YILIFIED! 3WKS POST-OP! - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi, I'm a 32y/o, single mom of 1 girl. I'm 5'3"...

Hi, I'm a 32y/o, single mom of 1 girl. I'm 5'3" currently weight 150-155(fluctuates). I have been interested in bbl for a while. Never had the chance to follow thru w/it bc of time,& funds. To be honest, I haven't found a US doctor that can give me the tiny waist & fluffy butt I once had. I joined the military in my mid to not so late 20's to put me thru school that i could no longer afford. In my teenage yrs I was 110-115 & even after I had my daughter in my 20's. When I hit my 30's, I began gaining weight due to stress, poor eating habits, limiting my workouts bc of an injury and even more so after coming home frm a deployment to "catch up" as I like to say on all the food I missed out on. I recently began cutting bck on eating out, stopped drinking beer, & began running 3times a wk. I also take iron & try to get my vitamin C whenever possible....Anywho, many months ago b/4 I came home I ran into Yily & Duran reviews, and I was sold. I got my $$ saved, a passport, & time(preferably late June) to take this step & get a bad ass, sexy looking body w/BBL. I thought it would be easy to get thru to either doctor bc I speak fluent Spanish. I emailed both in spanish, their turn around time to reply was in 2-4 days asking for pics to evalute & I responded asap requesting the end of June. That was 2-3 weeks ago...so I spoke w/duran's assistant yesterday who told me duran would email me today & nada! I left yily a message today. Hope they find time to respond. :( Should I email them again? I love their work. Right now I'll go to either one that has the last wk of June available bc I'll get about 2months to stay home & recover.

Finally got a reply frm Duran

So over the Memorial wknd I re-emailed Yily & Duran in spanish telling them in a very courteous manner how I had been waiting for a quote. About 48hrs later I get an email reply frm Duran w/a quote. Yes! Now I can set in my date. She listed after surgery meds I'll require but didn't go into detail as to the amount & dosage...I find myself trying to decide weather I get them in the states or get them frm Duran. After making a "storm in a glass of water" (in my head). I'm gonna call her assistant on Tuesday to get more details on the meds. Also, did any of you have problems trying to send your deposit via paypal to her? That's another thing that I will sort out w/them over the phone. For now, I can say that I'm much happier after getting thru to one of my top 2 choices. :D

:D Team Yily! Yeah!

I finally got an email from Yily :D Her email was more detailed than Duran's(I still love her) but that solved my question w/the meds & paypal I was having w/Duran. She won me over. So I decided to jump on team Yily because I'm so in love w/her ity-bity waists & her agressive lipo/sculting skills around to top part of the hips & low back(that's where most of my fat is concentrated besides everywhere else). I have a decent rump that she can work w/ to give me a waist to hip/ass ratio. Duran is good & gives superve donkey booties. But not that anorexic waist I want(that's my opinion). Plus, I'm scared of getting a donkey bootie! LOL. I know Yily took a little over 2wks to answer but when she did(damn, she delivered), she was precise & that's a skill I know she will use on my body when I get my BBL done w/her. All I'm waiting on is the surgery date confirmation.

Finally confirmed my date!

After calling Dr. Yily's office off & on every couple of days for over 2wks, I finally got thru. I spoke w/Yira, she confirmed my deposit & date(via phone & email)! Now I can somewhat have peace of mind. I gotta get a flight, reserve a recovery house, make an inventory of items I have & will need so I can be ready when time comes for me to pack. On my first review(almost 2wks ago), I mentioned that my weight was 5'3" & 150-155lbs...shortly thereafter, I was weighed in & taped at my reserve unit & I weighed in at 155. I measured 33"waist & 40"hips. According to military standards, I went over my allowed weight by 10lbs & fat by 2%. That's why I cut bck on beer, eating out, began running, doing core training & went to do weight management w/a doctor. So far, I have lost 6lbs in a wk but can't find a measuring tape to compare...my goal is to go down to 140lbs which was the "healthy" weight I kept during my deployment. Since I'm short, I'm pretty sure Yily will have enough fat to use for my bbl the end of this month.

Everything is falling in place.

Approximately 2wks ago I got a message from an RS member named honey247. We're scheduled w/Yily a day apart frm each other. We began communicating(email, txt & calling each other) & our personalities immediately "clicked". We decided to buddy up instead of going alone and over this past weekend we booked our RH(Dominga & Virginia's). Last night I booked my flight and now I find myself waiting for time to fly. I'm exited & nervous but I'm happy bc I'll have a future Yily doll w/me, and I'll be there for her, too. 13 days & a wake up...now to edit a list of much needed things for my trip. :)

At the airport now. :|

Well ladies. I'm at the airport now sitting here writing a quick review. I'll be catching a red eye flight in one hr to Miami tomorrow & then frm there I'll be headed to DR. I'm a ball of emotions now. The bf has been having a tantrum. I hope he gets over it once he sees me looking beautiful in 10days. And to those of u wondering if I will post up b4 & after pics...Yes I will. :) I'm gonna post a quick review once I hit my connection destination tomorrow morning. Keep me in ur prayers dolls.

