hemo 7.2

So just when I was starting to question the ethics at Cipla- both of my nurses told me I looked fine. I didn't get woozy while putting on my Faja and I haven't gotten nauseous- guess who showed up for dinner, Aunti Flow. Yep ladies I was paranoid she would come and I wouldn't have been as to have sx. Whew, thank u Jesus, may not come when u wasn't it but always right on time. Does anyone know where they have good hair for the dirt,.. Lemme know!!! I know one thing is for sure, given the information that Aunti flow has arrived lets know my transfusion was completely justified. God is good ladies!!! If I wouldn't have been on time for sx I would nor been able to have sx I would have had to wait for 7 more days ...?" I would have lost it, thank u Lord :)

For my sisters

I promise I will give a full update when I return, better pics as well. But for now here is a sneak preview. Also how long did it take to see the swollen monkey go down??? It's outta control... Sorry so blurry, only mirror with terrible lighting.

Hello sisters, finally my review

My experience in DR was just that, an experience. From the moment I went to the RH I was ready to go home. As I mentioned before it was overcrowded. I was put in a room with four other girls. The space was very small with little room for my belongings. When I finally got settled in I was told to pack my things so I could be moved to another room because one of the girls had a friend who would be staying with her- so did I. After packing my things with the little bit of energy I had one day post op IO was moved to a room in the front of the house with 3 other girl, one being myeyez, another was a girl I met at the airport during pickup. All these ladies are the reason I did not fall apart and leave kicking and screaming. If I would have been roomed with someone else or ladies I was not compatible with it would have been a disaster. The food at the RH was good, the living room area was always clean. My complaints would be that no one stayed on top of administering medication, cleaning drains, bird baths, etc. Several times nurses attempted to give me heparin shots without using alcohol wipes. Thank god I brought my own. SEVERAL times I seem spilled drains only be wiped up with baby wipes. NO BLEACH, NO DISINFECTANT. I kept in mind that I was in a foreign country. I did notice Spanish speaking girls were treated with more patience and care. By day three I was asking about my surgery buddy. I was told she was put in the "new house" and would be moved shortly. At this time I was in so much discomfort (and I know she was too) I didn't have the strength to argue. My roomates and I decided to get out of the house and move around a bit, by the end of the day my feet were so swollen I could not move my toes.

For me the swelling was terrible from day one. My face was swollen to the point of not being recognizable. At that point I was glad to be away from home because I did not want to be seen in such a distorted state. My stomach was swollen more than pre sx, and I could not see any shape in my butt. I was ready for that part. My faja was not closed until day 4 when I got my first massage. I will say if it weren't for the Percocet I brought with me the pain those first few days would have been almost too much. I popped one before my first massage and could barely keep my eyes open. My first massage wasn't so bad. The second was worse. I saw Dra Ana almost everyday because I chose to go to CIPLA for my massages. They were definitely worth the trip. It is a spa like experience and they use paraffin which I believe kept my skin from being dry. The staff was also very kind and patient. Pretty much every girl I met in the house ended up going to Cipla for massages. The lady at the counter has one of the smallest waists I ever seen. She is 3 months post op Cabral Doll. I say his post op patients were the most impressive I seen the whole time I was in DR... Let me back up im getting off track...

Day 4 I was approached by a lady in the RH asking me to settle payment, no big deal. The issue was they expected me to pay for a double occupancy room when I was bunked with 3 other ladies- Not Going Down. It turned into a major argument when they told me the price was the same- I wasn't even roomed with the girl I made reservations with. A lady in the house was translating the conversation but from what I was told, not in my favor so it was a huge misunderstanding. I was moved Again to the "new house" which I was okay with because it was ALOT less crowded. The only issue was it had lot of mosquitoes and they had their way with me. The bathroom had no toilet seat so you can imagine. Other than that the house was beautiful, huge, but empty of furniture and until 2 days before I left I didn't have a blanket and barely had 2 pillows. Thank god I brought 2 of my own and a small throw blanket. I made it a point to get out of the house everyday- whether it was to cipla, the salon, going out to eat- something. My main driver was Pedro Frias- he cannot speak English but we had no problem communicating and he was very sweet and accommodating. The girl in charge of the perscriptions in the RH will definitely try to get over so unless you can go to the pharmacy yourself I suggest you just get in from CIPLA, many girls paid over 225 in the RH and didn't get everything on the list, CIPLA charges 150.

Everyone for the most part in the RH was sweet. I had a few really good nurses an a few rookies that I believe were interns. You have to pull teeth to get your drain unclogged. I debated leaving early everyday. Yily is requiring drains stay in for 14day for tummy tucks- by day 9 I could feel my drain sucking skin and tissue and demanded it be removed. After I was a lot more mobile and a lot of the burning sensation was gone. My drain hole closed that same day and I received at least one massage everyday thereafter. They help so much.