I'm in Miami dolls!

Hi dolls, just wanted to say I landed safely. Now waiting on my connecting flight. 5 & a half hrs & I arrive to Santo Domingo...

I'm in the Dominican Republic...

Hi dolls, ah...finally here. Even b4 my plane took off frm Miami there was a delay bc of a rowdy passenger. Then I had a passenger nxt to me who had a cold! Anywho, we landed & then had to wait bc the entire airport had a power outage...ha, ha, ha. The airport got its power back but the gates weren't working. Eventually, we all got off the plane w/an old school stair "thing-ramp" that was driven towards the plane. Man is DR hot! We got escorted in by airport security, then I went to the visitor side to pay my $10 visa fee, I exchanged USD for Dominican pesos, and went off to get my passport stamped off. As I was walking to get my luggage there were people asking if u needed help. I refused bc I only had 1 bag & some trust issues...U head out and u get checked to make sure u have the correct bag & finally u cross customs(that was a breeze). All of that delayed me & I was worried bc Dominga & Virginia had been waiting on me for a while. I headed towards the exit & I found Virginia w/a sign waiting for me. I apologized & explained what happened w/the power outage. She was like don't worry. Her sister Dominga was in the car & she helped me w/my luggage. Virginia called Yily & was told to take me to the plastic surgery center were she's operating out off to do my blood work, xrays & we knocked out my paperwork, too. I go in tomorrow morning to get cleared by the cardiologist & then to wait to be taken in to sx w/Yily. Afterwards, when I got in to Dominga & Virginia's RH, I called my sx buddy to let her know I'm ok. I called the bf, left a message....guess he's busy or perhaps mad at me.*shrug* Then my baby sis so she can tell my daughter I am safe. As I type Dominga & Virginia are preparing a nice dinner for me, another doll who has been here a wk recovering w/them & their fam. So far so good. I will try to update tomorrow after sx if I'm not too weak. :)

Sitting in the waiting room

Well dolls, I'm sitting in the waiting room & hungry ass hell. I woke up at 6:45am(I overslept a bit), got ready & i was driven to the sx cntr. I got there at 8:00am thinking the yily dolls would be doing labs, X-rays & that I'd have a head start bc I did mostly everything yesterday. Nope, there were 2 girls already there waiting on yily. They had finished everything except the cardiology part...the cardiologist came in at about 9:00am. Looks like we are going in order. I will be #3. The wait continues...I will post again as soon as I can. Ciao dolls.

Sx post-poned!!!

So I got cleared w/my chest xray & EKG but then Yily sees me & tells me that she can't perform sx on me today bc my count was at 11.4! She noticed how sad I got when I told her I had been taking iron, folic acid, b-complex & vitamin c for over 6wks...then she asked if I had a history & had I done anything to improve it. I told her I did but I began eating a lot of food & had gotten like a 13RBC. She was like maybe u haven't been eating as well as u should & I kinda agreed but I wasn't so sure that was it. It didn't hit me until later when I went back to the RH & began talking to a Duran doll that is staying there...Btwn, she looks great. Duran did one hell of a job. As we talked, I began telling her how I exercise 3-4times a week, cut bck on eating horrible, took vitamin b12 shots & took all those vitamins. I thought that my lack of sleep caused my RBC level to drop & lately, I have been stressing. This doll asked me, "Do u drink coffee?" I said yes like a cup or two a day & that's when she told me that coffee ruins ur iron absorption. I was pissed at my self for not being prepared! I came to DR for ten days to have enough time to recover & now I have to delay my sx. But it's all good, I ended up being a translator to 3 Yily dolls at CIPLA. Yes ladies, CIPLA is open. I saw how they run on "Dominican time." Girls u need to be patient bc u will be waiting everywhere. I applaud Yily for taking my health into consideration b4 "chopping me up." I don't know why people say she is rude? She's straight to the point, honest & very confident. She has me on a once a day iron IV & a shot to boost up my blood count for 4days & I should be good to go to sx(God willing). She stated that my blood count needs to be at 12 so she can perform sx. I asked her how many parts would she be able to lipo & she's like the torso & a little bit of my arms. She stated that after sx I might need a blood transfusion. So now I sit here mentally preparing to follow thru w/this sx or be turned away. I'm gonna make the best of my stay here in DR. One regret I have is not bringing my bf but tomorrow my sx buddy arrives. So I will be waiting for her & help her when she goes to sx. I spoke w/Dominga & Virginia, they said they will make iron rich shakes & food to help my blood count go up. Wish me luck dolls bc now it looks like I could have sx the same day or a day after my sx buddy.

At CIPLA now!

I came in, did my blood work & I'm at 12.6.!!! I'm cleared for sx today. I'm happy & a bit nervous but I'm healthy. Praying for sx to be successful now. I'm wearing my blue gown, hairnet & booties. Waiting on the blue pill...Wish me luck & see u dolls on the other side-the better side of me.

Sx was a success.

I'm in bed I woke up I had soup then juice followed by a bottle of water. I'm still hungry. Yily thanked me for following drs orders bc many aren't like that. Nurses are nice but I think its bc we can communicate.i remember waking up in my recovery rm asking for food...especially chocolate cake. LOL. I'm gonna try to sleep bc it's past midnight here. I feel so sore! But I can walk. I just got some pain med thats kicking in. TTYL dolls!

Recap 4days post-op sx

Ok, so today is day 4 & I feel like sh!t. I thought I was healthy b4 I left home so I bought a ticket for 11day/10night stay...was I so wrong! Despite doing everything I needed to do to be healthy for sx on June 25, it got post poned to July 1 bc my hemo was low. Yily recommended an iron IV treatment(everyday for 4days) & a hemo boosting shot(every other day of treatment). I called Yily to see if she was making exceptions & doing sx on sat(her assistant told she might) & Yily said no. I ended up doing 1xtra round(5days) to make sure my hemo was good the nxt day. Yily told me to come in Monday get my hemo test done(btwn It was 300pesos) & my blood improved to 12.6. I paid Yily's assistant, got checked in, got dressed for sx, they made me remove my nail polish(lol), & I sat in that room since 11am waiting. Yily came in like at 1:20, marked me up, I asked for a tiny waist & asked for a real Brazilian looking butt. She was reluctant to lipo my thighs, arms & chin bc I had barely made the cut w/my hemo. I somehow convinced her to do "a little" off my arms. She made me take the blue pill then & I got taken to the OR at about 3pm. Her OR techs were prepping me for sx, one did my IV & I was out. I woke up in the recovery room asking for food & the time. It was 6pm...I barely remember waking up during sx & everything I said once I was in the recovery room. I remember the ladies from my RH, a duran doll, and my sx buddy talking to me but I was still dazed from the anesthesia. They left & then I began to feel so cold & my teeth were chattering so loud. The nurse came in, I asked her for a blanket & begged for food. She covered me up but told me I had to wait 3hrs to eat anything & then another nurse came in, gave me a pain killer in my IV & I knocked out. I woke up again, calling the nurse & she tried to spoon feed me but I asked her for the bowl & slurped the soup up quick, then a juice & a water. The nurse was kinda laughing bc I told her I felt so dehydrated like I've been picked up from the desert. The nxt day was hell...I waited for more water, another hemo test to make sure I could get discharged. I was so exhausted bc I only sleep in small increments trough out the night. The lab lady strolled in at 6:30am took my blood & I waited for over 4hrs to get results frm Yily's other Doctor who does her post sx f/u's. I sat there w/an IV that was annoying & a catheter up my pee-hole that was so uncomfortable & I was nekid. The nurses came in to clean me up about 10am & shoved me into a small faja. I took it like a champ & barely moaned. I was released at about 11am after my hemo results came in. Yily saw me walking towards the elevator & made me go bck to the rm until she got a wheelchair & an assistant to help me down. By then, I was in so much pain I wanted sink my nails into the damn driver that took over 1hr to pick me up frm CIPLA(it was a trip. I'll tell u that story later bc my blood still boils when I remember the trip frm hell to my RH.) When I got to the RH, I was so stiff & in the worst pain of my life. I couldn't move & I was in tears. 2ppl had to help me out of that damn car. Virginia was there & her cousin who does massages helping me up the stairs & on the bed. Day 3 was a little better bc I was taking pain meds every 4hrs getting ready to endure my first draining massage. So I did one after lunch & one before bed last night. Man, I was already draining into the little drain I got installed but after those 2 massages it was like a dam broke loose, soaking thru chuxs! Ibegan to feel miserable last night & so uncomfortable. Today(day 4) I got woken up b4 I took my meds & got the most painful massage. I've been wanting to cry bc it's hard but I wanted this. I also called American Airlines to add an extra 5days & was I pissed. They were charging me a little more than what I paid for a business/first class ticket just to extend my entire trip frm 10 to 15 days. So, I'm flying back coach....*sigh* all of a sudden the agent told me that I got a credit of almost $400 dollars that expires in June 2014. I can only use it to go to Santo Domingo. Guess me & the bf might be here nxt yr as tourist. Hmmmm -_- Ladies when u book ur tickets do it for 14days minimum in case there's a delay in ur sx due to any complication. That way, u get a maximum amount of time to recover & go home healthy. I regret not listening to my gut & instead I ended up paying too much for airfare. But my well being comes first. ^_^