I was told several times not to overpack. I used almost every single thing I brought except gauze and bandaids. I did not have an open drain so I didn't need many maxipads. I used foam, plenty of t's and wife beaters, I left the house almost everyday so I needed plenty of maxi dresses, I used my robe. Wipes were like gold. First aide cream on lipo incisions, lotion chapstick, iodine, cotton, paper tape, swabs, alcohol wipes. Ab board and lower back triangle a must- and not for butt cleavage- to keep the swelling to a minimum cause that where its the worst ( if not folding a towel in the shape of a triangle for the back and a rectangle front will do). You will need to purchase a stage 2- it will also minimize swelling. The difference is the stage 2 comes with powernet which is very sturdy and doesn't stretch so the compression is a lot higher. I had my stage one taken in and that's what I sleep in.

The ride home was horrible. I flew 1st class, had a layover in Newark which was only an hour long. The problem was when you fly internationally you must recheck your bags so I had to go to baggage claim and the check them again. If it were for the wheelchair service I would not have made it I swear. The plane ride SUCKED, no matter what I did I could not get comfortable. I could feel myself swelling and after 11hrs on the plane I just wanted to take a shower.

Ive noticed some deflation, maybe it was just swelling. I am satisfied with my results so far even though I wish she would have went bigger but I still look very natural and only time will tell. This is by no means for the weak at heart. This recovery is a long process and just when you think its over your knocked down again. I think I am healing pretty well and I haven't taken anything for pain since day 4. It really is mainly discomfort. The lipo by far is the worse part, the back is where I notice the most pain and discomfort. Sometimes ill reach for something and feel like my skin is tearing off. I don't regret it one bit, just trying to be patient. If I had to do it over again I would pack more pillows, stay in a hotel and pay a nurse. The rides to cipla did not hurt one bit to me, maybe the day I left cipla for the first time but after that it was cake. The booty hurts the least- sorry if im bouncing around just trying to forget anything. Incision is perfect, the tt is my favorite part, will post pics soon, but in the garment with all the padding im using there is really nothing to see. ANy questions let me know. Love u guys... will post pics when I get outta the shower...


Testing our vulnerability

Monday I was officially 4 weeks op. although I looked forward to this being a milestone I still feel slightly disappointed- not with my results but with the way I'm feeling. I am so used to having the energy of a 16 her old but this has truly taken me outta my element. I decided to take an extra week off of work, I was supposed to return Monday. My job is very fast paced and requires me to stand the an entire 8 hrs. I still find it hard to stand up completely straight for more than 20-45 mins at a time then in back to being at a 70 degree angle. The swelling has gotten so much better. I have been using the ab board which really does work. I usually wear it to sleep or if I'm in the house( which) is most of the time and if I go to the store or something I take it out for mobility. It has greatly reduced the swelling in my lower belly. I was actually getting discourged at first. Even though I really do know everything is going to be okay I just want to feel better, or better yet not so disabled so that I can move forward in my life. For most of us this recovery is just part of a greater plan and to go through the process of planning, preparing, and executing this sx and its recovery it feels like it takes forever. You are actually feeling everything and in some places nothing. Thank god for me it hasn't been very "painful". Uncomfortable is really the only word I could use. Unsettling maybe. In so many ways comfort is not in the equation. Not pain for me. If it isnt the stiffness after settling into what seems would be a comfortable position its the Faja. Sometimes is the opening digging into my leg or butt cheek. It's just always something. I'm explaining this because I have a very picturesque perspective and I like to be descriptive. For me everytime I undress and see myself in the mirror I am truly pleased. It all seems worth it again and the discomfort really does improve everyday. I had my stage 2 Faja de Prada taken in at the waist twice so far. I will be ordering another cincher or corset really soon. I had to cut the power net layer off if the back to make room for the booty. I had to do the same with my last stage 2. The de Prada has a littlemorelegroom then the marena one I bought. Ill stick with this brand for now. I can see how this process would cause people to run back to their vices and comfort zones because u just want to feel normal again. When getting in and out of the car wasn't such a task and I could actually paint my own toenails. I guess I have no choice but to be patient and pay my dues to this journey. To everyone who has just crosse over- its a new type of reality check to wake up after surgery and to know you will never be te same. Feel the same look the same, but know u will be better. To dolls who are almost there eyes wide open offer more security then strong walls. Knowing as much as u can in this process will prepare u as much as possible. I am glad I read the gods bad and ugly an it kept me on my toes. No matter what if u don't have the time or money to properly recoup I would strongly agree waiting until you do. If u consider paying bills while going through the process, the cost of sx, travel, room and board, supplies and massages this adds up to a pretty penny and misc money adds up to. Clothes for post sx- so many expenses at once. I thank god I was prepared and if i were to do it over again knowing what I know now it would probably be a little more expensive because I would secure myself for about 3 month post, hire a nurse and stay at a hotel. U would get massages 3 times a week upon return home. They really do help so much. I am finally getting to the point where some parts actually feel good. Some hard areas still. A pretty big area on each side. Waiting for the fluff. Does anyone know when we can workout? Til next time ladies, love u all...

Before and after 3 weeks po

almost 4 months po

Hello dolls! I've missed u all. U are probably thinking I just got my sx and dipped but really every aspect of my life changed after and it hit overwhelming. From coworkers to friends, men and women alike all look at u differently after.i never liked being the center of attention, but now I can't walk anywhere with SOMEONE commenting on my ass. Sometimes I appreciate the compliment but on those days where I'm moving quickly or just running to the store to grab something from the store in sweats there is always SOMEONE. I actually had a guy approach me, and we went on a date shortly after and his first reaction was "damn, I didn't realize your face was that pretty!" At one time that was my greatest asset so it's a little hurtful that it isn't a point of immediate focus anymore. Guys are actually shocked that I'm pretty,smh. Anyway on to the good stuff-:)

I love my body. With or without clothes it's spectacular. My stomach is flat and even though I wanted bigger hips im totally satisfied. Dresses show my shape off the best. Still have only found 2 pairs of jeans I can fit. I love crop tops, a luxury I could not afford before. My pre sx stats were 5'3", 161 lbs and 36-35-38 post sx 5'3" 147lbs 32-27-42. I have to be honest and say I haven't worked out yet and I still been on my fatty diet cause I lose weight very easily and I love my size now. I have considered a round 2, not for more mass but possibly and smaller waist, arm lipo and to smooth out any dents. Everyone says it's a perfect bubble. I have never been questioned about it being real except by someone who has seen me naked and after saying " no I just had my stomach done, now all my weight goes to my ass... Lol. By two months u should pretty much be at full giggle status. I was always scared it was getting smaller, the measurements for my hips never changed. The people who do know are shocked at how natural it looks and feels. I had lumps in my side and lower back up until three months po, nothing visible but I had my Faja taken in an the crease left a few lumps on my right side. I worked them with self massage an they are gone now. I feel two pea sized knots at the top of my hip bone in my lower back. Still kinda burns a little . I figure I still have minor swelling. Stomach never got hard. Was always pretty soft. I am not sure if there is still swelling, no burning. Scar is excellent. Flat low and I have work several bikinis and it's never shown. The right side of my incision has puffiness in the corner where the drain was. Sometimes burns a little so I'm sure it will get flatter. I will post pictures before the night is over. Patients it's everything in this process, u will drive yourself crazy if u can't patiently wait for your results. I would like my privacy protected so I will take pics exclusively for RS showing all the different angles and scars tonight. I owe that to your girls for sharing so much with me. To the dolls who helped me through it all thank u for shedding a positive light on something so taboo. I would do it all over again ;)

Rd 2 with the king of barbies

After my first round with Yily March 2013 like so many other girls I crossed over and thought for a split second I was satisfied. To be totally honest, I knew the moment after surgery even though I loved my body more than ever, I still didn't achieve the results I was hoping for. Going through this process was definitely a learning experience. This time I am truly going in with my eyes open. For those who don't know- Prepping for surgery (medical clearances, eating clean, working out, maintaining a reasonable weight) has many influences on your results in the long run. Gaining weight when you have a hard time keeping it on is a bad idea... You want your results tried and true when it comes down to it. After care is critical and it cannot be stressed enough. Don't be fool, sitting on your new precious buns WILL affect your results. If you are combining surgeries like I did it will be impossible to avoid, but keep it to a minimum. You will lose some fat on the bottom where you rest your weight- your garment can make or break you. Do not wear garments that squeeze your butt- this will ruin the shape. Many girls come out of this with butts that's look as if the cheeks are squeezed together or with a boxy shape from behind. This is because that is how the garment shapes you. You must have something in between your crack or it will looked smashed together. If you cut the butt out the shape around it matters. so many little things I wish I would have done differently. Don't get me wrong, I love my new body, but my round to will be to correct all of the details I feel can give me much better results. For one, I feel I lost volume in the bottom for having to put pressure there. It wasn't much but it definitely had an effect. I feel the majority of my fat was put towards building a shelf and not enough in the bottom. I also have puffiness where my drain was and I was that removed. Small roll under bra line must go and arms and torso still have fat for the taking. Yep, its round two... Im ready. Why Cabral? You already know....
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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