Day 5 post-op

Hello, so today is day 5 & I went to Yily's office for a f/u. I saw the doctor who assists her w/the post-op patients(Dra. Cedano) a very nice young girl. She had me undress & remove my faja w/the dressings I had under. Then she saw my drain & told me she might not remove it. She unclogged my drain & upon further inspection, began to remove my stiches from the drains & she pulled them out. I was startled & turned around to ask her if she had removed them when she was holding the drains in her hand...I hardly felt anything. Then suddenly I was relieved to know that sh!t was gone. She cleaned my incisions & instructed me to use iodine & bacitracin ointment 3xs a day. She helped me put my muscle shirt on, helped me put on my faja & told me to continue doing my draining massages. I felt much better & I was able to stand up straight. I came back to the RH & said farewell to my sx buddy who left home today. I have been able to rest & take mini naps through out the day. Now I can't wait to go home, for my skin to bounce back, the bruises/scars fade & my pain to subside. Btwn, Yily was so busy in & out of her office while I was there but she took the time to say hello & ask me how I was doing. It was nice to see some of her dolls, see their results, see her new patients & chat w/them through out the days I went to CIPLA for my treatment, sx & post-op f/u. One thing I can say is have a lot of patience when ur out here. If u don't speak Spanish use a translator app or bring someone along that can help u & be there for u bc it will make things a bit easier. I went in w/that mind set & perhaps bc I spoke Spanish(telenovela Spanish-a bit different than Dominican Spanish[I had fun learning their Spanish slang]) I was able to get though w/everything I had to do to get me ready for this & of course the ladies here on RS that would check up on me. God bless u all. Thank u for being there.

I'm home

Hey dolls, I left DR yesterday evening and I made it home last night. I'm on DR time so it's still lunch in my internal clock but it's morning here in CA. I slept well but woke up a bit stiff. It feels good to be home. The pain has improved. I've been walking around a lot since day 2 post sx and the swelling on my feet is gone. I thought I was gonna swell on that long plane ride but I did good. Most of the major bruising is gone. That Thrombosil crème did wonders(I mixed in Arnica crème, too & drank Arnica tea very other day until I left). While I was in DR., I got as many massages as I could. Dominga's cousin was ok but I always felt shitty after her massages & then one day I was taken to another lady that made me feel like a million bucks. That was on day 6post sx...I've felt better ever since. How I miss the RH, the new massage lady & how they were always feeding me fruit. :( I'm home now & I miss how spoiled I was....oh well, time for me to be more independent now. Looking for a new massage lady here in CA. Wish I could find a package. I feel that I still need those bc i'm quite stiff on the upper left side of my back, armpit and arm where I got lipo. My waist is shrinking & I noticed that my skin elasticity is doing good. I'm still wearing my post sx garment bc I'm not ready for the stage 2. I tried it on day 6 & I was in agony! well, that's all I got for now. I'm alive & doing well as well can be. :) I will post up pics soon...

B4 & After pics...

Ok dolls, I hit 3wks post-op. As some of u know, my sx had to be delayed bc my blood count was too low. Eventually it was done 5 days later (July 1, 2013) so it might not reflect w/the days on this page...not sure. I was not a big girl but I had stubborn fat on my torso & arms that didn't go away no matter how much I worked out but instead would loose my boobs & ass leaving me looking like one of the java worms frm Men in Black...LOL. Lord forbid I wore a tight yellow dress.

I'm posting my pics despite being nervous bc of stuff I've seen go dwn on RS. My shyness left the bldg. after the staff @CIPLA & the RH saw me nekid. I also promised I would keep all of u dolls posted & I keep my word. :)

I'm loving my results & at the same time being my own biggest critic picking at the small flaws I see. Yet I'm aware that PS is not perfection! I'm hopping my results improve w/time. I love my waist! I was like welcome back "tiny". ;) I look curvy in dresses & my ass looks big in shorts. I can't fit in my old jeans...My BF can't keep his hands off me & he loves how ppl stare when we go out. I will report that I still have stiffness/hard areas & a little bit of swelling. I'm not so lumpy bc I massage myself everyday during the shower & right after. I sometimes have my BF & daughter help massage the stiffness I have on my left arm & armpit. Last wk I started doing endermologie accompanied by a lymphatic massage & the doctor game me some Asian herbals to help my energy levels bc I caught a cold after I came home. This week I got another treatment w/acupuncture & more herbals(no more cold just allergies, yay). My recovery is slow but I'm glad to say it's improving. I just wonder when will I feel "normal" again in my own skin?
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